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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 01/12/2014: My Christmas List 2014

Here is my Christmas List of what I would like for 2014 These are.

1. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (PlayStation 3)

2. Destiny (PlayStation 3)

3. Fantasy Life (Nintendo 3DS)

There was another I could have wanted was the Nintendo 3DS XL which is an overall improvement over the original 3DS model but I didn't put it on the list when I finished it and gave it to my parents. I did talk about it with my Mum so maybe it's possible that I could get a 3DS XL for Christmas this year.

So What games are you getting this year?

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 6/11/2014 Long Absence and plans

Sorry I have been of Gamespot for a long while because I had to finish off Tales of Xillia 2 and the post-game content was taking far too long because of grinding and difficulty beating them. I was also working on the Top 13 Worst Horror Games which are games that have a horror theme to them and provide terribleness. I recently got my hands on Shovel Knight for my Nintendo 3DS which I'm happy about as well as buying Time Crisis 4 with the G-Con 3 on PS3 and Star Wars Dark Forces for the PSOne on the weekend. I'm hoping to get myself back into the routine after my longtime spending on the PS3 and the Tales of Games.

In December I plan to focus my time into doing the Top Ten Best and Worst games of 2014 and unlike the other lists I plan to only include games released in Europe so look forward to that list. Right now I must focus on beating Tales of Eternia on the PSP while I'll spend a day on Shovel Knight.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 13 Worst Horror Video Games

With Halloween gone by it's time for a scary Top Thirteen list just like The Top 13 Most Scariest games of all time. With the release of The Evil Within and Alien Isolation it seems that the survival horror genre is reverting back to it's proper roots. Back in recent years the genre has mostly ignored what was supposed the horror games scary and instead focus it's intentions towards other genres. This is a list that contains perhaps the worst horror games that didn't even try to be scary alongside some games that managed to be scary by bad design and horrifying gameplay. Hide yourself under the blanket and grab your flashlight because this countdown is going to end up with people having bad dreams.

13: Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Platform: PlayStation/Dreamcast/PC

Developer: Heavy Iron Studios

Release Date: 4th December 2000 (US), 22nd April 2001 (EU)

Evil Dead games have had mixed reception but Hail to the King was a poorly designed survival horror not even Bruce Campbell's voice acting for Ash could save it. The only thing that's worth owning the game for is that it does contain the atmospheric fell of the films but the game is but a mere Resident Evil clone with bad controls and punishing difficulty which turns the scares of Evil Dead to frustration.

12: Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within (Clock Tower: Ghost Head in Japan)

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: Human Entertainment

Release Date: 12th March 1998 (JP), 31st October 1999 (US)

The Clock Tower spinoff never showed it's scary face in Europe but the design issues that infect this game made it worth the spot in the countdown. Tormented teenage girl Alyssa suffers from a multiple personality disorder with a male individual known as Bates who tries to make her do things. While it has the disturbing point and click roots but however many of the areas were confusing to navigate through and most of the time required a walkthrough to figure out what you were supposed to do. The game's replay value comes from the 13 endings which most of them end up with the character dying. Top it off with very lazy voice acting and campy translation then you have a point and click horror experience that's cursed and should not be bothered with.

11: Painkiller: Resurrection

Platform: PC

Developer: Homegrown Games

Release Date: 27th October 2009 (US), 6th November 2009 (EU), 25th February 2010 (AU)

A first person shooter seems to be a bad idea for the horror genre and one such example is Painkiller Resurrection which the series was an attempt to relive the old school FPS. Dispute the Halloween themed levels with attitude this horror themed FPS is a complete train wreck with tons of bugs with frequent game freezes, terrible enemy AI and repetitive gameplay. In the days of the modern era sometimes it's best to let the older games do old school justice.

10: Ju-on: The Grudge

Platform: Wii

Developer: FeelPlus

Release Date: 30th July 2009 (JP), 13th October 2009 (US), 30th October 2009 (EU)

Based on the movies of the same name Ju-on was labeled a haunted house simulator then a traditional horror game. Each member of the family has to overcome the curse that aims to kill each one, their only out is too make use of the flashlight but trying control it is a nightmare of it's own and should that deplete the ghosts will come and kill the player instantly. Ju-on certainly has the terror but if bad controls wasn't scary enough then the awful graphics and presentation is enough to make anyone not want to set foot inside a house haunted with spirits.

9: D

Platform: 3DO/Saturn/PlayStation/PC

Developer: WARP

Release Date: 1st December 1995 (JP), March 1996 (EU), 1996 (US)

D was one of those horror games that didn't get any appreciation and it's a good thing because not only was the FMV quality was horrifying to look at but the overall narrative had Laura go through a twisted realm to solve the mystery of why her father would become an insane murderer. The gameplay had a real time clock of two hours and players had to tap out directions to pick up items and use them in the correct areas. It was a tedious experience and everything has to be done in a single sitting, that means no saving or loading and parts of the game can be very difficult to figure out. Being a CGI game camera movement was restrictive and slow to put up with. The title name is ridiculous but anyone who doesn't want to experience would like to know the name D stands for Dracula.

