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Too Many Amnesiacs

My question for today is can anybody make a friggin story without someone having friggin amnesia? So I play Rune Factory (1 or 2) and your dude has amnesia, watch Muppets Take Manhattan kermit gets amnesia (good movie though), I friggin watch neighbours and surely enough someone's got friggin amnesia (probably the billionth time it's happened on this show, I seriously don't know why I still watch it).
So then I tried to think of at least 5 things where someone has amnesia (or some form of memory loss) and it was quite easy.
So here goes

1. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin - I know the blue haired chick has amnesia in this, but I think the main character does as well

2. Lost Odyssey - I'm pretty sure you go through this game finding things that spark your memory, which surprisingly wasn't as annoying as it sounds

3. The Bourne Movies - I've only seen parts of them. My brother has 'em all on DVD but I don't really have any interest in watching them.

4. The World Ends With You - not a typical "amnesiac" but it still counts: )

5. Lost: Via Domus - you get the idea

So here's the part where you come in. can you think of any stories where any of the characters have amnesia, it can be from anything you want Movies, Games, Books etc.

Anime Recommendations (updated)

Hey everyone I've been watching anime probably since Evangelion was on TV all those years ago, and here's a list of some of my favourite anime, Also don't pay too much attention to the scores /5 I gave them, it's been a while since I've seen some of them and it's just to give you a rough idea

Cowboy Bebop

Excellent. I liked the series more than the move but they're both great. Cowboy bebop always has a great soundtrack. They actually started showing the series on ABC 2 again so check it out!

Samurai Champloo

Great story/stories, great music, great fighting, great animation, and even a few laughs. Definitely my favourite anime series.

Vampire Hunter D

One of the first anime movies I saw. Really good story, great characters, all-round solid movie, easily recommended for anyone who likes their anime.

Howl's Moving Castle

Saw this on SBS a few weeks ago. What can I say; I'm glad I checked the TV guide that day



Awesome movie. Animation is fantastic and it has a great storyline. What more could you want?

Spirited Away

I like it. The story's kinds like 'Alice In Wonderland' but anime


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Good movie that's kind of about saving the planet and Patrick Stewart does one of the voices

Dead Space: Downfall

Brilliant idea making an animated prequel thingy to a game. Good to see they didn't hold back on the violence I like it


finally got the images up YAY.

and that's it. i hope you liked it

ACID out

Games games more games and more

So this Is what happens when I don't post a blog for a couple of months

My NXE gamer card

Well I don't really like the NXE layout I guess it's cool making your own dude but I just find it more difficult to navigate plus it makes themes pretty useless sine you can hardly see em, so I don't see why anyone would actually BUY a theme when at least 50% of it will be covered at all times. And what's the deal with having to select your friggin save device all the time whenever you want to play a game and when you only have one storage device!? I was actually excited that they were changing it before but I'd much rather be using the old version.

Quantum of solace

Not the worst game I've played and the online looks like it might be fun.

The Last Remnant

ok probably the worst game I've played :P at least this year anyway. It is really quite bad. I can easily recommend not even having a glance at this game. Usually the fact that a game has 2 discs would be a good thing but it's quite the opposite in this case since finishing this game would require a great feat of mental strength or just complete ignorance. The fact that you are more likely to be struck by lightning before unlocking any of the achievements isn't really helping their case.

MK vs. DC

Nice fun fighting game. How long the game will last you will depend on how much you like it.

Guitar Hero World Tour
I played it again yesterday and I'm sure that I could beat it on hard Guitar, but I don't really think there's any point since I've beaten Bass on hard already (almost expert). I still want to finish my band career where I'm using the headset and my brother is using the guitar.

Fallout 3

I guess it's just not my kind of game. Maybe it was that G.O.A.T test at the start that put me off but I wasn't enjoying this game and I didn't want to try to enjoy it. I do think it's a little strange since I really enjoyed oblivion but I just don't think it's any better than Oblivion, in fact I find it quite a bit worse.

Penny Arcade ep 2

Nice fun game. If you enjoyed the first one I'm sure you'll enjoy this even more, well I did anyway. It's one of the few games that I actually played through twice, the second time being on insane mode which wasn't really that hard actually.

Portal: Still Alive

Well I love it. It was definitely my favourite orange box game and I really enjoyed playing through it again. If you haven't played portal before I would certainly recommend getting this, as for everyone else I think the only new things are a about 10 or 20 more challenge levels with some kick ass puzzles in them which is great if you like challenge levels, but I had a great time with it again so I'm sure you would too.

Dead Space

I found ripping aliens apart really satisfying and it's nice to have different guns to do it with, well except the flamethrower: ). Also being able to slow things down, jump around on walls in zero gravity, and throwing things that go BOOM was pretty cool too.

Puzzle Quest

Ween my brother downloaded this I was expecting to have no interest in it since I had already beaten it twice on DS. But the new characters are pretty cool, the new missions (although I think they're an extra download) aren't bad, and the achievements are achievable: )

Ninja Gaiden 2

I didn't really play this game much. I prefer Devil May Cry.

The Force Unleashed

Not a bad game but it does have it problems. I think I would have liked it a bit more if it was more violent.

Unreal Tournament 3

I'm sure it would be fun to play online but the story was quite uninteresting especially how they tried to tie in why you had to kill all their dude to disable their respawner or something like that.

Rocket Bowl

Don't ask. Seriously do not ask.

