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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 16/07/2015: Stuff to do List

These are my current plans for this month. Expect them to come by later on or sometime soon.

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Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360)

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 22/06/2015 E3 and Final Fantasy

Hello guys I recently started getting back to my game review work and finish up the stuff I wanted to do. I didn't bother to watch the E3 but however I do have some interests in games that were announced. The games I want that got shown were Hyrule Warriors on 3DS and Metroid Prime Federation Force which is amazing, other games are Mario and Luigi Paper Jam and Fire Emblem Fates if I decide to buy Fire Emblem Awakening.

Now that I got my work up to spec I am finally going to start the Final Fantasy titles I feared to start playing, these games are the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy which is sure to give me plenty of boredom and frustration. Starting from today I am going to play Final Fantasy XIII and resume what I started. I shall see how the entire trilogy goes and for me and also for those still playing the series I hear that Square Enix has finally decided to listen to us and remake FF7, that is good news.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's First Impressions: Battleminer 2.0 Update

Game Title: Battleminer 2.0

Platform: Nintendo 3DS EShop

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developer: Wobbly Tooth LTD

Publisher: Wobbly Tooth LTD

Last year developer Wobbly Tooth released Battleminer which was it was essentially a Minecraft clone with guns and giant mutant ants. I worked on a review of this game and found it to be a disappointment, it didn't have stylus touch screen controls like most shooters on the original DS, lack of any inhabitants or water or lava. It also suffered from some glitches and there was little that you could create in the game outside of weapons.

Thankfully the developer is aware of the issues and has released a patch for the game which fixes some of the glitches and makes vast changes to the gameplay. First up the game now includes different animals that wonder around the map, these animals are rabbits and goats and you can kill them for meat if you wish to. Next they did add to the areas is water that you can swim in which is also cool to see and the environments now look a bit more detailed and nicer then how it looked before so it is nice to see the game's graphics have a bit more life into it but the rest of the game has received no further graphical changes so far. There are also abandoned castles which like the houses you can find a material block.

The remaining changes are within the gameplay, the game now adds a Multiplayer mode where you can play either locally or with Internet friends, you can play the Co-op Survival and Co-op Creative plus a competitive PvP mode. Sadly the developer didn't add a feature where you play online across the world with random strangers. I had a try at this myself and so far it seems you can only play online with friends on your friends list or locally with other 3DS systems. It is an odd design choice considering in games such as this you should be able to play online with players around the world.

In the creative mode you can create more stuff in the game thanks to the included new coloured blocks which is nice but it would have been nice if you could make beds to rest in.

Sadly the developer did not improve the controls of the game, there is still no stylus controls for aiming and turning but however this update includes support for the C-Stick for the NEW 3DS models.

Other issues I had is that one time when loading up a game the game world didn't load properly but it worked okay when I restarted. It is clear that it is fixing a small of problems that the original version had but the game has got quite a bit of growing to be more of a complete game. I have had a talk with the developer and asked that in a future update I would like to see the Stylus Touch Screen controls included plus controls that can fit alongside it so that it plays like the DS FPS titles. He agreed and may consider it as part of another update, if that is going to be implemented he mentioned that the place block button will be on the Touch Screen.

If you wish to take a look at my review of the game click this link.

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Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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Game Boy Pocket Console Review

Game Console: Game Boy Pocket

Year: 1996

Developer: Nintendo


In 1989 Nintendo released the Game Boy handheld system which revolutionised portable gaming. Well sure that large brick had a dark screen that was hard to see, but the games on it were awesome specially Pokemon, Tetris, Super Mario Land and many other Game Boy Classics. 7 Years later when companies wanted to jump into the portable fan-wagon Nintendo fought back against Tiger’s short lived Game Com console with the Game Boy Pocket. This was a smaller device which you can place easily in your pocket.

The first and main thing to note about the Game Boy Pocket is that the device was not a new type of game console; it was a refined Game Boy system that played the same amount of Game Boy games as the original system. The build for the Game Boy Pocket is that the screen focuses on being a true Black-and-White rather than the greenish display that the original system had. Also the screen size I believe is the same size as the original. There’s no backlight available for it but however I used to have a screen magnifier which allowed the user to have lightning to be able to play a game in the dark but though not very effectively.

They did improve the battery life for the release of the Pocket by requiring 2 AAA Batteries and giving out 10 hours of gameplay before the batteries go out. There do exist third party battery chargers that can give you the ability to either play your Game Boy from the AC Adapter or by charging the console up with the charger equipped onto the device.

Most of the Game Boy features are the same as the original like the LED Lighting which shows how much battery that your console has and the main controls themselves including the power switch, volume, contrast and game buttons. The buttons are simple to use and very responsive for gameplay.

