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New Final Fantasy forum!!!!!

Recently Evolved Gaming and Final Fantasy Unlimited have merged forums to become Final Fantasy Online.

Currently we have these features installed:

- A Chatbox
- A free to play arcade system with over 150 games and more added everyday!
- RPG Inferno: Its currently installed, but theres still work to do, like adding items/armor/weapons, monsters, quests, towns/dungeons but once its 100% you'll be hooked, trust me, its fun... you can test it out for yourself if you sign up.
- Over 40,000 posts and 2,200 threads!
- And finally, we already have a fantastic community, so why not be part of it and sign up today!

D/P: Looking for challengers

Whats up,

If your intersted in battling me via Wifi on pokemon D/P then add me, my friend code is 4897 4043 4353 Name: KRATOS.Post your code in the comments box if your up for it.

Current Party:





Pidgeot (Shiny)


Could alter :P

Got my copy of Halo 3

Well my copy of Halo 3 arrived this morning, haven't had much time to play on it yet i've been working most of the day, so i've only completed the first mission, so far its looking really good.

Final Fantasy Experience

Hi! I would like to announce that Final Fantasy Experience has just opened its doors and we are currently looking for new members!

We have lots of great features at FEE, they include:

An Arcade, compete against other members and become arcade champion! We haven't got many games right now, thats because I've been working on other things but i shall add loads soon!

We also have a Radio hack installed, which allows you listen to any radio station you desire, you can even add and edit your own stations!

Shoutbox - Communicate with other members through the shoutbox. (its located at the bottom of the forum)

Video Hack - This allows you to post videos in your posts! Many video players are supported.

+I've uploaded over 200 nice looking Final Fantasy Avatars!

Sometime soon i hope to add:
-An RPG and VbTripleTraid which is a multiplayer modification for playing the addictive Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII.

If your a Final Fantasy fan or not come and join our firendly community!

I'm also looking for a few mods so if your interested PM me.

Upgraded to Vista

Yup i bought Windows Vista Ultimate yesterday, its a pain in the ass at the moment since i have to go searching for new drivers, my current ones are no good, and i need to update my Graphics Card since my current one is abut 4 years old and all my games are lagging. Still, i was gonna buy a new anyway. Will have to wait since i'm broke right now.

Finally after 4 years of waiting

After a long wait i finally got my hands on Final Fantasy XII, i actually got it on day of release but couldn't post in blog because net was down. Yes i have it about am loving every minute of it. I'm enjoying the new battle system, its a welcome change to those annoying random encounters, at least i can now prepare before i enter a battle. The license system is great and easier to use then the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X. Graphics are outstanding as usual, didn't expect anything less from the all mighty Square. Espers are pretty good, but only useful for lvling up (triple exp) since they get slaughtered in boss battles.

Final Fantasy XII just around the corner.

Ok i know its been out for months in US and Japan but it doesn't come out in the UK until Febuary 23rd. I've pretty much been waiting for this since i completed FFX. Which was 4 years ago, i've had it pre-orded for 2 years and the time has almost arrived.

Bought myself a new monitor.. broke my Laptop.

I feel sick right now, i bought an £800 laptop in September, awesome specs it really was a beast. This morning i woke up and its on the floor. I was thinking like "WTF!?! How did it end up on the floor? Then i remembred i was watching Naruto last night and i must have fallan asleep. Now, it won't boot up. So it looks like i may have to send it back to the manufacturer  (HP), hopefully they can do something about it.  Gonna cost though, i don't know how much but its gonna have to wait for a few months since i just bought myself a new monitor.

 A Samsung Syncmaster 20"widescreen Flat Panel Silver Monitor, and i love it. Its really nice. I sold my old one on eBay for £70 which isn't half bad. I guess that could pay for the repairs on my laptop.


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