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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Tales of Destiny K Pachislot Slot Machine Game

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Once a upon a time there was a J-RPG in 1997 by Namco called Tales of Destiny. It became the second instalment of the Tales Franchise as well as being the first game in the series to gain the franchise's interest in America. Because of that, it allowed the title to become one of the most popular instalments in the series with it's Japan only sequel Tales of Destiny 2, Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia and so on following. 9 years later a remake for the PlayStation 2 came out as well as a Director's Cut release of the game with tweaks and an added storyline. While the game was never released in the UK and neither the PS2 revamped editions were released outside Japan and some critics have stated that the game plays almost much like the SNES RPG's but to me it plays much like Tales of Phantasia (the original Tales instalment) but though not as good.

Tales of Destiny PSOne

Tales of Destiny PS2

Flash forward to 2013 where Namco Bandai enlists Kitac to develop the next Tales of Destiny remake titled Tales of Destiny K which to my disappointment it's going to take in a form of a Pachislot which is a Japanese Slot Machine. It was announced on August 7th with a countdowns and now the countdown is over and the site is up. To me when I watched the trailers it feels something of an arcade spinoff then a revamped game.

Tales of Destiny Slot Machine

By the fact it's a Slot Machine Game goes by it's simple gameplay. When something happens in the game you pull the reel and when the pieces match together such as bells, types of fruit, logos you'd succeed and defend yourself from enemy encounters but failing will bring you into a battle mission where characters engage in battle with the monsters. You'll take damage if you fail to match the pieces but succeeding will damage the enemy and also unleash a special attack known as Blast Caliburs. It's used for other actions in the game such as rankings after you beat a stages. The game itself easily becomes extremely repetitive and relays way to much on Luck to actually beat the game especially when you consistently doing the reels over and over throughout the whole game.

Tales of Destiny Slot Machine 2

The other features that the slot machine game will have is the 40 minutes of brand new cutscene time by Production I.G when you reach the specific reels, they do look pretty cool and makes me think that should they develop an Anime series of Tales of Destiny. The brand new character models do look amazing as well as the monsters the characters face of against. The song is still "Yume de Aru Youni" (Like A Dream) by DEEN, but will have a new theme song called"Future," which is also sung by DEEN.

Tales of Destiny Slot Machine 2

Aside from the character models and seeing a few battles of Hugo and the final boss from the previous versions, I hate to say it that this game really doesn't seem impressive and doesn't do a job of being considered as a redone game and instead a spinoff game. There's not enough evidence for me to say that a game like this is downright awful and isn't worth spending dozens of cash on but at least the trailers do look promising. Anyone who would have hoped for a full HD remake for either the PS3 or the upcoming PS4 will be very disappointed. This is a Slot Machine Game best stayed in Japan while we Western gamers wait for Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles or possibly the orginal Tales of Destiny to come on the PlayStation Network Store. There are far better arcade games by Namco that seem more better then this. If you are interested in this game then you'll learn about the rest of the game's mechanics on the trailers.

Now I'm thinking about playing Tales of Destiny for the PSOne on an Emulator again with Stahn's younger sister Lilith.

Also check out my Tales of Destiny review on the PlayStation that I did a year ago so you can see what this Tale came from. My Tales of Destiny Game Review

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