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AQWBlaZer91 Game Reviews: AdventureQuest 3.5/10 Game Review Score

Game Title: AdventureQuest
Platform: PC (Web)
Developer: Artix Entertainment
Publisher: Artix Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy Role Playing Game
Age Rating: 13+ to Register
Release Date: 2002
Game Score: 3.5/10
Artix's AdventureQuest is simply one of those browser games that fails to impress.
With the success of High selling Japanese RPGS like Squares Final Fantasy, Enix's Dragon Warrior and Nintendo's Pokemon Series, how about a Role Playing Adventure that simply plays on your Internet Browser without any downloads. The end result is AdventureQuest from Artix Entertainment. While the concept seems simple enough but however it turns into an experience that won't add much interest to anyone.

While AdventureQuest doesn't offer much on story but the overall theme to it is that you as a nameless adventurer must travel across the world call Lore in order to fight off against a series of monster attacks. Throughout most of the story it's told through a series of different weekly events and spans through different sagas which mostly involve either invasions or alliance between either your allies or your enemies. Most of the dialogue in the game is told through cut scenes in which there's plenty of text to read but you can easily skip through these if you wish, the cut scene animations are ridiculous making you lose interest in both the storyline and any of the characters.


Before you'll begin adventuring you first access the website to register your account then your character with 3 Starting Job types you wish to start out with. You're also able to change your character's appearance from Hair, face and eyes to suit your tastes then you're ready to begin adventuring. Unlike with most RPG's where you'll always follow a straight forward path with only some leading to side quests, this game goes for a map system with different areas to explore and they become unlocked from your characters level. You'll also join up with clans which has it's own wars to fight in and also with exclusive Shops. You can also fight random monsters at your leisure and when ever you need Healing you can click on s small brown Moglin named Twilly to Heal up for your next encounter. You also have weekly events to watch out for since they have wars in which you'll fight numerous waves of encounters, a boss battle and the next piece of the story. These wars pop up more frequently and it takes a while for the war meter to raise up to 100% for you to fight the boss. On top of that add Survival Quests in which you'll go against an endless horde of monsters till you grow tired.

There's a lot of different quests that you'll go through with but many of these become increasingly difficult because of the amount of grinding you'd need to do but the Leveling is scaled between you and the enemies you'll face in many quests later on so you'll need to grind for gold in order to get stronger gear. Accusingly you also find special coins called Z-Tokens which allow you get really special items in the game. The big issue is that although you'll might get enough gold to buy something you need, but you'll have to be the exact Level to buy it which make little sense especially when you'll need stronger weapons to stay alive, even worse is that to get potions you'll have to play a certain quest or by going to the event's war room from a bag but requires Guardian accounts to do that. Speaking of Guardian accounts, you can upgrade your character so that you can enter areas which are exclusive to Guardians, use Exclusive weapons and also to find pieces to create the Blade of Awe which is the games strongest Weapon. With it you can beat nearly every encounter until you fight the boss which take quite a long while to beat. Guardian accounts also don't need to wait in line in order to play in which Free Players only have a full week upon account creation of free play until they need to wait in line in order to play. In order to become one you'll need to pay a one time payment. In all AdventureQuest does plenty of value to have but are you really going to enjoy any of it at all.


The battles in AdventureQuest are slow and boring to say the least. The battle menu allows you to change your equipment, use items or take animal sidekicks into battles which can be pretty useful along with recruiting a guest character along. These pets can be purchased in stores and each has their own particular Elements, the same inplies for Equipment which also have Elemental Attributes which either Boost or Decrease your Defenses between Elemental attacks. The main way of winning Battles is too attack the Monster's elemental weakness by placing the cursor over the monster in order to do the most Damage as that becomes tedious by the fact battles take a very long time to beat which makes these one-on-one encounters feel like Boss Battles. You can damage these things more with magic instead of Melee attacking them since that takes forever but most magic spells in the game can drain nearly all your MP to use either at least 2 which doesn't make any sense. Whenever you level up you don't raise stats like normal instead you'll need to go to the Stat Trainers area and then you'll fight one of them to raise your stats of 6 different attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence. Christma and Luck. It's absurd that you need to do that in order to Level up which makes many of your fights even more ridiculous. With many of the ridiculous design choices that you'll have to put with, it makes the battles in the game tedious and formulaic that it's outmatched by the earliest 8-Bit games in the Genre.


AdventureQuest's visuals are cheap and unimpressive to look at even for a flash game in 2002. Unimpressive looking Characters and Weapons which look downright ugly. Cut-scenes look absolutely ridiculous with Animations that fell more a puppet show. There's little to no sound effects other then Elemental and Item sounds in which you're better off playing on mute. This game simply looks and sounds unappealing for anyone to witness.

Artix's AdventureQuest is simply one of those browser games that fails to impress. You'll won't find any Browser games that could be better then this other then Sinjid's Battle Arena which is more recommendable. $24.99 for the Guardianship is something that is difficult to recommend, but if you're willing to try your Patience with it then play this game for free and see how your Patience lasts. There are so many better RPG's that does better justice.
The Pros:
1. It updates every week adding in new Quests,
2. You can allow Pets and different Guests to fight along side you.

The Bads:
1. Buying Equipment Requires Leveling
2. Slow, Tough and Boring Battles
3. Unimpressive Graphic Details and Animations in Weapons, Characters and Cut-scenes
4. Ridiculous Design choices for Battles, Quests and Locations
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (BlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: My Top 10 Guiltiest Pleasures

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

My Top 10 Guiltiest Pleasures

Hey guys it's that time again, time sure flys quickly doesn't it but in order to celebrate my birthday it's time for me to share some of the game I play behind my closed doors or when no ones around. Sometimes you can't help but play games that either you're too young for or too old for or just you can't help but play the same game over and over again cause you'll enjoy the living hack out of it. This countdown shows off the 10 games I mostly play when the doors are locked.

10: Rescue Shot
Platform: PlayStation
Developer: Namco
Release Date: 2000

rescue shot

Rescue Shot was a child friendly Light Gun Shooter where gamers had to protect a harmless Rabbit-Dog creature named Bo from chasing Hedgehogs, Bully Bats and Crazy Gangsters that are out to kill Bo before he gets his memories. The game itself looks something that only the kids should but I did get this game back then when I just turned 13 back a 1 year after it was released Europe. Watching myself play a kiddie shooter like this makes me fell like a complete child and now I'm beginning to hate myself playing this.

