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lifes been good so far

I've been working for a trim company for almost 6 months now, great job. I'm due to be married in a month, and i have a two and a half year old daughter, can't complain

Long time, no type

Anyways, it's been quite some time since i last made a blog post so here goes. I am now the proud father of beautiful 5 Month old daughter, i'm pretty sure i will soon be hired on at General Mills, making 11.35 an hour. Which is my third job in the past month. First two were through a temp agency, General Mills, and then a printing company. I no longer live in my childhood house, because my "mother" put a mortgage on it, then moved to Oregon, and didn't bother to pay it, or tell me about it for that matter. But over all things are starting to get better for me. So no real complaints.

i hate my life

i haven't had hot water for a really long time, cause my mom is retarded. my house is trashed because she won't clean even if i do. girls won't go out with me, even if they say they like me, oh well it doesn't matter, i can come on here and drown my sorrows on the internet, god my life sucks


well today was boring, woke up around 4 pm or so watched t.v., worked out, posted on here, went to a halo party, which suprisingly i wasn't the worst one there, because i haven't halo 2 in about 5 weeks, so i was rusty but not the worst, and then i came home and started posting on here again, so, that's been my day, now i'm gonna go play madden

i got F****** shafted

yeah, so i applied to get this job at a pizza place, and i was guranteed the job by not only my brother who is a shift supervisor, but also the manager of the store. Danny the manager had like 40 applications and was going to look through them to see who else to hire along side me this week around Tuesday, but this dumb C***S***** of a district manager comes in and says you need to hire 4 people right now, so he goes into the office grabs the first 4 applications off the pile and hires them, guess who the fifth application is. ME, SO THIS STUPID ASS DISTRICT MORON SHAFTED ME OUT OF A GURANTEED JOB, SO I'M REALLY REALLY P***** RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!