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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Game Controllers

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Worst Game Controllers

Controllers were the most important tools of ever playing a game otherwise you couldn't play one. Developers had created decent concepts and ideas for different controllers but some of them turned out to be so terrible that made you play like an idiot. This countdown shows off the biggest pile of junk that you'd probably wouldn't even need to play a game with. The controllers were badly designed, used for the wrong games or just doesn't work at all making these things a total cash-in.

10: Power Glove
Platform: NES
Developer: Mattel
Release Date: 1989

Power Glove

When NES developers wanted to try out an unique experiment by creating the Power Glove gamers where in for an hour and a half advertisement of both Super Mario Bros 3 and the Power Glove which was one screw up gamers shall remember. The controller was barely compatible with any game on the NES as the controls fly you all over the place. You can swing for your life but nothing will happen as you'd want it to. The Power Glove also had 2 other game which had special features used for the Glove but even that was not impressive. Using the Power Glove just makes really want to say that "It's so Bad" and anyone would just slap yourself in the face for it.

9: Intellivision Controller
Platform: Intellivision
Developer: Mattel Electronics
Release Date: 1982 (EU)


With the Atari 2600 revolutionizing the gaming industry it was time introduce one of it's competitors the Intellivison. It's controller was most complicated of it's time. It had a Keypad along with a disk in which you could easily jam your fingernails inside. The games for the system came with with different overlays which was really needed because without it you'd would not know what button does which for each game unless you had an instruction manual. Even with a manual and overlays it's difficult to control the game and the disk can also be unresponsive. With the same concept done with the Colecovision Controller and the technology not improving from it this makes it at number 9 on the countdown.

8: Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller
Platform: PS2
Developer: NubyTech
Release Date: 2005

re4 chainsaw

With it's high success Capcom's survial horror masterpiece that had high praise on the PlayStation 2 and the Gamecube it spawned off one of NubyTech effortless controller that would think it was remaking Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It sure had a blood stained feel to it along with it's awesome chainsaw sound effect but with it's bulky design it was difficult to even hold it and try to control the game. Buttons were clustered over, you'd have to level it in the middle to aim or to raise it high in order to move around and yo even bring up the menu requires you to pull it's lever. This makes it downright awkward to play the game with this device. If Leon or Ada don't use chainsaws in the game why would you ever need this to play the game other then making this into a Stupid Collectible item to show off to your friends.

7: Super Scope (Nintendo Scope)
Platform: Super Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: August 27th 1994 (EU)

Super Scope

With it's success of the NES Zapper back in the 80's Gunpei Yokoi (Creator of the Game Boy) invented the Super Scope and the 6 in 1 Game Cartridge. This huge bazooka gun used wireless technology with a sensor bar which plugged into the second port of the console, forcing you to use 6 AA batteries and this beast can eat up all it's power in only a matter of hours. the gun's design had you to look into it's sight to aim onto targets but it's uncomfortable design could leave you with eye strain if you play too long. Only 11 Games were made for the device and sadly there was little demand for it when it was released in Japan. With it's poor sales the Super Scope was dropped just only a year after it was released in Europe.

6: Konami Laser Scope
Platform: NES
Developer: Konami
Release Date: 1990

Laser Scope

Just when Lethal Enforcers had gamers with their Six-Shooting Justifiers, NES owners in 1990 had their hands on with the Laser Scope. Originally designed to be used with one game called Laser Invasion but can be used with games for the Zapper as well. The device was a headset with a Crosshair and was voice controlled. to shoot you shout FIRE as this disturbs other people around you. Often times using this it would malfunction thus why it received such negative reception from it's use. You'd be better off not using this headset for anything unless you'd want a decent headset for your X-Box 360.

5: Plastic Wii Shells
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Developer: Serveal
Release Date: 2006 to 2011

Wii Accessories

When you get your hands on a Wii Remote and a Nunchuck which makes the revolutionary. What happens when Third Party companies released a whole bunch of useless Plastic Shells to make your remote into either a Gun, a Steering Wheel, a baseball bat, a sword and many others, you would have a package that's way too much for a mouthful. Although some gun-shells had some use and it was cool to have a racing wheel with Mario Kart Wii but many others where just plastic toys which made you into an idiot that probably plays with baby toys. Many of these make the controls in the games more difficult to control and sometimes they can make your arms more tired quickly. it's unbelievable that many more shells are being made for the Wii and being made less responsive and ridiculous. This should make this at Number 5 in the countdown.

4: Philips CD-I Controller
Platform: Philips CD-I
Developer: Philips
Release Date: 1991

CD-I Controller

The CD-I has the most ridiculous design for it's wireless controller. It had a loose stick can easily make your hands fall off it, buttons were clustered all over Joy-pad to make it confusing between what button you should press to do whatever. With a design that was most complicated it was best to use a simple Joy-pad with the right buttons which makes this the 4th in the countdown.

3: Sega Activator
Platform: Mega Drive (Genesis in US)
Developer: Sega
Release Date:


Fighting games were a big hit in the arcades with their arcade sticks but what if you've looked at a fighting stand which controls the fighting games? The answer would be that the device would not be usable for any kind of fighting game in living room. You'd punch and kick like you would in real life without hitting your television or anybody in the face. Trying to pull of a fatality in Mortal Kombat is certainly impossible because most of the controls are unresponsive. With it's future Fighting Stands following on the PlayStation 1 and 2 to try and capitalise on the Fighting Genre and failing miserably, making gamers just resulting to just playing with the arcade sticks and Joy-pads.

2: U-Force
Platform: NES
Developer: Broderbound
Release Date: 1989


A device that sounded so hot that nobody could touch it, but it was certainly untouchable when it came to figuring out how to use this untouchable nightmare. Although it had a power bar for Punch Out and and a plastic stick for flying games like Top Gun but mostly the controls were downright unresponsive leading players to their demise most of the time. This awful Battleship shaped device was just another reason to why the Power Glove from Mattel would ever succeed with terrible technology like this and why no one should ever touch it.

