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More indepth reviews

Infamous - 3.0/10

- Glitchfest
- Not really fun
- Lame powers and lame upgrades. Why just electricity?
- Not only are the powers lame, but are weak as well
- Cole is a magnet towards walls. Sometimes you want to jump just near a wall - not ON it
- Pointless and boring sidequests
- Uneven difficulty
- Going from point A to point B takes too long. Wish there was a sprint button.... wait, sometimes a glitch will make Cole run fast hahaha
- No online. There isn't much to do after completing the story, and online would've added a lot of replay value

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - 5.5/10

- Controls are horrible, and aiming your Ak-47 at your hip? HA! This game tried to rip off Gears but Gears feels fluid. Everything about the controls in this one feels awful, from covering to running.
- The puzzles were easy, rare, and very lame. Should've been much better
- Enemies are like bullet sponges, and there's so many. This game isn't hard it's just go here, shoot and shoot more people. It supposedly has...
- Platforming elements. Too bad these are also easy, and not very fun. Could've been much better
- Know what else could've been better? If it was longer... it's a 7 hour game at the most and for a $60 game with no replay value that's a rip off. Perhaps if it was a $30 game off the bat it would have been better

got my ps3 slim


It's pretty big, even for a slim. Bout the same size as the Xbox 360 (without the power brick), but still a lot better than the original PS3... I got Infamous and Batman: AA and I am going to play them later tonight.

My PSN is AHUGECAT so hit me up.. if you add me tell me you're from GS (I usually don't accept random people lulz).