8: Shellshock 2: Blood Trails

Platform: XBox 360/PS3/PC

Developer: Rebellion

Release Date: 13th February 2009 (EU), 24th February 2009 (US)

Shellshock 2 Blood Trails is a bad sign when any foolish game designer decides that there should be zombies in a Vietnam War in an attempt to make a game scary. Obliviously including horror elements for a sequel just doesn't seem to work out since that never happened in the original game. It's the rotten tasted candy compared to the ridiculous use of the quick time event responses, bouncy movement, enemies that are dumb as bricks and there's no multiplayer. If there were zombies in a Vietnam War you'd be best to steer clear from this horror of mediocrity.

7: Escape from Bug Island

Platform: Wii

Developer: Spike

Release Date: 12th February 2006 (JP), 25th July 2007 (US), 26th October 2007 (EU), 1st November 2007 (AU)

The basic question of Escape from Bug Island is that why would anyone dare to set foot on an island that's full of giant bugs. It tries to be a similar game to the master piece Resident Evil 4 but the giant bugs aren't your biggest fear with the game, clumsy controls, terrible visuals which can be covered by the amount of fog it has you can just ignore their enemies and not feel punished about it. It also has the piano based soundtrack that repeats over and over. Best advice, avoid those huge bugs and stay far away from this awful game.

6: Dead Space Ignition

Platform: XBox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network

Developer: Sumo Digital

Release Date: 12th October 2010 (US), 13th October 2010 (EU)

The recent Dead Space 3 took many of the series scares away but there was one that many fanatics would consider it too scary to be enjoyable. Taking place before the events of Dead Space 2, Ignition went for a choose your own adventure story where you only take part in three mini games in between cut-scenes that are comic based. The presentation on the cut-scenes are terrible looking and the three mini games are both simple and boring to play, it takes away the atmosphere of Dead Space and provides more boredom then a single jump scare. The additional items you can unlock for Dead Space 2 isn't worth it from playing this boring excuse of a game.

5: Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Platform: XBox 360

Developer: Tamsoft

Release Date: 14th December 2006 (JP), 10th February 2009 (US), 27th February 2009 (EU)

You know what's scary about Onechanbara, having a bunch of Bikini clad girls take on a massive zombie invasion. It's stupid at the very least, not only are the character's bikini outfits too skimpy and inappropriate to look at but the combat is very repetitive and shallow. This is thanks to battles that relay on mindless button mashing, bosses that are dumb and easy and the overall presentation looks and sounds. It's not scary to be played on Halloween just too stupid, gross and inappropriate and no doubt one of the few worst games available on the XBox 360 platform.

4: Resident Evil Survivor

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: TOSE/Capcom

Release Date: 27th January 2000 (JP), 31st March 2000 (EU), 30th August 2000 (US)

Capcom's first take on trying to take Resident Evil Series towards the action game audience will always the worst compared to some of the modern day instalments. The Namco G-Con 45 Light Gun controller was compatible to be able to move the main character around and shoot down incoming zombies. Give the player unlimited bullets for the pistol removed the survival horror aspects alongside the limited and clunky controls which will sometimes lead to bad situations like trying to get away from Mr.X or having to avoid attacks from the games final boss. The storyline also featured broken English, cast of unlike-able characters and bad cutscenes which made this one of the series' worst outbreaks in history.

3: Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green

Platform: XBox/PC

Developer: Brainbox Games

Release Date: 20th October 2005 (US)

Geroge A.Romero's zombie horror movies have had delivered great flesh being eaten action but the zombie apocalypse turned out for the worse when Geroge's Land of the Dead movie got a prequel that was horribly designed. The Zombie AI processes a stupidity level that doesn't even make them a little bit scary then any zombie should be. It has glitchy hit detection and phyics, atrocious combat as well as having some of the worst graphics and soundtracks for the original XBox. The game even has a long list of technical bugs and glitches resulting in being almost unplayable. Perhaps the game was so bad that the zombies would rather just be in the Geroge A.Romero movies instead of playing this unfinished mess.

2: Vampire Rain

Platform: XBox 360/PS3


Release Date: XBox 360: 25th January 2007 (JP), 29th June 2007 (EU), 3rd June 2007 (US) PlayStation 3: 21st August 2008 (JP), 2nd September 2008 (US), 26th September 2008 (EU), 6th October 2008 (AU)

Vampire Rain is a horror game that's so bad that it can literally take a bite out of the XBox 360 and also the PlayStation 3. It tried to mix Vampires, Third Person Shooting with a big emphasis on stealth but otherwise the way it was marketed as well as executed left it be one of the most unfairly difficult video games out there. The final result was a game that was a splinter cell rip-off that tried to include a horror theme to it but failed. There are paths that will lead you to your death, areas that you can't go to and the Nightwalkers themselves can kill you in just two blows while you don't get a chance to get up and get away from them. Most of your weapons take 20 or more bullets to take one Nightwalker down, boss battles on the other hand were an absolute joke. Some of the trial and challenge missions were terrible and the multiplayer just wasn't worth bothering with. The main thing that's scary about Vampire Rain is how bad it sucks and it deserves the spot as the second worst horror game of all time.

