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#1 Posted by Abberon (227 posts) -

I'm betting it's going to be a poorly-written and cliché-ridden story but with great production values like every other modern Bioware game. As we all know by now our 'choices' are very shallow matters that change the story in minor ways (ie what companion you bang, what ending clip you see, maybe what character dies before the ending) and virtually none of it affects subsequent games in the series.

The one thing we can hope for, however, is that they'll vastly improve the combat system after the disaster that was DA:2.

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I'm stunned at how well this game was made. It's like taking one of the best atmospheric movies you've ever seen, and then allowing you to control how the story, character and scenes are experienced. I really don't even know how to describe how deeply attached I became to Jodie and Aiden. I rarely empathize much with female main characters, as I usually find their actions and motivations in books and movies strange, but Ellen Page as Jodie was so easy to sympathize with. I feel like I care more than I a fanboi or something.

"What about me....Do you love me Jodie."

Aww hell no girl you know that lying scum ain't right for you!

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My faith in Gamespot is (somewhat) restored by Kevin's review. There are so many examples of terrible games scoring 90+ (Empire Total War hello) and only the very worst, most broken and ugliest steaming piles of crap scoring below 7.5, we finally have an example of a big-name, big publisher title being held over the coals for the piece of crap it actually is.

Thank you Kevin. Thank you Gamespot!

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LoL l4dgamerfan. I provided an answer as to why ME multiplayer is dead. It's the real answer. There are way better multiplayer experiences out there and people are playing those instead of this. As for what's pathetic, look to yourself. Having just finished ME3 a week or so ago, I came to the Gamespot forums to discuss my experience. Having just slogged through the ME3 multiplayer and having found it incredibly lacking, I decided to post as such. For some reason you got your panties all twisted by this and trolled me for it, which really makes you wonder. Why the heck would you make this personal? How do you get so invested in a game that you need to defend it like that? This, my friend, is pathetic.
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The Multiplayer didn't suck, but it got old quick.  This is b/c of the lack of credits per time played. spenceslivn

The multiplayer sucked. The fact that you didn't like it because you couldn't just easily unlock items all of the time tells us how much you're really into the whole multiplayer experience. Might I suggest "Hello Kitty Island Adventure"?

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That's what I was thinking. The Reapers were a frightening, incomprehensible menace the whole series. Then, all of the sudden, they're instantly immasculated into what amounts to Hive drones just doing what they were programmed to do. Sovereign and Harbinger aren't even really bad guys after all? Right...
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The multiplayer is dead because it sucks. The only reason the vast majority of people played it (like myself) was to get 100% war readiness. Mass Effect 3, when you get down to it, is a very mediocre third person shooter. Uncharted, for example, does it FAR FAR better. When there are better shooter games out there and when you can actually play against PEOPLE (ie not just repeatedly beating down AI that doesn't learn or adapt), why would you bother playing ME3 MP?
#8 Posted by Abberon (227 posts) -
What did the ending solve? Really? It was a lazy bandaid solution and turned a HORRIBLE ending to just a bad ending where you at least know what happened. Don't worry about buying the games again. All your choices boil down to which color of laser the Citadel is going to shoot and what cheesy variety of 1-2 minute dialogue you're going to get with the drawings Bioware tacked together with it.
#9 Posted by Abberon (227 posts) -
That's what I concluded. There are all sorts of lazy slips like this. Why didn't the Reapers shut down the relays after they took over the Citadel like they did during the last cycle?? Umm....
#10 Posted by Abberon (227 posts) -
[QUOTE="FelipeInside"]^^ U were going so well....but back to ur old ways, *sigh* Next ull tell me MMOs can't be about story and atmosphere... EDIT: and yes, sandbox MMOs are harder to create cause they have to be more dynamic while keeping a quest structure. Theme Park MMOs just have to worry about quest structure. So ur comment of ignorance us invalid.

Holy crap man. Give it a rest. Jhalter did nothing wrong but say he thought the game sucked in the context of a thread that was already very critical game. That's a valid opinion. The fact that you got your panties twisted because he didn't support his opinion with "fact" is YOUR problem to deal with. We're not writing college essays. We're talking about a game we played and by now it's VERY clear to everyone why the game wasn't well received. As for sandbox MMO's vs instanced ones, well....I think gamers have spoken. We don't care how much 'harder' it is to create the world. Make a large, compelling and seamless world for us where we feel like we're part of something big. World design like ToR was obsolete after WoW came out. The Devs completely blew it there.
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