1: Atari 5200 Controller
Platform: Atari 5200
Developer: Atari
Release Date: 1982

atari 5200 controller

With Atari's competition increasing the Atari 5200 controller had one of the biggest reasons for the system to fail. Although it had it's innovations like a 360 degree Joystick and Pause which was new at the time, the controller's joystick was so fragile it would break after just a few hours of play. It also had a numeric keypad and action buttons on the sides of the controller. It shared the same design flaws as the Intellivision and the Celcovision controllers but made even worse for it's reliability. There were supposed to have third party support in order to replace the broken controllers but was just as bad as this one. This is one controller you'd wouldn't use for any game system making this the pick for the worst controller ever made.

Writtern By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Eight Legged Freaks: Let the squashing Begin Shockwave Game Review

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Game Title: Eight Legged Freaks: Let the Squashing Begin

Platform: (WEB Shockwave) (

Developer: 3D Groove
Publisher: Warner Bros
Genre: Modern First Person Shooter
Age Rating: N/A
Release Date: 2002
Game Score: 2.3/10

You'll most likely squish this brief and forgettable shooter based on the Eight Legged Freaks Movie after even playing it, if you could that is.

Based on the Comedy/Horror movie of the same name Warner Bros tags along with 3D Groove the designers behind Alien X and 9MM to bring forth a game that is losely based on the movie. While there is little material in creating the game for consoles so you can't complain with that but the game is nothing more then a dead bug that is probably lying around in your Underwear draw.

In the game you take control of either the Coal Miner Chris or the Female Police Officer Sam and you're goal in the game is to go through the areas hunting for spiders to kill and find keys to move to the next area and once you find the keys you can then go the exit which takes you to the next level. The main problem is that there are only 2 levels to play through the entire game. From the mall level all the way to the rooftop, there's not even parts from the movie with the mining cave where the heroes had to search around for survivors. The only redeeming factor to this game would be that you can replay the levels for better scores and they can be uploaded to the Warner Bros website to compete with other Highscores. You'd be even surprised that anyone who even plays this game would even care about it.

You have 4 different weapons to use on the spiders. These range from the Crossbow, a Nail-gun which in it's take seems powerful enough to deal with the Spiders, a Spray Gun and a Double Barrel Shotgun which can any Spider in 1 shot up close. The control mechanics on the game are similar to Alien X but the spray gun is mostly useless because of it's lousy hit detection making the spider hit you first instead. There are 3 different kinds that are seen in the movie. There's the jumping spiders, splitters which can shoot venom at you and also a giant tarantula at the end of the game. Bottom-line the game will most likely take at least 10 minutes to complete and probably after playing it once you'd want to squash it then, that is if this game was ever on a disk since if you've played this on the Internet why would ever want to download it.

Eight Legged Freaks

Eight Legged Freaks suffers from a dated graphics line that looks downright generic making the envrioments repeitive and forgettable. Spider model animations are poor and when they jump in the air they can suspend themselves the air or even worse when they are on the ground when there's a bit of space underneath them. The main disapointment is that there's no blood or gore showing when you blasted of a spider unlike in the movie. The voicetracks are downright annoying when you listen to the same character voicelines over and over again. The soundtrack used in scenes from the movie just loops over and over with one music track just repeating just to numb your head with bad spider noises added on top.

Eight Legged Freaks 2

Even if it's for ten minutes it's simply unnecessary for anyone who hates spiders to play such a boring, short and bad looking shooter game based on this comedy/horror movie of the same name. If you see any spiders living around you'd better just let this spider free as You'll most likely squish this brief and forgettable shooter based on the Eight Legged Freaks Movie after even playing it, if you could that is.

The Pros:
1. It has Spiders and they're huge

2. You could get High Scores to see if anyone cares

The Bads:
1. Short and forgettable campaign which only lasts for 15 minutes

2. Generic and unimpressive graphics

3. It misses out the Gory aspects from the movie

4. Lame and annoying one liners that repeat over and over
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (BlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 14th July 2011: Slow review progress.

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My reviews have been going so slowly recently and that's because of my total lazyness. Seriesly I do need a bit of motivation to keep me going but for me it's getting annoying. Anyway I've been doing countdowns of both the best and worst of Sonic the Hedgehog games and also been doing some AQWorlds which I'll need to finish the reputation quests before my account expires. When I ever go back to my reviews I plan to start off with the 8-Bit consoles like the NES and the Master System games and I perhaps may also do some flash and shockwave games since they can be much easier to do. I've also decided to join a Machinma gaming page on facebook called Respawn Army. If you don't know about it it's a gaming community page showing updates and news from the lastest games and also people also make Machinima videos on youtube.

If you're willing to join them then you can find them on their facebook page. (

Hopefully I'll try to consintrate on getting more reviews done on Gamespot and Raptr along with more Gameplay Videos and Monthly Countdowns.

Subcribe and comment if you got any questions or problems.

Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Sonic The Hedgehog Games

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Sonic The Hedgehog 15 Anniversory

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Sonic The Hedgehog Games

When it came to solid competitors against Nintendo and their Italian mascot Mario Sega needed their new mascot and that was Sonic the Hedgehog. Making his debut in 1991 he had spread hours of enjoyment since the days of the 16 Bit Mega Drive/Genesis consoles. With solid speedy game-play mechanics that at least work probably as it should be and giving whats fans demanded this is a countdown that shows of the best of the best of Sonic Gaming History. So sit back, put on that Sonic Fan T-Shirt and find out which of the Best Sonic Games made the Countdown.

