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lol wow. Haven't been on here in foreverr. Don't really plan on being on here either, but I am going to check in every once in a while. The reason why I even decided to get on is I was dropping a deuce and this site came to mind... not saying this site is crap. I use to be on here everyday and now I dunno. Just figured I'd stop by.

Later Guys,

8sasquatch. =]



Hey guys

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hey guys whats up? um recently i got the xbox live vision camera package for like 80 some dollars. and it came with the camera,xbox mic, xbox live 12 months ,200 mic points,robotron,and uno. see i already have uno and i wanted to know if anybody wants it. i haven't used it yet.

If you want it I will trade you that for some other game or mic points or xbox live. um i will take picture of it to show that i have not used it yet.

Thanks 8Sasquatch


Hey guys i took pics to prove tht i have not used it yet. If you goto my pics in gamespot (of couse here) and you will see them. ok thanks



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i gt my 360 back from repairssss!!!!!! yay. well i really gt it last week i just forgot to post it. lolz anyway i'll be on xboxlive. laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Xbox 360 Error E74

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I got the E74 error. it stinks before you can play you have to unplug every cord then plug them back in. But Luckly i got the 3 year warranty. so ya i got it. if anybody Else got this let me know.





Hey Everyone

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Hey Guys sorry for not bein on . School has been a killer.Study.study.study some more. but now i'm back . i'll try to be on a lot more.

cya guys l8ter

PS: need stuff 4 ur psp i'll tell ya some stuff 2 help u with

Ipod Touch Help anyone?

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i might get a apple's Ipod Touch and i've been hearing rumors that if u download music from itunes on ur ipod touch. that they won't bill u is that true?? I just wasn't sure about it i thought i might ask u first. i can't find tht thread anywhere so i thought was a myth. thx for ur help:D

LSU vs Arkansaw

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wow... amazin!! Ranked #1 LSU loses to UNRANKED Arkansaw !!!! West Virginia has a good chance of goin to the BCS and becomin #1

cya l8er


Xbox 5 year reunion!

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WOW...... Xbox is 5 years old. Can you belive that. So anywayz haven't posted in a while so i thought I'd post this. So with Xbox being 5 years old there givingyou Carcassonne. Try'd it I don't care for it but I got 5 gamer points. Then with a Bonus there giving you 500 points to spend but.... the downside isI think you have to be with Xbox since it came out (XBOX LIVE) .



Halo3 Montage?

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Next few days i'm going to try to make a Halo3 Montage! I'll have a vote weither i'll have it or not ! So leave a comment saying "make a montage" or "don't make a montage". But then again if i just feel like making a montage i'll make one. just because i'm bored. Leave a Comment!! :)


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I'm gunna make a union here soon. If any of you want to join leave a comment and i'll add you as a friend