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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Final Fantasy Games

While Square's Final Fantasy series has remained as one of the most popular J-RPG's of all time but however in recent years the franchise has gone through evolutions but unfortunately changing the way that the franchise was never meant to be. These resulted in poor sequels and questionable spinoff games. For this list I have decided to go all out and list in the worst of the worst and the biggest disappointments that Square has unleashed on this once beloved series. Be warned not many people will agree with the choices I picked out. Some entries provides promise that eventually lead to complete disappointments.

10: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Known as just Mystic Quest in Europe)

Platform: Super Nintendo

In 1992 Square begun to think the West would find Final Fantasy games difficult to understand so instead of Final Fantasy V the developers released a spinoff Final Fantasy game called Mystic Quest was made to be targeted for the US/EU markets for almost a full year. It did have some ideas like simple puzzles, the ability to chose your battles which were new at the time plus the soundtrack wasn't too bad even if it wasn't really memorable. Mystic Quest had a very painfully basic storyline, the inventory including weapons and armour were small and typical battle options were stripped down to make it simple to make the game even easier then it needed to be. It tried to make an appeal to the English speaking audience but however became one of the more disliked in the series by fans.

9: Final Fantasy X-2

Platform: PlayStation 2

When ever Square releases a brand new Final Fantasy sequel it has always moved towards a different setting with different characters, that changed when the developers released their first ever sequel to a sequel game that was X-2. While it had some ideas like being able to travel all over Spira and it had a fast paced battle system but reality soon became clear that it soon begins the franchise's downfall. It tried to make the appeal to the female demographic by only having a female only party with Yuna and Rikku wearing inappropriate layers of clothing for a 12+ rated Final Fantasy game. The music consisted of atrocious short looped tracks that resembled 1960 porn-style instead of fantasy tunes and many of the minigames where either bad or broken in various ways like Blitz Ball which you cannot play. It is big shame that X-2 could not reach the quality that made the original X close to one of the top titles on the PS2.

8: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time

Platform: Nintendo DS/Nintendo Wii

There are so many serious problems with Echoes of Time, poor combat, text only communication for multiplayer and poor storyline cutscenes are just some of the small problems. The game's real problem that can really ruin the game for everyone comes from the AI companions, they don't follow the player or help with puzzles cause they spend the entire time committing suicide. It is also hard to accept that the Wii version of the game tries to play and look like it's DS counterpart making it more complicated that it needed to be. Maybe committing suicide was a good way to get out of the game, anyone else would be.

7: Final Fantasy VIII

Platform: PlayStation/PC

A controversial pick for this list, after Square made a huge success with Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation things were defiantly looking high for the franchise, but when Final Fantasy VIII was made it proved that there will be times where the series could eventually screw up. Of all the positive things about Final Fantasy VIII that stands out would be the CGI cutscenes but when you get to the gameplay and storyline side of things FFVIII proved that the game best achieves style over substance. Some of the game's main characters are either bad or downright unlikeable like Squall or Zell, grinding EXP makes normal enemies be the same level as the highest level character sometimes resulting in an unfair difficulty challenge. The game's Junction System forced players to spend hours drawing magic from monsters in order to get stronger which is likely to become tedious when it takes forever to get one spell to 100. Getting a collection of cards proved also to be a chore and most battles can be won by relaying on summoning Guardian Forces since you start the game with them and they cost a thing, beside taking damage for their users. To be vaguely honest Final Fantasy VIII does not hold up by gaming standards today but eventually Square fixed all of all those issues for Final Fantasy IX and put the series back together at least for a few years.

6: Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Platform: PlayStation 2

One of the most critically acclaimed games of all time got a sequel that is deeply flawed, it did try to fix some of the issues before releasing in the West but unfortunately it is proved that anyone cannot polish this Turk. It had awkward controls with a constrictive melee system but the game's biggest problem was hot it attempted to dive into more about Vincent's past as well as trying to match him on par with Cloud or Sephiroth which is a mistake considering their characters. It was one of a few Final Fantasy games that wanted to try and make an effort on a different genre but doesn't do it right.

5: Final Fantasy XII

Platform: PlayStation 2

Another controversial pick for the worst FF list, Final Fantasy XII tried to bring in a fully open world with some elements of an MMO game but also implemented a license board system in which in reality everybody can do or wear the exact same thing as long they have license for it. The combat was slow and dull and it's so called gambit system is very limited and clunky that you do not get the most necessary ones until much later on and the hunting system was a complete mess with you running from location to location talking to an NPC to actually get the hunt started. It's storyline focused way too much on politics then actually thinking about any of the characters specially for the main character Vann who is treated as extra weight for the party. Final Fantasy XII is a very conflicted game that doesn't execute it's ideas properly and it's Japan only re-release called FFXII Zordic Job System tried to place a Job system to make the game more unnecessarily difficult then it needed to be.

