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Going Mad Unreal

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I've been playing Rune: Viking Warlord for the PS2 and finished it. I only played it because it used the Unreal Engine however I did enjoy how they used the Viking theme with a bit of fantasy placed into the setting. I was satisfied and I thought it was a decent game, so I'm going Unreal Engine 1 crazy and playing all the Unreal Engine 1 games that I can possibly can. I actually want to see how different each game is despite them using the same engine.

Replaced my PS3 Laser

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It was the first time I've replaced my PS3 Laser. It was no easy job. I had to go thou may different screens and pull out and reattach 4 or 5 different mini-cables just to replace the laser. I've always lost laser to Rockstar games even when I was playing Playstation 2. The first time I lost a laser was on Vice city. then I replaced it and ran San Andreas, lost that laser and now it's LA Noire on the PS3, I lost the laser to that. What's the deal with that?

I'm fully aware that DVD 9 games causes the failures and even Sony got done for it aswell, why can't Rockstar take responsibly for causing the Laser failures I've been getting?

How Scary Is Resident Evil?

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Not very! It's actually funny! Not until they created Resident Evil 4!

I never really understood why people liked the first set of Resident Evil games. It's a good game, no doubt about it, but for a video game and a game for the screen, it's actually laugh out loud funny! So funny in fact that I would see why it's a good game. It's interesting because it's set in a house or city which is brightly lit and has hazards everywhere and etc.

The characters fit the roles so well, they're out of control teen looking folks that get thrown into the story.

The other mystery, which seems to be an interesting mystery is why Resident Evil was called Resident Evil instead of Biohazard!

There so much thinking about this game, it better to put this game on a PC then console. Capcom created it games for the PC before the Playstation was out, so that explains they so much thought was placed in this game until everyone a change for Resident Evil 4 which bought in such a wider appeal.

The other thing is the PSN sale, they have a Resident Evil 1, 2 & 3 bundle. There a reason they don't sell them indivadiually. I have a Dreamcast with Resident Evil 2 & 3 and I come on PSN and they want to sell the entire thing in a bundle. That's another sneaky marketing move the PSN have done to make sure they sell!

Once again I've been had by my other class mates from high school telling me to play Resident Evil and I'm prepared to confront them about it how they have poor taste buds or are colour blind or something or didn't know why Resident Evil exsited.

How Dated is Phantasy Star Online?

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After whipping out my good old Dreamcast to see what Phanstay Star Online is like, It left me wondering what people still talk about it! I'm actually disappointed and I would see why all these private servers are popping up. Sega pretty much knew that Phanstay Star Online was one of the ways that Sega would make good use of the Dreamcast life span and did everything they can to make sure it was capable for online, they did a good job however with all these MMOs popping up and shutting down, it's so dated that I wouldn't want to run it again!

One thing I didn't like was the guns. At it's time, FPS and Multiplayer FPS were huge and it took me a while to understand why guns are so slow in Phantasy Star Online. It turns out it meant to reduce lag in online mode. I found this confusing!

The Phastasty Star Online series took me a while to figure out! It's not just any RPG. Any Sega fans of the 90s would know that if you had a Sega, you were cool! So cool that RPG wasn't a nice way to live life, so Sega pulled out the Phastasy Star series, a way to make fun of RPGs so players can enjoy RPGs in a way that other hardcore D&D or Ultima RPG or Dragon Quest series wouldn't. That's how it stands out. Even wiki it if you have to if you don't mind the spoiler.

Phantasy Star Online is worth the keeper thou for a while and I really hope Sega would make bring this MMO back again if the Phantasy Star Online 2 series is successful! I believe it can be worked out.

Moving away from the 90s in Gaming

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I'm not going to say that video games are going to be boring and we'll just grow out of it! I would say that as time goes and these new ways of allowing video games to come together are always going to bet the way

I was always a 90s bloke, who always enjoyed the games that were around but I was wrong because those games were so fun it was like an addicting drug. It's not a nice term to use to describe it however I use it because there were alot of problems that people finally got over. Like people being hyper active and thinking it's cool to have a Playstation or a game console.