9: Resident Evil
Platform: PlayStation
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: August 1st 1996

resident evil

Back in the day Resident Evil on the PlayStation was seen as one of the scarest games of it's time but also the funniest with it's dialog and voiceover. When I saw I was younger I used to find the cover pretty cool and then when I turned 15 I followed on with the series and so far I enjoyed every moment at surviving the horror and influencing myself to shooting zombies in the series and in Sega's House of the Dead.

8: Dead or Alive
Platform: Arcade, PlayStation
Developer: Tecmo
Release Date: 1996 (Arcade) July 1998 (PSOne)

dead and alive

Yes we all seem to get it and do it quite a bit, we can't help to stare at the the Female Earth Shaking Figures and sometimes fight against a Female character whos wearing a Bikini. This came from the arcade fighter called Dead or Alive which has spawned many perverts back then this continued on in the later sequels including the Beach Volleyball spinoff. When I had the demo when I was a kid I couldn't help but to see what was under that Dress.

7: Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Editon
Platform: Game Boy
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: June 16th 1999

Pokemon Yellow

When I watched the Pokemon Series on Television there was one Pokemon that became a well loved mascot for the series, a small electric rat that had red cheeks and it's name was Pikachu. I always enjoyed Pikachu and so far in my childhood I had 3 Pikachu plushies but one was broken and had to be thown away, video games in which some of my files had the name Pikachu on it. When I got so into Pikachu I wanted the Pokemon game that stared Pikachu in it and that's when Pokemon Yellow came into question. Playing through the lines of Red and Blue but with a Pikachu Plushie on my shoulder trying to catch all the Pokemon and using Pokemon Stadium to store them and add them to my PokeDex. I at least from when I was a child I enjoyed every moment of it but not so much now since the newer games are pretty much slimalr.

6: Final Fantasy X-2
Platform: PlayStation 2
Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: Febuary 20th 2004

final fantasy x-2

Lets get 3 things straight here, Final Fantasy is a popular Role Playing series that has influenced the Genre, X-2 is a sequel to the original X and also this has to have 3 main Female Protagonists. Oh boy Me and my brother should differently be in trouble from playing this Girlish sequel that could more or less acts as a Barbie game. I could try my best not to let anyone know that I'm playing it but it doesn't help that the Girls use Dresshperes to change into different powerful Dressshperes. It doesn't help that it's not easy to not want to stare at some of different types as in cases makes me a total prevert.

5: Postal 2
Platform: PC
Developer: Running with Sissors
Release Date: April 17th 2003

Postal 2

People who enjoy the GTA series always go around either causing havoc against the police and citizens, stealing cars or making deals with other gangsters. For a game like Postal 2 on the PC it was not something I would first play as a demo then play the full game moments later. The was downright offensive in most ways but surprisingly I enjoyed every moment of it. Waiting in line was to boring so I'd to pee all over them and then I get out my shovel and whacked their heads off. Speaking of peeing on people that's what you can do in the game and it's hilarious to do that on the Cops and listening to their speeches. Going around with a M16 or a Shotgun in hand ready to shoot-down a load of innocent clivains while throwing a Molotov Cocktail into crowds of unsuspecting victims. Place some oil on them and setting them on fire and using a Sniper Rifle to see their huge eyes before Sniping their heads off. Postal 2 is a game that most FPS and Sandbox fans would be Guilty of playing but for me it's number 5 on my countdown.

4: Doom
Platform: Multiplatform
Developer: ID Software
Release Date: 1993


The game that helped it's grand daddy Wolfenstien 3D bring forward it's revolution for the First Person Shooter Genre. It was you against a whole load of spawn raising monsters that killed everyone and you're next. Using a list of powerful Weapons including the Kamikaze Chainsaw to rip Demons and unsuspecting Soldiers apart and also the Almighty BFG which stands as the one gun that dominated them all. When Doom came out back in 1993 it became a subculture within the industry alongside being controversy or it's graphic violence. One thing I will say out loud is that I still enjoy Doom not matter how out dated it gets, even when I'm playing this on newer consoles like the X-Box 360 and I loved every minute of Blasting Demons to Oblivion.

3: Viva Pinata
Platform: X-Box 360
Developer: Rare
Release Date: December 1st 2006

viva pinata

Viva Pinata was a guilty pleasure for an Adult who finds this game additive and creativtavity. It's light hearted and lovable looking characters, it's colorful and cheery visuals which originally targeted a general audiences. You raise a garden in which you can change it to make it attractive to other Pinata's, which involves placing decorative items and making houses for Pinatas to live in. You'd need to watch out for Ruffians who start causing mischief to your Pinatas or your garden and turn those Ruffians into source material in helping with your garden. Along with a fun minigame Viva Pinata is a life simulation that aims to be one of most addictive games which targets a general audience but who would have thought full grown adults would become addicted to it. Maybe I should be careful of it's addiction.

2: Tales of Phantasia
Platform: SFC (SNES), PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Gameboy Advance
Developer: Namco
Release Date: 1995 (JP SFC), 1998 (JP PS1), 2003 (JP GBA), 2006 (USA, EUR GBA ), 2007 (JP FVE), 2010 (PSP JP NDX)

tales of phantasia

You'll should know something about me with these games is that I'm a huge fan of Namco's Tales of Series dissipate the disappointing amount of localisations that have been brought over. The first one in the series Tales of Phantasia is the Tales title that mostly got me aware of the series existence in Japan for a while I downloaded the original Super Famicom version and then the PlayStation version and finally the GBA version on my emulators. They were all great fun minus the GBA's poor translation. I love it's characters, it's storyline, it's impressive battle system that it had for it's time as well as the main villian Dhaos who blows everyone away with his Dhaos Laser. Even through one version of it I can't help but feel guilty about playing another version either on Gameboy Advance or on PlayStation. I also find it hard to believe that I've played through this game more then any other game in the Tales series, mostly because Tales of Phantasia has so many versions of it that it makes people's head spin.

1: AdventureQuest Worlds
Platform: PC Web
Developer: Artix Entertainment
Release Date: 2008

adventurequest worlds

In the world of MMO's I have unbelievably spent a total of nearly 3 years just playing through all it's content, quest, jobs to level as well as my character himself, The storyline was impressive, the graphics were great, the amount of quest to do is incredibly long I spend all my time fighting every monster in every area and PVP battles, not to mention the amount of upgrades I had to do to get stronger and use Membership Weapons. There's just too much to mention but at least this game was worth all my time and effort that I've gone through so far. With so many Players online it's easy to say that this game is about as additive as World of War-craft with plenty of people who have might have lost their jobs, for me I might have played this game for a really long time but at least I passed all my work so far but mostly though I just took the easy way out of it. I can't think of any other game that allows me to keep going no matter what which is the result of me losing track of my Gamespot work, making this my pick for my guilty pleasure.

