AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Project X Zone Nintendo 3DS Demo

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Project X Zone Nintendo 3DS Demo

Game Title: Project X Zone

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Genre: Tactical Strategy RPG/Crossover

Developer: Monolith Soft/Banpresto

Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

Demo Released: 23rd May 2013 (Europe)

Date of Full Game Release: October 11th 2012 (Japan), June 25th 2013 (North America), July 5th 2013 (Europe), Summer 2013 (Australia)

Age Rating: CERO: B, ESRB: T for Teen, PEGI: 12+, PG

Project X Zone Image 1

Video game crossovers have been apart of gaming since Marvel and Capcom put themselves to fighting game tournaments across the globe. This also allowed other crossover titles to follow on such as Kingdom Hearts with Final Fantasy and Disney and Super Smash Bros with popular Nintendo characters. Now there is a brand new crossover title featuring Characters from Sega, Namco Bandai and finally Capcom for Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in Japan last year but finally it's now announced for it's North American, European and Australian release which is fantastic news for the fans. Recently a demo recently came out on the Nintendo Eshop in Europe to give a taste of what the games offers.

Basically Project X Zone brings together many of the famous and so famous heroes from across the universes of Namco Bandai, Sega and Capcom. Over 50 characters spanning 29 different franchises such as Tekken, Street Fighter, Sakura Wars, Dark Stalkers, Tales of Vesperia, Valkyria Chronicles, Resident Evil, and much more. It's plot according to the description on Eshop says that a rift appears allowing a doorway to bring characters from different worlds to cross paths with each other.

Project X Zone Image 3

In the demo you can play up to 30 times before it expires and the demo showcases one of the chapters in the game. There are apparently different demos for players to try out and this demo I'm commenting is Demo A which is called A lethal surprise. Demo B is supposed to be based around the Ghost N Gobblins stage and it's said to come out in June 27th.

When you start the demo you're given a tutorial laid out in text explain about the game mechanics and controls before the gameplay begins. The Demo takes place in the Imperial Theater from Sakura Wars and you have control over Ryu & Ken from Street Fighter with their solo character (Which I'll refer to later) Devilotte from Cyberbots, Soma & Alisa from with their solo character named Lindow from God Eater, Kite & Blackrose from .Hack, Kurt & Riela with their solo character Imca from Valkyria Chronicles III. Finally you then get Ichiro & Sakura from Sakura Wars and also Gemini & Erica from it as well with Ulala from Space Channel 5 as their solo character helping them.

The game plays very similar to Fire Emblem Awakening where your main goal is to control your ally units to take down all enemy units on the screen as well as defeating a boss unit to win. In this game should you ally units fall in battle, don't panic you can revive them under a cost of a turn. That's only in the Full Game though because they aren't any revival items here as I'm aware of.

Project X Zone Image 4

On the top screen it shows the gameplay, while turn order for your allies and enemies is shown on the bottom screen. You can use the stylus to look around the map where you can see enemies and your ally units. When it's one of your ally unit's turn you can move it around in a grid like area and you can move it in range within the range of the enemies on the map. Ally Units come in teams of two and in some cases a third solo and if possible support from another team which can assist you in battle. Solo units comes to extension from the games the paring characters come from. They can add be added into different parties for different style of play, this is however only done in the full game. Once the ally unit is within range of the enemy unit you can press the A button to start a battle.

The battles is where the game can get extremely chaotic. You use the Circle Pad/D-Pad with the A button to perform different attacks that each ally unit has. However this is not a real time combat system, as pressing that button and you watch the characters perform their attacks and you have to wait before you can attack again. There are directional icons on the screen and the trick I learned is to use each different directional button button with the A button to pull of more combos as well as gaining an additional attack chance to pull off another attack before ending your turn. If you have an ally unit that is within range of another then you can use the R button in battle to summon the supporting team to help that ally unit out in battle. For some units that have a solo character unit on their side you can summon that solo character into battle with the L button. If they are multiple ally units in range on the map screen then you can use the Y Button to switch between them.

Project X Zone Image 5

Another special trick is too summon in the single unit character into battle after pulling off the characters first attack then summon the supporting team as you use more attacks. This triggers the Cross Damage which helps to hold the enemy in position opening up for heavy combos. This becomes a lot useful for boss fights and some enemies as you need to break their shields in order to actually them. There's also a dynamic XP bar which builds up to 150% as you deal damage to the enemy. Once the XP meter is at 100% you can press the Y button to unleash a powerful special attack which mostly kill weak enemies easily but however does at least major damage to bosses. Don't confuse that traditional Experience points has defeating enemies earns your unit EXP in battle, leveling your unit up and increasing the units power and eventually learning some new skills.

Project X Zone Image 6

You can use items or magic in on the field as enemies drop items for you to use and some items can refer to other Namco Bandai, Sega and Capcom universes. Some items can only be used on the ally that on it's turn so you might want to think carefully about your units before taking your turn.

When it's the enemies turn the CPU moves it's own units around the field and when the enemy comes into range your unit you can defend yourself with 3 different defend choices. You can Counter attack which can happen after the enemy attacks you, there's only a 50/50 chance of that working I think, You can defend against the attack which reduces damage or you can with full defend which can block all damage that the enemy tries to hit you with. However these take up 20% for Countering and Blocking but however full blocking takes of 60% of your XP bar so like with managing your units you need to be wise on deciding on which is the best way for that unit to defend him/herself from enemy attacks.

Project X Zone Image 7

Project X Zone looks pretty great, both in 2D and 3D. Environments are supposed to be from famous franchises which should be nice and the Imperial Theater from Sakura Wars is designed pretty well. The character sprites are impressively redone and animated nicely on the battle screens as well their attack effects. Most of the graphic works goes to the portrait animations which is animated amazingly especially during their special attacks. You'll be amazed at each of the ally unit remixed tunes such as Ryu's stage from Street Fighter and many others. Only major I'd like to note that the game is only a English text translation so the Japanese sound clips were left untouched as well the ingame content as far as I know.

Project X Zone Image 2

That pretty much covers the demo of Project X Zone and I think I only scratched the service of the game itself. At the moment we have to wait to see what the full game offers so I'll end it with my final comments on the demo. It's pretty fantastic and fun tactical RPG crossover and I can't wait to see what else it's in store. For European gamers check out the demo on Eshop and wait till next month for the next demo before the full game unleashes on July 5th in Europe. Americans will have to wait to June 25th for it to come out there. Sorry that you guys never got the demo.

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 02/05/2013: Final Fantasy Franchise Rant

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 02/05/2013: Final Fantasy Franchise Rant

Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy series by Square (now known as Square Enix) was originally developed in 1987 for the Japanese Famicom and was ported to many different game consoles including the American NES release, PlayStation game systems and the Gameboy Advance. The series became popular to both fans and critics alike with plenty of new instalments and sequels. However after Final Fantasy X was released for the PS2, it showcased impressive gameplay as well as cool storyline and characters, graphics and sound. After when Final Fantasy X became a massive success, by 2002 marked the beginning of the series downfall. This blog will explain about the problems with the series as of now.

