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    Really? The PS2 game Big Mutha Trucker had one of the truck driver sport the confederate flag as he drove and no one said anything... seriously is it much of a big deal?

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    Google Glasses isn't even out yet. I think these 'experts' are doing Google's dirty work for nothing. Besides, many organizations are going to ban those glasses in places if it gets out of control. Wh...

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    Going Mad Unreal

    I've been playing Rune: Viking Warlord for the PS2 and finished it. I only played it because it used the Unreal Engine however I did enjoy how they used the Viking theme with a bit of fantasy placed i...

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    Replaced my PS3 Laser

    It was the first time I've replaced my PS3 Laser. It was no easy job. I had to go thou may different screens and pull out and reattach 4 or 5 different mini-cables just to replace the laser. I've alwa...