Writtern By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91 Channel update: 24th August 2011 My birthday and Extreme Updates

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 24th August 2011 My Birthday and Extreme Updates

Hiya folks guess what today is. It's my 23rd birthday today and for my birthday I had Call of Duty Back Ops for my XBox 360 console. I already played the campaign on Easy and unlocked some of the achievements on it when My brother brought his copy around. I've yet to complete it on the Harder settings and unlock the rest of them. On my Tales of Vesperia I'm desperate to get the game completed as soon as I can so that I can concentrate on other projects.

Here are some of the projects that I'm planing to do that I'll discuss on this blog.

Final Fantasy Marathon

NES and Master System reviews

Flash Game reviews

More Top 10 Countdowns

More Videos for Gamespot and Youtube

Pictures for devaintART

Dream World on Facebook

Badges in Machinma Army on Facebook

AdventureQuest Worlds

Final Fantasy Marathon

Well what can I say about the newer Final Fantasy games with the exception of the remakes of the old games. They have become quite a big disappointing insult to the RPG genre. ever since Final Fantasy X-2 came along, Square has made some of dumbest decisions for the series through Bad Design and ridiculous Game-play style. From now on I'm going to ignore the new games that are coming out since Square Enix can't even get it right with the series anymore unlike they did before. In order for me to ignore the series I've decided to do a Final Fantasy Marathon in which I'll play through all the Final Fantasy games that I happen to have in my house so far. So far I have, I, II, IV, V and VI on my GameBoy Advance Emulator III on Both my Regular DS system and on my NES Emulator and XI on my PlayStation Emulator. My brother has Final Fantasy's VII, VIII, X and X-2 bit VII and VIII are in my bedroom. I plan maybe to get Final Fantasy XII because I can get it cheaper but I'll be doing that for reviewing propose. I'll be looking forward to doing Final Fantasy IX cause I enjoy the characters and storyline. During the playthroughs I going to record the boss battle to upload for Youtube as well as making videos for Gamespot as part of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary. The only thing is that I can't do the PlayStation titles because I can't record from my Television since my camera's quality is really terrible to work and I've had to put a microphone up-close to the Television in order for sound to come. Maybe when I finish these games I will be done with it and hopely won't have to put up with anymore bad Final Fantasy games. If you're planning to see the videos then subscribe and check out my videos on Youtube.

NES and Master System Reviews

I haven't done all the reviews of the Light Gun Shooter games that I've been planning to do but some other reviews have been doing have been holding my productions up. Don't worry I'll go back to doing these as soon as possible, just be patient.

Flash Game reviews

These reviews I will be doing I'm going to write it up on paper in my free time when I'm out and about. I've down some reviews of some Flash Games on both Gamespot and also for a site called Raptr. Sometimes I can't get a review on some Flash Games so I paste it on a Blog or on Facebook.

Top 10 Countdowns

I have been doing well in making these Countdowns every month with my recent ones with The 10 Worst Controllers and also My top 10 Guiltiest Pleasures. Every beginning of each month I will release a new Countdown on the front of my Channel. I have some ideas for the Top 10 Controllers but I need some more Ideas for it but I'll give the Countdown a rest for the time being.

Videos to make for Youtube and Gamespot

I've been making some videos for Youtube and also I caught up with the videos I was supposed to upload weekly on Gamespot. I need to be uploading videos weekly for Gamespot and I'm thinking of doing that every Thursday. As I said for Final Fantasy I plan to upload all the videos from the SNES and GBA versions and maybe I'll do more Playthroughs on Emulators.

Pictures for devaintART

I haven't been able to made any new Pictures for devaintART but I have Favored a lot of Pictures there, I recently got an idea to take a picture a custom box art for one of my games I have. I'll release the picture when I can.

Dream World on Facebook

I've been playing that for quite a while on the Internet and I'm only planning to play it because It's the only game I like on Facebook. When I want to get on my other projects I'm going to use up all my energy on Auto-Explore since it helps to give me Extra Gold and EXP for grinding. I'll also be waiting for someone to open the gates for me to do all the damage to the boss at the end.

Badges to unlock on Machinma Army

Machinma has made a special page on Facebook where you can Share Links with other people or you can unlock Badges for Halo Reach and also they have made badges for Crysis 2 which I'm planning to get in the future for my X-Box 360 Consoles. I plan to unlock the Badges in both Games that are simple enough to unlock.

AdventureQuest Worlds

I stopped playing this game recently because of my current projects but I will finish up the fight when I get enough Battleon points to upgrade my Account again so I can finish up with my Reputation Quests and many Quests that I have yet to finish along with Stuff that I need to Level up.

I will update you on my activitys when give myself a chance and I will start of Final Fantasy games when Tales of Vesperia is Finished.

Subscribe to my channel on Gamespot, Youtube, Raptr, DeviantART and Facebook for reviews, gameplay videos, countdowns and images.

Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91 Reviews Toon Crisis Flash Game Review Score: 7.5/10

Game Title: Toon Crisis
Platform: PC (Web)
Developer: KillerViral
Publisher: KillerViral
Genre: On Rails Shooter
Age Rating: N/A
Release Date: 2008
Game Score: 7.5/10
The best way to describe Toon Crisis is that it's a somewhat humerous but entertaining prarady of Time Crisis.
Toon Crisis is an On Rails Shoot em up that shares much of the machanics used in Namco's Time Crisis series. Looks Weird sure but but it actually looks humerously entertaining for a Flash Game standpoint.

Toon Crisis img 1

The game involves you in a town where it's swarming with Cartoony Monsters that are out to kill you. You shoot these creatures with a Finger that can shoot out Lighting beams (Yeah just go along with it) and move to different parts of the town to face more of them and a boss battle along the way. These bosses range from a Giant Toonised Jukebox, a Toonised Garbage Bin, a Construction Worker who throws piles of dirt with faces on them and a Toonised Giant Robot who rampages through the city. The madness in this game is simply unmatched with plenty of Toon Monster creatures appearing all over the screen forcing you to shoot them down quickly before they all beat you down quickly. Whenever you die you'll get a chance to use a checkpoint if you ever made it far at the cost of your high scores. The game by flash game standards is pretty short by the fact the game only lasts for only 30 Minutes but to add some replay value is that you can replay for better scores and they can be uploaded onto the KillerVirals Toon Crisis High Score Leaderboards.

