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Final Fantasy Marathon (Update Blog Post: 3)

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 29/11/2013 Final Fantasy Marathon (Update Blog Post: 3)

Final Fantasy Marathon

Because of Square Enix's failed efforts with their newest Final Fantasy games and also the announcements of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, Lighting Returns and also possibly a XIII-3, it makes angry enough that I want to stab the director in charge of this madness or tell him to stop throwing those worthless trash at the fans. Well I really can't do that in real life so I decided to do what I originally started back in September 2011 but stopped by March when I only managed to complete at least 5 games. Now it's for me to strike back against the series and Square Enix pay for the trashy sequels they have now unleashed on us. Don't get my wrong I loved the old games like the 1st one, 3rd on DS, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and also the 10th game. All the other ones excluding the remakes on PS1, DS, GBA and of Course Dissidia and Crisis Core where just completely terrible and should have fated into obscurity.

Here's how I'm going to do this Marathon I'm going to write down what games I'm going to play and it will include main games and spin offs that I can play. Kingdom Hearts will not be counted cause it's only a crossover with Disney and Final Fantasy characters. I'll be doing some games on the actual consoles like 7, 8, 9 put the original 6 games I'm going to do on Emulators because of the recording tools on the different Emulators and also I can't be bothered to buy FRAPS or a camcorder that can record footage from the consoles. For the first 6 games I'll do the GBA remakes while I'll may do the 3rd game on the NES cause I can use the Turbo function to get it done faster. I'll upload the boss fights on Youtube and also I'll review the games I haven't done yet on my Gamespot channel before sharing it on Facebook.

My goal in each game is to beat all the bosses but I'm going to kill off the heroes of each game in the franchise as well. I know that's evil to be honest I don't care and nether should you. I'll upload an image of maybe one character killing off the main character while all the party members are dead. I'll maybe redo some of the images I already did before with a different party member killing of the main character instead. Just for fun I'll be counting how many times each character dies and how many Game Overs I get. Most deaths counted are intentional, they deserve it.

Here are the Games:

Final Fantasy I (GBA) - Game Completed including Soul of Chaos Dungeons: Gerad (Thief) - Level: 99, Homac (Black Mage) - Level: 99, Kuku (White Mage) - Level: 99, Argus (Warrior) - Level: 99 (Total Deaths: 132)

Final Fantasy II (GBA) - Main Story and Soul of Rebirth Completed (Total Deaths: 223)

Final Fantasy III (DS) - Game Completed but will not bother with an optional boss which requires Nintendo DS Friend Codes: Lunneth (Ninja) - Level: 71, Arc (Dark Knight) - Level: 71, Refia (Sage) - Level: 71, Ingus (Dragoon) - Level: 73 (Total Deaths: 284)

Final Fantasy IV (GBA) - Not Started

Final Fantasy V (GBA) - Not Started

Final Fantasy VI (GBA) - Not Started

Final Fantasy VII (PSOne) - Not Started

Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne - Not Started

Final Fantasy IX (PSOne) - Not Started

Final Fantasy X (PS2) – Main Game Completed (Total Deaths: 292)

Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2) – Game Completed 54% (Yuna: Level 99 Gunner, Rikku: Level 99 Theif, Paine: Level 99 Black Knight) (Total Deaths: 344)

Final Fantasy XII (PS2) – In Progress

Mystic Quest Legend (FFMQ) (SNES) - Not Started

If you have some requests for some other games drop a comment and I'll think about it. I take requests from the PSOne, GBA, PS2 and Maybe Xbox 360. I won't be doing any PSP, DS or any of the online ones on PC. I'll may do the DS version of the 3rd game and also do some recordings on that game if you desire.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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