How the device feels in my hands is quite neat but it does feel a bit cramped when playing most of the time. This device feels more for kids with little hands then for most grown-ups. I actually do recommend this device for most people who wish to relive their old Game Boy memories without consulting to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. According to Ebay the console can sell for about £15 or more on the buy it now range depending on the condition.

The only drawback with the pocket is of course the light which you have to be in the right contrast level and be at the right sunlight to be able to see the game which can be a thing for nearly every early handheld device. One important not that you cannot play selected Game Boy Colour titles which really isn't a big deal but might be for those people who want to play Game Boy Colour games on it. If you want to play all your favorite standard Game Boy games then I can easily recommend the pocket to anyone who has memories of the old system and for those who want to play the Game Boy games without resulting to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.


Console Score: 8.0/10


The Goods


Small and Light

You can carry it in your pocket

The screen contrast is improved

The Bads


Cannot run some selected Game Boy Colour games

Might need to be within sunlight to see the game

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 15/06/2015: Game Reviews and Game Playthroughs on Youtube

Game Review Work

I'd figured I should write up my next update since I have not done one in a while. Recently I have been doing mostly Top Ten work, these includes Ten Best and Worst Final Fantasy games, Best Portable FPS list as well as the Worst FPS games, Worst TV Shows based on Video Games and finally the Best Console J-RPGs. I have been doing those recently because I haven't been sticking to my one Top Ten list per month rule and so far I have more planned along the way. I do have one Game Review in the works alongside the Gameboy Console review that I started. If you haven't seen my newest Top Tens yet, please check them out and give me a comment.

Game playthroughs on Youtube

Either since I had the Laptop troubles I had not decided to return to resume my playthoughs of some of my games. Here is a list of current games that I doing on my channel and their current status. If I decide to go back to playing some games again on my channel I will start with games that I made the most progress on.

Tales of Destiny (PlayStation) (On hold)

Tales of the Tempest (Nintendo DS) (On hold)

Wolfenstein 3D (SNES) (On hold)

Battle Shark (Taito Legends on PS2) (Will start soon)

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Console J-RPG Games

We have had plenty of fantasy adventures and taking down monsters with both swords and magic and many, many different stories about our favourite adventures. Many of us got stronger through enduring giant powerful monsters thanks to great combat systems that the genre produced and excellent story lines that we experienced. This came from excellent RPGs that were both timeless and immersive. For this list I decided to put together the best J-RPG titles of all time. However since there are many different J-RPGs some rules need to placed in to make this list possible and also multiple top ten lists of these games will have to be made to keep each entry separate.


  • Console J-RPGs that got released into Europe in physical form only. No Japan only or English titles that only made it to America. No download versions or PC releases will appear on this list

  • No Strategy RPGs

  • No Castlevania RPGs, Monster Hunter or Legend of Zelda games because Castlevania wasn't really an RPG series to begin with, Monster Hunter because the series never uses an experience system of any kind and Zelda because it is more of an action-adventure game

  • One game per franchise

10: Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King

Platform: PlayStation 2

Developer: Level-5

The Dragon Quest games have had great basic storyline, sweet presentation and fun battles but Dragon Quest didn't quite it's attention to the European audience besides Monsters on Gameboy Colour until Dragon Quest VIII which over here in the UK it was changed to Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King. It was breath of fresh air from all the license board, awkward dress ups or sphere grids found in recent Final Fantasy games at that time. Making the game unique was the camera perspective during battle rather then being in strictly first person in the older games. It added a tension mechanic where you temporary boost a character's power during a fight. After leveling up you can then apply skill points to increase their skill with weapons and learn new abilities. Be warned Dragon Quest games are notorious on grinding to be able to win most fights.

9: Phantasy Star IV: The End of Millennium

Platform: Sega Mega Drive

Developer: Sega

The Sega Mega Drive is not usually the place where you would play RPGs on but Sega did answer against NES fans who had Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy with their Fantasy Star series. Most people remember the series for the Phantasy Star Online titles but the original games on the Sega platforms were well crafted titles. The series had a world that incorporated fantasy and sci-fi elements, the characters were not simple anime tropes, they all had actual depth. The presentation was impressive showing large character sprites in battle and also during cool cutscenes. The battle system had about 5 characters in which you can create custom macros to set commands automatically and speed up the turn based battles. The Phantasy Star is some of the top titles that appear on the Sega Mega Drive and also on many of it's compilation discs and it is easy to enjoy today.

8: Secret of Mana

Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Developer: Square Enix

Here is an Action RPG fan favorite, Secret of Mana allowed up to three players on the same screen to be able to play together and fight against monsters in real time combat with well timed strikes to win against battles. You can't win every battle just mashing buttons recklessly, add that with a beautiful soundtrack, excellent graphics and great storytelling then you have one of the top SNES RPGs to play and sadly only one of the few from Square games where at the time to come to Europe.