Ok so I made a Giant Bomb account simply because I thought of a name to use. I haven't really used it yet but anyway

Next game I'm 100% excited for
Prince of persia

I'm also getting Gears of War 2 which I'm not as excited about.


Finally that's it. well there's not much else to say except Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. incase i write another blog before then of cours.

ACID out.

games update

ok i though i'd just give you a heads up on my gaming progress. in no particular order.

1. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

well yesterday i got the Wax Off achievement. so that only leaves one achievement which is of course SMILE:) i just figured out (gamefaqs) how you get it and lets just say i don't have high hopes of achieving it.

2. Lost Odyssey

yes i finally finished Lost Odyssey. The last boss was actually quite easy since i did a few side quests. In all i clocked up 60 something hours (i'll check the exact time later).

3. Castle Crashers

fun. well i don't really know what else to say about castle crashers. the graphics are good, the gameplay isn't bad, and there are a few funny moments. however the main problem with castle crashers is it's longevity. you'll be through the game in a rather short period of time with very few reasons to play it again. after completing it i went back and played it for about another 10min just to get a few achievements.

hmm i couldn't think of anything else and i'm hungry, so that's it.


that is all

also, i think i'm nearing the end of Lost Odyssey with about 47 hours of playtime:P i expect i'll get over 50 hours by the end.

If you dont go

How will you know? Hehe

Well interesting things have been happening gaming wise. My brother just recently picked up Lost Odyssey, and not long before that Bioshock, plus I'm borrowing Zelda: Twilight Princess. After playing Bioshock for a little while (I think I just got the telekinesis plasmid) I completely lost interest:(. I expressed my distaste for Zelda in my last blog, and even though I know how to beat the game (my brother finished it) I have Zero interest in doing so. Which brings me to Lost Odyssey. I've been playing it for about 15 hours now and…I LOVE IT:). Seeing as Bioshock and Zelda are considered two of the best games of last year, I think it just goes to show that you never know what you'll like until you've tried it. Maybe I just have a liking for JRPG's, well actually I didn't really like FF12 so it's not that. I made a graph to help you understand what I'm talking about.

GS score 7.5


GS score 9.0

GS score 8.8

Also I got a Laptop, and I'm sick of using the touchpad thingy so I'll have to get a mouse:P

Why Zelda? WHYY!? (OMG MGS4 tehpwn)

First of all sorry about the title^ I don't even really like MGS games:P it was just a cheap ploy to get more viewers:D but while you're here why not read on?... o ok, fine then.

I'm taking a break from Zelda right now. I'm up to the Zora place and after walking around for about half an hour and getting absolutely nowhere i need a break. Which sux cause I was on a roll since i beat the fire temple with no major hassles at all:). This isn't the first time my progress has halted though, it's been happening quite frequently. I usually find where I have to go quite quickly after returning but it's still pretty annoying. If I remember correctly (and I do) this type of thing has happened to me on every Zelda game I've played, in fact I didn't even finish A Link to the Past (VC) even after looking it up on :(.

I've also been playing Civilization: Revolution

and… it's great! There are so many aspects of the game, so if you haven't played Civ games before it's gona take a while to learn all the stuff. But all in all it's a pretty fun game. The achievements are done well, there are 5 different difficulties, and since the game mostly has sound effects it's a great chance to bust out your music collection.

that's all.

Dyou know what I mean?

Don't you hate it when you post a blog and then later you think of about 50 things you can change/add to it!? ever happened to you before?

Well I edited my last blog a little, probably not worth another look if you've already read it. I was thinking of making comments of all the games but I wanted to keep it short

Now's your chance!
What unpopular game characters do you know? Just say so and I'll add them to the list (I'm not sure what I'm doing with the list, but I'll think of something)


Games I've beaten in the last 2 weeks
Super Mario Sunshine

Grand Theft Auto IV

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness

All pretty good games, but now I've got nothing to do:P my bro got Civilization Revolution yesterday so I'll probably give that a try.

Obscure Game Character Finale!!!!


Anyone heard of Rick Dangerous? Probably not eh? Well get educated! I was looking it up today and there's a site where you can play it (the 1st one) using flash!!! Right here. DO IT!!!!

Well I was thinking of making the final obscure game character Rick Dangerous, but I thought who's gona know that?? I could just throw in any Amiga game like

Fire & ice

James Pond (ok I didn't realise he was so popular until now)

Maybe even Zool. you know the chupa chup guy :)

But seeing as Twinsen was a bit of a miss it would be nice if SOME people knew it.

Then I was thinking 'Chuck Rock' (which I still have by the way, I just have no means of playing it) which was one of the first ideas I had when I started this.

Plus it had a sequel (chuck rock 2) so that sort of doubles the chance of you knowing it right?

R-Type was another game that crossed my mind but who doesn't know r-type? Plus it didn't really have "characters" it just had planes:P

Anyway, after all of that the final obscure game character is *drum roll*…

Yes that's right Maui Mallard. Well I actually had the SNES version but who cares :P

Now if you didn't know ANY of those characters, isn't that kinda the point?:P

I hoped you liked this series of blogs as I kinda liked doing them: )


another game character you might not know

ok this is definitely one of my favorite games of all time!!! :D

well you all seemed to know who Cool Spot was but how 'bout Twinsen?? for starters the graphics in this game were unbelievable, not to mention that it had a frickin dragon in it! plus like a billion sweet items like a magic ball, and a laser gun. they even reviewed it here on gamespot like 10 years ago. so if you see it anywhere (unlikely) get it!