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My Christmas List for 2013

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 29/11/2013 My Christmas List for 2013

Well it's time again where it's Christmas and we have to decide what we would lie for Christmas. My Christmas List was very difficult to decide because of mainly I planned to get one more console and one of my old consoles has to be unplugged. This is because my television can only have a set number of consoles set up to it. That means that my old PlayStation 2 game console will have to go. I plan to sell off the console after the Christmas Holidays alongside the 86 games that I have for it. I'm currently doing Final Fantasy XII and Persona 4 if I beat can ever beat those two games before 25th December.

Here is what I want for Christmas this year:

1. PlayStation 3 (500 GB) Games Console

2. Tales of Xillia (PlayStation 3)
3. Tales of Graces F (PlayStation 3)

Hope you enjoyed looking at my Christmas List and hope you'll enjoy getting yours. New Top Tens coming up soon and my review of Final Fantasy XII coming up as well once I somehow beat it.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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Gamespot Beta Site and Christmas

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 6/10/2013 Christmas and Gamespot Beta

Gamespot Logo

Recently Gamespot had unleashed their brand new beta web page that are working on. I had a chance to check it out for a bit and so far it's looking good, I hope they fix the image and video uploading as I had troubles with that before. The Reviewing stuff could do with some fixing as well. Hope we'll see what they do it in the future.

PlayStation 3

I have an important word I would like to make. I'm planning out my Christmas List early but let me tell something I'm really screwed up with my decisions for this years Christmas. I feel jealous of the PlayStation 3 system for the fact I'm missing out on the Tales of Games like Tales of Graces and the Tales of Xillia titles that are exclusive to the system. Not to mention that there are games on the PS3 that have either more features then the 360 and also other games I like that are exclusive to it. If I decide to get a PS3 then I have no choice but to let my old PS2 system and games go because I've been told the PS3 cannot play PS2 games but get this, it can play PS1 games. I have been told that there some PS2 games that did make it other platforms as well as some PS2 games getting HD Remastered ports which is cool enough cause I've seen ones of Devil May Cry, Slient Hill and Metal Gear Solid or better yet one PS3 exclusive compilation of the whole Metal Gear franchise. On my PlayStation 2 I have about, who knows how many games I have for that system but the good news is that I did review all the Light Gun games available on it including most of the PSOne shooting titles. I already know that I have the Wii and the XBox 360 alongside the Nintendo DS and 3DS with plenty of games on them but however there are just some PlayStation 3 games that I'm interested in but will be exclusive to it.

Tales of Xillia

Metal Gear Solid

So the question is guys. Is the PlayStation 3 even worth getting? If so then what PS3 Model should I get and how much it costs?

I just wanted to ask for your opinions if I should or shouldn't own a PS3 guys, thank you reading and understanding.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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Final Fantasy Marathon Update 05/10/2013

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Final Fantasy Marathon

Final Fantasy Logo

Because of Square Enix's failed efforts with their newest Final Fantasy games and also the announcements of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, Lighting Returns and also possibly a XIII-3, it makes angry enough that I want to stab the director in charge of this madness or tell him to stop throwing those worthless trash at the fans. Well I really can't do that in real life so I decided to do what I originally started back in September 2011 but stopped by March when I only managed to complete at least 5 games. Now it's for me to strike back against the series and Square Enix pay for the trashy sequels they have now unleashed on us. Don't get my wrong I loved the old games like the 1st one, 3rd on DS, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and also the 10th game. All the other ones excluding the remakes on PS1, DS, GBA and of Course Dissidia and Crisis Core where just completely terrible and should have fated into obscurity.

Here's how I'm going to do this Marathon I'm going to write down what games I'm going to play and it will include main games and spin offs that I can play. Kingdom Hearts will not be counted cause it's only a crossover with Disney and Final Fantasy characters. I'll be doing some games on the actual consoles like 7, 8, 9 put the original 6 games I'm going to do on Emulators because of the recording tools on the different Emulators and also I can't be bothered to buy FRAPS to record any of the future or a camcorder that can record footage from the consoles. For the first 6 games I'll do the GBA remakes while I'll may do the 3rd game on the NES cause I can use the Turbo function to get it done faster. I'll upload the boss fights on Youtube and also I'll review the games I haven't done yet on my Gamespot channel before sharing it on Facebook.

My goal in each game is to beat all the bosses but I'm going to kill off the heroes of each game in the franchise as well. I know that's evil to be honest I don't care and nether should you. I'll upload an image of maybe one character killing off the main character while all the party members are dead. I'll maybe redo some of the images I already did before with a different party member killing of the main character instead. Just for fun I'll be counting how many times each character dies and how many Game Overs I get. Most deaths counted are intentional, they deserve it.