Toon Crisis img 2

The controls in the game are simple for the mouse, you point the crosshair and shoot with the Left Mouse and just for a laugh the Space Bar instead of actually ducking behind cover it just summons Flying Ducks across the screen. It only makes sense since your main Fingers have Unlimited Ammo while Power ups you'll find in the game only have a certain amount of Shots that you can use, like the Auto Fire, the 5-Way fire which Five shots are fired from One Click and the Spread Shot in-which your shots spread out damaging multiple enemies. The enemies can either rush in to hit you or some can toss out projectiles and boulders which can be shot at in the air before they hit you. Bottom-line the game provides a decent challenge for Rail Shooter Fans and has a decent length for a great Flash game.

Toon Crisis's graphics mostly shine through it's cinematic cutsscenes which looks impressive for the most part. Every shot of the city is taken through the cameraman's view so it's natural for the game to have a passerby or two acting casually while the Toon Monsters are rampaging through the City unless they can't see them. The Toons themselves look really cute and colourful and have decent animations but their projectiles look nothing to special. The music borrows three different tracks of Gogol Bordello but each track in the game only plays only a few seconds of them before looping. The sound effects are okey but if only it could be more Cartoony. Other then that Toon Crisis an impressive looking Flash Game that is seen yet.

Toon Crisis img 4

Toon Crisis is an amusingly yet short On Rails Shooter that focuses on some laughs and conquering High Scores with other gamers. If you've got some time to kill for a decent Browser On rails shooter then Toon Crisis provides some humorous laughs while it lasts since the best way to describe Toon Crisis is that it's a somewhat humorous but entertaining parody of Time Crisis.
The Pros:
1. Plenty of Humorous moments to be had with the Toon Monsters and Fingers you use
2. Connectible to Online Leaderboards to share Scores
3. Impressive Looking Cutscenes

The Bads:
1. It's Short
2. Sound Effects could have been more cartoony
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (BlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91 Reviews Dream World on Facebook

Game Title: Dream World
Platform: Web (Facebook)
Developer: PlayMage
Publisher: PlayMage
Genre: RPG
Age Rating: N/A
Release Date: 6/11/2009
Game Score: 5.5/10
Dream World is just your average RPG that's filed with issues which will spoil your dream.
Facebook has some splendid titles which are mostly expensive to get running or anywhere in a game but that was the whole beauty of Facebook. Facebook doesn't have much RPG's in it's library but Dream World hopes that it can change that. It does seem like a decent concept of an RPG worth playing on your browser but you'll need a ot of patience to get through the main steps of what Dream World offers.

When you first start off the game You'll be given a Tutorial of the game on how the mechanics work afterwards you're then left to do the rest yourself. There really isn't to say about the storyline other then some super powerful demon is unleashing it's power onto Dream World in order to rule it, there's no surprise or any twists to note here. The main goal in the game is too explore the different towns that you visit to find quests, mostly these are simple fetch quests that you'll have to fight certain monsters over and over till you'll get what you'll need and Mission Completed. There's not a lot to it for the most part but there's other attractions to keep you hooked. There's a PvP area in which you can take on any player about your Level to a match but ensure that you're well prepared otherwise you'll most likely fall within seconds. Guilds allow you to join a clan group in which you can find other people to be friends with and invite them to your party. Speaking of which you need in make a few invites which can help you through the course of the game and it's a feature to have them fight with you even when their not online. The town areas you'll visit will sell you better equipment, stat boosting and items for recovery. The one problem is that the recovery items are insanely expensive that it will take nearly all your coins that you've gotten to recover your Health or your skill points and they increase upon advancing in Level.

In the dungeons you have 5 different areas to explore in order to face a boss at the end. You chose what area to go and you'll either face a monster, interact with an NPC character or try to solve a puzzle to reveal a hidden treasure. Most of these side tracking mini-games are fun and all but accomplishing them can be really difficult to do as mostly require a lot of Luck coming into play to do it. If you don't feel like interacting with the NPC's you can fight them to earn exp and coins which seems quite amusing to do in the game. What you'll need to keep track of is the energy meter which decreases with every activity you do in the game. When that runs out you'll need to either wait an hour or more for it to refill or you can use Gems which instantly refills it. Gems also can be used to get rare items which becomes really useful later in the game. You can either pay for them for a minor amount of real money or by finding Crystals in treasure boxes which can be traded for them.

The Battles in Dream World take place in turn based combat which both you and the monster take turns in hitting each other. You can chose from a set of different attacks to use which deals more damage then normal attacks, also if you've invited a friend with you then your ally can help deal more damage. You can also find pets which can also help you during battles and each pet you'll find from either Cats, Dragons or a Human solider have different set of skills to use. Be careful through most battles start to get a little harder making you either needing to either run away or to use strategy to survive. When you die you'll lose some energy and some of your coins which is a punishable loss considering if you've got more energy to burn off recovering is just a pain to get through. Dream World has a decent ingredients for a nice Online browser game but many issues draw it away from it's decent steps of a good dream.

In Web Browser game terms the artwork is impressive and are nicely detailed but there's not much visual wise happening in the game. Sadly through the game has no music or any sound effects to even take note of which is a total bummer making the game half lifeless.

Dream World insists that game-play design is what the game would need but it feels somewhat underwhelming with a few of it's issues. If you're willing to express the Facebook game then Dream World is just your average RPG that's filed with issues which will spoil your dream. With a few better browser RPG's out there your Dream is best suited elsewhere.
The Pros:
1. Nicely Detailed Artwork
2. It's amusing to attack NPC characters
3. Inviting friends and Joining guilds make tasks much easier.

The Bads:
1. Most Mini-games in the game boil down to random luck
2. Costs way to much just to restore yourself
3. No Sound effects or Music
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (BlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Game Controllers

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Worst Game Controllers

Controllers were the most important tools of ever playing a game otherwise you couldn't play one. Developers had created decent concepts and ideas for different controllers but some of them turned out to be so terrible that made you play like an idiot. This countdown shows off the biggest pile of junk that you'd probably wouldn't even need to play a game with. The controllers were badly designed, used for the wrong games or just doesn't work at all making these things a total cash-in.

