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Im back

Its been a while so I decided to do a blog tellin what ive been playin and e3 thoughts. To start out I no longer own a 360 it died for the 3rd time within 6 months it died of e74 so i said screw it and sold it. What else I been playin alot of resistance 2 alot of punchout wii and Brawl still. All excellant games and I also forgot to tell i now own a ps3 i have resis 1 and 2 mgs4 army of two oblivion killzone2 re5. so i hav been enjoyin those recently but i still luv my wii the most. So e3 nintendo........ i enjoyed it I was shocked wen the announced smg2 but let down that they didnt hav a zelda wii trailer or donkey kong announcement. but beggers cant be choosers. I have been seeing alot of movies recently like t4 star trek wolverine friday the 13th 09 angels and demons up taken etc i basically see 1 a week so far my fav was terminator 4 I loved it sum hated it some loved it i thought it was excellant so yeah basically this summer im gonna game my head off and enjoy it because this is basically my last summer off then next year i will be out of high school and get a job and such. so yeah play alot of nintendo see movies oh yeah this will be a great summer. c ya

Keep Gaming

Its been a while

Its been quite a long time since I've writen a blog I have just been so busy with school and such but I would like to talk about a few things like what I have been playing etc. First of all on Oct 20th at 5AM I picked up AC/DC's new album called Black Ice and wow is all i have to say it is freakin amazing i love it I think its their second best CD but thats just MY OPINION. I recently just picked up a Ps3 but there is a catch i dont get it till christmas:( but then I will be a proud owner of a pswii60 lol. And I plan on getting MGS4 and Resistance 1 and 2 for it. My mom just picked up Wii fit last night and surprisingly its pretty fun nuff said. I have been playin Fallout 3 nonstop since release and I love that game people arent far off when they say oblivion with guns. There is more that I could talk about but its not just comin to me so yeah.

What are some of your guys opinions?

For you people who like the metal gear solid franchise please help me.

Ok so recently I have been looking at all of the metal gear games online and they look very interesting so I have done some research and I have planned on buying a couple of them. The question is what game should I get? May i remind you that I have never played one before, and I own botha ps2 and 1. I think I am going to buy the compilation of MG1,2, and 3for 30 bucks but well what do you guys think I should do.

I never noticed how good the Harry potter movies were.

First of all before I saw one of the movies I thought that they looked like the gayest thing ever. But a couple of nights ago I saw that one of them was on tv so I decided to watch it. And damn it was a very good movie ( I don't know which one it was) but it was a very good movie. So this weekend I am planning on renting all or most of them. So bottom line if you havent seen one of the movies go watch one you might be suprised how good it is.

Brawl friend code

Heres my friend code

5155-2608-5489 name-Janke

Add me and I'll add you, and don't forget your online name so I know who I'm playin with

If you ever wanna play jus PM me I'll make sure to check it often

I recomend that everyone sees this movie.

The movie that I speak of is Rambo I jus saw that today and let me say Sylvestor Stallone went out with a blast. I wont spoil any of it to you guys but if you are old enough or your parents are willing to get u in I hughly recommend that you see Rambo.

Movie rank out of 10: its a 10

One reason why I don't like x-box live.

One of my Halo friends sent me this vid in a e-mail. And WOW people can be such a**holes online. It is just amazing how people can say that online. This is why I really don't play Halo anymore jus cause of the people jus swearing and calling everyone n00bs. Its jus ridiculous, other than that live is a great online service.

Please post what u guys thought about this vid.

I've had it with my Microsoft friends.

OK so at school today the main topic was Halo 3 of course. And people were talking about how they wished they could of missed school today and I said that I was going to miss school Dec. 3. And all of my friends say "why whats on dec 3" and I tell them that that is when Brawl comes out and all of the sudden all my friends start hating on Nintendo and all of there games and that the Wii is just a fad. So thats what set me off. And I ask my friends"have you ever played a Wii or Smash or anyother of the great Nintendo games. my friends reply"why would I want to play a little kids game. And that was just a kick in the head to me. So i reply" Well if Mario is a kids game then Halo is a kids game". one of my friends says"are you kidding me Halo is for mature gamers". then I say that Halo is just as much as a kids game cause look on Live. There is constantly little kids yelling in the mic. And that game is supposedly for MATURE gamers. My friends just shrug off the topic and I'm thinking in my head wow if these people would just play the system and the games before hating on the Wii maybe it would change their opinion. So thats why I'm writing this blog. What I'm trying to say is I hate it when people say that a game or system is crap and the person has never even played it. It sucks cause I live in a small town and in that town all of the gamers are 360 players. And whenever i try to talk about Nintendo my friends just make fun of it and call it a joke. Bottom line don't hate on a system until you've played it.

Nintendo why?

Usually I support everything that Nintendo does but with the new Smash info I'm both happy and pissed. I'm happy cause its ONLINE! I'm pissed that there will be no voice chat, just some lame text taunts. Ans also that there is no leaderboard like in Strikers and that there is those stupid friend codes. All I'm saying is that Nintendo you still have to step up to online more aggresively. Who are you protecting? Nintendo said that they use friend codes to keep kids safe from online predators. Whats the point of FC when you can't even communicate with the other players. Hell Halo 2 had all of the musts for a online game back in 04. And Nintendo its 07 you gotta start getting more seriouse into online and give the players a great online experience. Cons:no voice chat+no leaderboards+friend codes= a huge kick in the head to us hardcore Nintendo fans. the pros: its online.

I'm sorry I had to say it that way but Nintendo I just want you to be back on top of the gaming world. And when you aren't doing this minor stuff to your online games its just starting to make you look like your afraid to make online games. Nintendo I sure hope you know what you got yourself into but good luck.

Halo 3 the overhype.

I love Halo and I'm excited for#3. But I heard that Walmart is having a 12:01 launch and that they are even going to have seperate check-out lines just for the game. That just set me off. And everywhere you go you'll see a big Halo 3 poster hanging by the game department. What I'm trying to say that is people are taking Halo a little ridicously, I like Halo but I'm sick of all these commercials, magazine articles, and radio commercials. It is starting to tick me off. Its a game for gods sake. Remember when TP came out, people were expecting that game to be perfect, but it wasn't. There is no such thing as a perfect game. What killed Tp was all the hype. And I'm thinking with all the hype for Halo the people are gonna be dissapointed because it isn't gonna meet the hype. So what I'm saying is to much hype just kills a game. Anyboby kinda thinking this way?

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