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New Union? IDK but I kinda want to make one.

A few problems though. First and foremost, Union focus and name. I kinda want to make a union of new releases and stuff, or maybe a first party games union or something. The former would have some sort of system where members can chat on whether the game is mostly hype or seems like a good game as well as something as well as general game chat, but especially of new games and games that are recently announced. The latter would be like a union focused on the Big Three's First Party (and second party) developed games and how they stack up against the third party competitors and the games on other consoles. (maybe this could be a console specific games union instead) Second problem: Activity amount. I would need some people to help start, some more people to help with content, and even more to be regular members of it. In addition, I would need most people be active, which is troublesome for small and startup unions. Third: I don't know if any other unions have these ideas already, as I dislike rivalry in those things. Any tips, opinions, volunteers PLEASE give me it. Post it in the comments section.

I guess Ill make minireviews on the rest of the SSBB characters...

Ok Umm I guess Ill try makeing mini reviews on the characters. Umm Ill Make quick overview and my ratings on the scales. Umm... Mario: A balanced character, His mix of power and annoying moves is great. Newb friendly score: 6/10 Move Power score: 4/10-7/10 Overall balance: about even Overall score: 7/10 *an average character, not too olimer, not to Marth Luigi: One of the balanced characters, Luigi is set more on speed and long distance Physical attacks than his similar character. Newb Friendly score: 7/10 * a point more than mario because the speed and moves are more noobish* Move power: 4/10-6.3/10 *but most of the attacks are crappy* Balance: Towards Speed Overall: 8/10, personally better than mario, stupid red **** Kirby: GREAT GREAT GREAT Newb Friendly: 3/10 *The down special keeps it from being a 1 but the sword thing kills it* Everything else, 10/10 simply marvelous KK that's it for now, maybe in a few months I can put up a few more.

I am...

Not back at all. Just want to confirm that I am not here at all most of the time.

I pwn you... (And stuff about Crisis core)

Yes I beat SW: KOTOR. Also... I really stressed on a few battles like [spoiler] Malak (End game not Laviathian), Sith Senator or something (The first real sith baddie I challenged in it), Calo Nord (In the bar lol possibly an impossible fight), and the dumb three pillar thing in Ajunta Pail's tomb. [/spoiler] My thoughts on CC:FFVii eh, pretty good, the graphics are nice, the main game is a little "Easy" except for the bosses...
MAJOR SPOILER[spoiler] Like Sephiroth, Genesis, and Huge Genesis at the end of the game, which I didn't beat yet. [/spoiler] But yeah I am suck at RPG's although I like them. I would recommend it... but I didn't beat it so I can't recommend it :P the story was pretty good. Oh, and BTW, anyone know if KOTOR 3 is coming and stuff. I didn't play KOTOR2 but heard it makes no sence.

So far...

First of all, I am currently playing CC:FFVII and MKWii, and sometimes like Wii Sports and stuff. Also... I sometimes play "Weewar" An online game that is similar to advance wars and stuff, but it is free and doesn't have downloads, unless you want to have a reminder app or anything. *P.S. Use this referral link so I can get free pro account* weewar.com

The Results are in and...

Look to the right ;) also I did choose the one in big picture :D Loving it so far, I am almost done, am currently on the save point before [spoiler] Genesis trying to kill me as his final two forms [/spoiler] also I plan on saving my file onto my other extra file (Yes I have two lolmao) so I can have [spoiler] New Game+ [/spoiler] so yeah, my previous blog is correct, as I was standing in gamestop for like 10+ minutes ripped between it and a few other games.

Final Fantasy, larger than life? Intimidating to newcomers? Your thoughts?

... Yeah, this was 100% spontaneous and random. Well the series is HUGE! It's like an expensive, let's say restaurant. It's good, or atleast regarded as so, but it's a huge intimidation. Such as "What if I am a total newbie," "What if it's too hard," "What if I suck at it, no one wants to help, I am regarded as a loser, and I have no Idea what will be in the other side of the intro," and other random stuff.

PSP... should I get a game that's...

Available now... or available later? such as crisis core, BF: Renegade squadron, or tactics: War of the Lions? Or wait an indeterminate amount of time for games like BBS, or go for my DS and get some other random game?