Here are the Games:

Final Fantasy I (GBA) - Game Completed including Soul of Chaos Dungeons: Gerad (Thief) - Level: 99, Homac (Black Mage) - Level: 99, Kuku (White Mage) - Level: 99, Argus (Warrior) - Level: 99 (Total Deaths: 132)

Final Fantasy II (GBA) - Main Story Completed and Started Soul of Rebirth and have all 4 party members ready to fight Ultima Weapon. (Total Deaths: 223)

Final Fantasy III (DS) - Game Completed but will not bother with an opitional boss which requires Nintendo DS Friend Codes: Lunneth (Ninja) - Level: 71, Arc (Dark Knight) - Level: 71, Refia (Sage) - Level: 71, Ingus (Dragoon) - Level: 73 (Total Deaths: 284)

Final Fantasy IV (GBA) - Not Started

Final Fantasy V (GBA) - Not Started

Final Fantasy VI (GBA) - Not Started

Final Fantasy VII (PSOne) - Not Started

Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne - Not Started

Final Fantasy IX (PSOne) - Not Started

Final Fantasy X (PS2) Main Game Completed (Total Deaths: 292)

Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2) Besaid Cave (Level 10)

Final Fantasy XII (PS2) - Not Started

Mystic Quest Legend (FFMQ) (SNES) - Not Started

If you have some requests for some other games drop a comment and I'll think about it. I take requests from the PSOne, GBA, PS2 and Maybe Xbox 360. I won't be doing any PSP, DS or any of the online ones on PC. I'll may do the DS version of the 3rd game and also do some recordings on that game if you desire.


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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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Final Fantasy X Completion and Tales of Destiny Youtube Playthrough

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 5/10/2013 Final Fantasy X Completion and Tales of Destiny Youtube Playthrough

Final Fantasy X-2

I've now beaten Final Fantasy X's story and put down Tidus and his party and I'm going to put a quick blog of it soon. I will also beat Final Fantasy X-2 next. Most importantly to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Tales Series I'm going to be playing through Tales of Destiny for the PlayStation. I got started on the game but I'm missing some clips so I need to make a quick restart I'll resume recording from where my party rests at the Inn in Janos.

 Tales of Destiny 15th Anniversary

I've also started Final Fantasy X-2 but not to far into the game yet so I'll have to get on with it soon. I'm about to have my second boss battle on it.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Demo

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Game Title: Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Genre: Role Playing

Developer: Atlus

Publisher: Atlus, Nis America (Europe)

Demo Released: 30th August 2013 (Europe)

Date of Full Game Release: July 5th 2012 (Japan), February 26th 2013 (North America), August 30th 2013 (Europe)

Age Rating: CERO: A, ESRB: T for Teen, PEGI: 12+, PG

Etrian Odyssey IV 1

Etrian Odyssey to me is just another RPG franchise that never seem to not get attention of in the UK at all, no thanks to Atlus with their publishing difficulties. The first one in the series came to the DS in 2008 in Europe whilst in 2007 Japan and America got the game first. It was a title which reflected upon 1980s RPG's like Might & Magic, Wizardry and The Bard's Tale. As interesting as the game was, many gamers found the title as well as the sequels to be incredibly difficult. Speaking of sequels Etrian Odyssey had two of them following up which only came out for Japan and America but not in the UK. If you want to get those games then you'd be better off importing them from Ebay or PlayAsia if they still have copies of those games in.

Atlus finally brings fourth the series to the Nintendo 3DS with Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan which continues the series formula of delivering old school RPG goodness with slight renditions and also an Easier difficulty setting. Atlus also recently announced another Etrian Odyssey game called Untold: The Millennium Girl which is a remake of the orginal game. It's stated for a American release in October this year but no announcements of a possible European release.

Etrian Odyssey UntoldUntold 1

The Nintendo Eshop has a playable demo for everyone to try out for only 3 uses which is strange and the game will last till you reach the end of the first floor in the second dungeon you'll go to.

In Etrian Oddssey IV the storyline follows you who has a make a guild of party members to be able to discover the secrets of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and fight against dozens of powerful monsters that aim on stopping you on your quest. For a game like this that emulates the old school style of RPG games it comes as no surprise that the game lacks a proper storyline and your only connections are other strangers that you'll might meet in the Labyrinth.