10: Sonic The Hedgehog Poket Adventure
Platform: Neo Geo Pocket Color
Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega
Release Date:

Sonic Pocket Adventure

Before Sega was forced to drop out of the console market for good Sonic made a surprising appearance on SNK's Neo Geo Pocket system. While staying true to it's Mega Drive/Genesis counterparts the game was the first handheld Sonic that included Multiplayer which Players could either race to the finish or play a mode where players need to collect the highest rings. With music recurring from the oldest Sonic games, graphics being being able to reassemble from the original and newer Sonic games it was noticed that Sonic would do impressively at remembering the Mega Drive/Genesis but aiming towards the hearts of the hardcore.

9: Sonic Rush
Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega

Release Date: November 18th 2005

Sonic Rush

What Sonic Rush does right is being ble to keep with it's original roots into the Dual Screen format. Sonic Rush introduces the fiery Blaze The Cat which added another scenario alongside Sonic's with collecting the other Emeralds called the Sol Emeralds. The game also allowed Multiplayer support for another player to race together to the finish or to share personal records. The sequel Sonic Rush Adventure kept true to the original as well as added vehicle sequences but the original game was the better game of the two. Sonic Rush remains as one of the DS's competitive plat-formers at the time but fans couldn't leave the fan quality of Sonic and Blaze together.

8: Sonic The Hedgehog 4
Platform: PSN, XBLA, WiiWare, iOS, Windows Phone 7
Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega
Release Date: October 7th 2010

Sonic 4

After being barked down with awful platforming and terrible spin-offs Sonic finally revisits his true and original origins the 2D Platforming days since the Mega Drive days. This is what fans could not be even more proud off. Altogether the game recycled mechanics from other games like Homing Attacks but Sonic 4 executed many of these flawlessly while also keeping the difficulty curve that has kept Sonic fans on their toes form many years ago. While the game remains true to the original the only question is will this be a trilogy and will we ever see Tails or Knuckles again.

7: Sonic Colors
Platform: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
Developer: Sonic Tea,. Dimps, Sega
Release Date: November 12th 2010

Sonic Colors

Sonic has delivered his best 3D Sonic game yet since his time on the Dreamcast. Colors on both DS and Wii made use of Sonic's best roots along with the help of wisps that are found throughout the game. Wisps gave Sonic new abilities to turn into a laser that can bounce from solid surfaces to change laser directions, Run faster and attract rings and to drill through soft ground and water for shortcuts or hidden areas. Colors inculded Competitive Multiplayer modes, Challenges and Leader-boards. Sonic Colors remains as one of the finest Sonic games to date as well as being of the impressive looking games on the Wii.

6: Sonic Advance Triology
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega
Release Date: 2002, 2003, 2004

Sonic advance

After the Dreamcast had died in 2001 Sonic had left the console market along with Sega and it looked like Sega's mascot would have been put on life support but not until He had no choice but to go tag along on other systems but that still didn't stop from delivering his successful 2D impressive speedy bliss on the Gameboy Advance. Sonic Advance continued the true formula of previous 2D Sonic games while also being able to ally with other characters as well as inviting a young rabbit girl named Cream and her Chao friend Cheese in Sonic Advance 2. Characters can be used to help the player reach unreachable areas or to use them as projectile attacks. The Trilogy also included a Chao garden which allowed players to raise the little creatures which become healthy as you breed t, feed it to add skills to it and make it happy. The 3 games are among some of the stronger titles in the GBA's library and it makes Sonic think he could a soft spot on the handheld.

5: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis
Developer: Sonic Team, Sega Technical Institute, Sega
Release Date: November 24th 1992

Sonic 2

Sonic's sequel wasn't like most sequels that where so bad instead Sonic went even bigger and then brought along a sidekick to follow at his side. While Tails didn't get the best treatment from fans and critics Sonic 2 followed on the true mechanics from the first game and introduced many new features that would be seen in later Sonic games at the time. These included the spin-roll and Multiplayer support which was impressive for good competitions. Sonic 2 is definitely one of the better sequels around and has some strong fan-base among it's release.

4: Sonic The Hedgehog
Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis
Developer: Sega, Sonic Team
Release Date: June 23rd 1991

Sonic the hedgehog

Alex Kidd couldn't get the job done on Sega's 16-Bit games console so sega threw out their out their old mascot and replaced him with a Blue Speedy Hedgehog in which his original game is one of the best selling Mega Drive games and Fans still remember the days and they can still play the original Speedy Bliss to this day. Sonic was simple game where Sonic collected rings stomped robotnic's (Eggman's) robots and get enough rings to enter a portal to a special stage in which Sonic can get a Chaos emerald. No matter what console you're on the original Sonic can still be one of the most memorable games ever made.

3: Sonic and Knuckles
Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis
Developer: Sonic Team, Sega Technical Institute
Release Date: October 19th 1994

Sonic and knuckles

Sega didn't quite impress with the Mega CD hardware but Sonic did what Sega could not. Sonic and Knuckles eventually teamed up to face against Dr Robotnic (Dr Eggman) and restore the Chaos Emeralds. Although the game was made into a solo game but the cartierage used Lock-On technology to make Knuckles playable in Sonic 2 and also in Sonic 3 and Tails in the Sonic and Knuckles levels. and put in any other game onto it and you'll have the Sphere Special stages into a game. This was like having 4 different games as long as you still had the other games. Tails had the ability to fly and can also swim for a brief time. Knuckles can float and can climb into places that Sonic and Tails could not reach before. With a big Sonic game package like this one you could never find any other Sonic game like this one.

