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mmmm... I see. Well even so, why did it warrant an 'xbox 360' sequel? Surely with such bad performance problems, they would stick to the PC? I've heard Two Worlds II isn't all that better performance wise.

I'm still playing through it, there are times I want to just flat out stop playing and slap the person who found it acceptable. But I'm kind of enjoying it all the same, it's strange...

That's the "charm" of the game. It's so terrible you play it through. I beat it, and honestly when I was finished I ended up replaying it and buying the sequel. It's very odd, but the second one is enjoyable and better. It's one of those games you need to look past its immense flaws to see the beauty of it all.
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Honestly......I'd wait and save yourself some money. I got insane edition on DoR and was very disappointed. Making maps is limited, you can no longer host your own lobbies to get yours and or your friends maps into circulation and the main multiplayer is broken imo. Takes ages to find games and when you do it isn't all that impressive. Campaign IS amazing, but can you justify spending that amount on a game just for a single player experience which will only last around 40hrs or so? (And yes I did all side quests etc before anybody starts hating on me)Rabantha
I took your advice and Gamefly'd it first. Thank you for the most honest non-hype opinion :)
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Thanks everyone for the opinions. I haven't purchased a Sony product in years (PS2) but the Vita looked promising and the PS Store is full of great items, plus it has an ATLAS game so I'm basically sold. Always appreciated :)
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I'm away from home 5 days a week for work and only can play Xbox on the weekends. I'm wondering if the Vita is the handheld that's worth buying for when I'm away and need something to do. Persona 4 Gold looks absolutely amazing, but I didn't know if it was worth actually buying a Vita for. Have never tried one before. Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated :)
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[QUOTE="AP3Xoblivion"]Good, the longer the better. I'm always a fan of side quests and mindless exploration, hence my love of Bethesda games.Soulreavercross

Don't expect a lot of side quests. There are some in the game, but they are few . Mindless exploration and collectables...you will get a lot of that :wink: (plus the collectables are marked on the map so all the better)

Now that's something I can get into ;) collectibles are always an enjoyment to get in most games. So judging from all this I'm definitely picking it up after work. Thanks everyone :)
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Good, the longer the better. I'm always a fan of side quests and mindless exploration, hence my love of Bethesda games.
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I've been on the fence lately with buying new games, but this looks like it could be a very enjoyable experience. I'm not exactly picky and don't mind overlooking bugs, I mean hell I enjoyed Two Worlds 1&2 haha. Just wondering how the game mechanics are and if everything works well and is enjoyable to play. I'd love to get some input :)
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I love this game, I'll gladly boot this back up online! AP3X Oblivion
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Also, I'm still wishing (hopelessly) for a Chrono Cross reboot.
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