Starting the game is easy for me to sort out, you simply name your guild and then you can then create your party for up to 5 members. In the game you'll have 10 different classes to pick from to build your party with but in the demo you'll have only 7 to try out. These classes include Landsknechts who deal heavy damage with Swords, Medics heal party members, Protectors now Fortresses protect other members in your party, Snipers are expert archers and so on. I can only guess that the last one is unlockable in the Full game.

etrian odyssey iv 9

Once you build your guild and then equip all your party members, you can then get missions to do and then depart to the labyrinth. The game itself takes place in first person dungeon crawling where you explore maze like dungeons to find items hidden around, deadly monsters to fight and advancing through each floor in the dungeons.

One of the game's changes from other RPG's is that you have to draw a map manually as you wonder around. You use the Stylus on the touch screen to draw out patches of ground, wall boundaries, Treasure Boxes and doors leading to the next part of the map. You have to have to place these so that you've known what is there or what has happened there, etc.

Etrian Odyssey IV 7

Etrian Odyssey IV returns the series frequent random encounter system and battles are still in turn based form. Each character in your party has their turn to use their abilities to attack the enemy, use an item or magic spell to heal up or to temporally boost their stats against tough enemies.

Etrian Odyssey IV 8

One thing to not about the games is that Etrian Odyssey is very difficult, thankfully for the fourth game the developers have decided to include a more casual difficulty which is more for players who are new to RPG's or those not used to the challenge that the series is known for. One thing to be watchful of are the FOE encounters which are visible on the map and will chase you if you get close to them. They are extremely powerful and will kill you easily if you're not careful and unprepared to fight them, they simply require power level grinding and the right team combinations to win.

Etrian Odyssey IV 7

Once you've beaten enough enemies and collected their dropped materials you can then sell them for money and purchase new items once they become available to you. You don't gain money from encounters instead you gain from selling your old stuff you don't need but you can only carry up to 60 items in your bag. Now there's a new feature in the Inn where you store your unwanted items in which helps incase you get equipment that can be given to another character in your roaster.

Etrian Odyssey IV 6

Another new feature for the game is the Skyplane where you can take to the sky and discover other dungeons, powerful FOEs that are best avoided and also food that you can find to use as either bait to lure FOE's away and also other people who I think request something which are nice additions.

There are other new additions but however I can't mention them because they are in the full game.

Etrian Odyssey IV 3

Etrian Odyssey IV's graphics use the Chibi Anime portraits which for are cute just like in the other games but however the game now has monsters rendered with 3D models instead of sprites which is an improvement and also the same for the FOE encounters which were...whatever they used to be like in the old games. The frame rate isn't smooth unlike the older games on the original DS, sticking at about 30 frames. I am however amazed at the games soundtrack, it goes from calm and relaxing tunes while exploring places but however gets instance upbeat tunes for battles.

Etrian Odyssey IV 2

My main impression is that Etrian Odyssey IV is a great game so far but mostly similar to the original game, at least from my experience. I would like to get this game personally but maybe when I beat the orginal game, perhaps I'll test my Etrian Odyssey abilities with the full version of the game.

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Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

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The Angry Video Game Nerd by James Rolfe becomes one of most famous internet series on Youtube. He's an icon for playing old console's from his youth and plays the worst games of all time. He's currently on his seventh season of the show which means there about 112 episodes so far. The AVGN goes from the bad consoles like the Mega CD/Sega CD, Atari 5200, Jaguar and the CDi to the bad games of unsuccessful standards, unfair difficulty and poor design. AVGN is currently in development of a movie that's coming soon and finally ScrewAttack are actually making an Indie game that is based on him which this idea is a dream come true for AVGN fans.


I watched the Screwattack's Screwin' Around episode in which the company decided to showcase two of the games levels but I honestly don't know how many levels that the game has in total. This blog explains my impression from watching that Screwin' Around Episode.


The game itself is a platform game much similar to other games which are trying to revive the old school retro feel much like Mutant Mudds and Shovel Knight which emulate the games of the old school. You control the Nerd himself who has his trusty Zapper and his famous quotes like I'd rather have a buffalo spit up my *** than be be stuck here in this slimy *** of a game any longer!!! which are very hilarious. The game itself is supposed to feel as if the Nerd himself is reviewing his own game which actually sounds cool.

The game is incredibly difficult with the amount of deadly traps from laser beams, skull blocks, blocks that can fade in and out and enemy placements that aim to destroy you. As you die you'll get to see different quotes of the Angry Video Game Nerd himself that have been suggested by the fans. Each time you die you'll get a different quote which splicings things up. The game is programmed to make you feel like the Nerd who died at a really hard game.


The Nerd can fire his Zapper gun in a straight line but also like Contra you can control where he aims with the RT Button and the D-pad to aim where you want to. You'll find power ups like beer which restore your health, the glitch gremlin who can glitch the entire game and change the music like the Time Stop item in Castlevania and also the Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 BC version 4.0 BETA B***h who literally destroys all enemies that are on the screen.