2: Sonic Adventure
Platform: Dreamcast, Gamecube, PC, XBLA
Developer: Sonic Team, Sega, Sega Studios Shanghai, NOW Production
Release Date: December 23rd 1998

Sonic adventure

Sonic Adventure was Sonic's real leap into 3D unlike his other attempt with Flickies Island. Sonic incorporated better mechanics, impressive scenarios, a chao garden in later versions along with the suitable camera that was perfect for playing a good Sonic game. The Sonic Adventure games have impressive speedy segments along with snowboarding and also some driving stages. Despite the game's cheesy dialogue and voice-over even though Sonic's voice was the best that fans remember and was amusing to hear. The soundtrack was awesome listening to characters theme tunes, remixed tracks from the old games and the amazing game theme tunes. With this game being the most memorable game in Sonic's History books it makes us wonder why couldn't Sega do the same with the newer 3D Sonic games.

1: Sonic CD
Platform: Mega CD, PC
Developer: Sonic Team, SoftKey, Sega
Release Date: Octobber 1993

Sonic CD

With the Mega CD falling on it's face Sonic knew what he had to do. He needed to speed off onto the CD platform in hopes he could saved the console from disgrace. Sonic CD showed off the impressive opening intro and also gave out 3D scaling to rival the Super Nintendo's graphics line. Players had to take Sonic through either the Past or the Future in order to stop Robotnic (Eggman) from unleashing his evil plans, rescue the young Amy Rose and face the menacing Metal Sonic in a showdown. Music tracks from the CD technology was amazing for it's time with calming and chilling soundtracks which sets the mood for the games environments and was the first Sonic game that used back up data to save your progress or to load whenever needed. For it's time Sonic CD became one of the only Mega CD games that was worth playing back then. Sure it was one of the most confusing games but that doesn't stop Sonic CD from being the Sonic game that played a fast speed of his career. This makes it at number 1 on Sonic's History board.

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Sonic Games

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The Top 10 Worst Sonic Games (Sonic's 20th Anniversary Special)

Sonic the hedgehog 20th

Although Sega's fast speeding mascot has had a big shine on the 2-D games, after a while Sonic had began to fall apart. His new intentions where to focus on making the new ideas of completing against Nintendo's Italian Plumber but has delivered bad tastes for the media, ranging from bad spin-offs, annoying characters and rushed game-play mechanics that has failed to impress throughout the past decade. In honor of Sonic's 20 years of Speedy goodness this countdown will look back at the worst of Sonic's time-line that the Blue Hedgehog has ever witnessed and might not be able to Dash from his troubles again.

10: Sonic Draft Racing
Platform: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Release Date: 1994 and 1995

Sonic Drift Racing

Before Sonic took off a Hover-board and mediocre races He had Go Karts in Sonic Drift Racing for the Game Gear. Sonic's take on Mario Kart required procession of drift to keep you off the race track, most competitors roam right easily into you knocking you around and sometimes making it difficult to unlock the Emeralds before the final race against Eggman. On top of that add awful music and you have Sonic's take on a Mario Kart just didn't go right for him but did better when He brought his All Star sega friends several years later.

9: Sonic Raiders Zero gravity
Platform: Wii
Developer: Sega
Release Date: 22nd Febuary 2008

Sonic Raiders Zero Gravity

Swapping his fast speed for Hover-boards that simply can't turn sharp-fully as you needed it making Sonic and pals act like ping pong balls as they constantly collide between many annoying obstacles in the way. It doesn't help the games controls that are so bad even using standard controllers doesn't help the case. The storyline was downright bizarre and didn't much sense but it wasn't important as much anyway. Zero Gravity is just another one of those really Sonic games and to add insult it's even worse on the Wii thanks to it's awful controls and being decent looking game.

8: Sonic the Fighters (Sonic Championship)
Platform: Arcade
Developer: Sega
Release Date: August 1996

Sonic the Fighters

A Fighting game featuring Sonic characters as well as picking some from the Sonic Archie comic book Series. You have a solid design but combat simply feels more a button masher, since when would there ever be 8 Emeralds to collect instead of 7. The mechanics didn't work out great with it's stiff controls, Barriers being a pain and a difficult showdown with Metal Sonic at the end. Sonic The Fighters didn't have much impact but it desperately tried to hit on the consoles but it didn't make it until Sonic Gems in 2005. Sonic The Fighters ends up nothing more wacky Virtua Fighter ticker.

7: Sonic R
Platform: Saturn/ PC
Developer: Sega
Release Date: December 11th 1997


First up what does R in this even stand for. is it rapid, racing, racer or is it retire and that would have been your choice had you not played this mediocre racer on the Saturn. The game was plain downright simple full of easy shortcuts that even the computer is too stupid to realize that. Only 5 Racing tracks in the game with uninteresting extra games taped on. You could like the music track unless you're a High School Musical fan boy but some annoying sound effects ruin it. Stiff controls is the worst of it with you bumping into walls and not being able to turn probably and it doesn't that accrelerating is set to the same D-Pad as steering. Sonic R's just one racer better off retiring from.

6: Sonic Shuffle
Platform: Dreamcast
Developer: Sega
Release Date: March 9th 2001

Sonic Shuffle

Sega tags along with Hudson for it's very own take on Mario Party. Yes the very same Hudson who also work with Nintendo on Mario Party. It's a shame that for this party game is already over thanks to it's awful and dumb design of mini games which mostly will bore even younger kids along with a storyline which most of the time didn't make much sense. There's game like having to hit an Eggman target in order to choose a character which makes no sense, quick draw cards, robot stamping against the other players, jumping swamps to avoid falling into the lakes, a silly electrical game with one umbrella and the list of unimpressive games goes on and on. It's a shock to see that Hudson would even think about making party games for both Sonic and Mario as this Sonic game is just a big disappointing party Popper. On a positive note the cel-shaded graphics were impressive for the time.

