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Beach This Week!

So yeah, finally something eventful, haha. I'm going to the beach next week, hopefully it'll be fun, I'll fill you guys in on what happens when I get back :D. I remember one year, whe it was rainy and windy, but my cousin and I got in the water anyway because the waves were like 8 feet tall.. no joke... it was fun :P

My dog jumped on the table to eat my dessert three times in a row. The first time, I put him in his cage, but my younger cousin let him out. And being me I forgot to get the dessert off the table, so he ran directly to it and hopped up. Silly piggy! Haha :P He did the same thing 5 minutes later.

I started watching Invader ZIM again, that show just won't leave me alone! :lol; I've seen every episode.... except one, which I'll never watch...

I'm getting so sick of my username... did I think it was cool back when I made it? lol.

So, talk to you all later :D

The Blogs... About Time...

So... my other blog was deleted, but who really cares, lol.

Well, I got Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and it's really weird with the card system and everything, but that's ok, it's still pretty fun. :D I'm playing KHII too, but what I don't like about the second one is that it alays like shows you exactly where to go, where in KH1 you had to explore for like 30 minutes until you finally get somewhere, lol. On KH1, i've pretty much gotten everything done except for Sephiroth.

So yeah, nothing's really been going on in my life, it's been pretty boring, I can't believe summer's already half-way over... Well, a really short blog, but well, that's ok :P

Talk to you later :D

I'm Done

This is getting out of hand. Another new design change? This site is getting worse and worse. It's too much like all the other sites, it's just trying too hard to be good. I can't stand it anymore. The old, old one back in the summer was the best one- that's the one I'll remember this site by.

And, so that this new design doesnt get jammed into my brain, that I have to remember this site by, I'm done. Done with coming, is all. I'm sure most of you don't like this design but it just pushes me farther over the edge. I need something good to remember this site by, and now there's nothing good. If I stay too long, then I won't even care for the old-old design, or remember this site for what it used to be.

I will be back here to check on PM's, maybe comment on some journals. But donm't expect that. This is the last you'll see of me, for a while, untill this site gets a design it deserves, a design that can compare to the amount of friends and information it holds.

So, that is my version, of a long, stretched out,



I'm late but does it really matter? Two years on this site, it feels like two months! No, more like 6 months... but you get my idea. :D

It's been going by really fast, this new school year. And a lot of... weird but funny things. :lol: Like weird calls... a lot of weird calls... :| MOving forward... yeah.... *cough*

Anywayz, I've been spending less time on the computer every day. I have soccer from 3:00 all the way untill 8:00. :o Then i do homework for an hour and a half. Then I read for 30 minutes. And, wow, from 9:30 untill 10:00, computer time! LIke, yayz? No. The soccer seeason is ending soon so I'll have more free time then. Hopefully... :D

So. Yeah. I leave at about 7:00 in the morning. I don't get home untill 8:00 at night. Homework untill 9:00. Read untill 9:30. Anything untill 10:00. Yeah, I have to go to bed at like 10:30 on school nights. I can't wake up early in the morning without going to bed early at night. Heh. :P

But I got on now to write a blog while I'm working on a project that's due tomorrow. Which I forgot about untill like an hour ago when I got home. Heh. Again :P

Tv.com's new design- terrible. Just terrible. I hate it. That's one of the reasons I barely go here anymore... I miss the old design :(

Plus, you only see four of the tracked blogs so I can't read any blogs either!! What the heck? :(

So that's about it, a WHOLE lot more happens at school and i dont want to tell you, too much to typ[e and half of you wouldn't read it anyway :P

SO that's it, bye everyone! :D :P ;)

What Would You Say If I Said "New Blog"?

Hey everyone! :D

Go ahead and laugh, but I like school this year... :| But it's true, I have awesome teachers, espically my history teacher. But she gives a lot of homework... which I should be doing right now... :| Whatever. :P

So a lot of stuff has happened. First of all, I met new people, like two Nick's. Weird, huh? Two Nicks... at least I won't get the names mixed up. :P

So, something really funny happened but it was stupid, I mean my friend and another eighth grader stare at each other sometimes, I don't know why. But when they were talking to their gym teacher, my friend was staring at the eighth grader, who was standing next to a girl, so I said, "Ooh, you staring at that girl for a reason?" Then he says, "No, the guy!" and then we both broke out laughing. :lol: It was funny, if you don't think it's funny reading it, I hope you can imagine it being funny if you were actually there. :P :lol: I'm still laughing. :P

I also got a lot of my friend's AIM's, so my buddy list will no longer be empty. :P

I can't wait for the week of September 28th! On the 25th, new The Office! On the 26th, The Suite Life on Deck! On the 27th, new iCarly! On the 28th, new The Simpsons and Family Guy! And American Dad! :P Then on October 1st, new Pushing Daisies! FINALLY! :D

So as you can tell, I'm a happy person. :P So, untill next time- Au Revoir!

Back To School

If you noticed, I wasn't on that much at all this week. It was because I was enjoying and getting the best out of summer. I went to a theme park, but I'll tell you of that later.

School returning also means I won't be on as much. This school year, I'm trying to limit my computer time. So, this is my last blog for a while.

Bye everyone, and have a wonderful school year! :)

A Borg Queen's Got A Schedule!

First off, I got to level 33! :D I'm a Borg Queen. :P And I got the editorship for Dance on Sunset. It wasn't too hard. :D

As you can tell, I'm happy. :P Plus, I got my schedule! My best friend Noah and I are only in one clas-s together though, I forget which period it is. :P All I know is that I got all great teachers! :D My mom said my sister and brother have had them before. ;) There's also a mean History teacher, and a really nice one. I got the nice one!! :D

More happiness!! :D I'm also going to a theme park with all my friends tomorrow. :D

I also have a question of the day today. What clas-s are you looking forward to this year? If school's already started for you, which clas-s do you like best? I don't know about mine yet, I'll decide sometime soon. :P

So I'll see you guys later! :D ;) :P 8)

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Four TOS'

Yeah, I got 4 TOS', all n the Ned's board. I got one for Matt asking something, and me saying "I Have No Idea." What!? I don't get that. That's not "off-topic." I'm expecting more....

So this is a short blog, I just wanted to tell you this. I'll be making a real one tonight. See you guys later.

Profile Views.... Hello?

My profile views didn't even update since I left from my break. This is a glitch, it needs to be fixed. I want to know ow many I have! I hope I'm close to 30,000. :D

So yesterday I got two editorships, and lost two TU's. They're all Mark and Gunnar's old editorships where they gave me TU's. I stll had the TU's, so I contributed what I could find and I got the editorship for two new people. I'm now trying to get "Dance on Sunset". Wish me luck. :D :P

Did you wish me luck yet? :P

I'm aiming for 1,500 contributions by the end of September. I have about 1,200 now. I didn't contribute much this summer. I did A LOT in the beginnning, but then I just stopped. I want to start back up again. :D Maybe finally pass Teresa in my level count. :lol: Just kidding. :P

Don't ask me why I did "Trebuchet MS" for my font last blog. It seemed like a "serious" font. :P

Still no TOS'!!! :D :D I might be safe! It confses me, but still! :lol:

I'm not in the mood to post my beach adventures in this blog. The blog is getting long already. :P

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See you guys later! :D