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Might be sending Wii to Nintendo... D':

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I've been having some minor issue with my Wii for the past few months.

The only issue I had was those little white dots/pixels that usually appear in games.
I pretty much ignore them, but they really stand out during Twilight Princess.
I've did research on it and it might be because my Wii is over heating or something. If this is the case, its my fault for sometimes leaving my Wii on all night playing. xD

Some said it might get worse, but I'll ignore them until it really does get irritating in ALL my games.

On my first day playing SMG2, about 2 weeks ago, my screen turned white right before entering the World Map. Luckily, SMG2 saves automatically, but I was pretty scared if something serious happened. I turned off my Wii, took out the disk and restarted. The game worked perfectly.
A few minutes ago, I got slightly bored from SMG2 (I did beat it in 5 days, its been in my Wii for 2 weeks) and inserted SSBB. I played on Shadow Moses Island with Snake ;) and I pwned Sonic. :twisted:

Then I was talking to my friend about if they made a MGS game for the Wii and I would have totally bought it and stuff and yeaahh...
During the Character Selection screen, my Wii was doing some clicking sound. The same sound when you insert the disk, but it was going over and over again. Then a white screen popped out saying that there's some reading issues and that I should turn off my Wii and restart. Just like when it happened during SMG2, I was pretty nervous and scared. I knew that some Wiis out there had problems reading Brawl disks, but this was the FIRST time it happened to me. And I had Brawl since one day before its release date.( March 8th, 2008 ) O__o

So I did the same procedure and guess what, IT COULDN'T READ THE FREAKING DISK. O_O
I kept inserting it a bunch of times (Sexual Innuendo not intended) and it still couldn't read my disk.
I tried with SMG2 and it did work, but not for Brawl.
Since Metroid Prime Trilogy is also a dual layered disk, I tried to test it out.
And I haven't finished the game. :cry:

This time I knew the problem was my Wii. =___=
I've heard about the Wii Lens Cleaning kit, so I'm going to try that first. If it doesn't solve my problem, then it's going to Nintendo. It would be nice to have a new Wii with all my data in it. Maybe it can also solve the white dots problem, but if I can fix the disk problem at home, then I'll continue ignoring those dots.

I can still play something else, but I'm worried if it starts to not read my other games. It DID happened with SMG2, a single layered disk, so it is possible. I never had problems with my Wii after playing with it for the past 3 years (gonna be 3 years in July). My Wii might be dying out. D':

I hope these problems are fixed before mid-July. I'd hate to spend my birthday without playing with my Wii. =___=

sigh... Time for some Pokemon and TWEWY. :|

I can't take it anymore! >:(

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Day 14 of ignoring SMG2 walkthrough videos on Youtube. :cry:

I'm just a click away from spoiling myself... The hype is killing me! D: :x
It's been boring for the past 2 weeks... Every single day without the game is torture. @___@
I have to wait until the 18th of June to buy the game. I have finals, regents exams, and a bunch of school stuff. I can't risk myself and stop studying for a game. :|

I've been feeding myself with Lost episodes everyday. Nothing of interest on youtube anymore, so I gotta do something. :( Pokemon HG got strangely boring now. Not enough places to train, and I already leveled up all my favorite pokemon to 100 in Platinum. I've also been playing some Metroid Prime Trilogy lately. I just unlocked the snapshot feature and sending gameplay pics to my friends is the only thing motivating me to replay the games. :P

E3 10 days left, and another HYPE TRAIN will be picking me up. With Zelda Wii and 3DS news right around the corner, I might have something to think about 3 days before I buy the game. xD :lol:

About SMG2's Difficulty...

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It's DAY 3 of ignoring all SMG2 youtube videos so I won't get spoiled! WOOO! :D
So there have been some complaints about how hard SMG2's levels are, but every one of them gets me hyped for the game. ^_^

SMG1 was a CAKEWALK(reminds me of ToyTime Galaxy :P)... or a frolic skip in a meadow full of flowers easy... O__o which kinda disappointed me, but it was still awesome. I think its difficulty was the only reason I got sooo bored after completing it 100%. Same levels and 121 stars ALL over again, but with Luigi. :x
(BTW, I'm one of those weird people who prefer Mario instead of Luigi. I don't like how Luigi doesn't fully stop when you want to. And his spin/air limitation under water takes out all the fun out of the water levels, which I love more than land levels... :P)

But now, SMG2 is suppose to have 120 NEW stars, different galaxies and stuff after getting the first 121. This got me very excited. :)

I just read someone's complaint about the timed purple coins levels. The only purple coin challenge I had trouble with in SMG1 was Luigi's Purple Coins... but that's because I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO LONG JUMP before I came across a youtube video about how to beat this Purple Comet. xD After I knew how to long jump, Luigi's Purple Coin became ridiculously easy. :o
This person also stated a Slide Purple Coins challenge. According to the early previews, I think he/she meant the really cool wooden slide that goes around and around, and you have to move left or right to avoid those caterpillars and spikes. I thought that level looked AMAZING, and I'm a sucker for slides. :P
If there are 100 purple coins down this slide, and you have to collect ALL of them before you reach the end, then I will be in love with this level. :3

Also, the addition of check points hints out that SMG2's difficulty is much harder.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(for those who haven't seen any videos/pics of the bowser fights, and will not see anything that might spoil them until their purchase... or anyone who doesn't want me to hint out the last bowser fight)

Plus the giant Bowser fights, which does not look as easy as the Topman Tribe fight from SMG1, and the epic zero ending fight (I took a small 20 minute peek at the ending before its official release xD :P)

END OF SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many critics said that this game is much harder and superior to its prequel, and now I really have to try it out.

I was planning to buy MH3 instead, but when the reviews came in, I knew I HAD to buy this game as soon as possible. :lol:

As soon as I'm done with finals, my regents exams and pretty much everything school, I'll pick this game up. Can't wait! :D

It's too late! T-T

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I have been thinking of trading my DS lite to a DSi in Gamestop for a while now so I checked the website today. I found out that the deal expires on July 12 (my birthday). The bad news is that I'm leaving the country on the 7th of July and won't be back in a month. I CAN'T GET $100 BY TUESDAY!!! T-T
My only hope is to win the lottery but the chances are very, very low. D:
If only I checked the website sooner...... ; _ ;
Looks like I have to stick with my lite and wait til I get $170 for a DSi.