5: Sonic 3D Flickies Island (Sonic 3D Blast)
Platform: Mega Drive (Genesis), Saturn, PC
Developer: Sega
Release Date: November 1996

Sonic 3D

Sonic was mostly big within the 2D world but choosing to go for 3-D on the Mega Drive was a big mistake dispute the cool intro upon start up. Instead of having to run all the way to the finish line with rings to collect and hidden levels to reveal Chaos Emeralds. Instead Sonic 3D was made into a scavenger hunt for little bird creatures called Flickies that needs to be rescued progressing Sonic's speed to a screeching halt. Controls were among awful with running and jumping being frustratingly imprecise making Sonic take the hit first making secret levels near impossible to access. For this game it was a bad time for Sonic to turn 3D but luckily did go 3D with Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast 2 years later. It was just done in a wrong place at the wrong time.

4: Tails Sky Patrol
Platform: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Release Date: April 28th 1995 (Japan Only)

Tails Sky Patrol

Tails was a faithful companion for Sonic since Sonic 2 but some fans might think how Tails would have with his own game. Although the game was only released in Japan but that didn't stop sega from putting it on Sonic Gems and as an extra on Sonic Adventure DX. Tails must fly on rails in a side scrolling format to avoid bumping walls, traps that you'd least expect to happen and also battle against the clumsiness of it's bad controls which will make Tails fall before you'll know it. Even playing the Training Level it's ridiculous to even get anywhere especially when continues send you back to the start of the level. For an awful Sonic spin-off it hurts the poor kitsune's reputation and shouldn't be disgraced by a game like this.

3: Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic 06, Next Gen)
Platform: X-Box, PlayStation 3
Developer: Sega
Release Date: November 24th 2006

Sonic 06 360

For fans this Sonic game is nothing more then a total %£$&*£% disaster that would think that Sonic should just stay in 2D. Bad controls compiled with broken game-play mechanics, graphics being totally glitched up and some awful bugs. Load-times are long and they constantly interrupt the experience. You explore a lifeless city full of disappearing people and objects and also play dull and simplistic missions that just drag on and on. Even if you ever like some of games characters like the Sliver Physic hedgehog from the future or Rouge a bat wing with Boobs the storyline was just plain ridiculous stuff. You even get to see a ridiculous relationship with a human princess and a cartoon hedgehog with gloved hands. If nearly every 3D game is so bad besides Sonic Adventure and Shadow the Hedgehog why is it that Sega has to this to Sonic?

2: Sonic Labyrinth
Platform: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Release Date: October 1995

Sonic Labyrinth

Sonic sure has his speed at his side but not this time he has lost it and has to get it back through a series of tricky pinball like areas. Sonic moves incredibly slow and has to relay on his Spin ball to get anywhere but the controls are horrendous making Sonic spin all over the place and making you also leaving you invaluable to enemies and also the level design is just plain annoying to navigate through. The music is just so awful your ears will feel bad from listening to this awful garbage. Could Sonic even be even more slow then on this?

1: Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Developer: Sega
Release Date: November 14th 2006 (US Only)

Sonic GBA

Before anyone screams What version of Sonic is this supposed to be? Is this the original version on the Mega Drive/Genesis consoles, an emulated version on compilation disks or is this the broken down Gameboy Advance port. Yes it's the Gameboy Advance port that is anything but even playable at all. Sonic has plenty of next console to make this for but why the GBA? Broken down game-play mechanics with bad glitch effects along with plenty of painful bugs that just come out of nowhere killing you. Game-play was even slowed to add further insult and the music being a badly awful remix tunes of favorite songs. It's one of Sonic's biggest mistakes of having this awful contraption for his 15th birthday and makes the Mega Drive hit look like a mockery even Mario should be ashamed of this. This makes it number one on Sonic's worst Chili-dog stand.

Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Movie Licensed Games

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The Top 10 Worst Movie Licensed Games

There's one thing you'd want to not about the entertainment line is that Movies and Video games will always have some bad relationships. This started as bad attempts at handling the right responsibilities of the movie and placing them into a game cartridge or a CD. These games have it's own camera to shoot but it's not any better then what the movie had done before. The main formula for this cycle was to make a movie and then another company would make a game based on that movie to rush it out for a film release date in order to cash in on the movies hype of quality. Mostly this has failed to impress many fans as most games based on films often not even follow the firm as the developers may or may not have even watched the movie at all. This is what either a bad movie would make a bad game or if a great movie would spawn an interactive disaster that would end being the absolute worst of all. This is my countdown that possibly might be the worst off the worst of the movie inspired disasters.

10: Peter Jackson's King Kong The official Game of the Movie

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Ubisoft

Release Date: December 2nd 2005

King kong DS

Okay before anyone freaks out why, this is not the console version which was quite impressive for some games that can be good if the developers had spent more time and effort into a decent game. King Kong on the Nintendo DS was anything but an a proper handheld experience. Graphics looked really jerky and incredibly ugly and without other characters around during the game it was mostly lifeless. Gameplay segments were just plain bad and mostly boring. The game mostly acts as if it didn't even watch the movie with cut-scene dialog mostly written badly. How could a legend of King Kong even be disgraced by a awful port like this. It's one thing to make a great game of it but making it bad on handheld is just not what this gorilla wanted.

9: Street Fighter The Movie

Platform: Arcade, PSOne, Saturn

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: 1995

Street fighter the movie

The game that is based on the movie that is based on Street Fighter II. What a bad combination that we have here. Reassembling Mortal Kombat with badly done digitalized actors with cheesy animations along with awesomely bad voice-work. Mostly the game was just Mortal Kombat fan-ride as the game struck out from it's normal route with it's mostly stiffed controls. It also had a console port but also did the same amount of bad damage that the original version did. It's one Street Fighter other then Ex Plus that needs to be Haduken'nd.