1: Chiller

Platform: Arcade/NES

Developer: Exidy/American Game Cartridges

Release Date: 1986 (Arcade), 1990 (NES)

All the horror games that's mentioned on this list are like brief bad dreams compared to this monstrosity of a game that got banned for it's gore and violence. Before the age rating system, online reviews and gaming magazines you had to trust what the developers where thinking and doing before being released, Chiller on the other hand was one of the worst looking games on the NES and was a disgusting bare bones Light Gun shooter that not only got banned in the arcades but the UK as well. The game has you shooting monsters and also people that are being tortured and that's really horrible for anyone to see. The graphics were horrifying and the sound will make anyone want to mute the Television. Chiller remains as one of my worst reviewed games on my channel so please heed this warning, Do not ever play this game and leave it to rot under a gravestone!

Do you agree with this list? What were your worst nightmares that you had with those games?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Halloween to all

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 15/10/2014: Tales of Xillia 2 and My Gamespot Channel

My Gamespot Channel

Well I'm glad to be back from my suspension so it's best for me to explain one of my original intended plans. Back in September I originally planned to do a Tales of Costumes List and realized that were plenty of different unlockable outfits in each of those games and I would have planned in the future to do a Top Ten Unlockable Costumes in games, one of those Top Tens I worked on was the Tales of Characters in Swimsuits in which many people found the list inappropriate so I decided to take down the list and the images used for the list and keep them on my laptop. This has forced me to cancel the Costume Top Ten plans and try something else. I've now decided to do a Top Ten list on Worst Horror Games, it's games that are scary but are actually terrible. I plan on working on the list as soon as I am done with Tales of Xillia 2 and finally reviewing it. I apologize for making the list and will hope to create better and productive Top Tens in the future.

Tales of Xillia 2 Progress

I've finally managed to pay off the debt and completed Chapter 14 and now I have all the Character Storylines to play, the ending goal is in sight. It has taken me well over a month and a half to actually get the debt done but I'm pleased about it. Also since I have the PSP I've still got Tales of Eternia and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology to play through as well so I'm going to have a very long end of the year to beat them in time for Christmas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 25/09/2014: Tales of Xillia 2 Progress and the PSP

Sorry I haven't been doing much on my Gamespot channel, it's because I've been playing Tale of Xillia 2 and it's taking longer to beat then I noticed. I'm on Chapter 10 and I'm currently taking on sidequests and jobs before I take on Chapter 10. Recently I picked up a PSP with Tales of the World Radiant Mythology and the fact that the game was lying there on the shelf tempted me to get one. I also have Tales of Eternia for the PSP ordered online and I believe it will come either today or tomorrow. That means I'll have to spend some time on the PSP to ensure that the games work fine. I will keep an eye out for any worthwhile PSP games in the future.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Video Games I personally liked but no one else does

Anyone has their own opinions on the games that they liked but chances are that those games were hated by many others. As part of my 26th Birthday today I'm going to be showing of the following Ten games that I fought were amazing to me but unfortunately nobody else had liked. This is not a list based on the best or worst games of all time or games that are entirely underrated but the games I personally liked. Also Note that I haven't played every single game in the planet.

10: Perfect Dark Zero

Platform: XBox 360

Developer: Rare

Release Date: 17th November 2005 (North America), 2nd December 2005 (Europe)

Let's start off with the Perfect Dark prequel. Perfect Dark was one of my all time favoraite Nintendo 64 games of all time thanks to it's Bot Matches and incredible Campagin and weaponary. Then Rare announced a prequel to the N64 that was originally planned for the Nintendo Game Cube which was then canceled due to Microsoft taking Rare and then moving it over to the original XBox before the final answer revealed that was to be released as a launch title on the new XBox 360 console. When I got the XBox 360 back in 2010 and then saw this game on Gametrailers' Most Disappointing Games of the Past Decade and also their Worst Sequel lists made me very curious as too why the hate and when I got the game of my brother Gareth I figured I give this game a solid go. For me Perfect Dark Zero had some inspiring weapons like the return of the Laptop Gun which can still be deployed like a turret and enjoyable missions and multiplayer modes. It's one of the few XBox 360 games that had AI bots that I can actually play with if I can't find any people online to play with. I think maybe the people who have played this criticized the game for the poor level design and maybe players constantly did that rolling tactic but I never come across people who relayed on that but you can still kill them when they spam it. For a launch title I actually think that Perfect Dark Zero should have been taken more objectively but I guess many people would have liked it more if Rare had still been in Nintendo's hands.

9: Wii Play

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: 2nd December 2006 (Japan), 7th December 2006 (Australia), 8th December 2006 (Europe), February 12th 2007 (North America)

When the Wii came out a few of the earlier games released for it were plenty of minigame compilations that many people may have liked but then ones like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Wii Play gained plenty of criticism. To be honest I actually enjoyed many of the minigames found in Wii Play like the Shooting Gallery, Find Mii, Table Tennis, Laser Hockey, Billiards, Charge and Tanks and for me attempting to earn a High Score on those give me plenty of replay value and not to mention if you wanted a spare Wii Remote then it's a great deal. Most people would be bored with it after they unlocked all the minigames and many would find the minigames very repetitive so unless there's people that enjoyed Wii Play for what it's worth then I really feel a bit lonely.