4: Final Fantasy IV The After Years

Platform: Mobile/Wii Ware/PSP/Tablet

Final Fantasy IV was one of the top 2D Final Fantasy games and it follows in the shadows of Final Fantasy VI, so making a sequel to one of the 2D instalments would have been a fan pleasure. Unfortunately for fans that wasn't without the company's stupid decision of releasing the game into different episodes which angered players who wanted to purchase the entire game immediately, not to mention that each episode was insanely expensive making it one of the most expensive games on Wii Ware. All that for a storyline which is on par with bad fiction, badly designed areas and a terrible sequence near the end of the game which I will not spoil here. The After Years was a mere after thought of a sequel and it is best avoided alongside the Interlude Storyline on the PSP version.

3: The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy

Platform: XBox 360/PlayStation 3/PC

There is no other Final Fantasy game that could turn out to be a big disappointment then Final Fantasy XIII. After the big reveal trailer back in 2006 fans waited 4 years for the series next big release but it ended up being the unlucky number for fans. The original XIII was a strictly linear game with constant tutorials that continue to come after many hours into the game, XIII is barely even considered a game when you are merely walking from one big corridor to the next to fight enemies and eventually a tough boss with only the second half the game having small amounts of sidequests before being stuck to the storyline again. The battle system used a Paradigm Shift system which wasn't well executed and having the leader die meant Game Over. XIII's other main offence is weak storyline and the worst possible character roster you could have for a Final Fantasy which has characters like Snow, Hope, Vanille and worst of all Lightning, Not one single thing is even likeable about her such as her voice and the way she is even portrayed. Final Fantasy XIII was such a huge failure but what is worse is that although Square Enix acknowledged that it was linear they then decided to give out squeals that nobody ever wanted. Final Fantasy XIII-2 tried to fix some of the original XIII's problems by actually featuring an explorable world map and improving a tiny bit of XIII's combat but it can never improve on the storyline. It was just as convoluted as the original and the choices you make barely make any difference and after a few hours you really begin to lose what you are really supposed to do. If you though XIII and XIII-2 were bad you haven't seen just how bad Lightning Returns is. The storyline is the most painful to sit through because of the god awful characters which are just as unlikeable as they were in the original especially Lightning. She is portrayed as an emotionless dress up doll with a more ridiculous premise that doesn't make her any better. Get this, Lightning is now a servant working for the gods and she is tasked in saving as many people as possible before time runs out. That's right Lighting Returns is on a Time Limit which means you do not have any time to explore the world and sidequests that you need to do to get stronger can only be done at certain hours of the day. The combat was poor and often-times unfairly difficult against bosses, the soundtrack was generic and it's graphics are just bland with plenty of lifeless areas. Clearly Final Fantasy XIII are not Paradigm Shifts for the series but they were just awful and some of the franchise's worst and most disappointing games to be released.

2: Final Fantasy XIV Online/Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

Platform: PC/PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy XI's gameplay certainly doesn't hold up today but it is Square Enix's most profitable Final Fantasy game and despite some reasonable hate from players it has held a large player base for over a decade, making it one of the most popular MMO's next to World of Warcraft and Everquest which understandably where much better. When Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV as an online game fans raged out as the MMO that no one wanted. When the game got released players experienced a broken disastrous mess of MMO with a terrible interface, awful combat, bad questing and plenty of bugs, glitches and server problems. It was truly one of the franchise's biggest failures in Final Fantasy history but that didn't stop Square Enix from attempting to remake the game from scratch. They tried to turn the tides with A Realm Reborn but while it remains popular it doesn't mean that the game carries better polish. The combat was just as slow and punishing, quests that as fun as getting bird poop on the face and also including a pay to play basis that are just way too expensive for what the game attempts to offer, also the game's server problems rendered players unable to login from day one. It literally doesn't matter how much polish a game like this could go through there is little to like about the game and that realm really should have remained dead and forgotten.

Dishonorable Mentions

Final Fantasy XI Online (PC/PS2/XBox 360)

Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii)

Final Fantasy Legend (GB) (Known as SaGa in Japan)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Nintendo 3DS)

Final Fantasy III (PSP, Oyua and Steam versions)

1: Final Fantasy All the Bravest

Platform: Tablet

One thing that really needs to be said about All the Bravest is that it is not a game at all, I am dead serious Final Fantasy All the Bravest isn't a game at all but a disgraceful app that is designed to steal all the hard earned real life money from Final Fantasy fans who use iPhones and Tablets. Every thing in the game costs money from areas to characters and the game costs as well to even download it, you want to purchase Cloud from FF7 you might be able to try and buy him but because purchases are random you might end up with a character you don't want like a pig from FFIV. All the Bravest gameplay is waving your fingers across the screen to make your characters attack and over 30 characters can attack at once but they die in one hit. If a character dies you can either wait 3 real world minutes for one to be revived or by purchasing an hourglass which also costs real money. Beyond being disgusted by the design and gameplay, Final Fantasy All the Bravest is a complete and utter abomination that it is not only one of the worst Final Fantasy games of all time but one of the worst mobile and all out worst ever games in existence which perhaps destroys all hope for Final Fantasy to redeem itself. All I can say Square Enix is how dare you take our favourite Final Fantasy related sprites and music and turning them all into one disgusting game that must be avoided at all costs. No hardcore fan should ever have to suffer with it.