8: GI Joe The rise of Cobra

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, WII, PS2, PSP, DS

Developer: EA

Release Date: August 7th 2009

GI Joe

Most summer films have had their seasons of bad video games following after but for GI Joe The Rise of Cobra The Game it tasted more of a nasty Pork chop Sandwich. Without any of the cheesy dialogue of the cartoon the game more or less acts as a sequel to the film along with boring repetitive objectives being enjoyable and boss battles being a total letdown. Combat was a broken down mess with an awful targeting system, attacks that defy confidential hit detection and the list of problems goes on and on. This game a horrible abomination of a bad film, unless you'd even want to tolerate such a twisted challenge it's one fight you'd want to steer clear from.

7: Back to the Future

Platform: NES

Developer: LJN

Release Date: September 1989

back to the future nes

With fans of the Movie would think they would be able to travel back and breeze through the reaches of Hill Valley on their NES consoles. Instead LJN gave gamers both broken down versions of bad games called Skate or Die and Tapper. Without any relations, characters or music from the movie like anyone would not be able to license the movie but not use the familiar quotes that fans remember from the movie. If the game wasn't called Back To The Future People would just be playing just another awful game that people would be alot better without.

6: Total Recall

Platform: NES

Developer: Acclaim

Release Date: 1990

Total Recall NES

Although it was nice to see the famous quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself when you lose a life, but the the game Total Recall was but a playable game. The game has the most horrendous level design along with it's annoying music which will give you a massive headache. There's Jumpsuit midgets driving you into an alley for a smack down, random passersby firing bullets all over the place and Miscreants punching through holes in a fence to knock you out. Although the 8-bit graphics may have looked alright but mainly this is just a plain message that Arnold will be back to star better in good movies, this is just plain awful.

5: The Fifth Element

Platform: PSOne

Developer: Kalisto

Release Date: October 1998

The Fifth Element

A sci-Fi epic game based on the film from Luc Basson came out as loose and sloppy with it's bad controls making movement a pain to navigate. You'd frequently have to put up with the sounds effects being cut out along with it's awfully dull graphics. The game told it's own story as it rearranged cut-scenes from the film which made it confusing for those who haven't seen the movie. It's a shining example why Activision cannot do a good movie based game.

4: Fight Club

Platform: PS2, X-Box

Developer: Sierra Entertainment

Release Date: December 10th 2004

Fight Club

Fight Club the video game suffers from basic collision detection and very bad controls which made the game really awkward. The storyline was downright lame using very blurry screen-shots which should only been used for Internet purposes of showing actual screen-shots of the game. Players would be very shocked at video game breast physics on a guy which is disgusting to see. Unless anybody can deal with being punched in the face quite often then you'd best leaving this go.

3: Bad Boys II (Bad Boys Miami Takedown in US)

Platform: PS2, X-Box

Developer: Empire Interactive

Release Date: February 2004

bad boys II ps2xbox

The film which featured the talents of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence made these Bad boys worse then in the movie. They had broken controls, terrible targeting and badly written speech. It even suffered from many Glitches then any game during a beta test. The word BAD isn't the right word describe this awful mess it's total putrid. With it's generic Bad guys and many of it's awful issues, the game made it's boys more or less awful inwhich anyone playing it should be punished.

2: Charles Angels

Platform: PS2, Gamecube

Developer: Ubisoft

Release Date: July 18th 2003

Charlies Angels

It's secretive to say that this game was just so awful that Sony wouldn't even release this on the PlayStation 2, believe it or not in Europe there's PS2 copies of this game laying around but it's surprising that it never passed the US shores. The game was simply indecent-able to not only women, video games but to everyone in the industry. Clumsy controls, lousy hit detection, Camera issues and ladders that can take forever to climb along with showing any indecent-able content that isn't appropriate for any of kind of audience. Why in the world did PEGI even give this game a 7+ age rating for any kids to buy this indecent-able pale of garbage.

1: ET The Extra Terrestrial

Platform: Atari 2600

Developer: Atari

Release Date: 1982

ET Atari 2600

The ET game on the Atari 2600 had made those very same kids cry upon it's disastrous game based on the sickly Alien. It is the bomb that showed the fate of movie video games that was yet to come and also the crash of the industry in the 80s. In the game ET has to collect 3 parts for a phone in order to call the mother-ship home, you'd be somewhat surprised to even figure that out. To find these ET has to fall into many of the games pits and they are everywhere even in the end of a new screen. Once he falls in ET stretches his neck to get himself out but sometimes you'll just fall back in again making it totally frustrating. To make matters worse Scientists kidnap you and FBI agents steal your items making the game more frustrating then the game could ever be. The game became hugely unsuccessful with over 5 Million copies left unwanted they were taken and buried into the Mexican dessert. With it's failure ceasing the great crash of the video gaming industry this game earns the spot of worst movie inspired video games of all time.

Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Tales of the Abyss On Nintendo 3DS

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Game Title: Tales of the Abyss
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Namco Tales Studio
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Date of Release: 2011

abyss 3ds 2

With the vast majority of Japanese Role Playing Games have been making successful bids with Dragon Quest, Pokemon and a few disappointing attempts from Final Fantasy. One exception to the rule is Namco's Tales franchise which hasn't made much impact on the English fans over the past few years. Now along with the announced Tales of Graces on PS3 Tales of the Abyss originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 with a US release following in 2006 is looking it's trend on Nintendo's new 3DS system using it's new 3D and touch screen capabilities. This will be the first time European gamers will get a chance to experience the enhanced Tales title that was graced back then.

The story in the game follows a inside manor boy named Luke (not to be confused with Luke Skywalker from the Star wars series.) who spends his day inside when an assassin known as Tear tries to kill his master but then interferes causing whats called the 7th Folon to appear and go out of control. Luke himself later becomes involved in many affairs involving the world fallen into war and also the identity of who Luke really is. Tales of the Abyss's story on 3DS will be mostly be the same as the original along with the voice work which might or might not use Japanese voices according to the trailer.