8: Crypt Killer

Platform: Arcade/PlayStation/Sega Saturn

Developer: Konami

Release Date: 1995 (Arcades), PlayStation: 27th February 1997 (North America), March 7th 1997 (Japan), May 1997 (Europe)

I honestly do feel lonely for adding this. Crypt Killer is a Light Gun Shooter that was very under the radar and it received poor reviews for the flat graphics and punishing gameplay. I actually do like Crypt Killer as it's one of most challenging Light Gun shooter I've played through yet even though I played it on an Emulator with a joypad but however if I can get my hands on an actual copy I'm going to play it with my HyperBlaster controller. Thankfully I believe the accuracy is supposedly better then in Lethal Enforcers I & II on the PSOne and I'm also relived that you actually fight against demons and monsters in it and not have to deal with those annoying civilians who constantly get in the way.

7: Red Steel

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developer: Ubisoft

Release Date: 19th November 2006 (North America), 2nd December 2006 (Japan), 7th December 2006 (Australia), 8th December 2006 (Europe)

In 2006 when Nintendo released it's motion control console the Wii there were a few stand out titles Bowling in Wii Sports, Zelda Twilight Princess which was an awesome launch title for the system. However one of the first I get to try out on my new Wii when I got it for Christmas 2007 was it's FPS launch title to show how the genre would be handled on it. That title was Red Steel which loads of people constantly say that it was a complete disappointment compared to how the demos showed off the game. For me it was amazing and it's still a title that can hold well on it's own against the likes of Call of Duty and Halo. It had a good storyline featuring gang wars, samurai blades and a kidnapped girl that you had to rescue. The gameplay utilized both shooting and sword fighting segments which were both quite good even if the swordplay wasn't perfected and fixed for the sequel. The shooting was great and using the aim made all your shots more accurate and I find replaying through the game fun to experience either one of the two endings you can get or achieve a better score. For many players Red Steel was heavily flawed for the forgettable story and characters and they didn't like the mechanics of the game, same even went too far to call it one of the worst launch games in existence. For me Red Steel was a Wii game that had style and charm that made enjoy the Wii console.

6: Postal 2

Platform: PC

Developer: Running With Scissors

Release Date: 11th April 2003 (Japan), 14th April 2003 (North America), 17th April 2003 (Europe)

Now I've never ever played a GTA game in my life but when I watched my older brother Michael play Postal 2 on the PC and seen all the crazy stuff you can do such as killing innocent people or animals or peeing all over the police officers, I downloaded the demo and eventually became old enough to have the full game. What I had when playing this was unstoppable fun aside from a few game crashes that I had but side from that I enjoyed the offensiveness of the original version of Postal 2. The game is said to be banned in numerous countries for it's controversy that it includes and some people complain about the loading times and some performance issues but as a game I found it enjoyable. I enjoyed running around the town shooting people, setting animals on fire, whacking people's heads off with a shovel and urinating on the police always makes me laugh so hard. I enjoy having to cause so much trouble in this game and forget about the offensive content that the game does and only a small people like VideoGame Carnage or Lazy Game Reviews do agree that this game is just stupid fun.

5: Inversion

Platform: XBox 360/PlayStation 3/PC

Developer: Saber Interactive

Release Date: XBox 360/PlayStation 3: 5th June 2012 (North America), July 12th 2012 (Australia), July 13th 2012 (Europe)

PC: 8th June 2012 (Europe), July 12th 2012 (Australia), July 26th 2012 (North America) (Steam)

Inversion was rather unique to me cause it was Gears of War but with the ability to use the Gravitational device which allows you to make your enemies float in the air or toss barrels at your enemies. I also didn't mind the story whilst people disliked the story and characters. I would have liked the game more if people gave this game a chance and by that it's because aren't even online playing it. I enjoyed the use of gravity and the characters are kind of quite good in some way as the story's about Davis and Leo who are fighting against an invasion in order to find Davis' missing daughter. It's a bit of a sad tale but an interesting one in my opinion. Various critics online complain that Inversion is a copy cat of Gears of War but to me it's more then that.

4: Shadow The Hedgehog

Platform: PlayStation 2/GameCube/XBox

Developer: Sega

Release Date: 15th November 2005 (North America), 18th November 2005 (Europe), 15th December 2005 (Japan)

In the past few years various Sonic have gotten a lot of mixed reception from gameplay to story but one of favorite 3D Sonic games that gets underrated is Shadow The Hedgehog. It was a Sonic game that reveals the backstory of who Shadow is and what Shadow is trying to remember what he was programmed for. Shadow's story can develop if you wished for him to follow the Dark Side, his Neutral Side or the Good Sid. Doing any one of those will alter the story and unlock the ten different endings plus the True Final Ending afterwards. Shadow can use weapons and also vehicles in which they can be useful since vehicles helped at one of the levels where you need to avoid the toxic. I actually found the gameplay in Shadow The Hedgehog to be enjoyable and it's a shame people didn't like it cause Sonic is never the kind of franchise to allow the characters to be carrying guns and the tone of it was much darker then any of the other games. Personally I enjoyed every moment of the game including the different endings I unlock for taking either side.