Today we have reboots, spin offs and even microtransactions. They're actually not so bad! Microtransaction bothers alot of people because of the nature of producing goods and selling them. It will never work out. When a company gets the microtransactions correct and get the profit rolling, it will help them produce better games and content that people actually like.   

If you can get over branding in spin offs, you will see a beauty in a video game, if it's good of course and think of it as another project worth playing and not another pet for a series.

Reboots is a nice way to move on in gaming like Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider always bothered me because I enjoyed the 90s and that woman power vibe. I didn't like the fact that Tomb Raider was one of the icons for that and always wondered where that went. It's nice to move on and away from the past because I look forward to making the good new days.

I am looking forward to the next Xbox as it may provide more ways of making most of the current models work.

Japanese Tacticial Turn Based Stratergy - Anti Competitive

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This genre is the most anti competitive genre I've seen in gaming. If you think games like Simcity or Gran Turismo have the crowd and deserve bad press, you should think again! Games like Front Mission, Disgaea and even the upcoming Project X Zone is part of this anti competitive due to the fact that it's simple command to command gameplay, forced mechanics and forcing the player to spend hours to play the game to get to the end of a story after hours of gameplay. There little chance involved in missing targers, based on how well you make choices but that's really about it!

There no losing in this game and production quality doesn't have to be high to have a successful made game (like Disgaea) and the Japanese seem to have a way to put it all out, so they wouldn't lose and have reviewers say 'It's a bad game' because it's hard to make a bad game from this, not unless you force a production team to make a turn based game for 3 months, which by everyone standard, is a complete joke.

When it comes to games and the industry, games are always there to make money and sometimes based on the quality of the game and sometimes some companies make a crap game to kill a series or they forcely change things (like the recent reboots that have appeared lately) to lose a generation and to get ahead of times. Tacticial Turn Based Games cannot do this because they don't want to kill it.

I did play Namco x Capcom and there would be times when a game over will appear and having to spend time redoing it for another hour, so there maybe so hope out there! The problem with Namco X Capcom is that everyone around the world wanted it and they still do!

Don't get me wrong, Gamespot did a great job reviewing Front Mission 4 and Disgaea. Two different games turn based and represent Japan aswell among a few others. Front Mission being based on Mecha and Disgaea having high J-Pop character designs.  

It just when I went around Gamespot seeing if there was a BAD Tacticial Turn Based Stratergy game on the PS2, I was surprised to find that there was only one game that is considered bad enough by the community.

It just when I went out there to buy this title pre owned, only to find that the game wasn't that bad and would of sold regardless because of it's redeeming quailities. Robot Warlords, was only bad in terms of really slow rock steady gameplay but it would of sold because it was this really generic form of Japan and mechs fighting, which redeems the game to the point that this is what Japan sells on the whole. So technically, it wasn't a bad game by chance, it was just a game that represented what Japan represents best.

Oh and get this, why do you think the third person shooter Front Mission Evolved was considered a bad game? How about Front Mission Online only in Japan? Do you think SquareEnix cares? If you put Front Mission on anything now, people will have to remember, it's based on a Tacticial Turn Based genre and SquareEnix wants you to buy Front Mission Tacticial Based Games so people can talk and demand. Where's the choice in that?. SquareEnix are the biggest offenders when it comes down to the turn based strategy and mecha genre because of this game.

Then there the players, the players that try so hard to 'defend' these games in this genre, which they are great games and which is easy to say that they're good, however when it comes to defending the genre that hasn't got any flaws or any games that are terrible, why defend it when it's already has anti-competitive support?

SquareEnix are waiting for the right time to make Front Misson 6 apparently and why would Project X Zone need advertising support anyways, when they're never going to make a bad game anyways? Oh right, of course sales and when it gets sold, you'll be left with this game you have no choice but winning by spending time on and that's call the cheap bucks and spending your time. Just hope it was worth it with something like Project X Zone

How Panda's Got Into Warcraft

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The appearances of Panda have always been in Warcraft. If you just happened to play Warcraft 3, there is an easter egg in the game featuring a panda.