While you play as the Nerd you can find additional characters as you go like Kyle Justin, the guitar guy who's usually behind the couch, B******t Man and finally Mike Matei. The Guitar guy can shoot Sonic Booms that can go through the walls so that you easily target enemies and has a greater range, B******t Man is very strong and can shoot deadly poop at enemies and Mike can use his Laser Sword to cut things and reveal secrets. Each of these characters have their own strengths and the Nerd is the all round character that you play as.


The game will have a few shmup segments from time to time as you can ride on a surfer board and blast several enemies charging in at you. Eventually you come up to a boss which references to the AVGN's other reviews and it takes several tries to memorize the boss' pattern, much like the game's tricky platforming.


Like from any modern game that makes the retro games look today it looks impressive alongside the music jiggle of the AVGN Theme. I honestly say that this game is challenging and looks pretty fun to play. The crew have announced that they will release the game on Steam and they are currently working on getting the game to Nintendo consoles like the Wii U and the 3DS. They also have a pre-order bonus for Steam users so anyone who is a huge fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd Internet series will find a lot to like and get frustrated over. For me I'm going to wait till the game comes out for the Nintendo 3DS system.


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Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Tales of Destiny K Pachislot Slot Machine Game

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Tales of Destiny K Logo

Once a upon a time there was a J-RPG in 1997 by Namco called Tales of Destiny. It became the second instalment of the Tales Franchise as well as being the first game in the series to gain the franchise's interest in America. Because of that, it allowed the title to become one of the most popular instalments in the series with it's Japan only sequel Tales of Destiny 2, Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia and so on following. 9 years later a remake for the PlayStation 2 came out as well as a Director's Cut release of the game with tweaks and an added storyline. While the game was never released in the UK and neither the PS2 revamped editions were released outside Japan and some critics have stated that the game plays almost much like the SNES RPG's but to me it plays much like Tales of Phantasia (the original Tales instalment) but though not as good.

Tales of Destiny PSOne

Tales of Destiny PS2

Flash forward to 2013 where Namco Bandai enlists Kitac to develop the next Tales of Destiny remake titled Tales of Destiny K which to my disappointment it's going to take in a form of a Pachislot which is a Japanese Slot Machine. It was announced on August 7th with a countdowns and now the countdown is over and the site is up. To me when I watched the trailers it feels something of an arcade spinoff then a revamped game.

Tales of Destiny Slot Machine

By the fact it's a Slot Machine Game goes by it's simple gameplay. When something happens in the game you pull the reel and when the pieces match together such as bells, types of fruit, logos you'd succeed and defend yourself from enemy encounters but failing will bring you into a battle mission where characters engage in battle with the monsters. You'll take damage if you fail to match the pieces but succeeding will damage the enemy and also unleash a special attack known as Blast Caliburs. It's used for other actions in the game such as rankings after you beat a stages. The game itself easily becomes extremely repetitive and relays way to much on Luck to actually beat the game especially when you consistently doing the reels over and over throughout the whole game.

Tales of Destiny Slot Machine 2

The other features that the slot machine game will have is the 40 minutes of brand new cutscene time by Production I.G when you reach the specific reels, they do look pretty cool and makes me think that should they develop an Anime series of Tales of Destiny. The brand new character models do look amazing as well as the monsters the characters face of against. The song is still "Yume de Aru Youni" (Like A Dream) by DEEN, but will have a new theme song called"Future," which is also sung by DEEN.

Tales of Destiny Slot Machine 2

Aside from the character models and seeing a few battles of Hugo and the final boss from the previous versions, I hate to say it that this game really doesn't seem impressive and doesn't do a job of being considered as a redone game and instead a spinoff game. There's not enough evidence for me to say that a game like this is downright awful and isn't worth spending dozens of cash on but at least the trailers do look promising. Anyone who would have hoped for a full HD remake for either the PS3 or the upcoming PS4 will be very disappointed. This is a Slot Machine Game best stayed in Japan while we Western gamers wait for Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles or possibly the orginal Tales of Destiny to come on the PlayStation Network Store. There are far better arcade games by Namco that seem more better then this. If you are interested in this game then you'll learn about the rest of the game's mechanics on the trailers.

Now I'm thinking about playing Tales of Destiny for the PSOne on an Emulator again with Stahn's younger sister Lilith.