10: Power Glove
Platform: NES
Developer: Mattel
Release Date: 1989

Power Glove

When NES developers wanted to try out an unique experiment by creating the Power Glove gamers where in for an hour and a half advertisement of both Super Mario Bros 3 and the Power Glove which was one screw up gamers shall remember. The controller was barely compatible with any game on the NES as the controls fly you all over the place. You can swing for your life but nothing will happen as you'd want it to. The Power Glove also had 2 other game which had special features used for the Glove but even that was not impressive. Using the Power Glove just makes really want to say that "It's so Bad" and anyone would just slap yourself in the face for it.

9: Intellivision Controller
Platform: Intellivision
Developer: Mattel Electronics
Release Date: 1982 (EU)


With the Atari 2600 revolutionizing the gaming industry it was time introduce one of it's competitors the Intellivison. It's controller was most complicated of it's time. It had a Keypad along with a disk in which you could easily jam your fingernails inside. The games for the system came with with different overlays which was really needed because without it you'd would not know what button does which for each game unless you had an instruction manual. Even with a manual and overlays it's difficult to control the game and the disk can also be unresponsive. With the same concept done with the Colecovision Controller and the technology not improving from it this makes it at number 9 on the countdown.

8: Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller
Platform: PS2
Developer: NubyTech
Release Date: 2005

re4 chainsaw

With it's high success Capcom's survial horror masterpiece that had high praise on the PlayStation 2 and the Gamecube it spawned off one of NubyTech effortless controller that would think it was remaking Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It sure had a blood stained feel to it along with it's awesome chainsaw sound effect but with it's bulky design it was difficult to even hold it and try to control the game. Buttons were clustered over, you'd have to level it in the middle to aim or to raise it high in order to move around and yo even bring up the menu requires you to pull it's lever. This makes it downright awkward to play the game with this device. If Leon or Ada don't use chainsaws in the game why would you ever need this to play the game other then making this into a Stupid Collectible item to show off to your friends.

7: Super Scope (Nintendo Scope)
Platform: Super Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: August 27th 1994 (EU)

Super Scope

With it's success of the NES Zapper back in the 80's Gunpei Yokoi (Creator of the Game Boy) invented the Super Scope and the 6 in 1 Game Cartridge. This huge bazooka gun used wireless technology with a sensor bar which plugged into the second port of the console, forcing you to use 6 AA batteries and this beast can eat up all it's power in only a matter of hours. the gun's design had you to look into it's sight to aim onto targets but it's uncomfortable design could leave you with eye strain if you play too long. Only 11 Games were made for the device and sadly there was little demand for it when it was released in Japan. With it's poor sales the Super Scope was dropped just only a year after it was released in Europe.

6: Konami Laser Scope
Platform: NES
Developer: Konami
Release Date: 1990

Laser Scope

Just when Lethal Enforcers had gamers with their Six-Shooting Justifiers, NES owners in 1990 had their hands on with the Laser Scope. Originally designed to be used with one game called Laser Invasion but can be used with games for the Zapper as well. The device was a headset with a Crosshair and was voice controlled. to shoot you shout FIRE as this disturbs other people around you. Often times using this it would malfunction thus why it received such negative reception from it's use. You'd be better off not using this headset for anything unless you'd want a decent headset for your X-Box 360.

5: Plastic Wii Shells
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Developer: Serveal
Release Date: 2006 to 2011

Wii Accessories

When you get your hands on a Wii Remote and a Nunchuck which makes the revolutionary. What happens when Third Party companies released a whole bunch of useless Plastic Shells to make your remote into either a Gun, a Steering Wheel, a baseball bat, a sword and many others, you would have a package that's way too much for a mouthful. Although some gun-shells had some use and it was cool to have a racing wheel with Mario Kart Wii but many others where just plastic toys which made you into an idiot that probably plays with baby toys. Many of these make the controls in the games more difficult to control and sometimes they can make your arms more tired quickly. it's unbelievable that many more shells are being made for the Wii and being made less responsive and ridiculous. This should make this at Number 5 in the countdown.

4: Philips CD-I Controller
Platform: Philips CD-I
Developer: Philips
Release Date: 1991

CD-I Controller

The CD-I has the most ridiculous design for it's wireless controller. It had a loose stick can easily make your hands fall off it, buttons were clustered all over Joy-pad to make it confusing between what button you should press to do whatever. With a design that was most complicated it was best to use a simple Joy-pad with the right buttons which makes this the 4th in the countdown.

3: Sega Activator
Platform: Mega Drive (Genesis in US)
Developer: Sega
Release Date:


Fighting games were a big hit in the arcades with their arcade sticks but what if you've looked at a fighting stand which controls the fighting games? The answer would be that the device would not be usable for any kind of fighting game in living room. You'd punch and kick like you would in real life without hitting your television or anybody in the face. Trying to pull of a fatality in Mortal Kombat is certainly impossible because most of the controls are unresponsive. With it's future Fighting Stands following on the PlayStation 1 and 2 to try and capitalise on the Fighting Genre and failing miserably, making gamers just resulting to just playing with the arcade sticks and Joy-pads.

2: U-Force
Platform: NES
Developer: Broderbound
Release Date: 1989


A device that sounded so hot that nobody could touch it, but it was certainly untouchable when it came to figuring out how to use this untouchable nightmare. Although it had a power bar for Punch Out and and a plastic stick for flying games like Top Gun but mostly the controls were downright unresponsive leading players to their demise most of the time. This awful Battleship shaped device was just another reason to why the Power Glove from Mattel would ever succeed with terrible technology like this and why no one should ever touch it.

1: Atari 5200 Controller
Platform: Atari 5200
Developer: Atari
Release Date: 1982

atari 5200 controller

With Atari's competition increasing the Atari 5200 controller had one of the biggest reasons for the system to fail. Although it had it's innovations like a 360 degree Joystick and Pause which was new at the time, the controller's joystick was so fragile it would break after just a few hours of play. It also had a numeric keypad and action buttons on the sides of the controller. It shared the same design flaws as the Intellivision and the Celcovision controllers but made even worse for it's reliability. There were supposed to have third party support in order to replace the broken controllers but was just as bad as this one. This is one controller you'd wouldn't use for any game system making this the pick for the worst controller ever made.

Writtern By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Eight Legged Freaks: Let the squashing Begin Shockwave Game Review

Game Title: Eight Legged Freaks: Let the Squashing Begin

Platform: (WEB Shockwave) (

Developer: 3D Groove
Publisher: Warner Bros
Genre: Modern First Person Shooter
Age Rating: N/A
Release Date: 2002
Game Score: 2.3/10

You'll most likely squish this brief and forgettable shooter based on the Eight Legged Freaks Movie after even playing it, if you could that is.