7: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Level-5

Anime Studio Ghibli made such legendary anime movies such as Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle so how about when the anime studio partners up with Level-5 (creator of Professor Layton) to create Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch a colourful RPG for the PlayStation 3. The battle system combines the use of turn based and real time and there is monster collecting and development which is just like the Pokemon games. Of course the Studio Ghibli storyline and presentation is one of the game's strongest moments. Ni No Kuni manages to stand out against other J-RPGs that have come out in recent years

6: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Platform: PlayStation 2

Developer: Atlus

Unlike most RPGs where everything takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, Shin Megami Tensei games all take place in a modern setting which is very unique for the genre. The Persona spinoff games where always excellent games in the series but the fan favorite is Persona 4 which came out when the PS2 was near at the end of it's life cycle plus also when fans got interest in the series after the mighty RPG franchise had fallen. Persona 4 has both a school life with you can manage your school life and spend time with friends and also an RPG where you enter a mysterious TV world where it is filled with shadows and it's up to you and your friends to rescue the victim before it is too late. It's combat system requires you to exploit enemy weakness which also allows you to gain an additional turn but the same effects your party. It's also another game that has stylish visuals as well has having catchy J-Pop music tracks with English lyrics. This shows that the aging PS2 hardware was not ready to give up it's fans just yet.

5: Final Fantasy VI

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy VI does manage to make it into this list but here is the thing, Final Fantasy VI didn't manage to come to European shores until the PlayStation when the PlayStation 2 was released so chances are that not many fans were aware of one of the best ever Final Fantasy games in the franchise. It's main issue with it's PlayStation release was the loading times and sound issues, but these do not hold back the excellence that VI has had back in 1994. Final Fantasy VI some of the most impressive characters like Terra, Locke, Celes and one of the best villains in the series Kefka in which many of them have impressive storylines of their own. Each character has their own unique battle ability but later on each can learn different magic spells which are effective as well as summoning powerful beings. Truly one of best moments of VI came from some of the awesome cutscenes including the famous opera scene which showcased 8 bit sound channel glory. While Final Fantasy's VII and IX are high reviewed RPGs but Final Fantasy VI always remains as the best in the series and a fantastic RPG that fans must not miss out on. It is just a shame that the game companies didn't think about the European audience at the time.

4: Grandia

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: GameArts

Grandia is another RPG that dispute being released in Europe on the PlayStation when new consoles have launched it has earned it's level of popularity. Grandia features a great storyline with memorable characters and also an engaging battle system. Most RPG battle systems have mostly remained basic as far as turn based goes but Grandia has a system where no turn goes without consequences, you can try and go for combos or unleash a critical strike to deal more damage but take longer to get another turn. If you can land a strike on an enemy as it is getting ready to act, it will cancel their move entirely not to mention that every character needs to get into position before attacking. It adds a layer of depth to the battles and it helps make defend one of the useful commands you could use if needed to survive heavy blows. Grandia's leveling system was also unique, each of the characters can learn new techniques and magic attacks by level up their own weapon and spell skills which adds extra depth to the game. Grandia's gameplay and story is so good that it is easy to ignore somewhat poor voice acting. Grandia is a game that should be loved by all RPG fans. It did earn sequels but the third game never got a European release sadly and the second game wasn't as good as the original especially when it was later ported to PS2. So far the original game remains the best in the series.

3: Tales of Vesperia

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Namco Tales Studio

While Namco's RPG series does get plenty of Japan-only releases it has since taken overseas interest in the series thanks to Tales of Graces, Tales of Xillia and the 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss. However the best that the series has offered came from Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360. The story and cutscenes were great and its main characters including Yuri were fantastic and relatable. The Tales of series has had a deep real time combat system and has went through numerous changes as the series went on, Tales of Vesperia utilizes boss battle challenges which rewards the most skilled. Vesperia included the ability to use Burst Artes as well as introducing European Tales fans to free-run around the battle arena and unleash powerful Mystic Artes. The PS3 version of the game added tons of new content not seen in the 360 original however it will never be outside Japan due to Microsoft's rights towards the games localization, dispute this Tales of Vesperia remains as one of the all time favorites in the Tales franchise. The Xbox 360 platform may not have as many good J-RPG titles in it's library but thankfully you can download it on Xbox Live and enjoy it today, hopefully in the future we can look forward to new releases coming to the west.

2: Suikoden II

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: Konami

Suikoden was one of the top RPG series that features storytelling and character development and the second game is one of the best examples, it has a turn based battle with 6 characters taking turns but an auto-battle command helps speed every battle up. 108 characters can join you in your quest, not all of them are for battles as some of them will open equipment shops, improve your castle and allow teleports for quick travel. There are also some army battles included that spice up the game's pacing as well as random one on one fights. Each of the characters have plenty of depth and storylines of their own but the main story becomes one of the strongest points of Suikoden II. It isn't about saving the world it is about friendships with different ideals. Be warned you will need a complete walkthrough guide to be able to get all the characters and receive the best ending possible which is why it is only this high on the list.

