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MW2 Major League

One of my clans, eXeL, is participating in MW2 Game Battles tournament this week. For those that don't know, that means MLG (Major League Gaming). I'm pretty excited and have not been in MLG since COD4, and it's happened surprisingly soon for me. Wish me luck.

Oh and Supa_badman, who's k/d is higher now, b*tch?? Loll, just kiddin man.

See ya guys.

My MW2 Update

My Current MW2 Stats:

Name: AJAX_Kay13

Rank: 28, Sergeant Major

Title: "Public Enemy"

Clan(s): eXeL

Kills: 1277

Deaths: 485

Assists: 140

Streak: 22

K/D Ratio: 2.63

Current Favorite Guns:

-SCAR-H Assault Rifle

-TAR-21 Assault Rifle

-M4A1 Assault Rifle

Killstreak Loadout:

4 kills: Care Package Drop

7 kills: Harrier Strike

9 kills: Pave Low Helicopter

Enjoyment and Pwnage of MW2 Total: A lot.

See you guys online, lovin the MW2. What do your stats look like?

MW2 Impressions & Other Things

Well, like every single other guy I know, I bought MW2 yesterday (release date) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I, of course, jumped straight into the online play without a second glance at the campaign mode (well, played the beginning later on, and will eventually get around to it). My favorite things so far have been the Predator Missiles, the entire Create-a-class system (much more options), the new perk system (also how, unlike Treyarch, Infinity Ward decided to add fewer but more useful perks, instead of just more useless ones. Also, upgrading your perks? Freakin sweet), and the SCAR/FAMAS rifles as well as the silenced secondary shotguns. I kicked things off nicely with a steady 2.35 k/d ratio. It'll get better, don't worry Supabadman.

I do have a few things I don't like as of right now though. They ditched the old invite system and put in the whole "send message" invite, which works horribly so far, if at all. This isn't Xbox Live. Also, most of the maps are too big. Where are the small ones (Shipment, Dome, etc.?). And so far, the assault rifles are by far beating out the submachine guns as far as usefulness.

However, the game's going under some kind of huge patch today, and who knows when the game will be ready to play again. I currently can't play any multiplayer, and while I managed to get into some two-player online Spec Ops, I suffered serious lag. ALSO, the game is messing up my system, making it difficult to sign in online without errors occuring. Hopefully this will all be fixed up soon enough, because I'm stucking playing campaign. Ugh.

Oh, and in other news, I'm vigorously hunting down my Fallout 3 platinum, and should have it relatively soon. Maybe by the end of next week? It all depends on whether MW2 will start working again.

Add me and let's play!


It's All About

MW2, obviously. Only a few more days left, I'll see my homies Scianix-Black (K-MIZER), eggmcmuff (jmad71), and Supabadman online, we gonn make us a top of the line clan.

The rest of you guys let me know if you're down cas I feel like playing with people.

Happy Halloween

Hey everyone, just wishin you all a happy Halloween, hope y'all have a good one. Right now I'm just at the end of one of the craziest parties ever, at my house of course. I'd love to tell ya about it, but ya know... what happen's at Alex K's house stays at Alex K's house.

What a night to remember. Oh yeah, and Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of the best games ever, forget about boring Uncharted 2.


Forget What I Said

I have deleted my previous blog, and take back every statement I made. Uncharted 2 and Batman are two of the best games I have ever played, and definitely judged them far too soon.

Uncharted 2 has great multiplayer, and Batman has incredible gameplay mechanics. Sorry about that.

New Games

Well, a couple days ago I bought TWO (yes TWO) new games, both at full price. Spent my hard-earned cash on none other than the possible GOTY candidate Uncharted 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Yes, be jealous eggmcmuff.

Unfortunately, I made a personal pact that I wouldn't really start to play my new games until I got my inFamous platinum, but all I have left to do is beat the game one more time on Hard and I'm there. I expect my third plat around this weekend. After that, I expect ANOTHER plat with Uncharted 2. That makes four big, shiny platinums total... Nice.

Also, I bought a new mic after my dog destroyed my old one, so I can finally play Call of Duty with Supabadman and all you guys the right way. See ya.


inFamous Blast Shards.

I'm so close, but I'm beginning to lose hope for a platinum in inFamous all because of these damned blast shards. I have found 347 out of 350 of them, and have no idea where the final three could be after going through all three districts multiple times.

If you have gotten the 'Rockhound' trophy, please give me any information that could help. Did it take you a long time to find the final shards? Or what? Please help, thanks.

The Life

(High)School life is fantastic. Friends, LOTS of girls and pretty much sex, sex, sex. All that good stuff.

Infamous is one of the best games I've ever played, best action-adventure game on PS3 since Uncharted. Nearly have my third platinum trophy in it. Debating whether to buy Uncharted 2 or Batman: Arkham Asylum next. Operation Flashpoint seems like it's gonna disappoint.

I'm trading in my 40GB PS3 for 100 or so bucks off a brand new 120GB PS3 Slim this weekend. Pretty good deal.

Playing Junior Varsity basketball as a freshman, one of two white guys on my team. JV football next season, wide receiver.

Been kept busy from gaming by lots of homework and social events and stuff. I get on weekends though, so be sure to swing by for some crazy zombies or whatever it is we can play online.

Feel like I'm forgetting something... Ah well. See ya guys. *Checks back later to see the 1 or 2 comments posted on this blog*

Ultimate Alliance 2

This past week and the next two coming up seem to be Super-Hero game week for me. I'm really enjoying Infamous, and have now decided to play it through a few more times over and hunt down my third platinum trophy.

Tomorrow as you may know, Ultimate Alliance 2 is being released. I thoroughly enjoyed the first game on PS2 (flawless co-op), and am wondering whether I should just pick it up on release, or buy Batman: Arkham Asylum first. Batman seems like a must-have for me with a great single player experience, but Ultimate Alliance 2 seems like it would be more plain, co-op kinda fun, to play with friends. But of course, I'll wanna see a review for UA2 before spending 60 bucks.

If UA2 turns out as well as the first, which would you say I should buy, Batman or UA?