Do you do you not agree with this list? Even if you don't then please tell in the comments What were your hated Final Fantasy titles?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe!

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: Gaming Videos on Youtube and Top Tens


Well I have not been making current playthrough videos on Youtube in a long time but have been recently working on unboxing and handheld controller shell device videos which were great. Recently now since I am a bit bored I might start a new game playthrough but also return to doing videos of the previous playthrough that I am currently doing. I honestly don't care about the quality the videos turn out to be, sometimes the quality doesn't come out well and there is nothing I can do about it but if I forever to come across a screen capture device for PC or my consoles for a cheap price then I could put it to use to record in better quality. Till then you better get used to my camera's quality it is better then nothing right.

Current playthroughs:

Tales of Destiny (PSOne)

Wolfenstein 3D (SNES Version) (New Playthrough Video)

Top Tens

I am currently working on my next Top Ten list which will be on the Top Ten Worst Final Fantasy games, afterwards I plan to do Top Ten Worst First Person Shooters just to get some Top Worst stuff out of the way.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Game On!

AQWBlaZer91's Top Ten Countdown: The Top 50 SNES Games of all Time

In the 16 bit console wars the Super Nintendo was the king considering the amount of excellent games that are available on it. From outstanding gameplay, storylines, sound, graphics and everything else it is for this Top List I am going to be counting down the best 50 Super Nintendo games that I just put together. Please note that no images and text will be shown on this list and my list will be different from everyone ease's so which of everyone's favourite Super NES games made the list.

50: PilotWings (Nintendo)

49: Super Bomberman 2 (Hudson)

48: Sunset Riders (Konami)

47: Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) (Square Enix)

46: Illusion of Gaia (Quintet)

45: Earthworm Jim 2 (Shiny Entertainment/Playmates Interactive Entertainment)

44: Shadowrun (Beam Software)

43: The Lost Vikings (Silicon & Synapse)

42: Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (Capcom)

41: Kirby Super Star (Nintendo)

40: Lethal Enforcers (Konami)

39: ActRaiser (Square Enix)

38: Mega Man X (Capcom)

37: Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble (Rare)

36: Gradius III (Konami)

35: Dragon Quest VI (Square Enix)

34: Breath of Fire II (Capcom)

33: Sim City (Nintendo)

32: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest (Rare)

31: Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi (JVC)

30: Mario Paint (Nintendo)

29: Another World (Out of this World in US) (Interplay Entertainment)

28: Super Bomberman (Hudson)

27: Metal Combat Falcon's Revenge (Nintendo)

26: Tetris & Dr Mario (Nintendo)

25: Final Fantasy IV (Square Enix)

24: F-Zero (Nintendo

23: Final Fight 3 (Capcom)

22: Super Castlevania IV (Konami)

21: Secret of Mana (Square Enix)

20: Tetris Attack (Nintendo)

19: Mortal Kombat II (Midway)

18: NBA Jam (Midway)

17. Super Mario All Stars (Nintendo)

16: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (Konami)

15: Dragon Quest V (Square Enix)

14: Star Wing (Star Fox) (Nintendo)

13. Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island (Nintendo)

12: Lufia 2: Raise of the Sinistrals (Lufia) (Taito)

11: Tales Of Phantasia (Namco)

10: Super Mario Kart (Nintendo)

9: Street Fighter II Turbo (Capcom)

8: Super Mario RPG (Nintendo/Square Enix)

7: Final Fantasy VI (Square Enix

6: Donkey Kong Country (Rare)

5: Earthbound (Nintendo)

4: Chrono Trigger (Square Enix)

3: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo)

2: Super Mario World (Nintendo)

1: Super Metroid (Nintendo)

Do you agree with is list? What were your all time favourite Super Nintendo games?

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Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Game On!

AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 27/03/2015 Game Reviews and Top Tens

I haven't been able to do much game review work due to I have been buying many new games and accessories for my consoles recently I am enjoying my new handheld controller grips that I now have for my 3DS XL, PSP and DS Lite which are all cool. This means that I have been neglecting my duties as a game reviewer, it is what happens when I am working on these on my own. Anyway I am writing this blog up because I am letting you guys know about my current reviews and Top Tens that I have planned. For game reviews I started a little bit on Perfect Dark for the GBC which plays very differently to it's console counterpart and I believe I have written a small paragraph so far but it is far from finished. Now for Top Tens I have currently four lists that I am currently working on, I have recently just posted the Top Ten Best Final Fantasy games last night and thankfully it didn't take too long to get it finished. The fours lists that I am working on are The Top Ten Worst Final Fantasy Games, The Top Ten Worst First Person Shooters, The Top Ten Worst TV Shows based on Video Games and a new and perhaps maybe original Top List which will be on the Top Ten Portable First Person Shooters which I will have fun doing. I also have another list planned called the Top 50 SNES games which I was inspired by a tag line I saw in an old gaming store when I was shopping one day. I will not include any comments on each entry on that one because writing about of them would be more difficult to do then writing up a normal Top Ten list. Although my games are distracting me a bit from my work but please rest assured I am doing what I can to get some done before moving on to the next.