Honourable Mentions

Breath of Fire IV (PlayStation/PC)

Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast/Gamecube)

Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2)

Shadow Hearts II (PlayStation)

Wild Arms (PlayStation)

1: Xenoblade Chronicles

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developer: Monolith Soft

Taking the number 1 spot is the Nintendo Wii masterpiece that is Xenoblade Chronicles which its interest in North America spawned the Operation Rainfall movement. Xenoblade Chronicles is just full of content that you can do from a very long list of side quests, loads of powerful monsters to battle against, and explore a massive open world environment which looks superb. The presentation from graphics and sound is superb even for a Wii game and each of the characters are brilliant with plenty of depth and of course Xenoblade wouldn't take the honorable spot if it didn't have an enjoyable battle system and Xenoblade here has an amazing battle system. One of the most useful mechanics is using the Monado Sword to be able to see into the future which predicts the opponent's next action so that your characters can use one of their own attacks to stop it. It adds more depth to the combat system unlike most games with an MMO style. Since it's release Xenoblade Chronicles has earned plenty of critical acclaim on the Wii, it did earn a 3DS re-release and it's sad that it only works on the NEW 3DS models but that isn't the main reason why Xenoblade is considered to be one of the best titles on the Wii. It is considered to be one of the best console J-RPGs that long time fans of the genre must own a Wii and play it.

With so many J-RPGs released it is difficult to put every single J-RPG on here. Tell me your favorites in the comments, even if that one never got an official European release.

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe.

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst TV Shows Based on Video Games

When popular video game franchises start hitting on their peak TV studios believed making money from everyone's favorite video games would be a delight for children's entertainment. However these shows became nothing more then poor attempts to capture the quality of the games. What this list will showcase are the following entries that took the license of a video game franchise and infamously got a terrible adaptation on TV.

Rules for this list:

  • TV shows based on video game franchises are counted, No Captain N or Saturday Supercade as they are just compilations of video game characters put together.

10: Tales of Eternia: The Animation

Developer: Xebec/Production I.G

Starting of the list is the Anime based on Namco's third main game in their beloved RPG series. When the franchise wanted to translate into an anime series it ignored the game's original plot and instead placed in characters like a female assassin, a bard and strange guys in robes and masks that where never mentioned in the game before. It only aired for 13 episodes and there was a possible English dub planned but however canceled due to Media Blasters license expired but however it is perhaps better without it anyway.

9: Pac-Man

Developer: Hanna-Barbera Productions

Pac-Man was the first ever video game franchise to ever earn itself a cartoon adaptation. Now how in the world could a game where you collect dots and power pellets to eat the ghosts? Well here is your answer, it couldn't but Hanna-Barbera sure tried and it became like the Smurfs considering they made as well. It added in characters that were never in the actual game like an evil lord who tries too hard and some of the later episodes where just ridiculous. It only managed to get 2 seasons plus a horrible Christmas special and sadly this show is perhaps still being aired on Boomerang during the holidays. Eventually people see it as a TV series that never should have happened for Pac-Man and it is not worth watching today.

8: Battletoads

Developer: DiC Entertainment

One of the most difficult games on the NES of all time seriously would have at least had a TV show that could have had surfing, giant fists and evil space invaders but instead DiC made an awful cartoon that bared no relation to the game what-so-ever. The animation earned bad reception and never went itself into a full released TV show after only one episode.

7: Donkey Kong Country

Developer: WIC Entertainment/Nelvana/Medialab/France 2/Canal +/TV Asahi/Ellipsanime/Collingwood & Co/Asahi Broadcasting Corporation/Medianet

Donkey Kong has had his time against Mario, eventually getting his own series such as Donkey Kong Country one of the greatest looking games on the SNES but then he got his own TV show which was beyond creepy. The character looks were awful with ugly pop out eyes, bad muscle physics and the biggest insult was giving them a voice especially singing voices for songs that were catchy in the absolute worst way.

6: Wing Commander Academy

Developer: Universal Cartoon Series/NBC Universal

Before the awful movie adaptation Universal put Wing Commander into a animated cartoon series and to anyone surprise it was almost just as bad as the film. It was more or less loosely served as a prequel and it's mission only lasted 13 episodes and it became a failure dispute voice talent of Mark Hamil and Malcom McDowell. Wing Commander wasn't quite fit for an adaptation in the first place.

5: Double Dragon

Developer: DiC Entertainment

With an arcade style beat em up that involves the Lee brothers girl getting kidnapped and various gang members how would you think the translation went into a TV series. The answer DiC decided to scrap that idea for a children's cartoon and put in swords, masks that give them super powers and make the show not even have one simple resemblance to the actual game. The theme tune for it was also stupid.