Final Fantasy XI

With the exception of the remakes and ports of the old games that originally didnt make it to Europe originally on the PS1, GBA, DS and the PSP. The series started it's downfall with Final Fantasy XI for the PC, FFXI didn't become a single player RPG experience instead it was developed into a MMO RPG where players from over the world. The biggest problem with the game was that it was a pay to play game as part of the PlayOnline Network and every time you died you lose EXP that you earned which was actually stupid. It also had a cumbersome initial registration setup and the game featured overcrowded camp-sites while others say that it was unoriginal. Dispute these problems it managed to become one of the most profitable titles and earned a few medals even if some people thought that an MMO being part of the main series was a bad idea. It had 5 missions packs but why the fifth one had to come out so late in 2013 is just plain dumb.

Final Fantasy X-2

The next bad Final Fantasy game is Final Fantasy X-2 and personally this where the series really begun to take it's turn against the fans. Square Soft merged with it's rival Enix so that they can become Square Enix and so the disaster begun for Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy X-2 was liked by some others since it did returned to the Active Time Battles and the traditional levelling system. Other then that the game had Yuna returning along with Riku and also a character named Paine to turn the game into one that's rather girly which does disgust me whenever I dare play it. People personally think the graphics haven't changed from the original X title while personally I don't think it's worth complaining about aside from the framerate and large black bars that covers about 15% of the screen. I do say that the girls themselves should have donned better outfits on. Other complaints of the game involve the storyline progression which is very disjointed, the minigames being unenjoyable and the soundtrack sometimes sounding very inappropriate. It may have been an impressive selling game but honesty this is one Final Fantasy that makes me feel uncomfortable playing.

Final Fantasy XII

After a long while another main Final Fantasy instalment came for the PS2 that was Final Fantasy XII. It had great impressions when you watched the intro only for it to be destroyed when you actually play it. I wish I could excuse the use of the License Board system if it wasn't for the game's atrocious Gambit system and ridiculous combat. Also correct me if I'm wrong but my friend who has this game has told me that the game has tried to create a sandbox style environment but ended failing miserably but I'm not really sure if he's right about it. Don't get me wrong the characters, storyline as well as the graphics were impressive but however it's the entire gameplay that kills it entirely. On top of everything there's a super boss that takes literally hours to beat which is super ridiculous. I honestly can't believe that this game sold well and that people tend to defend it. Personally I think Revenant Wings on the DS was way better then that pile of trash.

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerburus

Next up is Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus for the PlayStation 2 and let me tell you, Square Enix simply made a generic Third Person Shooter that featured Vincent as your main character. It might have told an interesting story but however it's gameplay was beyond question. First up the melee combat is frustrating no thanks to the awkward camera controls, it has blend and linear level design and worst of all it wasn't even in the least fun and the enemy AI was just plain dumb and weak. I really couldn't believe that this rubbish shooter dared to carry Final Fantasy VII's great name and allow Vincent to simply destroy it with this trash. Hey, at least Crisis Core made up for that embarrassment.

Final Fantasy XIII

Just when the Final Fantasy handhelds had a very good spot in the fans another main instalment in the series came out for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that was Final Fantasy XIII. Gamers have waited a very long time for this game to come and when it did it became one of the most disappointing squeals and to be perfectly honest it doesn't surprise me when XII disappointed me so much. It had a convoluted storyline with uninteresting characters like unlikeable main character Lightning, Snow and cowardly boy Hope. Alongside the bad characters and story the game design was just so linear as you were just walking through lengthy corridors and also the battle system was just simply garbage. You only controlled one character which has it's own abilities and summoning. The worst thing about the battles is that it always relays on mashing the same attack over and over for a few minutes before it finally dies and also when the leader dies it's Game Over regardless if your allies are still alive. This is one of the biggest offences that this game commits and fans and some critics claim it to be one of the worst instalments in the series but I claim that it comes close to being one from all the later ones I've seen.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Just when remakes of the old Final Fantasy games where starting to feel stale, Square Enix announced and then released Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I played the demo and I'll say this, they did improve the battle system but only a tiny bit and they did add a monster capturing system and also making the game non linear. These pluses aside the game had a more uninteresting storyline which was confusing and disappointing and the characters with it's only exception was the main villain were weak. The battle system was still rather simplistic and shallow and the use of cinematic actions lacked any impact. What I really hated about the game are the Trigger Events where you need to press either one of the face buttons to select a piece of dialogue to advance and some of the choices are just plain stupid. One of them where you got a choice to use a control device against a boss named Atlus was the worst. You can either ask Mog, ask someone you don't know, say you don't know or select I live in the moment. Why couldn't you just say let's control the device and weaken him since fighting him at his full power kills us in one hit. It's just like the game wants to troll you or something. Some people said that the game's boss battles are often frustrating and they get more annoying later on. Overall this game is a better then the original XIII but however there are still some major annoyances that didn't make it fun to enjoy.

Final Fantasy XIV

Before the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 there was announcement of Final Fantasy XIV and when the trailer got to the end it was going to be another online Final Fantasy game which was going to make it extremely disappointing. Not only was the battle system completely broken but the interface was terrible, the sound effects were annoying and worst of there's very little to no depth to the gameplay at all. The worst news of this game is that it is getting a reboot since the company recognizes the problems of the original game. All I can say is that I am extremely disappointed to have seen the announcement and wish the game would just die already.

All the Bravest

If you thought all those were bad then you mistaken, there is no other terrible Final Fantasy game then the abysmal All the Bravest for the IPads. Simply Bitgroove and Square Enix simply took the sprites from the other games as well as the fanmade ones and made a rubbish game where you simply flick the screen where your allies are and then they attack automatically. Worst problems is that the game was blend and simple, your hand would ache even after only a few minutes of playing it and finally it used the microtransaction deal where stuff in the game such as Hourglasses (which acts as Phoenix Downs) to adding extra characters costed real life money when you have dozens of Gil in your hand that you want to spend it on. It was well criticised by critics and fans alike for any lack of gameplay depth, character customization, no story, and very expensive in app purchases for basic gameplay functionality. It should be called the worst game in the entire franchise and it makes me so mad that I want to throw any copies of the game into a fire. It's just absolute criminal.

DissidiaFinal Fantasy IV DSCrisis Core

The only good Final Fantasy games this generation has done is Dissidia for the PSP which is an excellent fighting game, Final Fantasy IV for the DS which is brilliant and Crisis Core which was pretty good if difficult to learn and master. Some other like Theatrhythm were alright as well. However when it comes down to seeing all the newer games in the series is just insulting. I'm not happy to announce that there are more games on the way.