Thank you for reading and I shall do another update as soon as I can.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Game On!

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Final Fantasy Games

Over the years Square's Final Fantasy has become one of the most important game series in the gaming industry and as such it is time honor the best of the best the long running RPG series has produced ever. There are plenty of great games which so far hold up well compared to the newest titles released today. This was a difficult list to put together considering everyone has their opinions on the best titles that existed so it is time to set some rules for this list.

  • Final Fantasy must be in the title especially for UK releases

  • Only the games that managed to get a release in Europe will count

  • One entry per sub series will count

With these limitations these are the currently best Final Fantasy games of all time.

10: Final Fantasy III

Platform: NES/DS/PSP/iOS/Ouya

To start the list Final Fantasy III introduced class switching which allowed many different and unique way to playing through the game such as trying to go through with 4 Monks or with 4 Red Mages. Many of the classes offered many different skills that can be used for battle and also the game allowed temporal assists which made NPC's very useful. It's storyline got better alongside the presentation when it got a complete make over for the Nintendo DS in 2006. It remains as one of the most difficult 2D installment of the series but it is still remains as a great game on the DS but a bit outdated on the PSP or the Ouya.

9: Final Fantasy V

Platform: SNES/PS1/GBA/iOS

While Final Fantasy V has the most laughable English dialogue in the main series but it's gameplay taken from parts of III and IV still helped made it a memorable game nonetheless. Adding in a few new classes the game also introduced multi-classing which allowed things like making a mage wield swords or strong warriors to use magic abilities. Final Fantasy V helped popularize fan-translation projects across the internet after birth of game console emulation.

8: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Platform: PlayStation Portable

Dissidia is Final Fantasy's answer to the fighting game craze plus taking in many of the famous or infamous characters from the series. Both Dissidia and also it's prequel Dissidia 012 featured a complex fighting system that has great RPG leveling mechanics. The battles also featured a Brave system which when high enough allows the player to deal major damage to their opponent as well as a fighting system which make the fights play like in Kingdom Hearts and the FF7 Advent Children movie. Dissidia 012 also added assists and also alongside the original game you get to experience a storyline that is explained between the various major characters of the series, or you can just pick out your favorite and fight against the characters you like and dislike from each installment which has makes Dissidia pure fan-service.

7: Final Fantasy X

Platform: PlayStation 2/PlayStation 3

While not on par with the best classic like VI, VII and IX Final Fantasy X made it's excellent production trend to the PlayStation 2 and brought together a true winding storyline with voice acting and fantastic cutscenes. Final Fantasy X introduced a brand new leveling system called the Sphere Grid which made leveling more different then any other installment in the franchise. It even returned to the old style battle system plus adding in a turn order which helps ensure that the player makes smart decisions with each character.

6: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Platform: Game Boy Advance

The original Final Fantasy Tactics was a superb strategy game of the Final Fantasy name that sadly never got released in Europe but however seeing the popularity and acclaim it got Tactics got released onto the Game Boy Advance especially for the UK. Tactics Advance not only brought together the mechanics that made the original awesome but also included a Law system, different jobs to develop your characters and a superb presentation.

5: Final Fantasy


No best Final Fantasy list is complete without having the original game on it, you just cannot leave the original off cause the original is always declared a classic. There are so many different party combinations and it is always fun to see players do various hardcore challenges like taking on the game with 4 Black or White Mages or with 4 Warriors. What original was supposedly meant to be the last effort from Square to have their chance in the video game industry helped make Final Fantasy a thriving franchise in gaming.

4: Final Fantasy IV


If anyone is too sum up classic RPG story telling that can still be epic and worth revisiting after so many years then that title will be Final Fantasy IV. Cecil the main character is left openly rebels against his actions as a dark knight and become a paladin to make things right again. Final Fantasy IV introduced the Active Time Battle System where enemies can attack even if you are busy giving commands to your characters. Final Fantasy IV remains as one of the finest 2D installments and things got better for it with it's 3D remake for the Nintendo DS which included voice acting, however the tablet and PC releases where made like the DS version but they are really weak ports. Play either the Super Nintendo or Nintendo DS releases because they still provide some of Final Fantasy's best moments today.

