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I Survived!

I finally made it through the dreaded level 20! It only took me 2 years, too! :lol:

Of course visiting the site a little more frequently would have helped that go by faster, but oh well!

Return of an Ancient GSer

Hello again all, as you can see...it's been a LONG TIME since my last blog post. I had grown tired of hovering around GS all day, plus the website loaded horribly on my office computer making it painfully hard to put up with. After many moons I decided to surf my way back to my ole neighborhood and see that the website seems to run much smoother now here in my office. I left around the time GS made all the changes to the website look and forums and it was torture.

So...what's changed in my life...I am married (which I was before I left GS) and the wife and I are expecting our first child around February. Exciting times! I am also a founder (lifetime subscriber) for the Lord of the Rings Online. If any of you are playing PM me and I'll tell you who I am and which server I'm on. Hope to see you around, either on GS, in Middle Earth, or unknowingly passing by in real life! :lol:

What the F*** is a Blog?

I absolutely hate the site's new format, which is why I haven't been around much lately...that and I've been playing Anarchy Online basically every second that I'm not at work or sleeping...

Getting Satellite Today

Dish Network people should be at my house right now installing my satellite system. Too bad I'm stuck at work all day, oh well, I can be a couch potato all weekend. One of the boxes I'm getting has DVR (like TiVo) so even when I'm gone I can record my fav. shows and watch them when I get home. It's gonna be sweet...

Regarding Hurricanes

I don't want this to come off in an insensitive way at all, I am truly heartbroken for those people who are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

But, now I'll get to the point. Why in the world would anybody live in a town surrounded by water that's average height is below sea level? Why would anybody live anywhere that close to a region that regularly gets pounded with Hurricanes every year?! It defies logic. How can you live day to day knowing that my house could be gone tomorrow? I'm glad I live in boring ole Northern Minnesota and don't have to worry about things like this. Maybe that's why I just can't figure out why people would live there. To me, it seems the negative aspects FAR outweigh the positive. Paradise? Looks more like Hell now...

Finally Getting Carpet

Well, the store has had our carpet sitting in the warehouse for like a month and they are finally coming this afternoon to start laying it. It'll be so nice not having to walk around the house in shoes. That's pretty much the only thing left to finish the inside of our house, but the outside still needs some work (siding). Maybe I'll post some pics when we're all finished...

DSL Finally Hooked Up!

Well, my wife just called and informed me that our computer is finally online with DSL service! I'm so excited they actually came BEFORE they said they would. Too bad with the expenses of building a house I can't really afford to go buy Guild Wars right now. Of course the expense of GAS ISN'T HELPING MUCH RIGHT NOW EITHER!!! Fricken $2.69 a gallon?! It was 0.79 when I was in high school... SEVENTY NINE CENTS!!! 79 Cents barely gets me a FOURTH OF A GALLON TODAY!!! Sorry for the rant, but as you can see I'm really excited about teh internetz I just gotted, but I'm extremely pissed our country can't get their **** together and figure out a way to lower gas prices.

I NEED Guild Wars!

Arrrgh! I've had my new computer for like 3 weeks now, and I still don't have Guild Wars. The problem is that the phone company needs to come out and hook up my DSL, but my house isn't done yet (my wife and I are building a house). So, in other words, I spent all this money on a new computer for no apparent reason...

New Computer On the Way!

The day has finally come, I now finally have a gaming quality pc on the way to my home. It is in production right now and is set to ship on the 28th. Now I need to pick up Guild Wars and start kicking some ass...