Final Fantasy X HD

Yes guys there are more bad Final Fantasy games coming with the exception of the HD remake of Final Fantasy X which will be great to see as long as the company doesn't destroy the game. I'm still of upset that X-2 will be included as well.

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

As for the bad ones there is going to be Lightning Returns which upon seeing the game's screenshots looks like a PlayStation 2 game which ensures utter disappointment. A Realm Reborn which I already said that it was going to try an improve on the games problems while in my opinions make it possibly worse and finally recently there was an announcement of a Final Fantasy Tactics port for the Ipads which brings a company known as Mobage which have been well known for having their games use the microtransaction deal. It's not going to be any surprise that this trash is going to be as bad as the others.

A Realm Reborn

With the series being a fantastic innovative RPG series for fans, it's just insulting that Square Enix is just being absolutely lazy with their titles but still gaining money from their sales. At least now they are losing their money over their titles. Unless they can something about their Final Fantasy titles and get on with Versus XIII instead of screwing around with the franchise, otherwise I wish the series could just die along with the company.

Tactics S

I know I was bashing the series for a long while but it's just absolutely terrible that Square Enix could get this lazy on an extremely popular franchise and the company should know better. I'm glad that I did the right thing and ignored the other games and chose Namco Bandai's Tales Of Series which has answered the fans call.

That is why I'm going to take out every Final Fantasy related hero and villain in the franchise so that they'll regret disappointment they unleashed on us. That is why I'm now called The Bringer of Tales and Slayer of Fantasy. Then I'll be able avenge the fans fir what Square Enix has done.


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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 26/04/2013: Tales Of Phantasia PS1 Completion

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 26/04/2013: Tales Of Phantasia PS1 Mania Mode Completion

Tales Of Phantasia

After so many months from September 2012 to April 2013 I've finally finished my playthrough of Tales Of Phantasia on the PlayStation on the Mania Difficulty. I used the Fan-Translation patches of Absolute Zero for a while till the Phantasian Productions English was finally released in the New Year. I'm really sorry that I took so long to actually finish the game due to mostly other reviews that I have been working on, the first impression of the PS4 as well as joining in at the Ad Libitum's Facebook page where fans of the Tales Of Series can have fun Role Playing as the characters from different games, I role play as Phillia Felice from Tales of Destiny and it's a shame my favourites such as Kratos, Cress and Asch were all taken so I had no choice but though I could have done Leon if I had the chance but oh well it doesn't matter. Maybe if Cress's role player were to quit and be removed then I'll take that chance and get him.

I also kept having Internet problems where the Network Broadband kept on going on and off all the time. Thankfully I got a brand new connection and so far it's worked wonderfully for me and I never had any problems with it at all and got it set up on my Wii, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo 3DS and I'm glad it's all resolved.

I also was meant to be doing the Final Fantasy Marathon but I stopped it for a while to do some Light Gun games and I still have plenty of do, so when I finish up Tales Of Phantasia again I'll finally get on with some more Light Gun games, starting with Lethal Enforcers I & II on the PlayStation.

In the future I'll have to sort out my accounts so that I can focus on my work in the future. So again I'm really sorry for how long it took to finish it but I hope I can motivate myself easier in the future.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: PlayStation 4

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: PlayStation 4

ps4 logo

Ever since the original PlayStation games console was released back in 1994, Sony always aimed really high when it came to quality titles. For over 2 decades their newer systems introduced new levels of graphical qualities as well as new gameplay elements. These new consoles followed from the PlayStation 2 in 2000 and the PlayStation 3 in 2006. The PlayStation 2 became one of the industry's best selling game consoles of all time and also the PlayStation 3 while having a terrible launch price still managed to sell quite well and it became a strong competitor towards Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.

Sony now unveils their announcement of their next PlayStation game system which is no surprisingly the PlayStation 4. I watched through the archived version of the live stream of the PlayStation 4 presentation on Youtube. The systems designer Mark Cerny who has worked on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 along with other companies like Naughty Dog showcases the console's specifications and also the brand new Dual Shock 4 controller, however they did not show us the system itself but we do learn about the specifications of the system.

Playstation 4

The new controller features the traditional PlayStation buttons but however it has a new design look which looks cool, it's wireless and also it has some changes to it. The Start and Select buttons have been placed into one a single Options menu, the trigger buttons have been redesigned, the joysticks will feature a concave surface, similar to that of the Xbox 360 controller and finally it has one new button, the Share button. This button allows you to share your gameplay experience you had by enabling you to upload videos based on how well you performed. It allows people to watch your gameplay videos that you share to the public on the game's website. There are also other new features added to the controller like the Touch Pad for inputting commands, a Light Bar for easier way to identify players, a headphone jack for enhanced social interactions and they finally enhanced the vibration capabilities and reduced the controller lates for actions in games.

Second Controller

In addition to the new Dual Shock 4 controller they did quickly show off the second controller called the Stero Camera which detects the 3D movement of the controller.

System specs

As for the system's specifications they announced, it is said that it's going to be equipped with a Supercharged PC Architecture which allows the system to play at it's full potential as a gaming platform. For the CPU they announced that it's going to have an X86 CPU core for programming expertise, an Enhanced PC GPU for easily developing games in the console's early life cycle as well as giving the system's graphics potential in the future. As for the system's memory they were happy to announce that it have about 8GB Unified memory for achieving the best for game as well as additional content creation on the platform for the hard drive to have.

Unreal Engine 4

They got to show us the live demos of the upcoming games as well as the graphical capabilities of the system. The first demo they showed was the new Unreal Engine 4 rendered in real time which does look incredible.


Their second demo showcased a million object simulation by Havok which showed very tiny objects falling at the same time which is running on the GPU (not the CPU) which is only a fraction of the PS4's power.


Mark Cerny then reveals his latest project which will soon come for the PS4 called Knack. The trailer showcases it's character (of course named Knack) who has the explosive power of growth by allowing himself to gain magnetic parts to fight off against group of evil Orcs lead by Victor. The game itself is an action game where your growth building monster must beat up Orcs and also he can shrink back down to crawl into tiny places which looks very nice so far.

Killzone Shadow Fall

Guerrilla Games manager has announced their next entry in the PlayStation exclusive Killzone series called Shadow Fall. He announced that the game will take place between the war against two different nations, The Vektan and the Helghast. In the demo you get to see some impressive new mechanics for an advanced looking FPS game. I've never played Killzone but really does look impressive so far.


The next game this time announced by Evolution Studio's Matt Southern is Driveclub which they had plans to make over 9 years ago but wanted to wait for the right technology to do so. The gameplay trailer shows you the First person view of actually getting inside the car, belt up and finally starting up the car as well actually showing the mechanics of actually doing the career of a car club.