4: The Super Mario Bros Super Show

Developer: DiC Entertainment

DiC really must have it in them to take the franchises that many children have loved and then just sabotage them completely and sadly even Mario suffered the same fate from this. The Super Mario Bros Super Show had some live acting plus some licensed music played but which some of which feels out of place for Mario. Princess Peach was designed awfully alongside Bowser who for no reason is named King Koopa. Some of the settings were blatant rip-offs of pop culture, some of the pasta humour was not funny and lastly some episodes were not polished properly. There was a Super Mario Bros 3 and a Super Mario World cartoons which may have had a little more to do with the Mario universe itself but the damage was already done.

3: The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog/Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM/Sonic Underground

Developer: DiC Entertainment

Before Sonic had duck tapes, a creepy relationship with a human princess and a were-hog Sonic had the worst experience possible in TV show quality by what else? DiC. The TV shows had Tails and Dr Robotnik redesigned alongside many other characters that were either annoying or unlikeable. The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog focused way to much on insane crazy humour which was absurd for Sonic. Sonic then got a Saturday morning cartoon that had a darker tone but only a few episodes before it was officially cancelled after it's first season. The worst came with Sonic Underground which had Sonic in role of a prince with a brother and sister, as separated siblings they join together to use musical powers against Dr Robotnik which completely ruins everything that Sonic even stands for. At Sonic X had some relation to later Sonic games and the Sonic Boom cartoon was better then the actual game.

2: Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm

Developer: Threshold Entertainment/Film Roman

Mortal Kombat was infamous in the gaming world that lead to the video game rating system and then Threshold had the idea to create a Mortal Kombat cartoon in order to target children. That means removing the main feature that is a key component for the Mortal Kombat franchise, and that is the over the top violent fatalities. The small budget that the show had was only spent on the franchise itself because the character animations were awful, most episodes had the same basic formula, the catchphrase from Sonya was so annoying and the music was a short looped version of the music used in the film. It only lasted for one season consisting of only 13 episodes. Maybe it is best to send the TV show down the pit to get impaled by spikes, even the SNES version of Mortal Kombat had fatalities even though it's censored.

Dishonorable Mentions

Street Fighter

Dungeons & Dragons



1: The Legend of Zelda

Developer: DiC Entertainment

If you ever thought the Mario, Sonic or Pac-Man were awful then you never the worst pick for this list and that DiC Entertainment's cartoon based on The Legend of Zelda. It does have the pieces of the pieces of the triforce but only 2 and not a 3rd, the character designs are wrong even making Ganon look funny in a bad way. Lastly get used to how Link and Zelda act since Link always says “Excuse me, Princess.” and not to mention that the two tend to spend the entire show constantly bickering. What's worse is that Zelda is mostly doing all the work instead of Link cause in the show he is a cocky dimwit which is a direct insult to the character. That will be like if Sonic spent the entire show lazying around and Tails having to do all the work instead, it just doesn't work you know. The Legend of Zelda cartoon is not just a bad show but an insult to the franchise just like the Zelda CD-I games although not near as bad as those but it is enough to place it in the number 1 spot of the Worst TV Show based on a video game.

Do you agree with this list? Which of your favorite video games you enjoyed got destroyed by a poor adaptation on TV?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe.

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst First Person Shooters

The first person shooter genre has created plenty of industry favorites in existence but however there soon becomes competition between various fanboys across the internet. What they sometimes do not realize that there are way worse titles in this genre then any of the games that people try to give unreasonable hate to. What I have done is a list of ten of the very worst fps titles that perhaps many of us should put all of our gun bullets into.

Now in order to determine the very worst that this genre has produced:

  • No Indie games of any sort will be counted

  • No games released only in North America or Japan will be counted

  • No bad ports of existing titles

  • Finally all games must be licensed and released in my area (which is Europe) and each game must have had a terrible reception upon release.

If you are hoping for games like Super Noah's Ark 3D, Send in Jimmy, Revenge of the Rednecks, Catechumen and Extreme Paint Brawl then sorry you will not find them here.

10: Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified

Platform: PSVita

Developer: nStigate Games

If you were hoping that a Call of Duty game would make it on this list since every year we get a COD game that isn't any different then the last then you are right, but let's be serious for a moment now. Call of Duty games have always had entertaining Single Player and Multiplayer battles and has become a console shooter of choice for video game tournaments. Black Ops Declassified on the other hand was more of a striped down experience with stupid AI, overly sensitive controls, a terrible storyline and brief single player campaign and lastly the unreliable online multiplayer and vast number of glitches. It certainly wouldn't be so hard to port a game to handheld since the COD games on DS were actually really good but however the series really missed the mark completely on the Vita that it is now declassified for longtime fans.