The popularity of World of Warcraft has managed to reach South East Asia with the huge internet growth of last decide. This has allowed many players to play WoW in places like China and South Korea.

If you are wondering how World of Warcraft reached Asia. Now you know why!

World of Warcraft is currently being enjoyed by many players worldwide as a result of World of Warcraft popularity and it's very possible that Blizzard created Mists of Pandaira to greatly expand the theme of South East Asia for the Chinese, South Korean and other SEA players, but it doesn't stop from other players from other locations playing the game has it offers something new to the World of Warcraft universe.

So if you see players from Asia, feel free to welcome them when you see them in the game world because this expansion wouldn't be possible without them.

Even thou I don't play the game and have been following MMOs for a bit, I would understand why!

Why Gamers Should Be Aware of Fake Friends

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When it comes down to Commandos and Spainish based video game developer, Pyro Studios, I loved the series to the point where I completed everything in Commandos 1 and 2. This was the title I shared with a few of my friends because it was very engaging. Unfortunately I was surrounded by friends who knew nothing about video games to the point where they didn't know it was a video game printed on a disc.

I was unfortunate enough to have them as friends considering that we were British born and the time when Ibiza and other places in Spain. H3ll, even one of the teachers or heads during my high years even stood in front of the entire year and told a story about going to Spain and comparing locations that he enjoyed like the forests and abandon towns in Spain and didn't like, like the 'holiday destinations' (which I found out, means the party areas that all teens goto and I believe that half of the years didn't know what he was talking about (I didn't, I'm 25 and writing this blog now).

I mean I don't know who's worst? The one that don't return your games or stuff or the one's that don't know that it's just a game on a disc or in your hard drive.

The last memory I have of Commandos and Pyro Studios is giving that game disc away to a guy (not a friend but he was at the time) who didn't even know himself! He thanked me for introduced it to him and he's been like that ever since! He THANKED me for it. Like what the hell? Don't thank me and then have me buy video games. I think about it now. I haven't spoken to him in years. I pretty much took off finding other interesting oppotunities and better friends who I do my best to support also. Thinking about it now, it's tells me alot!

Since then, the last time I saw him in 2003 or 2004. He's been playing Commandos 3, Desperatos and tactical stragety games because of my former habit.

Pyro Studios are still around and there latest release was a mobile game, they called The Moley:

Finally, I do like the fact that it's an Spainish based company making video games.

My moral of the story! Don't have your friends thank you and encourage you to buy and play more games or titles when they don't play them or have little or no understanding, it's not good advertising!

DX: HR = Misleading!

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the most misleading game I've ever played and it shows. I am a huge fan of the Deus Ex games from Warren Spector however it's clear that this Canadain team was hopping onto the video game industry with Deus Ex!

For starters, it's clear that Human Revolution isn't part of the main series as it's before the events of JC Denton, hence I wouldn't call it the third game but a new line of games from Eidos Montreal. What's also interesting is how SquareEnix quickly hopped on for the money! Clearly it is!

At the beginning, it's all fire fights, when during the first part of the game, even thou the hub worlds are huge, it's not really challenging. It takes alot of text away which happened alot in the first set of Deus Ex games which were engaging. Deus Ex doesn't engage me hard enough to think that I'm in for a surprise.

After playing the first few hours of this title, it's put me off gaming for the future for a bit!

I would say this isn't really the true Deus Ex 3 but a Deus Ex that is meant to make players experience the Deus Ex from a different perspective.

After completing Halo (yes, 2012)

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I completed Halo for the PC. I haven't played Halo on XBox however at least I got to experience Halo.

It's just like any FPS. I am amazed such a game was produced for it's day! The worlds are huge and well done which sets apart it from the rest, the weapons are well made and the story is amazing.

I wouldn't say I should brag about it too much. I've always been an Unreal Tournament and Half Life fan. I'm treating Halo like any other FPS that deserves it fanbase and I would say I'm glad such a team produced such a series to begin with.