Second Son

Sucker Punch Productions reveals the next Infamous game subtitled Second Son which features a new protagonist Delsin Rowe who takes on a corporation who bend's on taking control of the citizens. In the trailer he blows away the security guards and I do say it should look enjoyable.

The Witness

They move on to Jonathon Blow the independent creator of the acclaimed Braid where he announces his latest project called The Witness. It's a First Person puzzle where you explore an uninhabited island to solve environmental puzzles such as moving some objects found on the island.


David Cage from Quantic Dream tells us about the animations of character emotions as well as explaining the different polygons of his other games before explaining about the polygons in his upcoming game Beyond where he shows the emotions of one of the characters which looks cool.


Media Molecule's director explains how the PlayStation Move's going to work with the PlayStation 4 with an application which will allow the players to be creative and interact with the application.

Deep Down

Capcom has their announcement of their new project which is codenamed Panta Rhei. It's new graphical engine which is designed to truly take advantage of the PlayStation. They showcase a new game which is running with the new engine called Deep Down which I fought it was going to be a Dragon's Dogma sequel. The trailer reveals the gameplay where a group of warriors take on a powerful dragon. It looks really sweet.

Final Fantasy

Square Enix has their announcement of their next Final Fantasy installment but what they have at the moment is a tech demo that they spent a whole year on. The trailer shows a invading group attacking a group of mages who are shot down and one girl of those mages manages to escape with the crystal that the mages were worshiping. At the moment I'm not bothered by it cause I really don't want to play anymore Final Fantasy cause it's possibly that Square Enix could make this one as bad as the other games so far and to be perfectly honest it really doesn't any near Fantasy quality. Biggest question, when are they ever going to make a good Final Fantasy installment?


Ubisoft has announced their openworld game for the PS4 called WatchDogs which is designed to be one of the most impressive interactive experienced video games ever. The trailer reveals it's main character who can gain information using his device about the people around him and he can hack other people's bank account as well as ATM's. Eventually the game shows of the combat where you can track the criminal activity and chase the guy down. You can use the environment to your advantage to ensure the bad guy doesn't get away or to escape the camera's of the law. For a game like this, WatchDogs looks incredible and personally would like to play that game.


Bizzard Entertainment finally announces Diablo 3 to the PlayStation 3 but also they plan to release Diablo 3 on the PlayStation 4 to fit to the consoles control scheme with 4 player co-op in one screen as well as other features.


Finally they bring out Bungie alongside the publishers of Activision to unveil a First Person Shooter which will be a universe for players to customize their characters and will promise a great competitive and co-operative multiplayer experience for the PS4 as well as the 360 and PS3. Bungie calls this as their most ambitious project yet. That finally raps the PS4 games they have so far through the live stream.


What the PlayStation 4 will do for it's gamers is to allow both see what games their friends are playing and also allow you to help a friend to help him/her to complete an obstacle that they can't do. They plan to reduce download time for the content that players want to none. They also plan to also take advantage of the PSVita by allowing the PS4 games to run on it via remote play. The system will be compatible with social apps like Facebook to be able to communicate with their friends.


The PlayStation 4 will not however be compatible with PSOne, PS2 or PS3 games but however they are considering a workaround using Emulation and Cloud storage. Cloud storage will also allow hosts for downloading content as well as games and also like with the announced Xbox 720, the PS4 will prohibit the use of second hand games that are purchased in physical form. This approach could provide a point of differentiation with the successor to the Xbox 360.

All third party game developers who have had amazing support for the PlayStation systems and they promise to give the system their support for the PS4.


At the moment the PS4 looks like a promising system, however I do wish I could have seen the actual system itself but however if I ever decided to own this console then I would have problems running my old PlayStation 1 or 2 games. However I'll just stick to what I got and maybe I'll get a PS3 instead when I finish other PS1 and PS2 projects.

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst PSOne Games

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Worst PSOne Games


With the sneak preview of the upcoming PlayStation 4, this is going to be a countdown of 10 of the worst PlayStation games on the PSOne system. These games tried to capitalize the main source of the original games design and it's result was making them rather abysmal and atrocious titles in history. Some were bad while some others would go on to become the worst games ever. Which are the worst of worst in the PSOne's large list of games that you don't want compatible with the newer PlayStation systems.


10: Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Developer: Runecraft Ltd

Release Date: January 2000

Spec Ops

Stealth is what this patrol team lack. The Spec Ops games on the PlayStation were really terrible but the worst one is the title that spread it's PC train wreck on the console. Terrible graphics followed by enemies that can easily see you and shoot you down. Bad mission structure and the friendly AI was horrible. These recruits need to head back to Boot Camp for proper soldiery discipline.

9: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces

Genre: Beat Em Up

Developer: Midway

Release Date: September 29th 2000

Mortal Kombat

The bloodiest arcade fighting game which turn got a platform spinoff and also a beat em up which in honest opinions is the absolute worst. You play as Jax but however the controls are very loose, the hit detection is lousy making the fighting a ridiculous chore. The graphics and sound also horrendous that you want to send down the pits.

8: Judge Dredd

Genre: Light Gun Shooter

Developer: Gremlin Interactive

Release Date: November 1997

Judge Dredd

It's not based on either the comics or the Stallone movie of the same name. Instead it's a standalone chapter that is a On-rails shooter that gives the Light Gun classic Area 51 on the PSOne a bad name. Every enemy takes about nearly 4 to 5 to die. Turrets that you can't sometimes do a thing about and the CGI cut-scenes are just very laughable. It's a lame Light Gun shooter that nobody would want PS2, PS3 or possibly PS4 compatible.

Japanese Honourable mention: Alive

Genre: FMV

Developer: General Entertainment

Release Date: 1998


FMV quality games are mostly poor but Japanese gamers got there exclusive hands on one for the PlayStation that is called Alive. The Death scenes were laughable and mostly the game doesn't respond to your actions in which players would have to continuously play in trial and error. It's one game we don't want outside japan.

7: The Crow: City of Angels

Genre: Beat Em Up

Developer: Gray Matter

Release Date: April 1997

The Crow

Loosely based on the movie of the same name, it's a horrible excuse of a beat em up thanks to it's terrible controls that are nearly unresponsive, the camera way to far and also the graphics and sound are blend and generic. In fact it's got the classic Resident Evil controls and it simply doesn't even work well for a beat em up.

6: Sim City 2000

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Maxis

Release Date: November 1996

Sim City 2000

Before anyone rages over me, this is not the superb PC original or any of the other console versions that were better, this is the PlayStation version of the game which is broken, laggy, unresponsive that it's nearly unplayable. Even playing it with a mouse or on PS2 or PS3 doesn't help fix the games biggest issue. Overall you're better off playing the PC original instead.