Based on the Comedy/Horror movie of the same name Warner Bros tags along with 3D Groove the designers behind Alien X and 9MM to bring forth a game that is losely based on the movie. While there is little material in creating the game for consoles so you can't complain with that but the game is nothing more then a dead bug that is probably lying around in your Underwear draw.

In the game you take control of either the Coal Miner Chris or the Female Police Officer Sam and you're goal in the game is to go through the areas hunting for spiders to kill and find keys to move to the next area and once you find the keys you can then go the exit which takes you to the next level. The main problem is that there are only 2 levels to play through the entire game. From the mall level all the way to the rooftop, there's not even parts from the movie with the mining cave where the heroes had to search around for survivors. The only redeeming factor to this game would be that you can replay the levels for better scores and they can be uploaded to the Warner Bros website to compete with other Highscores. You'd be even surprised that anyone who even plays this game would even care about it.

You have 4 different weapons to use on the spiders. These range from the Crossbow, a Nail-gun which in it's take seems powerful enough to deal with the Spiders, a Spray Gun and a Double Barrel Shotgun which can any Spider in 1 shot up close. The control mechanics on the game are similar to Alien X but the spray gun is mostly useless because of it's lousy hit detection making the spider hit you first instead. There are 3 different kinds that are seen in the movie. There's the jumping spiders, splitters which can shoot venom at you and also a giant tarantula at the end of the game. Bottom-line the game will most likely take at least 10 minutes to complete and probably after playing it once you'd want to squash it then, that is if this game was ever on a disk since if you've played this on the Internet why would ever want to download it.

Eight Legged Freaks

Eight Legged Freaks suffers from a dated graphics line that looks downright generic making the envrioments repeitive and forgettable. Spider model animations are poor and when they jump in the air they can suspend themselves the air or even worse when they are on the ground when there's a bit of space underneath them. The main disapointment is that there's no blood or gore showing when you blasted of a spider unlike in the movie. The voicetracks are downright annoying when you listen to the same character voicelines over and over again. The soundtrack used in scenes from the movie just loops over and over with one music track just repeating just to numb your head with bad spider noises added on top.

Eight Legged Freaks 2

Even if it's for ten minutes it's simply unnecessary for anyone who hates spiders to play such a boring, short and bad looking shooter game based on this comedy/horror movie of the same name. If you see any spiders living around you'd better just let this spider free as You'll most likely squish this brief and forgettable shooter based on the Eight Legged Freaks Movie after even playing it, if you could that is.

The Pros:
1. It has Spiders and they're huge

2. You could get High Scores to see if anyone cares

The Bads:
1. Short and forgettable campaign which only lasts for 15 minutes

2. Generic and unimpressive graphics

3. It misses out the Gory aspects from the movie

4. Lame and annoying one liners that repeat over and over
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (BlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 14th July 2011: Slow review progress.

My reviews have been going so slowly recently and that's because of my total lazyness. Seriesly I do need a bit of motivation to keep me going but for me it's getting annoying. Anyway I've been doing countdowns of both the best and worst of Sonic the Hedgehog games and also been doing some AQWorlds which I'll need to finish the reputation quests before my account expires. When I ever go back to my reviews I plan to start off with the 8-Bit consoles like the NES and the Master System games and I perhaps may also do some flash and shockwave games since they can be much easier to do. I've also decided to join a Machinma gaming page on facebook called Respawn Army. If you don't know about it it's a gaming community page showing updates and news from the lastest games and also people also make Machinima videos on youtube.

If you're willing to join them then you can find them on their facebook page. (

Hopefully I'll try to consintrate on getting more reviews done on Gamespot and Raptr along with more Gameplay Videos and Monthly Countdowns.

Subcribe and comment if you got any questions or problems.

Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Sonic The Hedgehog Games

Sonic The Hedgehog 15 Anniversory

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Sonic The Hedgehog Games

When it came to solid competitors against Nintendo and their Italian mascot Mario Sega needed their new mascot and that was Sonic the Hedgehog. Making his debut in 1991 he had spread hours of enjoyment since the days of the 16 Bit Mega Drive/Genesis consoles. With solid speedy game-play mechanics that at least work probably as it should be and giving whats fans demanded this is a countdown that shows of the best of the best of Sonic Gaming History. So sit back, put on that Sonic Fan T-Shirt and find out which of the Best Sonic Games made the Countdown.

10: Sonic The Hedgehog Poket Adventure
Platform: Neo Geo Pocket Color
Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega
Release Date:

Sonic Pocket Adventure

Before Sega was forced to drop out of the console market for good Sonic made a surprising appearance on SNK's Neo Geo Pocket system. While staying true to it's Mega Drive/Genesis counterparts the game was the first handheld Sonic that included Multiplayer which Players could either race to the finish or play a mode where players need to collect the highest rings. With music recurring from the oldest Sonic games, graphics being being able to reassemble from the original and newer Sonic games it was noticed that Sonic would do impressively at remembering the Mega Drive/Genesis but aiming towards the hearts of the hardcore.

9: Sonic Rush
Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega

Release Date: November 18th 2005

Sonic Rush

What Sonic Rush does right is being ble to keep with it's original roots into the Dual Screen format. Sonic Rush introduces the fiery Blaze The Cat which added another scenario alongside Sonic's with collecting the other Emeralds called the Sol Emeralds. The game also allowed Multiplayer support for another player to race together to the finish or to share personal records. The sequel Sonic Rush Adventure kept true to the original as well as added vehicle sequences but the original game was the better game of the two. Sonic Rush remains as one of the DS's competitive plat-formers at the time but fans couldn't leave the fan quality of Sonic and Blaze together.

8: Sonic The Hedgehog 4
Platform: PSN, XBLA, WiiWare, iOS, Windows Phone 7
Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega
Release Date: October 7th 2010

Sonic 4

After being barked down with awful platforming and terrible spin-offs Sonic finally revisits his true and original origins the 2D Platforming days since the Mega Drive days. This is what fans could not be even more proud off. Altogether the game recycled mechanics from other games like Homing Attacks but Sonic 4 executed many of these flawlessly while also keeping the difficulty curve that has kept Sonic fans on their toes form many years ago. While the game remains true to the original the only question is will this be a trilogy and will we ever see Tails or Knuckles again.