3: Dark Arena

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Developer: Graphic State Games

Release Date: 18th January 2002 (North America) 15th February 2002 (Europe)

It was August 2005 and that I got a Game Boy Advance and I pick up an FPS title for it called Dark Arena which in the eyes of many players it was nothing more then a Doom Clone but however when I played it Dark Arena looked quite in GBA graphics and the weapons where quite fun to use. Sure the game doesn't let you carry your weapons from one level to the next but at least as game I fought it was enjoyable to playthrough and a good FPS to take on the go.

2: Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death

Platform: PlayStation 2/GameCube/XBox

Developer: Rebellion Developments

Release Date: PlayStation 2: 17th October 2003 (Europe), 24th February 2005 (North America)

Xbox: 17th October 2003 (Europe), 27th February 2005 (North America)

Windows: 17th October 2003 (Europe), 3rd March 2005 (North America)

GameCube: 12th December2003 (Europe), 1st March 2005 (North America)

I swear to god people really put plenty of hate towards Dredd VS Death but when I bought this game in a 3 for £10 PC deals I could not pass this opportunity to play it. It was absolute fun to actually feel like Judge Dredd, everyone including civilians are criminals and I really find it both entertaining and funny to arrest them for crimes like Drunk and Disorderly, Possession of a Hamster without a license or Assault on Judge. Plead all you want you disorderly people cause when Judge Dredd's on the streets he yells out to the crooks: I AM THE LAW!!! People really hated the budget graphics, the short lived campaign, weak A.I and simplistic gameplay but people really, this is intended to make you feel like Judge Dredd. It was fun to be able to lock those bad guys up and slay some undead monsters cause why not for variety, even for a small budget game.

1: Brink

Platform: XBox 360/PlayStation 3/PC

Developer: Splash Damage

Release Date: 10th May 2011 (North America), 12th May 2011 (Australia), 13th May 2011 (Europe), 16th June 2011 (Japan)

Now I feel all alone and sad for adding this game as my number 1 on my list. Brink was announced to take full advantage of the full parkour movement much like Mirror's Edge and also an a full solid multiplayer game that let's players take the side of either the Security Forces or the Resistance members. Here's where I stand I never played Mirror's Edge, Team Fortress 2, Enemy Territory Quake Wars or Wolfenstien Enemy Territory before but I actually enjoy playing through Brink even though it's got maybe a flaw or two. I liked the gameplay, the movement system and the challenging arenas you go through and the various objectives keeps the game engaging. There's plenty of customizable options for your characters that can unlock by gaining experience or completing challenges which adds plenty of unlockable content. It's such a shame that a game like this would get such mediocre reviews but I honestly don't care about the reviews if I'm having a great time with Brink.

Chances are that many people will hate me for liking some of those games that I picked and to be honest I don't care what you say about them because they are people around that experience in a different perspective. This way it allows other people to be able to see what other games that different like instead of the usual games that people like. Please share in the comments your personal liked games that people didn't like.

Maybe next year I'll perhaps talk about the games that I disliked but everyone else does but till then thanks for reading. See you next time.

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe.

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Dragon Ball Games

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown:

The Top 10 Worst Dragon Ball Games

The Dragon Ball Universe has create some of the most intense fights in Anime and adapted it's way into video games, some may have been great for the time but however many attempts to capture the feeling of the show resulted in unleashing the gamers rage that turned them into Super Saiyans against bad design and horrible gameplay. I here to show you the Ten Worst Dragon Ball games that exceeded the bad gaming power level of over 9000. For the best results I'm only going to be counting the Dragon Ball games that are released in English, that means games like Super Gokuden or Dragon Ball on the NES can't be mentioned here. If you could use the Dragon Balls to take the following games away would have been nice.

10: Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z

Platform: XBox 360/PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita

Developer: Artdink

Release Date: 23rd January 23 2014 (Japan), 24th January 2014 (Europe), 28th January 2014 (North America)

Creating a Team based Dragon Ball Z game isn't a bad idea when done right but however Battle of Z had plenty of unbalanced teams comprised by poor AI and very limited combat. Many of the Multiplayer modes can only be played online with no local multiplayer support. The game did show a brand new transformation for Goku called Super Sayian God but it's best experienced in the Battle of Gods movie.

9: Dragon Ball Raging Blast

Platform: XBox 360/PlayStation 3

Developer: Spike

Release Date: 9th November 2009 (Japan), 10th November 2009 (North America), 13th November 2009 (Europe), 19th November 2009 (Australia)

Bad controls and a weak story translation were just some of the issues with Raging Blast alongside it's sequel. It's a shame the developers didn't learn from the controls found in Budokai Tenkaichi 2 or 3. It's only decent side was including characters that were never used in a Dragon Ball game before.