3: Final Fantasy VII

Platform: PSOne/PC/PSN

With the release of the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 consoles and eventually Nintendo and Square breaking their deals. This forced RPG fans to leave the Super Nintendo and move onto the PlayStation to play one of the systems legendary titles that is Final Fantasy VII. The game's huge acclaim and popularity helped not further popularize not only the franchise but also the Japanese Role Playing market in the West. The storyline and characters where unforgettable with brilliant CD sequences and graphics with exception of the poor character models outside battles that showcased the power of the PlayStation and the game ran on 3 discs. It has the enjoyable battles including the use of Materia and Limit Breaks plus the enjoyable minigames. FF7 still remains as one of the top games that anyone who wants to get into RPG's must play.

2: Final Fantasy IX

Platform: PlayStation

Square took what was so great about Final Fantasy VII and fixed everything that was so bad about Final Fantasy VIII and returned the series back to its roots, at least for that time being. The characters were great and colorful and the storyline was superb alongside the CD cutscenes which were strong for the series. The battles remained enjoyable, each character had their own abilities and skills they can learn and equip and the Limit Breaks called Trances where very cool to use. Final Fantasy IX isn't just an heavy improvement from Final Fantasy VIII but it was an all round superb game and stands as one of the best RPG's released on the original PlayStation.

Honorable Mentions

Final Fantasy II (NES/PSOne/GBA/PSP/Tablet)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call (Nintendo 3DS)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Nintendo GameCube)

Final Fantasy Dimensions (Tablet)

1: Final Fantasy VI

Platform: SNES/PSOne/GBA/Wii VC/PSN/Tablet

No matter what some people say Final Fantasy VI is not only one of the best 2D Final Fantasy game but also one of the overall best in the franchise. There are so many cutscene moments in a Final Fantasy game but none go anywhere near as deep as Final Fantasy VI. Scenes like the opera which used the that SNES soundchip well and not to mention the introduction to one of the best Final Fantasy villains of all time Kefka which that laugh. It perfected the 2D Final Fantasy gameplay and tossed in Magic Spells that any character can learn after a few hours into the game on top of their own abilities which made them all useful, 14 main characters had their own struggles and storylines which made each of them more memorable such as Terra, Locke, Cyan or Seles. Top that with the excellent soundtrack, graphics and the already superb gameplay Final Fantasy VI is still of the best games in the series and it would be foolish for any fan of Final Fantasy to miss out on it.

Do you agree with this list? What were your favourite Final Fantasy games of all time?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay away from the bad games!

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AQWBlaZer91 Channel Update: 21/01/2015 Game Reviews and Top Tens, AQWorlds and Final Fantasy

Game Reviews and Top Tens

So I have been absent for a while, that is because I had some of my Christmas presents that I wanted to have fun with them before I decided to get myself back to doing some more reviews. I already worked on Battleminer for the Nintendo 3DS but however I found it a little hard to return myself to form but I will have to try and more done. Remember I am only doing reviews on games that I currently have, no next generation titles will ever be reviewed by me. I have 4 game reviews that are currently being worked on and I will post one of them when it becomes completed. These games are Call of Duty World at War on the Wii as well as the DS version, Deus Ex on PS2 and lastly Perfect Dark on GBC. I also have 5 Top Countdown Lists that I am also working on which are Best and Worst Final Fantasy Games, Worst First Person Shooter Games, Worst TV Shows Based on Video Game Franchises, and lastly a Top 50 SNES Games List which that one will not include any words on it just small opinions. Lastly I do have one game console review which I neglected to finish up, I am not sure when it will be finished but I will upload it when I can. As for first impressions I am going to hold back on that one because I recently did put up a blog explaining about the recent Nintendo Direct episode rather only briefly. I have no first impressions currently planned.

AdventureQuest Worlds

So far I have spent too much time away from one of my favourite games I play online. I will have too at some point take some time to play AdventureQuest Worlds and try to catch up on what has been happening over wise I will feel completely out of shape.

Final Fantasy

Back in 2013 I have decided to do some of the Final Fantasy games but however stopped after I completed X, X-2 and XII. I will upload a complete update blog about my current progress on the Final Fantasy Marathon that I originally intended to do. I was to play through each and perhaps at least one version of every Final Fantasy Instalment but I lacked the motivation to play them as well as stuff happening in my house that stopped me from doing them all. However since I did 7 Tales of games in a row last year I am planning to continue on after I worked on all my reviews and stuff that needs to be finished. I am going to start off with Final Fantasy XIII which I actually do have now on my XBox 360 alongside XIII-2. Oh boy this will be something to not look forward too. I haven't been able to get a cheap copy of Lightning Returns as of yet but when I finish the other games I am going to do I will find a copy of Lightning Returns and then suffer through it. I also plan to do Final Fantasy VII for the trolling stuff that Square Enix has done as well as Final Fantasy VIII cause that game scarred me for life.

I hope to continue to release new reviews of various games and do more updates when I can.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to all.