Tales of the Abyss on 3DS will use the same standard format as the PS2 original. You travel from one town to another to stop for story sequences, fighting monsters to earn EXP or Gald to spend on in shops. You'll go to get different items as well as better equipment for your characters and also using a friendly Inn to heal up your characters. Dungeons do their usual in providing you puzzles, monster encounters and a boss encounter for you to face at the end. There's nothing new to see in this version but you'll most likely find side-quests to keep you occupied for a while during the story.


Tales of the Abyss on 3DS uses the battle system that was later used in other Tales games such as Radiant Mythology, Vesperia, Innocence and Dawn of the New World where the new feature added to Tales of the Abyss was the ability to move around freely around the battle arena. You bring 4 characters into battle with character relaying their abilities known as Artes. Artes themselves consist of magical and melee attacks can be chained together to perform huge amount of damage then normal attacks. New to this game at the time was the ability to use Burst Ates which in this game they're called Fonic Artes which are powered up spell attacks which deal lots of damage to enemies with elemental weaknesses. A new feature added is that you can now assign shortcuts to the touch screen so now you perform Artes with a simple press on the touch. The battles may promise to be as impressive as it's future titles and Tales of Symphonia but don't forget this was way before Vesperia when it perfected it.

Looking back at it on PS2 it didn't look impressive on the graphic side in caprason to Tales of Symphonia on Gamecube but on 3DS the graphics are more or less suitable for it. There are some graphic changes to it's logo and maybe a few filters added but there's nothing else much changes made on the production values as of yet.

It had not been released in Europe before and now finally with a confirmed date of 2011 we can perhaps look forward to the one of the few english Tales games that European fans had missed first hand. Could there be any hope for this Abyss to bound through check back soon in months time to find.

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 26th May 2011 Sorry for my slow progress.

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I'm sorry that I havn't been on here for a long while. I've been busy with other Xbox 360 games and also AdventureQuest Worlds now that I've upgraded my account on it again. I've got another 3 months on it before it expires again and I checked for the expiry date it lasts untill 11th August 2011. I'm going to be trying my best to get myself back on track with my work but however I might be slowing down soon because I'll have another day where I got to go somewhere to work. This will mean I'll only have the weekend to myself to get my reviews on the air. Please ensure that your subribing to my channel for all my latest reviews and gameplay videos showing up for your entertainment. I'll try my best to keep you posted as much as I can.

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel update: 19th March 2011

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Sorry about my overall lack of reviews and countdowns in the last couple of weeks because I've been busy working with many other images and collecting more games to try out on my X-Box. Hopefully this countdown should help out with some of my work that I need to finish up including many reviews that are left unfinished. I also have plans to release one Top 10 Countdown season every month to make it easier to keep up. I promise more reviews are coming but please give me chance to get it down especially when I got so many things like Vision 21, Rieleys pool and time with CareWatch slowing my time down.

Thank you for reading this and hope this will support me through.

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BlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Game Consoles (1970s to 2010)

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BlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown

The Top 10 Game consoles (1970s to 2010)

If you've been gaming a long while then you'll be making debates with other relatives about which gaming consoles was better then theirs. We're not talking about awful gaming consoles that were complete rubbish but this countdown shows off the popularity of the 10 following game consoles which has changed the industry from the past years. Since newer games consoles are on the way I decided to take a look back at following best 10 game consoles as off this year.

10. Atari 2600 (1978 ) (Atari)

Atari 2600

The console originally sold the Atari VCS later renamed itself known as the 2600. The console revolutionised the gaming market making use re-changeable cartridges and able to switch game modes inside different games cartridges makes one of the defining games that can offer simple gameplay. The graphics and sound were primitive for the time and the controller was quite solid and easy to use. The console had many different games for everyone including arcade ports and original titles of it's own. The console may have given the taste of the console market would eventually become but ultimately destroyed it at the same time with a glut of awful games such as Pac-man and the big movie game disaster E.T which is why the Atari 2600 disvives it's spot at number 10 on my countdown.

9. Sega Mega Drive (November 30 1990) (SEGA)

Sega Mega Drive

The sega console that was well known for it's in your face advertising slogan in the US "Genesis does what Nintendon't". Sega's 16-Bit console took on it's deal with the NES but the console had it's advantages against the Later Super Nintendo. Some games where better then it's SNES counterpart, Sega's mascot Sonic the Hedgehog became quite the competitor towards Mario, the violent fatalities of Mortal Kombat weren't censored unlike the SNES version and Sega's Jurassic Park lets you play as a human killing Raptor. Sure it's Mega Drive addons like the Mega CD and the 32X had failed miserably with bad marketing but with Blast Processing, a library of great games, a solid controller makes the Mega Drive remain as one of the popular consoles released. Gamers would find it unbelievable that the console could still stand up today being released on compilation discs and it's own plug n play system which can allow it's cartridges to be reused again. This makes the console earn it's spot at number 9 on my countdown.

8. Xbox-360 (December 2nd 2005) (Microsoft)

XBox 360

It may have had a bit of a tough start at launch with it's Red Ring of Death issue back then but Microsoft's second console outing proved to have it's strong point of giving gamers quite a blast of an amazing online community. The X-Box 360 held up a huge library of different games with impressive online play through X-Box live and also being able to play original X-Box games but without online play on them. X-Box live Arcade planted great and accurate console and arcade ports of great games as well as impressive original titles of it's own. With the abilities to communicate with friends and invite to parties the X-Box 360 is defiantly one of the stronger consoles of this generation with impressive High definition details taking graphics to a new generation. To many gamers the X-Box 360 should be shown off as a great console that targets hardcore audiences perfectly.