9: South Park

Platform: Nintendo/PlayStation/PC

Developer: Iguana Entertainment/Appaloosa Interactive

South Park's adult humour didn't translate well into making a first person shooter which wouldn't be the kind of concept which would in fact work. It is not sure if whatever or not the bad design of the game was ever intended as the game becomes downright repetitive. The AI is simplistic and they hardly ever put up a challenge at all, controls being clunky, objectives that require you to pick up the other main characters even when there is a character selection screen and the amount of fog in the game makes the game difficult to navigate through even on the Nintendo 64 with the Expansion Pack. The game was much worse on the PlayStation thanks to the horrid graphics and worsened draw distance plus some of the levels were removed. The voice actors dispute providing their voices for the game gave a negative response to the developers of doing such as terrible job to the game and their license. At least now there is the excellent Stick of Truth game which should be recommended to fans of the show instead.

8: Hour of Victory

Platform: Xbox 360/PC

Developer: Nfusion

Medal of Honor and the old Call of Duty games helped populate the World War II shooters but then other titles in that category arrived and some of those had poor quality and Hour of Victory is one of those games. The game's graphics are sub-par and it is full of bad enemy placement, constant number of bugs and glitches, choppy framerate which makes this World War II battle difficult to achieve victory.

7: Day One Garry's Incident

Platform: PC (Steam)

Developer: Wild Games Studio

It is just hilarious on just how bad Day One is. Like, it is hilariously buggy and it's graphics look more like a 2006 game and it is missing a lot of sound effects plus the AI is just as dumb. The developers of the game tried to defend the game by using copyright claims against anyone who are saying bad things about this game but later apologized some time after. You will actually spend more time just laughing at the lazy design of the game then actually playing it.

6: America's Ten Most Wanted (Known as Fugitive Hunter: War on Terrorism in US)

Platform: PS2/PC

Developer: Black Ops Entertainment

In this budget released mess, you take on a terrorist group and capture faces like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden (no joke). The FPS gameplay is overly simplistic with dumb AI and just when you think the shooting portions are bad enough then you got to deal with the fighting game portion, that's right a fighting game portion. What were they thinking!? The fighting in it isn't just bad, it's just dull button mashing that makes every fight very easy and pointless. The real fugitives are the game designers for the overall design of this abomination but at least we get to put an end to Osama Bin Laden's scheme in video game form.

5: Duke Nukem Forever

Developer: 3D Realms/Triptych Games/Gearbox Software/Piranha Games

After Duke Nukem 3D became a massive success the developers eventually got to work on the next big Duke game which unfortunately went through multiple delays and different game companies. When it finally got released after 2 decades of waiting what we got was an unpolished mess, it severed with many performance issues such as horrible framerate plus a list of bugs and glitches, very, very simple shooting mechanics that is mostly tethered to the consoles plus the humour in the game is seriously not funny even for a Duke game, it is offensive, really it is. Even the Multiplayer was very bad cause the severs were slow that it is impossible to play without playing without constant lag issues. What fans wanted throughout all these years was just a Duke game like Duke Nukem 3D and boy were the fans disappointed.

4: Rouge Warrior

Platform: PC/XBox 360/PS3

Developer: Rebellion

Announced back in 2006 Bethesda had a partnership with Zombie Games Studios but was not satisfied with the direction that it originally intended and brought in Rebellion to develop the game that way. What we eventually got after 3 years of waiting was a disastrous piece of garbage, like a few titles on this list it did suffer from a vast number of glitches, terrible AI and also a rushed production. It's Multiplayer was limited and the Single Player Campaign was insultingly short and lastly the game has the main character constantly spews out F-Bombs every single time which gets foul really fast.

3: Infestations Survivor Stories (Formerly known as The War Z)

Platform: PC

Developer: Hammerpoint Interactive

This game got a rename to Infestations Survivor Stories because of copyright but aside from that this game is an infection of gameplay that becomes very boring with rather dumb zombies, dull shootouts and weak graphics. Of course the game commits the fatal crime of using the free to play business practice with microtransactions, vital items that you need for survival such as weapons, ammo and health, food and water can be purchased with real world money and the developers even said they wouldn't do it but they did anyway. If you die in the game you would have to wait for an hour (or worse 4 hours in some updated versions) to respawn or you could just pay real money to do that instantly. It is epidemy of pay to win gaming and it is just a complete scam to get people to spend all their hard earned money to play the game.

2: John Romero's Daikatana

Platform: PC/Nintendo 64

Developer: Ion Storm/Kemco

John Romero is the man behind Id Software's Doom and Quake which are legendary titles but then announcements came up about his next upcoming game which was Daikatana in which was worked on with Ion Storm after leaving Id. However the announcements were known for the controversial ads and the game received multiple delays and missed deadlines of the developers eventually scarping the 11 months of work that was completed at that point. After poor company morale Daikatana was eventually released and the end result is a game that was released in an unfinished mess. The game's AI is terrible with enemies charging directly at the player and the allies were worse as they spend time getting in the way or getting stuck. Saving on an elevator causes your save to get corrupted which makes the game much more unplayable. The overall characters and storyline were forgettable, atrocious voice acting plus the some of the cutscenes took a mere 10 before getting into the game. Daikatana still stands as one of the worst and biggest overhyped games of all time.