Nintendo Direct 14/01/2015 Video

I have watched the new Nintendo Direct episode and I can say that I look forward to seeing Majora's Mask remastered on the 3DS. I guess that means it will be time for me to play through Ocarina of Time on 3DS in the future if possible. I recently got the Nintendo 3DS XL for Christmas and I have no interest in the "New" Nintendo 3DS and "New" Nintendo 3DS XL consoles. A new Fire Emblem game is announced for the 3DS which looks very similar to Awakening. Nintendo is launching a...n Anime Channel on the 3DS, too bad Dragon Ball Z or Bleach aren't on there, oh well. I was however disappointed the Nintendo Direct did not announce a release date for Moon Chronicles to come over to Europe but I hope that this year Renegade Kid will finally make it's announcement of some kind. Also some free to play games with Microtransactions coming out like Pokémon Shuffle, why couldn't you make it work with Play Coins instead and sell it for like £5? I am however more pleased that one of my Anticipated Games of 2014 is actually being made and it's release date is in February this year. It is called IronFall Invasion all I have to tell you is this, it is Gears of War running on a Handheld system at 60 FPS with perhaps no slowdown, single player and 6 player online multiplayer. Yes please, immediate day one download when I get the Nintendo Points.

Overall great showcase Nintendo, I do hope to hear if Moon Chronicles will ever come to Europe.

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2015

The year 2015 is on and back then many players have gotten word some new Ips coming out with various remastered classics and sequels that continue on great franchises. We can hope that this year will provide us with better games then some of the disappointing games that we got back in 2014. Games that have a release date for the UK are counted, any games that I placed on the 2013 first impression but have not been released yet are disqualified for this list. These are the picks of Most Anticipated Games of 2015.

10: Moon Chronicles

Platform: Nintendo 3DS (EShop)

Developer: Renegade Kid

Release Date due: 2015 (Hopefully)

The main reason that Moon Chronicles is on this list for 2015 is because the game has yet to arrive in Europe. For what was announced and promised that the developers have planned to release the game for it's European release as a complete single game meaning all of the episode are perhaps in a single download or a 3DS Card as a physical game. Moon Chronicles itself is a superb looking remastered game that was originally on the Nintendo DS back in 2009. The game offers multiple control options like using the Circle Pad Pro to offer Dual Analog support or using the Stylus touch screen for smooth turning and aiming. We hope that Moon Chronicles can continue to release new episodes of this remastered gem and hope that the game finally makes it's release into Europe.

9: The Order 1886

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Ready at Dawn/SCE Santa Monica Studio

Release Date due: 20th February

Influenced by the Uncharted games developer Ready at Dawn has given it's New game a nice altered history of London in a steampunk setting. An Order of Knights are to protect citizens from hybrid monster men. Demos showed off the impressive gunplay and the overall presentation that shows off the PS4 technology.

8: Street Fighter V

Platform: PlayStation 4/PC

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: TBA

We all know that Capcom has a history of making tweaked versions of later Street Fighter games in order to make them fell balanced. Street Fighter V when live demos were shown may hope to change all that although we haven't got full word of the character roaster or if there are any new characters planned. What was shown was the super charged gameplay with a new revenge bar and finishers where you get special stage KOs like knocking an opponent into a corner to get a bowl of soup on the head.

7: Bloodborne

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: From Software

Release Date: 24th March (North America), 25th March (Europe), 26th March (Japan), 27th March (Rest of the UK)

From Software knows how to deliver every bit of punishing moments with their Souls series and their newest game Bloodborne is hoping to bring a faster combat making the player more quick to be able to take down fierce monsters. There is also a new risk versus reward system through the game's Health regeneration system, allowing the players to use within a small window of time, recover potions of lost health by actually striking back at their attacker. There are also more weapon types in the game then just typical medieval fantasy conventional weapons and also each of them can transform into different states which offers a different approach to combat. Instead of Shields there are firearms which can be useful in stunning enemies. It might even be possible for Bloodborne to have many, many different way that the player is going to die just like with the Souls games.

6: Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Naughty Dog

Release Date: 2015

Nathan Drake is back for his newest Uncharted adventure yet that will test his physical limits, his resolve and what he is willing to sacrifice. In Uncharted fashion we can expect the series gunplay to get better and Troy Baker is said to voice Drake's older brother Sam for the game who appeared in the demo. Uncharted 4 will doubt be looking fantastic with the PlayStation 4 technology.

5: Star Wars Battlefront

Platform: PlayStation 4/XBox One/PC

Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE/Electronic Arts

Release Date: Holiday 2015

Star Wars games haven't got the best treatment in a longwhile but one of the best games that the franchises holds currently are the Battlefront games which lets players experience the major fights from the movies as a trooper as well as a Jedi in the excellent Battlefront II. This Battlefront reboot is going to use the frostbite engine to build the game as well as incorporating many elements that made Battlefront I and II impressive. This is a great chance for Star Wars to be ready to get excited over the release of the new movie and also how the final product of this new Battlefront game turns out.

