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My years as a Gamer.

Wow, :o

  I just did some back checking and math and now my brain   I have been playing video games since the 70's.......  Thats wright.... for 27yrs I have been a gamer, and I still sux at


My Gaming TIme?

As I have grown older I find there is less and less time for games. Life takes over and the demands of a family come first. I don't really like the fact that me and my games don't come 1st anymore. Yet it is a fact that I must face.

   I still have more gaming to look forward to though. As my children grow up I will have to school them in the art of

"GAME-FU" . . . lol

           In closing remember all the things that bring you joy and balance is the key to keeping this happyness.

                                                             GAME ON!

Wii are worried....!?

I grew up on one time they where the King. Then the N64 whowe is me. Ten the Cube was better. Now e have the new Wii..........................

Hmm..... I hope they can repeat the once grand scale of greatness that was Nintendo.....but alas I feel while they are going do well this round they will be far from that #1 spot.

Oh well so if life . . . .   GAME ON