US Honorable Mention: Hooter's Road Trip

Genre: Racing

Developer: Hoplite Research

Release Date: March 26th 2002

Hooter's Road Trip

There is one awful racer that chances are no one in Europe has ever heard about and better not ever. Once you take one look at the loading screen where it has some displeasing bikini clad girls you'll then be looking at one of the most uncontrollable racing games ever in that era of gaming. The turning controls are loose and the other car AI is unbelievably bad. It really isn't worth playing at all and it's one bad excuse of a racer.

5: Armorines: Project Swarm

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developer: Acclaim

Release Date: 2000


Aside from the popular Medal of Honour titles the PSOne didn't really catch the FPS genre on the system but however it's biggest fall-downs are both it's version of Rainbow Six and also it's version of Armorines. Thanks to frequent load times to interrupt the experience, loose controls, blend graphics and horrible voice acting, it's no doubt an insect infestation that needs to be squashed.

4: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22

Genre: Fighting

Developer: Tose Software

Release Date: July 1996

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 is a horrible looking and overly simplistic fighting game and it's shouldn't have deserved another release with the popularity of the Budokai games. Graphics are low resolution quality, sprites are choppy and every energy blast used the same animation which makes a Kamehameha look pathetic. The fighting controls were less responsive and also the RPG Build Up mode made little to no sense.

3. Spawn: The Eternal

Genre: Action

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: April 1998


For one of the anti-heroes who gets a few rough titles he got one of his worst entries on the PlayStation system. It was an abysmal 3D fighting game where the graphics are hideous extremely pixelated, and suffers from a series of countless bugs and glitches. All I have to say about the fighting is that it's god awful and also the exploration parts are just worthless. This is a Spawn game that you best avoid at all costs. My best question for this game is why doesn't Spawn have his cape when he is out of battles?

Personal Mention: Final Fantasy VIII

Genre: RPG

Developer: Square Enix

Release Date: October 27th 1999

Final Fantasy VIIII

Oh, I can see the fans raging over my choice, don't get me wrong Final Fantasy's VII and IX were the best games on the PSOne but Final Fantasy VIII was extremely disappointing in nearly every regard possible. While the musical cutscene's were great but however the Junction system was ridiculous to use, random enemies stayed the same level as your party's member highest level and worst of drawing magic from monsters was simply tedious and graphics during battles are really badly pixelated. The only good thing I would like to say about it is that it did span through 4 discs.

2: Beyblade

Genre: Fighting

Developer: Wavedge

Release Date: August 22nd 2003


Beyblade on the PlayStation made it's translation into perhaps one of the most boring video games ever produced. Two Beyblades simply collide together and either send their opponent out of the stadium or destroying the opponents Beyblade into pieces. There's only 2 gamemodes, the Tournament Mode is random and only lasts for about 10 minutes and graphics are horrible.

1: Bubsy 3D

Genre: Platform

Developer: Edetic

Release Date: August 1997

Bubsy 3D

Bubsy 3D is a blend and horrible rip off of one of high quality platform that is Super Mario 64 and for good reason. The game's graphics look like badly painted cardboard boxes, the animations are stiff and jerky and also there's an annoying sound effect that simply drums your head in. That barely compares to Bubsy's voice which annoys the player by saying the same lame one liners over and over again. Bubsy 3D is in every words a total mess and it earned it's ranks by many gamers of the public as one of the worst video games of all time and it more then deserves it's spot on my list as the worst PlayStation game of all time.

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Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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100 Blogs Reached!

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Hey Guys just a quick blog saying that as of this blog I've now uploaded a total of 100 blogs so far on my channel. I'm also busy writing the Final Fantasy Marathon Blog so Stay Tuned.

Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2013

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2013

2012 has gone by and now this year is looking to bring up new and rebooted titles and there are so many new titles that we are looking forward to. From reboots, orginal titles and also as expected sequals, I countdown the 10 games that I'm sure everybody is looking forward to this year since the announcements last year.

10: Pikmin 3

Platform: Nintendo Wii U

Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: Spring 2013

Pikmin 3

Shigeru Miyamoto hinted the next Pikmin instalment on the Wii U at E3 last year showing off the gameplay such as the new Rock Pikmin, the GamePad controls, along with the ability to use four leaders instead of two. So far it's scheduled for a release in Spring this year.

9: Grand Theft Auto V

Platform: Xbox/PlayStation 3

Developer: Rockstar Games

Release Date: Q2 2013

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto V is set to evolve every mechanic in the series. GTA V is bigger from the series and Red Dead Redemption put together. The Mobile phone from GTA IV returns and it has been altered as such. There are some improvements and also the game includes some multiplayer to it as well. Release is stated for Q2 2013.

8: Luigi's Mansion 2/ Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (US)

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: Q1 2013 (Japan), Spring 2013 (North America), March 2013 (Europe)

Luigi's Mansion 2

Mario's brother Luigi returns to the dark mansion and brings along his trusty flashlight and vacuum cleaner which has the power to suck up ghosts. From watching the trailers the game looks quite impressive compared to it's predecessor on the Gamecube. Release is stated for Q1 in Japan, Spring in America as Dark Moon and Europe will have it in March.

7: DmC: Devil May Cry

Platform: PlayStation 3/XBox

Developer: Ninja Theory

Release Date: PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360: January 15th 2013 (North America & Europe), January 17th 2013 (Japan) Microsoft Windows: January 25, 2013


Dante has finally returned with his reboot of the action demon slaying series that started on the PS2. Dante has had quite a struggle with later titles but hopefully this should give this old demon slayer a chance to redeem itself.

6: Sim City

Platform: PC

Developer: Maxis

Release Date: PC: March 5th 2013 (North America), March 8th 2013 (Europe) Mac: To Be Confirmed

Sim City 2013

Maxis's old Simulator is getting a reboot on the PC with a brand new engine and new features. It's set for release in March but no word for release on consoles or release date on the Mac.

5: Ni No Kuni: Wreath of the White Witch

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Level 5

Release Date: PlayStation 3: January 22, 2013 (North America), January 25, 2013 (Europe)

Ni No Kuni

Japanese Developer Level 5 who is known for RPG's like Dark Cloud, Rouge Galaxy and also the puzzle series that is Professor Layton. There newest game hires Anime studio Ghibli who is known for popular Anime movies such Howl's moving castle and also Spirited Away. The storyline is very cheerful and also the battle mechanics are impressive. It was released in Japan last year but however this year marks it's release in English by Namco Bandai Games.

Honourable Mention: Tomb Raider

Platform: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Release Date: March 2013

Tomb Raider 2013

Crystal Dynamics reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise has had a delay last year and it was to this year in March. This could have deserved a place in my countdown but after hearing word from my friend about the Multiplayer and also that the gameplay is going to be linear without any chance to explore the environment to survive, this kind of made me put this on as an honourable mention.