8: Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Developer: Webfoot Technologies

Release Date: 14th May 2002 (North America), 4th October 2002 (Europe)

One of the most popular DBZ RPG games released was Super Saiya Densatsu for the Super Famicom which gained plenty of fan approval in the late 90s, when Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku was announced as one of the next DBZ games to be an RPG many fans got excited. What gamers got was a mess, Goku started out as a pathetic weakling that can easily be killed by wolfs, limited controls, repetitive sidequests, weak graphics and a list of inaccurate events like Goku learning the Kamehameha from King Kai really hurt the series reputation completely. Thankfully the developers knew of the issues and made a turn back with Legacy of Goku II and Buu's Fury.

7: Dragon Ball Z Infinite World

Platform: PlayStation 2

Developer: Dimps

Release Date: 4th December 2008 (Japan), 4th November 2008 (North America), 5th December 2008 (Europe)

When Dragon Ball games were ready to move on to the next generation of gaming out came a lethal energy blast against the PS2 platform that was Infinite World. What upsets gamers is the game was a stripped down version of the Budokai games with removed modes, bland and brief minigames and only a small list of available characters. Thanks to it's failure alongside the lukewarm sales of Burst Limit Bandai Namco managed to regain it's full distribution rights to the series.

6: Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

Platform: XBox 360

Developer: Spike

Release Date: 2nd October 2012 (Europe), 9th October 2012 (North America)

Back in the days of when the Kinect first launched many developers jumped on the motion control craze and Dragon Ball Z eventually got a shot for motion controlled experience. The game was a version of Ultimate Tenkaichi taking place in only a first person view where you can actually pull off iconic attacks with the motion gestures. It only had one main mode and that was the story battle lasting from the Sayian saga to the final battle with Kid Buu. The game relayed too much on repetitive motions and limited movement which is bond to tire many Non-Saiyans out completely.

5: DragonBall Evolution

Platform: PlayStation Portable

Developer: Dimps Corporation

Release Date: 19th March 2009 (Japan), 8th April 2009 (North America), 17th April 2009 (Europe)

DragonBall Evolution will stand as one of the worst Dragon Ball related movies of all time but for it to receive a video game adaptation is a deceptive action against fans. Once you deal with the simplistic story and presentation you'll get to witness the games repetition. Being nothing then a relentless button masher with very unbalanced characters. To the people responsible for the travesty of movie, Dragon Ball does not belong in live action!

4: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: TOSE

Release Date: July 28th 1995 (Japan), July 1996 (Europe), 23rd March 2003 (North America)

Just when Dragon Ball Z Budokai found it's place on PS2 consoles out came Ultimate Battle 22 for the PlayStation which was originally released in the late 90s when the TV series was about to hit North America and the United Kingdom for the first time. The high quality anime sprites doesn't save the pathetic energy ball sprite that's used for every KI technique pulled off, environments being very low resolution and the combat suffers from bad control issues. The build up battle mode made no sense at all and anyone who plays the Tournament Mode will be horrified by the animations on the announcer. We should be thankful that the title doesn't mean that it's the 22nd game in the series but the amount of characters included in plus 5 with a secret code that's slapped in the instruction manual.

3: Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu

Platform: GameBoy Advance

Developer: Webfoot Technologies

Release Date: 24th November 2003 (North America), 26th March 2004 (Europe)

When Dragon Ball Z games could possibly get better or worse came the release of Taiketsu to try and bring the DBZ fighting experience to the portables. Taiketsu may have a list of unlockables and believe it or not it's the first DBZ in English that features the Legendary Super Sayian Broly as an unlockable and playable character. Taiketsu's high difficulty and the horrible controls and the fact that the game was rushed to be released in time for the holidays made it one of the worst DBZ fighting games of all time.

2: Dragon Ball Z Sagas

Platform: PlayStation 2/Nintendo GameCube/XBox

Developer: Avalanche Software

Release Date: 22nd March 2005 (North America)

This DBZ Saga was never released outside North America but the overall terrible design and broken gameplay made me brake the rules of only wanting to stick the DBZ games released in the UK in English, but Sagas is only released in the English language anyway so only the UK rule is broken here. The moment any longtime DBZ begins playing this will be mind blown by the horrendous level design, broken controls, tutorial segments that doesn't come in until you've played plenty of missions into the game, terrible low resolution graphics and plenty of gameplay bugs and glitches. Sagas was just another DBZ mess that's made by western developers that didn't know what they were doing and they lied about the destructive open world sandbox style of gameplay cause in reality it's a linear beat em up game and a bad one that will awaken the rage inside of you.

1: Dragon Ball Final Bout

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: Bandai

Release Date: 25th August 1997 (Japan), 29th July 1997 (North America), 6th November 1997 (Europe), 20th July 2000 (The Best) (Japan), 24th August 2004 (Reprint) (North America), 4th October 2002 (Reprint) (Europe)

Dragon Ball Z Sagas would have been counted as the number 1 worst Dragon Ball game of all time if was ever released in Europe but what takes that spot on the list is Final Bout for the PlayStation, not only one of the Worst Dragon Ball games ever, one of the Worst Fighting Games next to Shaq Fu but also one of the Worst Games period. It's a broken fighting game that unleashes the pain of and awakens the power of the Super Sayian by unresponsive controls, poor AI difficulty that can easily be exploited and a build-up mode that has not been tweaked at all. Pulling off KI techniques were nearly impossible to pull off, graphics that are mediocre at best and it's just stupid to see any of the fan favourite DBZ characters just stand or even sit in mid-air. The voice acting in the American version is just laughably bad that it becomes the only saving grace for one of the Worst Dragon Ball games of all time.

