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My little history of Game of the Year (and their runner-up)

While waiting for Skyrim, I thought I compile a list of my GOTY (and their runner-ups are I really got into) ever since I started gaming.

It started with Freddie Fish and Putt-putt but soon I move on to more hardcore stuff. Stuff like

1999 - Age of Empire 2 - My first ever serious game and it was amazing, I spent the whole year playing this

2000 - The Sims - I was around 9, so Diablo 2 frigthened me and Deus Ex was way over my head

2001 - Alien vs Predator 2

2002 - Warcraft 3 , Runner-up: No-one Lives Forever 2

2003 - Star Wars - Knight of the Old Republic, Runner-up: Rise of Nations

2004 - GTA: San Andreas, Runner-up: Half-life 2

2005 - Psychonauts (my favourite game) , Runner-up: God of War

2006 - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Runner-up: Warhammer 40K - Dark Crusade

2007 - The Orange Box(Portal itself could have won but TF2 and HL :D ) , Runner-up: Crysis

2008 - Fallout 3 , Runner-up: GTA V (worst gaming year IMO)

2009 - Dragon Age: Origins, Runner-up: Batman: Arkham Asylum

2010 - Red Dead Redemption, Runner-up: Mass Effect 2

November 2011, the gaming month begins

At the start of the year I had a list of 5 games I will get sooner or later:

(In order of PC release dates)

Portal 2

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Saints Row The Third

Batman: Arkham City (*sigh*)

Today, I finally complete my list and made all purchase. Some of you maybe going "Big deal" but I guess it kinda is a big deal seeing I like to all these games on Steam and I live in Australia where every game on that list side Portal have been jacked up to "Australian retail prices". So trying to avoid getting rid off, I had to use GMG,paying my cousin to gift me game and ebay to complete my goal with a total of only spending $AU 208.

What the hell going on?

What just happen?

I spend a month off OT just to get used to uni and I come back and 2 mods got banned after goin through a D3nny-crane anger built-up.

Is GS forums just sucking the life out of people gettin too involved in it

I'm level 20!!

After several moderation for offensive material and censor by-passing I been stuck in the teens for nearly a year.

After I decided to wise up, I slowly progress and now I finally 20 after 3 years. :D

Hopefully I don't get mod and get bump back to the teens, been there far too long :(

Top 10 Mass Effect 2 Moments (possible spoilers)

Firstly, these are my 10 favourites moments from Mass Effect 2 at the top of my head.

I personally don't know how to post a video myself so, the video are just video I found on Youtube

10. Shepard bust out his move

Personally I thought it was quite humourous to see the most dangerous man in the galaxy dance really feminely

9. Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest **** in space


8. A skill that would be useful in Mass Effect 1

A sign why Miranda is a leader, Garrus, Wrex and even Tali would have just talk about random stuff

7. Garrus can't let go of the past

Then again maybe Garrus love those elavator talks

6. Wrex!!! :D

Gotta say seeing my fav ME1 party member was pretty emotional

5. I had enough of this

It feels so satisfying to give her want she deserves

4. So great inter-species bonding time here

This is what future buddies will most likely end up like

3. The Hangover (Mass Effect edition)

Guess Shepard pretty lucky he only woke up in a toilet and not next to some Krogan or Elcor

2. The Scientist Salarian Job Description

Mordin shows scientist are not the typical boring type

1. Legion doing the robot and beatboxing

Now to top Mordin would require some display of amazing talent, which is excalty what Legion display. Him dancing is a lot more unexpected to Mordin singing.

Special mentions

Shepard's death

I can't really include this with the rest of the things up there cause this isn't canon. However, this is one ending every Mass Effect player should try to get once. It's extremely emotional and really powerful moment. I gotta say I shed a tear or two during this moment.

Damnit ME2 NPC stops milking my sympathies

I just recently got Mass Effect 2 after finishing a ME 1 run through to get a save-transfer ready.

I gotta say going straight from ME 1 to ME 2 in 5 mins literally takes some getting used to. The game is a lot more Gear-of-Wary but the conversion elements still fine with a new few cool options.

The story of ME 2 is pretty good so far but there's one thing I don't get. Why does Bioware love to show waterworks, first some random bigot Asari but I ended feeling sorry for her then Tali then more randoms. I have seen so many scene in a video game that nearly makes me shed tears. Overall, combat is a improve however RPG elements are kinda simplfied but at least the conversions are still awesome. Even if I end up giving away too many hugs for shed tears :P

Man, WoW sure is addicting

Around 4 months a friend convince to get WoW for some odd reason. I was a bit relutant to get it at first cause of all the rumuors I heard about it being addicting and WoW players are generally regarded as social outcast. That and having TEE played a major factor in it.

Somehow that silver-tongue bastard managed to convince me and I ended-up playing WoW. My first impression was what kind of crap game makes me run around the place killing moths and collecting fish-eyes and considering stopping completely after my free month but as I gain more level and did my first duegon(round 24-ish), I kinda started get hooked onto it.

Man I spent way too much time on it. I also spent a fair bit of cash too getting a game card and Lich King together kinda took up pretty much my month allowance. I ended up spending pretty much everyday on it for a while then I realized I gotta stop this crap and actually focus on shcoolwork.

So I guess the moral of the story is WoW is awesome get yourself a copy right NOW :x

What's your game!8)

But seriously less you have good self-control might wanna lay off this game for the time being

Back with a Passion

I finally return to GS and all it wonderful features thanks to a nitty gadget

For now I will lay lown but before I leave what do you think of my custom maybe-avatar

Back in 10 weeks. :(

Looks like my break is up and I'll probably been gone for 10 weeks :cry:

So this is pretty much my excuse for dissapearing from OT and my unions. It's annoying but I guess it's life :x


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