4: Crysis 3

Platform: PC/XBox 360/PlayStation 3

Developer: Crytek

Release Date: February 19th 2013 (North America), February 21st 2013 (Australia), February 22nd 2013 (Europe), March 7th 2013 (Japan)

Crysis 3

Crysis is one of the most pretty looking games ever on the PC and there was the impressive sequel and now there is the third game in this pretty destructive FPS series. Set for release in February.

3: Tales Of Xillia

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Namco Bandai

Release Date: 2013 (North America & Europe)

Tales Of Xillia

With the help of the fan campaigns and recent instalments like Tales Of The Abyss and most recently Tales Of Graces F and the Tales Of Vesperia Movie, the series is starting to earn plenty of fan appeal that wasn't known for before. The latest instalment Tales Of Xillia tells the tale of Jude Mathis and Millia Maxwell on their journey to maintain balance to the world. Tales Of Xillia has plenty of improvements mostly noticeably the translation and Voicework. The game is finally confirmed for a release this year in the English speaking countries and hopefully with this game we'll eventually get our hands on Tales Of Xillia 2 as well as other future instalments which knock Square Enix's Final Fantasy games of the charts.

2: The Last of Us

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Naughty Dog

Release Date: May 7th 2013

The Last of Us

From the Developers of the Uncharted series cames a new adventure game setting on the PlayStation 3. It involves gunfighting, melee combat and a cover system where 2 characters Joel and Elle have to survive hordes of the infected and the uninfected who are after them. The game is set for release in May 7th 2013.

1: Gears Of War: Judgement

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Epic Games

Release Date: March 2013 (Japan, Europe & Australia), March 19th 2013 (North America)

Gears Of War Judgement

The Gears team Delta One go back in time before Emergence Day while Marcus Fenix spends his time in Jail for his disobedience. This time however puts the main protagonists role to Damon Baird and Augustus Cole. I'm expecting numerous improvements to the gameplay and Multiplayer modes which makes this game my anticipated game of 2013.

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Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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Plans for the New Year

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 04/01/2013 Plans for The New Year

Well guys Happy New Year to you all, 2012 went well didn't it. We got 2 new consoles that are the PSVita and also the Wii U, we didn't get some great games last year and there are also some new games that we are waiting for. Here are my plans for the this year.

Top 10 Anticipated Games for 2013


I will be working on the Top 10 Anticipated Games countdown and I will have it done by Sunday Night. It maybe my only Top Ten Countdown I'll be doing this year cause I'll be concentrating on a Marathon. I'll upload it on Gamespot and also share it on Raptr.

Final Fantasy Marathon

Final Fantasy

A Marathon I originally started in September 2011 and I only managed to complete 5 games before giving up in March 2012 due to my laziness, Xbox 360 troubles and also I had the 3DS alongside Tales Of The Abyss. Because of how bad XIII-2 was alongside announcements of XIV A Realm Reborn, Lighting Returns and also a XIII-3 I'm going for a second chance get revenge on the series since Square Enix refuses to listen to their fans. My goal this time is too not only to beat all the villains but also to kill of every single hero from the entire franchise. Don't blame me for doing this, I just want Square Enix to stop destroying loveable RPG's that kids grew up with especially when they killed the Mana games. I'll get on reviewing them when I beat them and also I'll upload the boss battles on Youtube and also the image of the defeated heroes all over the internet. I plan to start the Marathon with the First game in the series all the way to maybe the 12th game. I'll decide what games I'm going to do in my next blog.

Images and Video

Gamespot hasn't fixed any problems with the Videos and Images and I'm starting to get a little inpatient with this. I hope this gets done as soon as possible so I can upload new images and videos that I have on my Hard Drive.

Tales Of Phantasia PlayStation Playthrough


I would like to remind you that in the New Year, Fan Translation Company Phantasian Productions has finally released their long awaited patch of Tales Of Phantasia for the PlayStation. This patch took about 12 years to make so please give support to them but also make you also the Tales Of Series that Namco has been working so hard on. My progress on it is a little slow cause I'm playing through it on Mania and at the moment I'm training at Suzu's Village to prepare myself for some harder battles. I will continue on it this weekend and hopefully finish maybe the main storyline. I don't know if I'll do the Moria Mineshaft Lower Floors as well as the Shadow Temple.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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My Game of the Year Award: Top 10 Best Games of 2012

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Best and Worst games of 2012.


Another year of gaming has ended and we got ourselves a preview of new consoles coming out in the following years. With the PSVita and the Wii U released we can look forward to some new titles in the future and we can hope what the Wii U Tablet has in store for gamers. This is my choice for the following Ten games for both the Best and the Worst. Like before it's all based on my own opinions and it's different from everyone's.

Best Games of 2012

With the worst games of the way I can finally calm myself down with the list of the Top Ten Best Games of 2012. Starting from the games that continue to expand on our fanbases, superb old games getting a reboot that it deserves along with some original titles that we never seen before. Here are my final choices for the Best of the Best that 2012 has offered instead of launch titles on the Vita and Wii U.

10: Call of Duty Black Ops II

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Wii U

Developer: Activision

Release Date: Xbox 360/PS3 and PC: November 12th 2012 (Steam), November 13th 2012 (Retail) November 22nd 2012 (Japan), December 22, 2012 (Japan) Wii U:November 18th 2012 (North America), November 30th 2012 (Europe), November 30th 2012 (Australia), December 22nd 2012 (Japan)

Black Ops 2

Although the series is starting to grow a little stale but however the additive multiplayer continues to be as enjoyable as ever. Zombies return and it gets chaotic when tons of monsters appear to kill everyone in an instant. The storyline continues from the events of the original Black Ops following some events with Mason's son. There also enjoyable Air Strike missions and there are multiple endings depending on how the storyline plays out. For the first time in the series it plays less on a linear path and also it's set in the future.

9: Catherine

Platform:XBox 360/PS3

Developer: Atlus

Release Date: February 17th 2011 (Japan), July 26th 2011 (North America), February 10th 2012 (Europe), February 23rd 2012 (Australia)


Most video game designers seem to make other video game sequels and other titles that just reuse some ideas over and over again without much changes. Atlus who's known for RPG's from the their long running Shin Megami Tensei series till least known games like Etrian Odyssey develops a love tale title known as Catherine for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Sure it was released last year in 2011 in Japan and North America before this year when Europeans could finally get a chance to witness one of the most original titles in years. Instead of saving the entire world from an evil empire or from a tragic fate, this game instead puts it's main character Vincent in a deadly love triangle relationship between his long time girlfriend Katherine (spelled with a K) and a hot blonde girl who just happened to have bumped up next to him in his bed, that's Catherine (spelled with a C). Whatever he chooses, Vincent will end up in the nightmare world were young men who cheat on their loved ones are forced to climb for their lives or die. The game mixes it up even further by having it's lead character have sheep horns, holding a pillow while in his Boxer Shorts. The nightmare stages play like a puzzle game where you need to push, pull or move blocks around to use them as stairs to advance to the top. As the game goes on the game increases the challenge making the game more difficult then it already is. After the Nightmare stages you can decide on how you want the storyline to follow or how you can help other people out of their problems. With a game like Catherine as it's most original game, we can hope that this can inspire other game designers to create more original titles in the future.