Dishonourable Mentions

Duke Nukem Forever (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

You are Empty (PC)

Shadow Run (2007) (PC)

007 Legends (Xbox 360/PC)

Aliens Colonial Marines (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

Enemy Front (Xbox/PS3/PC)

1: WWII: Solider

Platform: PlayStation 2

Developer: Midas Interactive

WWII: Solider is an absolute abomination of an FPS that nobody in their right minds should ever play, ever! The game isn't bad because of it's awful graphics, it isn't bad because of the poor sound quality but on how inconceivable the gameplay was designed is what makes WWII Solider a horrifying mess. The first half of the game, THE FIRST HALF consists of having to do badly designed stealth missions without sounding a alarm otherwise it is Game Over and it's back to the title screen, on top of that mission 3 can easily be beat by just doing for the cable car without completing the important objective and the game lets you do that which is absolutely shocking. Mission 4 is simply pointless because you can just crouch to the side and it's a 10% that an enemy even hits you and the level ends easily. Missions 5 to 7 is where you can finally shoot stuff freely but however due to the horrible aiming controls it makes shooting down enemies difficult and plus the ally AI is hilariously bad because it seems that the developers didn't animate your ally properly. Sometimes you might end up dying but the game does such a terrible job of even showing how you even died. Yes, that's right, there are only 7 missions in the game and they can be beaten quickly that is if the game doesn't screw you up due to the bad controls, AI enemies that can outnumber you and the unforgiving mission difficulty for most of the game. Simply put WWII: Solider is among one of the most disastrous excuse of a game even compared to some of other games that Midas have actually worked on, there is absolutely nothing fun to be had with this game and there is no redeeming factor what-so-ever. It is not only one of the worst First Person Shooters of all time but it is also one of the worst games period.

Do you agree with this list? What other First Person Shooters became a waste of bullets?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay away from the bad games!

AQWBlaZer91 Channel update: 16/05/2015: Laptop Situation and upcoming videos and Top Tens

I would like to inform that I have not been able to do any work for the past week because my Laptop has stopped functioning properly. I gave the Laptop to my brother to see if he could repair it but unfortunately after looking it is suspected that the Hard Drive has gone faulty, it was then decided that we should get a new computer and that is what we have done now. I now have a Asus computer with Windows 8 on it and so far I am enjoying it. I have all of my work setup to continue on my reviews and Top Tens that I need to finish up. I also have a couple of videos that I will upload to Youtube which will be on 3 of Taito's Light Gun Shooters on the PS2. As for Top Tens I have the Top Ten Worst First Person Shooters of all Time for my next project.

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Portable First Person Shooters

Usually some of the best first person shooters are released on consoles and of course the PC but however there are plenty of decent games in the genre on portable consoles that don't get the attention they deserve but this list should help remedy that. For this list we taking a look at some of the best portable shooters that exist, for the criteria I am focusing on games that were main releases on the handheld, no handheld ports of PC or console games will appear on this list but side story games will be allowed and for the sake of simplicity I will only add entries from Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, 3DS, PSP and PSVita systems that means no mobile entries.

10: Dark Arena

Platform: Gameboy Advance

During the GBA's early days the system got decent versions of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D so it is naturally there would be Doom clones around and one of those was Dark Arena. It may have carried a lot of Doom such as the plot and gameplay but however for a GBA shooter it was still an enjoyable game with vast array of weapons, good level design and great graphics especially the opening intro. There is also a Multiplayer mode which is always fun with friends.

9: Call of Duty Black Ops

Platform: Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS got its hands on the Call of Duty franchise that were side story titles that had their own Campaign Storyline and Levels which made those versions unique in their own way. The best efforts came from the it's version of Black Ops, it wanted to be like consoles by actually featuring the enjoyable online multiplayer that includes ranking and perks plus also featuring the zombie mode which is a huge plus for the platform. For gameplay it retains the standard COD gameplay with refined DS controls which makes this version of Black Ops the best COD experience on the DS.

8: Faceball 2000

Platform: Gameboy

Before Wolfenstein 3D and Doom came and popularized the FPS genre there was Faceball 2000 which for Nintendo's 4 colour system sounds like a crazy idea but surprisingly it actually works well pushing the limits of what the system could handle. Taking the concept of MIDI Maze the game puts players in a maze arena with smiley faces that can be shot by balls. Most impressive that it can feature 16 player Multiplayer by using multiple link cables for intense Multiplayer action.