Do you agree with this list? What awful Dragon Ball Games made you a Super Sayian?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all!

AQWBlaZer91's Top List Countdown: The Top 5 Best Tales of Games (English Released Games in Europe Only)

AQWBlaZer91's Top List Countdown:

The Top 5 Best Tales of Games (English Released Games in Europe Only)

The Tales Series has got some localization problems in the West but when in the most recent years the series has got some enjoyment from longtime RPG fans. I already talked about the 5 Worst games in the series but however it's time to talk the best that the series has offered. I'm going to go with games that are released in English but mainly ones that are released in Europe. Sorry guys no Tales of Destiny on either PS1 or PS2 or any of the Japan only games made the cut this time. Like in my worst 5 list there isn't enough games to make a possible ten so this list limits the selection to five. So which Tales of Games made the list? Be warned some may not agree with my choices.

5: Tales of Eternia

Platform: PlayStation Portable

Well Tales of Eternia didn't get released in Europe until 2006 on the PSP, the game stood out well from the sprite based roots of the series and perfected the side scrolling battle system. While it's storyline wasn't one of the series best or worst in anyone's opinion but other features like levelling up the attributes of the characters made Eternia one of the finest of old school instalments.

4: Tales of the Abyss

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Sure the main character Luke is spoiled and doesn't improve until about a few hours into the story but any RPG player would not deny the excellence of Tales of the Abyss. It came to Europe when the series was on it's knee till English speaking fans just wanted some Tales. Tales of the Abyss introduced the series to being able to freely move about on the battle arena but also included Fields of Fonons which allowed characters to pull of devastating magic fused artes can tackle even the toughest of enemies you challenged in the game. Even with the Nintendo 3DS technology the presentation was impressive and the game could hold it's own in 3D, making the game one of those games that still hold well today.

3: Tales of Xillia

Platform: PlayStation 3

What got RPG fans to rekindle their interest in the series was arguably Tales of Xillia alongside it's sequel that is currently out in Japan and will see release in the West in August this year. Xillia had two leading characters where you can experience events exclusive either of the two alongside it's improvements from the sidequests from Tales of Graces. The new battle system allowed two of four party members to be able to link together and pull of Unison Attacks and each character has their own unique skills that are helpful such as Jude being able to snap behind an enemy or heal a knocked down character, Milla being able to Bind a opponent as well as summon her 4 great spirits and so on. I do get some get some great laughs over some of the most hilarious scenes and skit sequences ever in an J-RPG and there's plenty of depth and replay value to be had with Xillia. I expect better results for the squeal.

2: Tales of Vesperia

Platform: XBox 360

Out of the many JRPG's that have been released on High Definition systems the choice easily goes to Tales of Vesperia for the XBox 360. The game took on the pluses of past Tales of Games but perfect them with new features like Fatal Strikes, Burst Artes and an excellent storyline and characters Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scifo and Judith. The Cel shaded graphics were outstanding and it's surprising to see any future instalment not have graphics as good as Vesperia.

Honorable Mention: Tales of Graces F

Platform: PlayStation 3

Tales of Graces is held back by the sidequests that were sometimes annoying and required dualizing, Many people can complain about how bad the voice acting is making some of the lines either dry or sometimes laughable, but however the title is saved by it's excellent battle system and interesting character development.

1: Tales of Symphonia

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

When it comes down to it Tales of Symphonia isn't just one of the best games in the series but ranks up as one of the best games for the GameCube. It helped popularize the Tales franchise by it's storyline and plenty of fan favourite characters. These were aided by a number of features such as firstly introducing 4 player co-op during battles without requirements, numerous ways of customizing the heroes that allow you to whatever techniques or skills you want, great environments and a awesome soundtrack. Thanks to the result of the games popularity it helped unleash a level of fanfiction, a sequal and an Anime series in Japan making it the top pick for the best Tales of Game of all time.

Do you agree with this list? What were some of your favourite Tales games you enjoyed back then?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay away from the bad games!

AQWBlaZer91's Top List Countdown: The Top 5 Worst Tales of Games

AQWBlaZer91's Top List Countdown:

The Top 5 Worst Tales of Games

Namco's beloved RPG series has gone through some very hard times. Getting some localisations was tough in the west but it has become one of the more engrossing Action RPG experiences of all time. There are however just some Tales that were just bad you would never want to tell those stories to any of either your friends or family. I comprised a list that tells the stories that experimented only meet with pure disappointment. There isn't any possibility of making of list of the ten worst games in this series so it's limited to just five. It's a shame no powerful spell or Mystic Arte could ever destroy these games but heed these words, don't ever revive them with a Life Bottle.

