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Woes of being a fan/loyal to a certain franchise.

This is just something I thought about, something I've been wanting to get off my chest for a bit because its really been bothering me.

Metroid Other M. As I started I was aware of what people said, but I ignored it. I played for about 15 min and liked what was there. The mechanics felt fine but most of all i was happy to play a new Metroid title (I'm a huge fan of the franchise, its my most favorite game). As I kept playing I started noticing small things I didn't like growing bigger and bigger in number and the Ridley fight was the pinnacle of it. The way that black guy (I forget his name) called her a "lady" as if she was some frail weak thing and then she proceeded to stand there like a **** while Ridley made him eat **** From then on i just kept hoping it would get better, a false feeling in the back of my mind/gut saying "its metroid, it can't be that bad". When I eventually did beat it I didn't even feel like touching it again. I was so disappointed. It was a real sinking feeling.I never felt like I just outright wasted money like that (I got it at launch) before and I knew I wasted money on this game yet I continued to try to convince myself that I didn't.

Eventually I put it on top of a shelf (not with the other games, just at the very top, just set it there) and didn't touch it for months, I forgot it existed. Couple months later nintendo announces the 25th Anniversary of Zelda and the upcoming show. I felt like something was missing but I wan't sure what. I realized it a couple months later. It was also Metroid's 25th and it was being completely ignored.

Now, hear me out first... I'm a game art student. Loads of my hours I spent playing games were on Metroid games, I've played them all and loved them all and a lot of my inspiration and drive to continue comes from those games. The thought that someday I could make something like it.

Seeing metroid treated like this, brushed off and ignored made me depressed, pissed off and a myriad combination of other feelings. It was instant and sort of just a jerk reaction, I blamed it all on Other M. I went into gamestop and traded it in, I didn't even care what they would give me for it, I just wanted to get rid of it.

Pretty much how I feel about that game.

Resident Evil: the Mercenaries 3D DLC?

There are some rumors going around and evenResident Evil producer Masachika Kawata hints that if the game sells, DLC could be possible He says:

"At the moment no, we haven't got any plans," Kawata said. "If the users want that we will endeavour to make it happen. We're always monitoring the comments and feedback from users."

so that seems promissing and since i mean its Resident Evil that alone ensures some good sales so lets just sit tight and hope new characters make it to the Mercenaries 3d.

PSN outage makes Sony fanboys restless

Sony Got hacked and your info might be stolen. We all know that, now I don't play on ps3 I'm an Xbox 360 and 3ds person but you should not use your credit card for psn, xbox or nintendo when they offer cards you can use to make online purchases. then theres some people saying it was xbox fans who did this. Really? Its would take 5 years for xbox people to do this? Besides that what would provoke it since the xbox allready outsells the ps3 in europe and america? Then ps3 fans are saying stuff like "I hope xbox gets it" just calm the hell down because when you say stuff like that youre not only pointing out the fact that it HASN'T happened yet and that youre just a fanboy and a Troll. Then theres the people wanting to be re-compensated for the time that they were denied on the psn network. Remember that the psn network is FREE and they've allready lost money trying to fix this and they've lost money for the days that people are not buying psn games the only people who should be compensated are those whos information was actually stolen. The point is that this should not have happened and if you give a company your info and they promise to keep it secure than it should be that way.