7: Ecks VS Sever

Platform: Gameboy Advance

Now here is a game that was based on the early script of the flopped movie of the same name. It then turned into a first person shooter for the GBA that stands out far better then the movie that it would eventually became. You take control of either FBI Ecks or Rouge Agent Sever through different mission objectives, with sweet arsenal of weapons, great level design and enjoyable 4 player multiplayer. Thanks to the game's success it earned a sequel on the GBA which might not be as good as the original but still something that fans should check out.

6: Coded Arms

Platform: PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Portable's control setup isn't the best choice you could have for a first person shooter but for Konami's Coded Arms it manages to work well once you adapt to it. The game is set in a virtual reality military simulator where you play as a hacker who must crack the codes and extract the data from it. That is done by exploring huge and stylish levels, shooting down enemy soldiers, insects, security drones and other creatures that want to stop you. Featuring a different array of weapons and equipment that you can use on each mission, impressive visuals for a PSP game and superb environments make Coded Arms one of the best FPS games on the PSP, it did earn a squeal as well as a cancelled game for the PS3 which was a sad fate for the series.

5: Moon/Moon Chronicles

Platform: Nintendo DS/Nintendo 3DS

Moon is one of Renegade Kid's other FPS projects that wanted to push the limits of the DS system and it certainly was an impressive technical achievement for it's day. It had a storyline with interesting characters that keeps the suspense. You had excellent weapons, beautiful map design and there is even driving segments to spicing up the gameplay. There is also a remake for the 3DS titled Moon Chronicles which enhances the graphics, uses multiple control options and an extended campaign that is separated into multiple episodes. Now if only Renegade Kid could get a move on with releasing the remake to Europe.

4: Dementium II

Platform: Nintendo DS

Back in 2007 Renegade Kid wanted to make a game that combines elements of Silent Hill and Doom 3 into a single FPS horror game and the end result was Dementium The Ward. A few years later it got a sequel Dementium II which improved on the faults that the original game had like the saving system, having to switch between gun and flashlight often-times repetitive respawn enemies. You can now use a small weapon and a flashlight at the same time and the saving system was improved alongside other improvements. The game also a survival mode, a new inventory system which was unique and weapons like a relic which can be used like a boomerang. It is a shame it ended on a cliff hanger and wouldn't you know it there is still no word to this day if there will forever be a Dementium III. Dementium II did get a remake on Steam and sadly it sucked. The original Dementium is getting a remake for the 3DS which should be enough to spark more hope for the series, it could help Renegade Kid get to work on phase 3 of the operation.

3: Metroid Prime Hunters

Platform: Nintendo DS

If you are looking to take the enjoyable Metroid Prime action on the go then Hunters is the game for you. Ever since the Nintendo DS was announced Metroid Prime Hunters was set to be the DS title that gamers have anticipated thanks to the demo First Hunt that would then become packaged with the original DS models. As Samus it is her mission to gather different relics and uncover the mystery of each of them whilst fighting against a group of other hunters who are after them. Metroid Prime Hunters manages to puzzle solving and powerup gathering and shooting gameplay features that made the Gamecube title brilliant and also it had online multiplayer which was a huge plus.

2: Duke Nukem Advance

Platform: Gameboy Advance

Macho man Duke Nukem who always have things to say got his release as an FPS on the GBA. While he doesn't have the Duke talk and adult content removed in order to fit for a teen rated shooter but it was still an amazing achievement for what the platform could do, from the graphics to the game controls. Duke is taken across different locations with it's own unique storyline and returning weapons like rocket launchers and the incredibly fun shrink ray. For more portable enjoyment there is also the frantic 4 multiplayer mode which is always a pleasure. Hail to the king, baby!

Honourable Mentions

C.O.R.E (Nintendo DS)

Medal of Honor Heroes (PSP)

KillZone Mercenary (PSVita)

1: Bionicle Heroes

Platform: Nintendo DS

Bionicle Heroes for the Nintendo DS is one of the greatest portable FPS titles to be released and everything about it is sign of pure excellence. When the other versions of the game were mediocre action games, the developers made a DS version which became a superb first person shooter, and for a Lego game let alone a kids game it is remarkable plus something you would never think it could be done but it can. Bionicle Heroes featured 6 different worlds with sweet environments, secrets to find, new weapons to unlock and use. This game has so much replay value so even if you finish the main game you can replay the levels you completed with all the powers you collected to find the secrets you couldn't before plus the unlockable cheats that you can use. Bionicle Heroes on DS was a great mix of classic elements with modern mechanics which in my opinion make it the best portable first person shooter that kids who want to get in on the FPS genre and long time fans of the genre must play. Only one thing is missing about this game that could have been even more fun, online multiplayer.

Do you agree with this list? What shooters did you take on the go?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe.