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    Xbox rules!

    Xbox One gamertag: A Gaming LlamaAdd me if you need help with achievements or if you think you can beat me at PvZ. ( I highly doubt it)

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    User Rating 10
    You haven't played anything until you've played this.

    This is by far the greatest game I have ever played. Ever!Nothing even comes close to the levels of quality you will experience in this game from start to finish (I use the word finish, but you'll nev...

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    Id just ditch the home console thing entirely, a handheld from Nintendo with vita like specs (or more) with support from Nintendo software devs would be a beautiful thing.

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    For sure! I will always support Activision and EA, my favorite game companies of all time.
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    You should download the new CoD DLC. I cried over it's breathtaking beauty.
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    @FelipeInside said: @horgen123 said: This game has my attention... But for around 15$ a month... Well I don't play enough games for it to be worth 15$ a month.I get your point but look at it this way...

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    Why choose ?Get both and Over Clock that Jive Motha !!!

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