4: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Platform: PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/XBox 360/XBox One/PC

Developer: Kojima Productions

Release Date: 2015

Last year Ground Zeroes was one of Konami's most questionable marketing plans considering it was an overly expensive demo to showcase how The Phantom Pain is going to be. Thankfully The Phantom Pain is the real game itself with the game being about 200 times more longer. The game wants you to relate to Venom Snake over the story of the game, enemy AI has improved in terms of awareness which is going to make sneaking or take an enemy out more challenging. The game is going to include new features like a base system which can be upgraded so that you can capture enemy soldiers, a brand new day and night cycle in real time and lastly the open world gameplay which will allow freedom to explore the world and get to missions by either plane, helicopter or motorcycle. We can hope that this game makes up for Ground Zeroes.

3: The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo

Release Date: Spring 2015

After Nintendo remastered Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3DS fans begun to spit out possibilities that the company will do the same with Majora's Mask. Thanks to online petitions Nintendo finally decided to remake Majora's Mask for the 3DS with enhanced character models and stereoscopic 3D graphics. Fans will no doubt be pleased that this remake is coming and what else that the game is going to include before it's release.

2: Time Crisis 5

Platform: Arcade

Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Release Date: March 2015 (Japan)

Namco's legendary Light Gun shooter has not seen a new sequel for about over 8 years from the moderately received Time Crisis 4 alongside the spinoff game Razing Storm, which their console releases tried to take a shot at the First Person Shooter market but fell with execution. Time Crisis 5 is looking to reboot the series with a new look on the gun controller and the game using two different pedals which will either control where you can attack and take cover from either the left side or the side to shoot down your enemies. There is still a two player link mode which made future Time Crisis games enjoyable in the arcade but what else is Bandai Namco going to do for the game. Let's hope this year it comes to the west also.

Honourable Mentions

Evolve (PC/XBO/PS4) 10th February

Mighty No 9 (Multiplatform) April

Mortal Kombat X (Multiplatform) 14th April

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Multiplatform) February and March in Separate episodes

Batman Arkham Knight (XBO/PS4/PC) 2nd June 2015

1: Tales of Zestiria

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Release Date: 22nd January 2015 (Japan), Q2 2015 (World Wide)

The Tales of franchise is close to its 20th Anniversary and thankfully its celebration couldn't be more beautiful then with the announcement of Tales of Zestiria. This new Tale is brining in many of the various Tales of related staff like Hideo Baba, Tatsuro Udo, designers Kosuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata and composers Motoi Sakuraba and Go Shiina working together for the game. Tales of Zestiria is going to include various gameplay features from other titles but now including an open world style where players can freely explore the world and even fight in that same world without a separate battle screen. The battle system from Tales of Graces returns incorporating dodging and attacking at the right moments but also there is the new Fusion system taken directly from Dragon Ball Z which two different characters become one throughout the battle. Don't worry local 4 player co-operative is still there. We can also look get a glimpse of the Tales of Zestiria animation that was released recently and also plenty of DLC content that can be downloaded as well. With so much that this upcoming Tales of Installment does right it is easy to say that this game is the biggest Anticipated Game for 2015.

Do you agree with this list? What are your Anticipated games for 2015

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe.

AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2014

2014 has had quite a line up of disappointing if not terrible games. While many of them could be loved by other kinds of gamers but however the reality is that some fell short of what they expected to be. For the very time on my channel since 2011 I am here to reveal the Top Ten Most Disappointing Games of the year. Only games released in Europe will count and any games that I used on my other games of 2014 lists will not be counted.

10: Alien Isolation

Platform: Multiplatform

Developer: The Creative Assembly

Release Date: 7th October 2014 (World Wide)

Back in 2013 Alien Colonial Marines was a disastrous game and this year Alien Isolation hoped that it could bring the horror back to the Alien video game universe. It certainly goes off to a great start but however falls down by poor pacing and weak story elements. It is much better then Colonial Marines but the developers will need to put all the Alien pieces together to have a truly successful Alien game that fans will dream off.

9: Tales of Hearts R

Platform: PlayStation Vita

Developer: 7th Chord/Bandai Namco Games

Release Date: 7th March 2013 (Japan), 11th November 2014 (North America), 14th November 2014 (Europe)

There have been various Tales of games that did not shine in the west but none are as disappointing then Tales of Hearts R for the PlayStation Vita. After its original release on the Nintendo DS North American and European fans waited about 6 years to finally play one of the more received entries in the franchise but more or less a remake of it. What happened was some dumb decisions like returning the random encounter frequency that the original version of the game never had, changing the main character's name Shing to Kor, making the original Japanese voices say the original name made the localization confusing to understand and lastly the battle system is a bit of a step back from other entries. Let's just hope that the localization treatment does not happen again when Bandai Namco decides to release Tales of Innocence R in the West.

8: The Elder Scrolls Online

Platform: PC

Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios

Release Date: 4th April 2014 (World Wide)

The developers promised that Elder Scrolls Online was going to be the Multiplayer Online game with the same open ended experience that other games in the series were successful for. The game suffered with many server bugs and limited move sets for each class making some fights feel a little lifeless. Thankfully the company has recognized the issues and has begun working on fixing them and we can hope that they are solved for the XBox One and PlayStation 4 releases which may or may not come in the future.