7: Sonic Colors
Platform: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
Developer: Sonic Tea,. Dimps, Sega
Release Date: November 12th 2010

Sonic Colors

Sonic has delivered his best 3D Sonic game yet since his time on the Dreamcast. Colors on both DS and Wii made use of Sonic's best roots along with the help of wisps that are found throughout the game. Wisps gave Sonic new abilities to turn into a laser that can bounce from solid surfaces to change laser directions, Run faster and attract rings and to drill through soft ground and water for shortcuts or hidden areas. Colors inculded Competitive Multiplayer modes, Challenges and Leader-boards. Sonic Colors remains as one of the finest Sonic games to date as well as being of the impressive looking games on the Wii.

6: Sonic Advance Triology
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Developer: Sonic Team, Dimps, Sega
Release Date: 2002, 2003, 2004

Sonic advance

After the Dreamcast had died in 2001 Sonic had left the console market along with Sega and it looked like Sega's mascot would have been put on life support but not until He had no choice but to go tag along on other systems but that still didn't stop from delivering his successful 2D impressive speedy bliss on the Gameboy Advance. Sonic Advance continued the true formula of previous 2D Sonic games while also being able to ally with other characters as well as inviting a young rabbit girl named Cream and her Chao friend Cheese in Sonic Advance 2. Characters can be used to help the player reach unreachable areas or to use them as projectile attacks. The Trilogy also included a Chao garden which allowed players to raise the little creatures which become healthy as you breed t, feed it to add skills to it and make it happy. The 3 games are among some of the stronger titles in the GBA's library and it makes Sonic think he could a soft spot on the handheld.

5: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis
Developer: Sonic Team, Sega Technical Institute, Sega
Release Date: November 24th 1992

Sonic 2

Sonic's sequel wasn't like most sequels that where so bad instead Sonic went even bigger and then brought along a sidekick to follow at his side. While Tails didn't get the best treatment from fans and critics Sonic 2 followed on the true mechanics from the first game and introduced many new features that would be seen in later Sonic games at the time. These included the spin-roll and Multiplayer support which was impressive for good competitions. Sonic 2 is definitely one of the better sequels around and has some strong fan-base among it's release.

4: Sonic The Hedgehog
Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis
Developer: Sega, Sonic Team
Release Date: June 23rd 1991

Sonic the hedgehog

Alex Kidd couldn't get the job done on Sega's 16-Bit games console so sega threw out their out their old mascot and replaced him with a Blue Speedy Hedgehog in which his original game is one of the best selling Mega Drive games and Fans still remember the days and they can still play the original Speedy Bliss to this day. Sonic was simple game where Sonic collected rings stomped robotnic's (Eggman's) robots and get enough rings to enter a portal to a special stage in which Sonic can get a Chaos emerald. No matter what console you're on the original Sonic can still be one of the most memorable games ever made.

3: Sonic and Knuckles
Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis
Developer: Sonic Team, Sega Technical Institute
Release Date: October 19th 1994

Sonic and knuckles

Sega didn't quite impress with the Mega CD hardware but Sonic did what Sega could not. Sonic and Knuckles eventually teamed up to face against Dr Robotnic (Dr Eggman) and restore the Chaos Emeralds. Although the game was made into a solo game but the cartierage used Lock-On technology to make Knuckles playable in Sonic 2 and also in Sonic 3 and Tails in the Sonic and Knuckles levels. and put in any other game onto it and you'll have the Sphere Special stages into a game. This was like having 4 different games as long as you still had the other games. Tails had the ability to fly and can also swim for a brief time. Knuckles can float and can climb into places that Sonic and Tails could not reach before. With a big Sonic game package like this one you could never find any other Sonic game like this one.

2: Sonic Adventure
Platform: Dreamcast, Gamecube, PC, XBLA
Developer: Sonic Team, Sega, Sega Studios Shanghai, NOW Production
Release Date: December 23rd 1998

Sonic adventure

Sonic Adventure was Sonic's real leap into 3D unlike his other attempt with Flickies Island. Sonic incorporated better mechanics, impressive scenarios, a chao garden in later versions along with the suitable camera that was perfect for playing a good Sonic game. The Sonic Adventure games have impressive speedy segments along with snowboarding and also some driving stages. Despite the game's cheesy dialogue and voice-over even though Sonic's voice was the best that fans remember and was amusing to hear. The soundtrack was awesome listening to characters theme tunes, remixed tracks from the old games and the amazing game theme tunes. With this game being the most memorable game in Sonic's History books it makes us wonder why couldn't Sega do the same with the newer 3D Sonic games.

1: Sonic CD
Platform: Mega CD, PC
Developer: Sonic Team, SoftKey, Sega
Release Date: Octobber 1993

Sonic CD

With the Mega CD falling on it's face Sonic knew what he had to do. He needed to speed off onto the CD platform in hopes he could saved the console from disgrace. Sonic CD showed off the impressive opening intro and also gave out 3D scaling to rival the Super Nintendo's graphics line. Players had to take Sonic through either the Past or the Future in order to stop Robotnic (Eggman) from unleashing his evil plans, rescue the young Amy Rose and face the menacing Metal Sonic in a showdown. Music tracks from the CD technology was amazing for it's time with calming and chilling soundtracks which sets the mood for the games environments and was the first Sonic game that used back up data to save your progress or to load whenever needed. For it's time Sonic CD became one of the only Mega CD games that was worth playing back then. Sure it was one of the most confusing games but that doesn't stop Sonic CD from being the Sonic game that played a fast speed of his career. This makes it at number 1 on Sonic's History board.

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Sonic Games

The Top 10 Worst Sonic Games (Sonic's 20th Anniversary Special)

Sonic the hedgehog 20th

Although Sega's fast speeding mascot has had a big shine on the 2-D games, after a while Sonic had began to fall apart. His new intentions where to focus on making the new ideas of completing against Nintendo's Italian Plumber but has delivered bad tastes for the media, ranging from bad spin-offs, annoying characters and rushed game-play mechanics that has failed to impress throughout the past decade. In honor of Sonic's 20 years of Speedy goodness this countdown will look back at the worst of Sonic's time-line that the Blue Hedgehog has ever witnessed and might not be able to Dash from his troubles again.

10: Sonic Draft Racing
Platform: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Release Date: 1994 and 1995

Sonic Drift Racing

Before Sonic took off a Hover-board and mediocre races He had Go Karts in Sonic Drift Racing for the Game Gear. Sonic's take on Mario Kart required procession of drift to keep you off the race track, most competitors roam right easily into you knocking you around and sometimes making it difficult to unlock the Emeralds before the final race against Eggman. On top of that add awful music and you have Sonic's take on a Mario Kart just didn't go right for him but did better when He brought his All Star sega friends several years later.

