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My top 10 favourite games of all time!

Yo what's up G-spot readers!? This right here is my very first blog ever, so this list might feel "empty" with words to some because i'm very new in to these things, but I would just like to thank you all for taking you're time reading my blog! So let's start with the list shall we? :cool:


10. Earthbound ( Wii U Virtual console ): I love retro gaming & I like RPG's, so this is no surprise that it would show up on the list! The dialogue is funny, It has great soundtrack, crazy yet awesome characters & enemies, a very long playtime and the pop culture references are both funny & disturbing... The 20 year wait for a European release had finally paid off!

9. Half Life 2 ( PC ): Look it's Half life 2... Nuff said!

8. Metroid Prime Trilogy ( Wii ): Hell yeah! As you can see by my profile picture i love me some Metroid! In fact It's my favourite Nintendo franchise so it's a no brainier that this game would be my favourite for the Nintendo Wii. It's the only game on the system that i don't mind using the silly motion controls gimmick, This awesome package offers tons of play time, awesome soundtrack, action, exploration and challenge! It's a must have title for all Wii owners that's for sure!

7. The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D ( 3DS ): This might sound strange to all Nintendo fans but... this is my first Zelda game I ever played & finished! And I have to say that all the praise this game got in the past are well... true! It has lot's of great puzzles, boss fights, exploration, main & side quest's also it has a great gameplay experience. The long hours I spent on this game were well worth it for sure,

6. Okami ( ps2, ps3 ): GOD WHY IS THIS UNDERRATED! Seriously why didn't this game sell? You play as a white wolf, which is a god of sun for crying out loud! And not only that, it has: beautiful visuals, amazing story, unique gameplay, memorable characters, awesome missions what more do you want!? What's even better this game got re-released as Okami HD on the psn store, so the visuals are even more beutiful then ever before! This is probably the most underrated game for me, and I highly recommend this game for all who are into art, Japanese folklore & to all those who seek a new gameplay experience.

5. Def Jam: Fight for NY ( ps2 ): So what do you get if you mix rap stars in a video game? No you don't get that crapy 50 cent game, you get Def Jam: Fight for NY! In the game you play as this unknown character that fights for club ownership, from the evil Snoop Dogg ( yeah that's wright! ). During this process, you could buy some bling bling's, clothes, get a ta too, maybe visit a barbershop, and most importantly, practise at the gym for improving your stat's, learning a new fighting move or learn a new special finisher. The games story isn't much to talk about, but the graphics and gameplay were amazing for the ps2 era. If you never played this before, YOU HAVE TO!

4. Killer instinct ( SNES ): OH MY GOD! This were my first words when i played this game for the first time. Before i played this game, i played MK 2 & SF 2, and at the time i couldn't decide which was my favourite fighting game, but after i got my hands on KI, I was just way more impressed then all MK & SF games combined! The fighting mechanics felt WRIGHT! It has the best ever character roster, from an ice alien named Glacius, to a killer android named Fulgore! And the narrator? Dude what other game has a narrator that screams ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAA COOOOMBOOOO after you brutally kick someones ass?

3. Donkey Kong Country ( SNES, Wii Virtual console ): What to say about this one hmmm... well for starters it's my first Nintendo game I ever played, plus my very first game i played at my neighbours house. As a kid, me & my pal used to play this every morning when his dad went to work, so i used to stay at his house so his mom would "baby sit" us for about an hour or two, before my mom took me to kindergarten. Now i play it on my Wii virtual console, and i all ways have a nostalgic blast from the past!

2. Fahrenheit / Indigo prophecy ( PC ): This was one of the most amazing story based game i have ever played! It felt like I was playing a movie, how I wanted to see. The characters were all special to me, i really wanted to take good care of their stress level to not go crazy, eat, drink and do whatever i could that would make them happy. The quick time events were very interesting for me, because at that time, i never saw something like it. I think i finnished the game about 13 time's LOL :D

1. Medievil 1&2 ( ps1, ps3 ): These 2 games are my ABSOLUTE favourite games of all time! Back at year 2000, a 6 year old me got my very first console ever, wich was Playstation 1. With the console i got a few games with it, but the one game that "caught my eye" was Medievil 2, and after i started playing it, I thought i was watching magic inside my TV screen. Immediately i fell in love with it. After some time my big brother saw how much i was crazy about Medievil, so he decided to surprise me one day with a copy of Medievil 1. Thou as a kid I had some troubles with the camera controls of the game, later i learned how to master camera and I just couldn't put down the controller because of the epicnes that the game provided. 13 years later my #1 spot for a video game is still Medievil 1&2 and i hope, that Sony will bring one day Medievil 2 to the European psn store, and Medievil 3 to the ps4 because i believe, that the franchise still has some of that "magic" left, to be made.


So here are my top 10 favourite games of all time, hope you enjoyed reading my list, and please leave a comment on what you think about my first blog, on what you liked and what you didn't like, also I would like to see what are you're top 10 games so far!

Peace! ( Pozdrav Jugosloveni ;) )