8: Borderlands 2

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Developer: Gearbox Software

Release Date: Xbox 360/PS3/PC: September 18th 2012 (North America), September 20th 2012 (Australia), September 21st 2012 (Europe), October 25th 2012 (Japan) OS X: November 20th 2012

Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software brings the Borderlands sequel after the first game became extremely popular by it's very successful sales. Borderlands 2 is well praised by fans and critics for it's hilarious sense of humor, amazing world structure, impressive RPG mechanics and it's defiantly a kind of game you could play through multiple times.

7: The Last Story

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developer: Mistwalker

Release Date: January 27th 2011 (Japan), February 23rd 2012 (Australia), February 24th 2012 (Europe), August 14th 2012 (North America)

The Last Story

The Last Story is an amazing Third Person RPG Experience which is done by Mistwalker, along the former developers of the Final Fantasy series that don't make bad Final Fantasy games. The game mixes Stealth such as being able to hind behind cover and also includes Real Time Strategy Elements so that you can command your allies in real time. Amazingly enough Last Story has a 6 Player Cooperative and Competitive Multiplayer Online modes such as Suppression where players fight against the games bosses for rewards, and Fray which is a team on team competitive mode in which players can play with different characters alongside being able to play as the monsters. Alongside Operation Rainfall's other games there are the last games to perfectly grace Nintendo's Wii platform before we have to move on to their new Wii U platform.

6: Resident Evil: Revelations

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: January 26th 2012 (Japan), January 27, 2012 (Europe), February 2, 2012 (Australia), February 7, 2012 (North America)

Resident Evil Revelations

Capcom made a success with Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and the Wii. Since it's success the series has ignored it's old Survival Horror roots and has not looked back, all that changes with Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS. You can't just run around shooting every monster on sight from beginning to end as you only have limited resources so it's better to choose your battles in order to survive. The game has multiple control schemes and also supports the new Circle Pad peripheral. You can also explore new areas and look around for items with the Genesis which can help you in your survival. The game has Raid Mode where 2 Players working together to fight against waves of monsters and players are able to send in-game items to other players through Streetpass. If only the newer Resident Evil games could follow Revelations example.

5: Mass Effect 3

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Wii U

Developer: BioWare

Release Date: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3: March 6th 2012 (North America), March 8th 2012 (Australia), March 9th 2012 (Europe), March 15th 2012 (Japan) Wii U: November 18th 2012 (North America), November 30th 2012 (Europe), November 30th 2012 (Australia), December 8th 2012 (Japan)

Mass Effect 3

There shouldn't be a big deal with the ending if Mass Effect 3 stays true to the formula. The storyline changes depending on your choices on how you play through the story insuring for big replay value. The RPG elements have improved from Mass Effect 2 with it's leveling system being more detailed and it has a better weapon customization. The combat has also improved alongside it's cover system but dispute that it's also the most difficult game in the series because of the incredibly smart AI. Online Multiplayer is included is Galaxy at War which plays like Horde Mode from Gears of War 3 which is absolutely insane but really additive. Mass Effect 3 is amazing and I'm sure everyone's looking forward to more Mass Effect 3 DLC.

4: X-Com: Enemy Unknown

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Developer: Firaxis Games

Release Date:October 9, 2012 (North America), October 12, 2012 (Europe), October 12, 2012 (Australia)


X-Com become one of the best selling and well received strategy titles on the PC back in 1994 and it was that a cancelled game spawned a terrible Enforcer that killed off the renowned series. Firaxis Games along with 2k Games revived the classic series and more or less not only follow the same path of the old games but also make the game as challenging so that you'll feel every responsibility of being in command of your team. It's important to make strategic decisions or else the Alien invasion will get the upperhand on you. Sure it may become a game where you need to multiple saves before you learn how to kick some Alien butt. It's amazing how this old franchise got rebooted for PC's and also how it manages to play well on consoles.

3: Dishonored

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Developer: Arkane Studios

Release Date:October 9th 2012 (North America & France), October 11th 2012 (Australia & Japan), October 12th 2012 (Europe)


Dishonored is a different kind of game when it comes to stealth. It does play in similar to Eidos's Deus Ex Human Revolution where the game focuses on stealth mechanics with the use of Gadgets and Abilities to sneaky take out your enemies. The game was well praised for it's well balanced mission structure, superb RPG elements, immersive storyline and it's unifying vision.

2: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Platform: PC

Developer: Namco Bandai Games

Release Date: August 23rd 2012 (Australia), August 24th 2012 (North America, Europe), October 25th 2012 (Japan)

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

Last year Dark Souls pounded us continuously on consoles alongside it's predecessor Demon Souls but Dark Souls now takes a shot at the PC with Prepare to Die Edition that just summed up the whole series in a nutshell. Dying is what's going to you but however there are some new extras such as included New Player VS Player Multiplayer and new areas that weren't included in it's console release. It's still incredibly difficult and still the same experience but anyone who missed it on it's console release can get there hands on it on the PC.

1: Halo 4

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: 343 Studios

Release Date: November 6th 2012 (North America, Europe & Australia) November 8th 2012 (Japan)

Halo 4

343 takes over Bungie's long lasting Halo franchise for a new war against an ancient evil. Halo 4 continues the outstandingly additive Multiplayer modes such as the new Cooperative Spartan Ops alongside all the Multiplayer staples of the series that kept it strong over the years. There's a new mode called Flood where the player team controlling the flood has to inflect the other team. You can still different Gametypes to your liking and also Forge returns and you still edit existing maps to your own contend. There is a character creation option as well as you can unlock abilities and different perks as you level up. The Multiplayer still remains strong for it's popularity and the storyline has received improvements such as Master Chief actually talking and seeing Cartana's face during Gameplay. If you looking for the biggest Multiplayer component this year then you can't get any better with Halo 4 which makes it my pick for the best game of 2012.

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Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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My Game of the Year Awards: Top 10 Worst Games of 2012

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Best and Worst games of 2012.

Another year of gaming has ended and we got ourselves a preview of new consoles coming out in the following years. With the PSVita and the Wii U released we can look forward to some new titles in the future and we can hope what the Wii U Tablet has in store for gamers. This is my choice for the following Ten games for both the Best and the Worst. Like before it's all based on my own opinions and it's different from everyone's.