9: Sonic Raiders Zero gravity
Platform: Wii
Developer: Sega
Release Date: 22nd Febuary 2008

Sonic Raiders Zero Gravity

Swapping his fast speed for Hover-boards that simply can't turn sharp-fully as you needed it making Sonic and pals act like ping pong balls as they constantly collide between many annoying obstacles in the way. It doesn't help the games controls that are so bad even using standard controllers doesn't help the case. The storyline was downright bizarre and didn't much sense but it wasn't important as much anyway. Zero Gravity is just another one of those really Sonic games and to add insult it's even worse on the Wii thanks to it's awful controls and being decent looking game.

8: Sonic the Fighters (Sonic Championship)
Platform: Arcade
Developer: Sega
Release Date: August 1996

Sonic the Fighters

A Fighting game featuring Sonic characters as well as picking some from the Sonic Archie comic book Series. You have a solid design but combat simply feels more a button masher, since when would there ever be 8 Emeralds to collect instead of 7. The mechanics didn't work out great with it's stiff controls, Barriers being a pain and a difficult showdown with Metal Sonic at the end. Sonic The Fighters didn't have much impact but it desperately tried to hit on the consoles but it didn't make it until Sonic Gems in 2005. Sonic The Fighters ends up nothing more wacky Virtua Fighter ticker.

7: Sonic R
Platform: Saturn/ PC
Developer: Sega
Release Date: December 11th 1997


First up what does R in this even stand for. is it rapid, racing, racer or is it retire and that would have been your choice had you not played this mediocre racer on the Saturn. The game was plain downright simple full of easy shortcuts that even the computer is too stupid to realize that. Only 5 Racing tracks in the game with uninteresting extra games taped on. You could like the music track unless you're a High School Musical fan boy but some annoying sound effects ruin it. Stiff controls is the worst of it with you bumping into walls and not being able to turn probably and it doesn't that accrelerating is set to the same D-Pad as steering. Sonic R's just one racer better off retiring from.

6: Sonic Shuffle
Platform: Dreamcast
Developer: Sega
Release Date: March 9th 2001

Sonic Shuffle

Sega tags along with Hudson for it's very own take on Mario Party. Yes the very same Hudson who also work with Nintendo on Mario Party. It's a shame that for this party game is already over thanks to it's awful and dumb design of mini games which mostly will bore even younger kids along with a storyline which most of the time didn't make much sense. There's game like having to hit an Eggman target in order to choose a character which makes no sense, quick draw cards, robot stamping against the other players, jumping swamps to avoid falling into the lakes, a silly electrical game with one umbrella and the list of unimpressive games goes on and on. It's a shock to see that Hudson would even think about making party games for both Sonic and Mario as this Sonic game is just a big disappointing party Popper. On a positive note the cel-shaded graphics were impressive for the time.

5: Sonic 3D Flickies Island (Sonic 3D Blast)
Platform: Mega Drive (Genesis), Saturn, PC
Developer: Sega
Release Date: November 1996

Sonic 3D

Sonic was mostly big within the 2D world but choosing to go for 3-D on the Mega Drive was a big mistake dispute the cool intro upon start up. Instead of having to run all the way to the finish line with rings to collect and hidden levels to reveal Chaos Emeralds. Instead Sonic 3D was made into a scavenger hunt for little bird creatures called Flickies that needs to be rescued progressing Sonic's speed to a screeching halt. Controls were among awful with running and jumping being frustratingly imprecise making Sonic take the hit first making secret levels near impossible to access. For this game it was a bad time for Sonic to turn 3D but luckily did go 3D with Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast 2 years later. It was just done in a wrong place at the wrong time.

4: Tails Sky Patrol
Platform: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Release Date: April 28th 1995 (Japan Only)

Tails Sky Patrol

Tails was a faithful companion for Sonic since Sonic 2 but some fans might think how Tails would have with his own game. Although the game was only released in Japan but that didn't stop sega from putting it on Sonic Gems and as an extra on Sonic Adventure DX. Tails must fly on rails in a side scrolling format to avoid bumping walls, traps that you'd least expect to happen and also battle against the clumsiness of it's bad controls which will make Tails fall before you'll know it. Even playing the Training Level it's ridiculous to even get anywhere especially when continues send you back to the start of the level. For an awful Sonic spin-off it hurts the poor kitsune's reputation and shouldn't be disgraced by a game like this.

3: Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic 06, Next Gen)
Platform: X-Box, PlayStation 3
Developer: Sega
Release Date: November 24th 2006

Sonic 06 360

For fans this Sonic game is nothing more then a total %£$&*£% disaster that would think that Sonic should just stay in 2D. Bad controls compiled with broken game-play mechanics, graphics being totally glitched up and some awful bugs. Load-times are long and they constantly interrupt the experience. You explore a lifeless city full of disappearing people and objects and also play dull and simplistic missions that just drag on and on. Even if you ever like some of games characters like the Sliver Physic hedgehog from the future or Rouge a bat wing with Boobs the storyline was just plain ridiculous stuff. You even get to see a ridiculous relationship with a human princess and a cartoon hedgehog with gloved hands. If nearly every 3D game is so bad besides Sonic Adventure and Shadow the Hedgehog why is it that Sega has to this to Sonic?

2: Sonic Labyrinth
Platform: Game Gear
Developer: Sega
Release Date: October 1995

Sonic Labyrinth

Sonic sure has his speed at his side but not this time he has lost it and has to get it back through a series of tricky pinball like areas. Sonic moves incredibly slow and has to relay on his Spin ball to get anywhere but the controls are horrendous making Sonic spin all over the place and making you also leaving you invaluable to enemies and also the level design is just plain annoying to navigate through. The music is just so awful your ears will feel bad from listening to this awful garbage. Could Sonic even be even more slow then on this?

1: Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Developer: Sega
Release Date: November 14th 2006 (US Only)

Sonic GBA

Before anyone screams What version of Sonic is this supposed to be? Is this the original version on the Mega Drive/Genesis consoles, an emulated version on compilation disks or is this the broken down Gameboy Advance port. Yes it's the Gameboy Advance port that is anything but even playable at all. Sonic has plenty of next console to make this for but why the GBA? Broken down game-play mechanics with bad glitch effects along with plenty of painful bugs that just come out of nowhere killing you. Game-play was even slowed to add further insult and the music being a badly awful remix tunes of favorite songs. It's one of Sonic's biggest mistakes of having this awful contraption for his 15th birthday and makes the Mega Drive hit look like a mockery even Mario should be ashamed of this. This makes it number one on Sonic's worst Chili-dog stand.

Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)