Also check out my Tales of Destiny review on the PlayStation that I did a year ago so you can see what this Tale came from. My Tales of Destiny Game Review

Tales of Destiny BoxPlayStation Network

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Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Nintendo 2DS Game Console

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So Nintendo has had a rough launch of their current handheld system that is the Nintendo 3DS. Thankfully after the system's price cut and also worthwhile titles like Star Fox 64 3D, Tales of the Abyss, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Super Mario 3D Land and many others that followed on made the system worth getting. Nintendo then released the Nintendo 3DS XL which resolved the issues that the original 3DS had and extended not only the battery life but also the screen size.

Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS XL

Just when the Nintendo 3DS XL was selling well and the Wii U is struggling Nintendo announces a new 3DS console into their Nintendo 3DS family. Introducing the Nintendo 2DS, it's a Nintendo 3DS console with no 3D functionality at all and also selling at a cheap price. It's supposed to made for kids under 7 who should have the 3DS to prevent damage to their eyes and also for people who want to buy a 3DS system at a cheap price.

Nintendo 2DS

The 2DS is compatible with all your Nintendo 3DS games but only in 2D and also like the original 3DS and the XL it's also backwards compatible with the original DS games. You can still also download Nintendo Eshop and also Virtual Console and DSi Ware games so you can still play all your favorite titles you got. It will also come with an 4GB SD Card to download storage data on and also to save images and video. The system has it's two outer cameras and one inner camera but however all images and video will only shown in 2D.

Nintendo 2DS 2

Alongside the price and no 3D functionality the 2DS has the Start, Select and Home buttons moved around and the L and R buttons feel a bit different as well. The button layout from D-pad, Circle Pad and the face buttons are all the same. There is no 3D slider or a wireless switch on the console, instead you'll have an icon on the home menu which gives you the option to enable or disable wireless features so you'll still have access to the Spotpass and Streetpass features. One main difference is the way the console looks, it's no longer a clamshell design like other DS systems so it's like with the old Gameboy Systems. So you'll have a sleepmode switch instead which you can slide on or off. I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to get Steps and Play Coins like that. As for the Stylus it's the same size as the 3DS XL which is cool and still better then the original 3DS stylus.

Nintendo 2DS 4

The two screens of the console are the same size as the original model and also the battery of the console is supposed to be 3-5 to 5-5 hours for 3DS games, 5-9 hours for DS games and can spend approximately 3 days in sleepmode. It has no power saving feature and will include a power adapter for charging your system. The speakers on the system are monaural but there will be Stereo for Headphones.

The Nintendo 2DS console is going to sell for £109.99 in the UK and about $129 in the US. The system is expected to launch on October 12th the same time as Pokemon X and Y come out.

Pokemon X & Y

Overall the Nintendo 2DS isn't really the most hyped console that many gamers are actually interested in because of the lack of 3D support but however it's going to be aimed for children under 7 or players who wish to spend less on their wallets and there's also carry cases for people to take the consoles on the go. Those who have the original 3DS or the XL shouldn't spend their money on it because of the lack of 3D and there's nothing new to be had. Upon the release if the trailer people mostly have given negative comments seeing this handheld could be a step back for the 3DS. Personally I think the console's a passable idea for cheap wallets and kids who haven't explored the 3DS territory before. As for me I think I'll stick with my standard 3DS that's equipped with the 3DS Power Grip and an SD Card that has 32 GB of memory. My question is that is there going to be a 2DS XL?

Nintendo 2DS 3

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Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 26/08/2013 My Birthday

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Hey Guys Anthony Here with a quick message. I enjoyed my birthday with what I got with the exception of one which is coming very late. That one is Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS. I have a feeling it will arrive on Monday tomorrow or later I really don't know, I also got 2 2100 Microsoft Points card for my 360 and on Nintendo Points Card which I'm going to use on my Wii. I decided on one VC game which is Sword of Vermilion for the MD and I've yet to decide on any other game I'll download. On my XBox 360 I'm going to buy a map pack for Call of Duty but I'm going to save the rest of my Microsoft Points for Duck Tales Remastered when the game comes out on XBox Live Arcade.

Nintendo Points Card £25XBox Points CardResident Evil Revelations

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 21/08/2013

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Hey guys I got a quick message for everyone. It's going to be my birthday on the 24th this month which is only in 3 days time. I'm excited about my birthday but wouldn't be you'll get cards and a present from everyone. I asked for Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS and also a Nintendo Points Card which I'll may use for my Wii and also a points card if possible for my XBox 360. Meanwhile I'm currently going to be posting some of my Highscores on some games I beat and some of them are going to be updated scores of other games I beat.

Also I'm currently playing through Project X Zone on my 3DS which is great and I'm hoping to get the game done before I start Persona 4 and Final Fantasy X. Till then it's work on the Highscores.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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