7. Nintendo Wii (December 8th 2006) (Nintendo)

Nintendo Wii

The power of motion is in the player's hand with gaming's first array into motion control with the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii made use of wireless technology of the Wii Remote and motions which can recognise the actions of the game depending on the Wii Remote's force by the swing the players make. Back then the Wii Remote didn't accomplish it perfectly until later on when motion controlled games became better and also when Nintendo released the Motion plus accesory making the motions better and later the Wii Remote Plus which included the functionalties of the Motion plus onto the Wii remote. The Wii opened up the Virtual console which gave gamers the chance to relive Nintendo's old gaming consoles like the NES, SNES or Nintendo 64 as well as it's Third Party competitors. It's Wiiware came up with many orginal games of it's own that many were impressive even if some were expensive. Sure it doesn't have as much on targeted hardcore gaming but as a family console that at least is spawning continuing sagas of old games and great exclusives, The Nintendo Wii can hold it's own against much other consoles and being quite revolutionary for it's time.

6. Game Boy (Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance) (September 28 1990, November 23 1998, June 22 2001) (Nintendo)

Gameboy Gameboy ColorGameboy Advance

When game consoles can last pretty well with Batteries then Nintendo's Game boy systems were the big target towards gamers on the go. With an impressive games list including big hits like Tertis, Mario and Pokemon made the Game boy and huge impact in the gaming market. The old brick itself managed to sell over 70 Million units and by it's success spawned a color upgrade and also the Game boy Advance. The Game boy Advance brought itself brilliant amount of colors and an amazing battery life as well as adding compatibilities to play the original Game Boy and Game boy Color games. The games were simple and made a perfect mass marketing on gaming audiences. Even though the original Game boy was huge by today standards and the original GBA's screen had a dark screen but eventually different versions were made to resolve the issues. With the Game boy's standing high in the gaming market the Game boys deserves there spot at number 6 in the countdown.

5. Sega Master System (September 1987) (SEGA)

Sega Master System

In the 1980's the video game market has crashed down but later on the next generation companies have risen up and delivered a new era of gaming. Some might say the NES made gaming enjoyable again but unfortunately it didn't do as much justice in Europe as it did in the US. Instead the Sega Master System made itself a strong selling console in the 80's following to the 90's with a great list of impressive games and also titles that were better than their NES counterpart. The Master System handled the 8 bit era in Europe for nearly 9 years with some help from Sonic the Hedgehog and some of it's sequels. What good could a console get when the system had a Base adapter to for the Mega Drive to play the Master System games on it. This makes it still one of the successful consoles of the 80s making it into the countdown at number 5.

4. Sony PlayStation 2 (November 30 2000) (Sony)

Playstation 2

Matching the success of the original PlayStation, The PlayStation 2 blessed the gaming industry further with an impressive;y huge library of games and it's still growing. Whatever type of game you'd be into the PlayStation 2 just has enough games that any gamer can get into. Sure the PlayStation 2 spawned a huge band of sequels and a case of bad games but however it spawned big exclusives and industry favorites such as God of War, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and Rachet and Clank. The PlayStation 2 also continued many popular video game sagas that many gamers had grown up with like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Soild, Medal of Honor and Grand Theft Auto. Even with the releases of Hi-Def consoles the PlayStation 2 can still deliver great titles that can still gain attention towards many gamers. If many different game consoles could sell so big towards gaming audiences then the PlayStation 2 is one of the biggest selling consoles of all time making this spot at number 4 on the countdown.

3. Nintendo DS (March 11 2005) (Nintendo)

Nintendo DS
The successful handheld marketing done by Nintendo led them to produce another big selling console which featured dual screens and touch based interface. It was a big selling hype towards both casual and hard core gaming. Nintendo's DS console has a big effect on popular genres such as big RPG's like Pokemon and Dragon Quest, FPS which can be played with the use of the Stylus touch screen and a great taste of puzzle games. The Nintendo DS also impressively took on it's life with educational titles to that tests your brain perfectly and teaches many different topics for educational purposes. The Nintendo DS has made a bunch of successful sales and made additional versions to make a better back light for the DS Lite, a DSi which used better interfaces and used DSiWare which gave it's own library of impressive games at the cost of making the point cards expensive. With big sales, great games, compatibility to play GBA games on the older models. The Nintendo DS has made quite a strong reputation in the handheld market towards many gamers and is still controlling the portable gaming with the release of the upcoming 3DS. This Dual screen handheld beast deserves it's spot at number 3 in the countdown.

2. SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) (April 11 1992) (Nintendo)

Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo became the champion of the 16-bit wars dispute it being released 2 years after the Mega Drive was released. The Console's hardware of 8-bit channel sound created many impressive music tracks. Mode-7 graphics system fired many 3-D games like F-Zero, Star Fox and Super Mario Kart across the starting position. The system scored unforgettable RPG's like Secret of Mana, Equinox and Chorno Trigger if the game would have been released in Europe. The Super Nintendo spawned up the mighty Super Mario World and also grew up many different Nintendo hits like Castlevania, Metroid and Zelda. When the Super Nintendo would eventually go down Donkey Kong Country come along with it's impressive graphics details that makes the Mega Drives blast processing look a little poor in comparison. If a game console's place is all about it's impressive library of games and quality then no gamer would ever want to Deny it's spot for number 2 on the countdown.

1. Sony PlayStation (September 29 1995) (Sony)


When the deal with Nintendo and Sony to create a CD Rom drive for the SNES had went down the drain. Sony created the legendary console that is the PlayStation. The console aimed at the barrels for adult gaming but many games had it's attraction towards many casual gamers. The big bright of the PlayStation is with big hit titles like when Final Fantasy 7 made the jump shaft from the Nintendo 64 and the amazing Metal Gear Soild. The PlayStation isn't just known for it's outstanding quality of gamers. The CD rom technology made use out of it's impressive CGI rendering cutscenes. The console brought over huge amount of marketing and has made a enjoyable list of games that can stand tall to this day. You'd have to wonder what the gaming industry would be like today if this console wasn't around. This makes it the pick for the number 1 pick for the Top 10 Game Consoles.