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4 months till the CONSOLE wars begin, another synopsis

Sony seems to have made a lot of mistakes and it would seem that this console war is between nintendo and MS

Sony; is placing too much time and effort into the blu-ray player, knowing sony`s track record this propetiary device will not fare well outside of the PS3 console, just look at betamax, umd`s and mini discs - yes it can store more info but that doesn`t matter, if a programmer is good he can condense info and program wisely. For instance take the program kkreiger which is only 96k, it looks as if it werer several hundred mega bytes. never heard of it heres a link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.kkrieger

and in reality who cares about blu-ray or hd-dvd for that matter, i mean are people really going to upgrade all there movies, tv and so on for this- albeit gamers who are money poor to begin with, maybe they should have marketed that for movie buffs, not gamers. Another thing is Sony`s reliance on just having the fastest most powerful console; well thats all well and good but it needs to be resonable as well, i feel this console war is going to be less about power and more about experiance. it seems sony is making the same mistakes sega did years ago - making the most powerful console regardless of price and ability to program for.


MS; well what can i say over 5.3 million sold so far with great games, connectivity and its only just begun. _real time counter


The developers of gears of war had said that that game was only using 1 core at E3!!! the 360 has 3!!  http://xbox360.qj.net/Gears-of-War-Only-Running-on-One-Core-/pg/49/aid/3378

The 360 also has xbox live and arcade which are very succesful.

NINTENDO; well again what can i say nintendo has rabid fans, a great looking system, a great price to performance ratio, its got it all and is going to be tough to beat. 


so i have changed my view for a third time i think MS will come out on time after x-mas with nintendo right behind

by next x-mas i see nintendo taking the lead with MS very close behind and Sony very far behind, in 5-6 years SOny will catch up and surpass but for 2-3 years MS and nintendo will be fighting for the top spot

MS`s answer to the wii controller

its called "VIRTUAL XBOX"

and it involves the camera which is coming out soon. one can map themselves using the camera and instead of pointing the "remote" at the screen they can point the xbox controller at where they want to look or point and use the trigger to fireyou ever wonder why MS has that shiney reflective sticker on the front of the controller? its for the camera to pick up.

here is a link for some proof:


i don`t think that link works anymore so try this one:


another point of view on the console "wars"

before you post an angry response maybe u might want to read the prior blog on this subject. Well i have another insight into this console generation and to me it seems

Nintendo - todays tech today                                       

MS - tommorows tech today

Sony - next years tech today

well what do i mean by this?

-first nintendo is prob the smartest the revolution will be innovative in its design but will use proven technology to provide a great gaming experience, free from incompatability issues, overheating chips and very cost effective for the consumer. No doubt the revolution will be no more that 199$ and i would not be surprised with a 99$ price point. The lower price point i think will be likely due to the fact nintendo can make great profit selling old-gen games via the internet, so nintendo can actually sell at a loss something they never do.

-MS is also rather crafty pushing out some unproven tech in a timely fashion , not to say it hasn`t backfired a little especially since some people report overheating, and critical faliures of their 360`s this is due to the fact that the cpu`s were a little unproven and also 90nm but also since the memory modules were unproven also leading to supply problems.but all in all MS has gotten a decent head start. MS also didn`t push the tech too far either they did not offer HD-dvd and so on- a plus since it would have added 100+ to system and most likely would not be compatible with future standards

-Sony i think might have major issues with their advanced blu-ray tech- if for instance the movie studios do not agree on a standard well then you cannot watch movies on the ps3 taking away a major selling point, another issue is will consumers feel confident buying a 500-600 system if there are issues with dvd playback? I know it doesn`t seem likely that studios will not agree on a standard, but it is likely they will not since they are liable to lose tons of money if the movies can be copied. i would go as far to say that sony will drop blu-ray at last minute and use proven tech in order to hit the Nov. launch date.

well whats my point , i feel sony might be pushing next years tech out before it is ready and this might really backfire badly.

All we have to do is wait and see.

the console wars heat up



Sony, Sony who? you say, it is the year 2010.

   I don`t believe this will be the case Sony has a huge fanbase and most if not all of Japan- Sony is going nowhere. Well whats the big deal about Japan you say? Well Japan regardless of the size of the country buys as many games as the US- so it is sort of a second front. MS was smart to try to win them over and now they have a little more time to do it, but will they? - no. Is MS going to get a bigger share of Japan than before? I think so. But not much more. Just wait till some more of the Japanese style games come out and you will see a bigger 360 share over in Japan.

   So the question is will Sony lose the US then? No not here either Sony has really loyal fans and they will wait and pay anything for the PS3. Will Sony lose share in the US market? I think so but it will be a close race for 1st place. I see Sony putting out the PS3 even later than expected. maybe late dec launch in the US. Priced around 500-600. In a way I would love to see SOny fail. I hate this company. I have gone through so many electronics they have made it is not even funny. But in a way I also hate MS, their garbage overpriced OS and office software.

   Nintendo is the real innovater and hold a special place in my heart, the problem with nintendo is they have a hard time getting really good third party support. The revolution is going to be cool though, old mario games, old metroid and zelda games, the new zelda game, what else can i say? The controller is awesome, the system looks cool. It may be a little underpowered some might say but hell, THE GAMEPLAY is what really matter.

   I see

     MS with a 35% market share

     Sony with a 40% market share

     And NIntendo with a 25% market share (and again the most profitable-  Nintendo is the smartest by offering the best price to performance ratio and by not taking a loss in selling their consoles)   

         The cool thing is, there is really no console war. Every system has their own fanbase and nitch. I will own the revolution along with my 360. It is a great time for gaming all this "fighting" has pushed the technology so far in such a short period and it will only get better. And to answer the question, who will win? nobody! and everybody!

saki japanese culture and games

i have to say; i love saki. i mean u can drink it cold out of the fridge and as it gets warmer it still tastes good, and sometimes better. This is one of the great drinks, they call it rice wine but it is actually a beer. Wine is made of fruits and beer is made of grains. And saki is made of rice like beer is made of barley. They call it wine to get around the alcohol content laws, beer can only have so much alcohol in it whereas wine has no limit i am aware of.. The japanes culture fascinates me, i would love to visit but would be afraid of the language barrier. It is the home of modern gaming as we know it, yes the atari was made in the USA but japanese took it a step further with the nintendo, one of the greatest systems ever.  In anycase like my rice wine i am disguizing my drink by having a xbox 360 yes i know its not the real thing but i like it, i doubt i`ll ever own a ps3 or revolution but i am content and then again maybe one day i might be going again towards the land of the rising sun.