Worst Games of 2012

Here are the worst games that the developers weren't afraid to bring over, from destroying fanbases, bad movie licenses or games that are just downright bad that I just want to stay away from them as possible.

10: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3

Developer: Square Enix

Release Date: December 15th 2011 (Japan), January 31st 2012 (North America), February 2nd 2012 (Australia), February 3rd 2012 (Europe)

Final Fantasy XIII-2

With all due and respect, Final Fantasy was a classic RPG series full of memorable characters, instance boss fights and plenty of heart breaking moments. Today's Final Fantasy games mostly rely way to much on flash rather then immediate substance. 2010's Final Fantasy XIII is just one of it's many examples. XIII's awful linear game design, frustrating battles and characters that are just unlikable. In hoping that the developers could fix their problems with the original XIII they responded with XIII-2. Question is, was it any better? The only thing they did improve was making the battles last until all your allies have fallen. Other than that XIII-2's story simply lacks any story narrative or proper direction that it almost makes a mockery to the SNES RPG Masterpiece Chorno Trigger. Most the boss encounters where extremely frustrating, most missions were annoying and it's Quick Time Events don't give you any proper penalty for failing. I honestly have no idea Square Enix can't make a good Final Fantasy game without a remake being counted but with Lighting Returns and IV Online A Realm Reborn that might look even worse, it may look like that this old Fantasy has had it.

9: Ridge Racer

Platform: PSVita

Developer: Namco

Release Date: December 17th 2011 (Japan), February 22nd 2012 (Europe), March 13th 2012

Ridge Racer Vita

Namco's Ridge Racer series takes a serious wrong turn on Sony's new Vita Handheld system. In order to play the game you'd need to sign up so that you can play the game offline which is the cherry on top of the games lack of content. There are only 5 cars and 5 race tracks available which is very unacceptable for a full product even with the downloadable Pac Man themed Kamata SYNCi car. Your better off with either the 3DS version or Unbounded.

8: Postal III

Platform: PC (Steam)

Developer: Akella

Release Date: February 17th 2012 (Steam)

Postal III

Postal 2 was horrible and controversial on it's own but however Postal III is controversial enough to be even worse. It's a Third Person shooter where it eliminates the whole Open World Gameplay from it's predecessors in favor of a linear style progression where you can chose whatever to be good or bad. You do insane things like murdering groups of protestations like burning them, whacking their heads off with shovels, throwing other people's body parts at them or literally peeing on them. The jokes are ridiculous, graphics are horrible and there's technical problems throughout, the AI is terrible and the controls are so stiff. If the game was released on retail, simply just pee on it and don't even think about playing this trash.

7: Battleship

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3/Wii

Developer: Activision

Release Date: April 20th 2012 (Europe)

Battleship 360

Taking from the classic board game, Battleship got it's movie adaptation from it and then into a First Person Shooter game which is adapted from the movie. The game could have had a great of Strategy and First Person shooting if not for how clumsy the shooting mechanics are, missions which lack any variety and environments that are just so blend to look at. If you wish to sink any any Battleships in the future just play the boardgame instead.

6: Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Namco Bandai

Release Date: October 2nd 2012 (Europe), October 9th 2012 (North America)

Dragon Ball Z For Kinect

Dragon Ball Z video games have only made moderate amount of sales and decent games that didn't become better then Budokai 3. With sales becoming stale Namco Bandai produced Dragon Ball Z for Kinect in attempt to capture the feel of the Anime series. What gamers got in close to it is doing the Kamehameha with the correct motion that any fighter in a gi with spiky hair can do. What the game does wrong in many levels is making Ultimate Tenchikai look so shallow by removing the competitive Multiplayer, controls that falls to keep up with your movements. The long battles can get tiring and repetitive and on top of that the story mode is just poorly translated. You honestly don't need to be a Super Saiyan to understand how weak the charm of being one lasts.

5: Amy

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3 (Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network)

Developer: Lexis Numberique

Release Date: January 11th 2012 (Europe and US)


Amy is a Survival Horror that is so broken that any charm can't excuse the Awkward Controls, Clumsy Combat, Stealth mechanics that are just frustrating to get past in which getting spotted results in an instant Game Over. Amy simply becomes more irritating later on and there is little to none scary moments to be had here.

4: Steel Battlalion: Heavy Armor

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: June 19th 2012 (North America), June 20th 2012 (Asia), June 21st 2012 (Japan), June 22nd 2012 (Europe), June 28th 2012 (Australia)


Would you to have liked to operate inside a Tank vehicle with the Kinect? Here's your answer, the game simply does not work at all. You'll have a bigger battle trying to work out the controls in operating and firing back at the enemy tanks before one blows you up. Even with the bad controls the AI is dumb, missions are poorly laid out and the Battlefield Intel just gets in the way. World At War's Tank Battles with the Wii Zapper as the controller was may more fun playing this. When will the Kinect ever have a decent Hardcore game to play aside from Child of Eden.

3: Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified

Platform: PSVita

Developer: Activision

Release Date: November 13th 2012


Call of Duty's first run on PlayStation's new handheld system never worked out dispute selling so good. The controls were way to sensitive, the Enemy AI is terrible and you are simply just killing the same style of bad guys over and over again. The Multiplayer modes are buggy, laggy and worst of all there are only small maps and limited loadouts. This game should have just been Declassified for release and we hardcore COD gamers deserve at least something better then this.

2: Men in Black: Alien Crisis

Platform: Xbox 360/PS3/Wii

Developer: Activision

Release Date: May 25th 2012 (Europe, US), October 16th 2012 (Australia)

Men In Black Alien Crisis

The Men in Black suits return for the next movie since MIB II but it's unfortunate for the agents to receive a game adaptation. It's an overpriced cruddy game which is an on-rails third person shooter supporting the Top Shot Controller. It's simple and gets boring very quickly and also it's just plain ugly to look at. The investigation scenes are just extremely boring and the game is filled with loading times which take about 30 seconds every time. This game should be left alone on the surface of Mars.

1: Revelations 2012

Platform: PC/Steam

Developer: Dark Arts Entertainment

Release Date: April 23rd 2012 (Steam)

Revelations 2012

Revelations 2012 is an extremely abysmal Left 4 Dead clone and Dark Arts should be ashamed of themselves of trying to cash on it's fan wagon. The mission set-ups are freaking awful, your AI partners are idiots, shooting enemies lack any prober impact, Enemy AI simply disobeys laws of physics and worst problem is that there traps in the worst possible spots which is enough to wipe you and your team out for good. Steam should really have had a quick look at how bad it rips off Left 4 Dead or for the fact it doesn't even try to even become a game that's even playable. Revelations 2012 is no doubt the worst game of 2012 and it must be avoided at all costs.

Stay Tuned for the Best Games of 2012 Blog Tonight or Tomorrow.

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Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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