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The greatest moment of Xbox Live, ever.

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Ok, well, being the total d*** I am I found myself making fun of some Annoying Kids on Call of Dut Black ops. (Terrible game BTW)

Anyway, I made fun of this kid who had a high pitched voice. I stated "Hey kid, your voice is higher than the U.S debt." That statement got quite a few laughs. Then, out of nowhere, Some guy stated "**** you, you know NOTHING about the debt."

I replied "What do you know more than I do?" He stated he was C.I.A. I laughed my *** off, knowing he was full of it. However, he gave me his badge number through a message, and by then I had a sudden feeling maybe he was telling the truth.

Things got quiet for a bit, then this random guy said to Mister C.I.A "Hey Jack, how was work today." I know knew what the C.I.A guys name was. What happened next, was **** pants crazy.

Apparently, the two were friends, Mr.CIA replied "It sucked, Linda forgot my coffee, blah blah blah" He kept going on a rant about Linda beeing a w****. I payed little attention, as we just started a new game when this little rant happened. What happened next, well, was **** pants crazy. He told his friend some top secret information, I assumed they were both C.I.A, He told him things that shocked me to death, and that I'm to afraid to tell in this blog (If you PM, I will answer I guess) Apparently, He muted everyone bt his friend and me. He kept telling his friend Government secrets that left me in a state of shock.

Finally, after some time, I let out a small wimper, "You d-do know I c-can here you right? Two secons passed, and then Mr.C.I.A let out a "OH S***"? and left the game immediately, and his friend soon followed. This happened just a while ago, and now I am kind of scared as to what the consequences will be, and I am now suspicious of every car that passes by my house. I told my Girlfriend this story a couple hours ago and she is also shocked, So now we play the waiting game.

Nothing will happen most likely, but still, got to be on my toes.