5: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Platform: Wii/PlayStation 3

Developer: Namco Tales Studio

Release Date: Wii: 26th June 2008 (Japan), 11th November 2008 (North America), 13th November 2009 (Europe), November 26th 2009 (Australia)

In 2004 Tales of Symphonia was one of the best received and best selling game in the franchise and also introduced the franchise to the west. Unfortunately for the sequel, it didn't. Dawn of the New World made the combat more deeper then the original and brought back the heroes from the original game. The story was slowly paced and suffers from a very inconsistent and cowardly main character Emil, you couldn't level up or properly take control of the original heroes and not to mention that their new voices were bad except for Colette and another character I won't spoil out who do redeem their old voices. I did give this game some praise and rated it 7.0 out of Ten, however the issues don't make it anywhere near as good as the original.

4: Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2

Platform: Gameboy Advance

Developer: WolfTeam & Alfa System

Release Date: October 25th 2002 (Japan)

Narikiri Dungeon 2 was arguably the first of the series to receive a crossover game, bringing over characters from other titles into a single game. That aside the game's unforgiving difficulty forces other players to spend ridiculous hours of grinding and every single class in the game has their own levels to build up. A lot of the quests involve typically completing a series of repetitive Fletch Quests and enduring a storyline that's on par with average fan fiction. The heaviness of monotony was resolved with Narikiri Dungeon 3's Strategy RPG fashion and tweaked mechanics.

3: Tales of Phantasia (iOS)

Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Release Date: September 24th 2013 (Japan), January 23rd 2014 (North America)

Tales of Phantasia was the first in the series and it's remake would introduce mechanics that would be used for future instalments of the series. However the GBA port was known for the hilariously awful translation but at least it was playable and this recent iOS release isn't even in the slightest bit playable. Bad controls on both battles and exploring made playing the game a complete chore and although the game is free to play it uses micro transaction with some in-app purchases. Why not remove save points and make the game more difficult because that makes the game very unfair. The game changed the opening theme and removed the skit sequences for it's US release making it a purely wasted localisation. The game even requires the player to even stay connected cause the game plays on a DRM server meaning you have to be online just to play and it's just a single player game. With all these complaints Bandai Namco has announced that the game will shut down in North America 28th August as the game was already shut down in Japan on 29th May. Thank god this version of the game never saw a release in the UK. Why can't the company localise any of the PlayStation versions of the game?

2: Tales of Destiny K: Pachislot Game

Platform: Slot Machine/iOS

Developer: Kitac

Release Date: 2013 (Japanese Arcades) February 1st 2014 (Japan)

Before Tales of Symphonia's success Tales of Destiny was the first of the series to become popular in Japan and America and still one of the best selling titles to this very day. It's remake on the PlayStation 2 remains as the game that many games in the west to want the game be localised in some way. However recently Tales of Destiny gets a so called remake in the form of a slot machine game which later got ported onto the iOS. I consider this a spinoff then an actual remake because none of the gameplay or RPG mechanics of the previous versions of the game are there. The game itself was just a slot machine style game were you need to match 3 slots to be able to do anything and it was just merely luck if you could even get a 3 in a line. There are some new Animé Cutscenes but the storyline is mostly ignored. I already stated in my first impression of the game, this game should only remain as a spin off only for the arcades and never to be released outside Japan. You'd rather play the PlayStation original instead.

1: Tales of the Tempest

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Dimps/Namco Tales Studio

Release Date: October 26th 2006 (Japan)

Bandai Namco, What happens when you let a company that doesn't carry the polish of the series means making a title that's a complete flop. Poor graphics with an unimpressive storyline followed by painful puzzles, insane random battle rates and bad stylus controls made this Tale a total disaster. The AI is worthless meaning that they just stand around waiting to get hit most of the time and not even use any of their Artes unless you equip it to them. Twisting the mess even further is that it's the shortest game in the series and that also the game was linear and had no sidequests. Because of how bad it was it was not counted as a part of the main instalment of the series, not even some wireless features can save it. At least I can praise Absolute Zero that they commented on just how bad the game was when they fan translated this mess.

Do you agree with this list? Which of your Tales didn't you want told?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe.

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 10/07/2014 E3, Tales of Destiny and AQWorlds

I've been under some absence because Gamespot has been glitching up again. The glitch were everyone's reviews and ratings disappear has acquired again and the staff really needs to get back to their site and fix the site as soon as possible. Now here are updates I'm going to comment on.


I didn't want to do anything to do with E3 this year because I wanted to focus more on the games I wanted to do and plus I already know about the games I wanted to see. These were Tales of Xillia 2 and the new Super Smash Bros game.

Tales of Destiny

I recently decided that I'm going to restart a playthrough that I originally planned for the series 15th Anniversary but however cancelled after the 17th video due to the Final Fantasy games I wanted to tackle. I beat those games so for my long absence on Youtube I'm going to play through Tales of Destiny. I'm going to provide commentary for those videos and I hope I can cover everything in it.

AdventureQuest Worlds

A couple of days ago I recently started playing AQWorlds after many months of not playing it. There's a new event called World War Lore and it's incredibly Chaotic. I hope one day I can get my account to Legend so that I can upgrade my equipment to MAX so that I can send those Chaos Lords to oblivion.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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