7: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Platform: PC/PlayStation 3/XBox 360

Developer: MercurySteam/Konami

Release Date: 25th February 2014 (North America), 28th February 2014 (Europe), 6th March 2014 (Australia), 4th September 2014 (Japan)

Playing as Dracula in a Castlevania game looks like a great idea on paper but its execution became rather disappointing. The lack of narrative, awful stealth missions, tedious back tracking and that anticlimactic ending ruined the fun of being the prince of darkness. Maybe the next installment could return the series back to its classic roots.

6: Assassin's Creed Unity

Platform: XBox One/PlayStation 4/PC

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Release Date: 11th November 2014 (North America), 13th November 2014 (Europe and Australia), 14th November 2014 (Rest of the UK), 20th November 2014 (Japan)

Ubisoft rushed their newest Assassin's Creed game and at day one it suffered with various bugs and glitches which made it look unfinished when it was launched. There was also the use of micro-transactions which was pointless to have for a an Assassin's Creed game.

5: Watch Dogs

Platform: Multiplatform

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Release Date: PC/PS3/PS4/360/XBO: May 27th 2014, Wii U: 18th November 2014 (North America), 21st November 2014 (Europe), 4th December (Japan)

Watch Dogs is another Ubisoft game where it suffered a very rough launch upon release. Server problems caused some players to not be able to play their early launch copies, various bugs and glitches try to ruin the fun and the PC version had Keyboard and Mouse control problems. Watch Dogs has the gameplay potential of an excellent openworld sandbox game but Ubisoft should learn a lesson about polish and ensuring that the game that is released is a qualified finished product.

4: Driveclub

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Evolution Studios

Release Date: 7th October 2014 (North America), 8th October 2014 (Europe), 10th October 2014 (Rest of the UK)

If there was a driving game that showcased promise of a true driving experience just like in Gran Turismo on the old PlayStation then that would be Driveclub. It's a shame that the game received so many delays before release and when the game finally got released it didn't have as much replay value and difficulty options and it suffered with constant AI car crashing and infrequent bugs. It is shame that it wasn't the next generation driving experience that many PS4 owners where hoping and PlayStation UK executive apologized to the fans saying that this game is just a total embarrassment.

3: Thief

Platform: Multiplatform

Developer: Eidos Montreal/Nixxes Software BV (PC)/Square Enix

Release Date: 25th February 2014 (North America), 27th February 2014 (Australia), 28th February 2014 (Europe)

Although Eidos somehow managed to pull off a reboot with Deus Ex Revolution but it's a big shame that the same story was not true for Thief. After over ten years since the last game Garrett should have had a glorious return but instead it became a disappoint thanks to inconsistent frame rate drops, sub-par AI, blend storyline and characters and unrefined gameplay. Square Enix need to be put on trial for literally stealing our hard earned cash with by publishing this poorly made reboot of an old PC game.

2: BattleMiner

Platform: Nintendo 3DS (EShop)

Developer: Wobbly Tooth Games

Release Date: 10th November 2014 (North America), 11th November 2014 (Europe)

Minecraft is a game that holds an incredibly large player base and loads of user created mods and of course areas that has been shared all over the world. As expected the game made it's way to multiple consoles but never for Nintendo platforms so far but a clone of it made its way to the Nintendo 3DS. It certainly contained the gameplay of Minecraft but with big ants and guns. It is too bad the limited items that you can mine out only gave you few things to get inventive with and the openworld areas are cut and paste hill tops with no water or lava as well as being very empty and devoid of actual life. Even more upsetting was the lack of touch screen stylus support for aiming and turning while there is a Jump icon on the touch screen. So much wrongs went into that design choice. There is also some performance issues like frame rate drops, game crashes and a few glitches which also ruin what could have been both a competent First Person Shooter and a superb clone of Minecraft.

Dishonorable Mentions

Halo The Master Chief Collection

Freedom Wars

NHL 15

1: Metal Gear Solid V Grand Zeroes

Platform: Multiplatform

Developer: Kojima Productions/Konami

Release Date: PS3/PS4/360/XBO: 18th March 2014 (North America), 20th March 2014 (Japan excluding XBox One), 20th March 2014 (Europe), 21st March 2014 (rest of the UK), 27th March 2014 (Australia) PC: December 18th 2014 (World Wide)

No other game on this list would be as disappointing as Metal Gear Solid V Grand Zeroes. As we already the overall game itself is impressive and it shows how amazing The Phantom Pain is going to be. The reality is that Grand Zeroes is a prologue game to the Phantom Pain and it only lasts over an hour not counting the optional challenges and missions that you can do to try and extend the game time. It wouldn't be so disappointing if it wasn't for the steep price tag of £39.99 till the reception it got dropped the price down to £19.99 making it the number one choice for the most disappointing game of the year.

Do you agree with this list? What games of 2014 left you disappointed?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay safe.