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those WoW quests like Gnomebliteration are few and far between. but that's still more than most MMO's are doing to make quests interesting and while objectives of normal quests are always the same at least the writing is good or funny(IMO).Kickable

At least they're there though. Even despite the one-off nutty quests some whole zones are worth doing just for the storyline that runs through the various quests you get. Having well planned and written chain quests really helps pass the time.

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Try Fallen Earth. It's available on Steam.

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TL: DR - Varying quest paths, good skill based combat system, boring questing, PVP is awesome, especially GvG.


There are actually several things preventing me from getting Tera.

  1. I can't play through En Masse Entertainment since I have the misfortune to live in Asia; a region entirely comprised (according to En Masse) of cyber criminals. This means that I have to play through Frogster, who hosts the game in Europe. I have to pay in Euro and I can't access the NA or AU servers that my other friends would be playing on.
  2. Even if I were desperate enough to pay 15% more for subscription fees and find a new guild to play with, the lag means I still get hit by attacks despite having moved around the enemy 90º (and I have to start blocking at the start of the animation I'll get hit despite my character having his shield up).
  3. I rolled the classes that would interest me the most during the open beta, but I couldn't get hooked enough to level myself past lvl 8. I've played several MMOs in my time: UO, AC, AC2, WoW, EQ2, AoC, Warhammer Online, LotRO and Rift. Sadly enough, Tera is the first game in which I haven't made it to a capital city. 4 hours may not be much, mind you that's 4 hours per class i.e. 8 hours total, but I just didn't get interested in it. I'm not a kind of guy that can grind because I will get bored easily if I'm plaing solo (see reason 1)

D3 on the other hand, I will be getting. I know at least 6 people I can group with and there's no silly segregation policy when it comes to server groups and regions.

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I enjoyed it for about 4 hours. The combat was pretty fun, the UI was great and the graphics were nice (they reminded me of KoA for some reason) but that's about it. I was interested in the game but what really turned me off was the fact that if I were to make 1 of each class then I'd have to grind through the same areas and hit the same quests over and over again. At least with the other MMOs I've played, namely WoW, EQ2 and Rift, there were multiple pathways you could take to level so you wouldn't have to see the same area over and over again.

The quests were what really killed it for me though. I was extremely surprised to see that I had to kill the same kind of mobs for multiple quests (god damn ghilliedhus). I can't speak for the late game, but the early game didn't hook me enough to make me want to play more.And yes, all MMOs have the same kind of quests. It boils down to kill X, get X, find X, escort Y and go to X. But the most important thing is how the devs put the icing on the quests so they're worth doing and remotely interesting.

Here's an example of a quest in WoW I really enjoyed:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wwfsZyHeXE

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Diablo 3!!!

oh wait...

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What's wrong with Minecraft or Terraria? Those would be pure sandbox games because there's no storyline and no ending. Heck, you could even consider Second Life a good sandbox game :P

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In GTA 4 i went on a date with kate and accidentally shot everyone in the bar....she never called backtobes1993

How do you accidentally shoot everyone? I imagine it might have been some kind of accident where the dart Kate threw bounced off something, sticking you in your hand causing your nerves to spasm therefore pulling the trigger of an AR you happen to have in your hand. hehe...

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I've yet to meet someone who thought Big Rigs was an amazing game. And I mean amazing as in 'man that really is a good game' and not 'it's amazing how retarded this game is'.

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Define revival? How old does a game have to be?

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All I am asking is: Is it worth it?GBASWFan
I think it's worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed both games. Then again... you might not :P I's suggest renting it if possible.