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New Games and More to Come!!

Hey everyone!

It's been a wile since I have done a blog. The title pretty much sums up what it's all about :P

I got 4 new games over the holidays:

  • Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks (DS)
  • Prototype (PS3)
  • Assassin's Creed 2 (PS3)
  • Dragon Age Origins (PS3)

I have a $50 gift card for Gamestop and EB so I am thinking about getting:

  • Tom Clancy's Hawx (PS3)
  • Prince of Persia (PS3)

At another store called "We Got Games" I have a very good chance at getting a very rare game called "ICO." Someone else has it on hold but his time to pick it up is almost gone. On Saturday January 9th 2010, I will find out if I get it. It will be $50 since it is rare but I plan to trade some old DVDs and 2 of Tony Hawk's games in order to lower the price with a store credit.

I really hope I get ICO. I love Shadow of the Colossus and have always wanted to try ICO. Many friends have told me it is an excellent game.

Wish me luck in getting it!! I'll put a new blog ong Sunday January 10th to let you all know if I got it or not.

Please Help! I need some Game Reccomendations!

I need help to pick out some games!!!

I want to broaden out my horizons a little in the gaming world, but I don't know how or where to start. There's so much out there, and since I don't have a job yet, I'm unable to spend much, so I want to make the right purchases. I don't rent often. But all the games I have, I love. It's just a matter of having time to play them and trying not to mix up the control schemes.

Here are my Consoles:

  • Game Cube
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • Sony PS3

Gaming History:

So now I'll give some gaming background. I love action adventure games as well as role playing. Games like Legend of Zelda and Okami are some of my top games. Shadow of the Colossus is a recent favorite. I'm 12 colossi in so I'm pretty close to finishing it. I also like some classics like Spyro and Mario. The recent Spyro games have been a disappointment, but I enjoy them anyways. Since I don't have a Wii yet, I haven't tried Mario Galaxy or the olymic stuff.

I have never played a first person game before. No shooters at all. Last week I picked up Mirror's Edge for a low price, and it was fun just a little awkward. It was something I wasn't used to at all, but it got the adreniline pumping so I kept playing for a couple hours. I like first person, it's cool. I just need to adjust.

I like games that some people might overlook. Games that are unique or do something that can throw people for a loop. LAIR was such a game. When my dad went to buy it for christmas, the clerk told him not to buy it, but he did anyways because I love dragons. I like the game and the motion system. I got used to it quickly, but took my time with the game. I wanted to prolong the experience. It had annoying moments, and road blocks, but all games do.

What I'm Looking For:

I want games that have good stories and decent gameplay. I would also like to try a few first person shooters. Adventure will still be my top gaming genre, so anything that has adventure or RPG elements would be great too. I have a ton of games on my wish list so if you would like to look there and reference a game, that would help.

Top Games I want to Try (No Order):

  1. Resistance Fall of Man/ Resistance 2
  2. Heavenly Sword
  3. Final Fantasy (any of those games)
  4. Prince of Persia
  5. Prototype

Hints at a New Zelda????????

I know in my previous blog I talked about project deluge, a theoretical Zelda game that was found out to be a fake :( So now there is talk of another new Zelda game to follow Twilight Princess (again not Spirit Tracks).

Shigeru Miyamoto did not attend E3 2009 press conference. Afterwards though, he had a little event of his own. Here he talked about 2 new titles: Super Mario Bros. Wii (with possibly 80 levels!!) and a new Zelda game which is in development. There is no set date for it to be out. Specifically he talked about the new Zelda and how MotionPlus will be implemented.

"Think of Zelda while your trying some of the archery and sword play in Wii Sports Resort," Miyamoto said. He went on to suggest that MotionPlus may be required to play the new Zelda whenever it arrives.

Miyamoto was also said to reveal a piece of concept work with an older adult Link. The image has not been released to the public as of yet (hopefully it will).

Don't expect this game to come out in the next year. Like Twilight Princess, it could be delayed. At least we know a new Zelda is coming.

Pick up Wii Sports Resort to get a preview of the MotionPlus enhanced combat Controls.

Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood A.K.A Project Deluge.

So today while I was on the bus on my way home from school, a friend said to me:

"Have you heard of the new Zelda game?"

I assumed he meant Spirit tracks, but was surprised when he said that was not it. He was talking about a whole new game coming late this year or early next year called "Valley of the Flood." I don't know if this is real or not, but a lot of people seemed to be convinced that there is a new game.

Here is what I've heard so far:

  • Link will NOT be in the game. If you recall in Wind Waker, the legend at the beginning states that Link (the Hero of Time), never returned when Ganandorf escaped his prison. The land fell into darkness, and this is what flooded Hyrule to create the great sea. When I first saw the legend, I thought it was talking about Ocarina of Time, but once I finished Twilight Princess and watched the credits, Link leaves his home and friends to move on. That's also what it shows in the Wind Waker Legend.
  • The new character is insane like Ganandorf, and has black hair. This new character is a mystery, and not too much is known. Something happened when he was young and that's what drove him mad. He convinces himself that he is Link reborn, and gradually as the game progresses, he becomes more like the Link we know and love (some people say he also changes his hair color O.o).
  • Ganandorf rules Hyrule. This is from the Wind Waker Legend as well. Ganandorf takes over and the land slowly deteriorates, turning into a wasteland.
  • No mention of a Princess Zelda. No news has been mentioned about Zelda. We can assume some kind of princess will be included. Probably a leader of a rebel group or something like that.
  • The land of Hyrule is HUGE. Supposedly, its bigger then all the other Hyrule Kingdoms combined. Lets hope :)
  • It shows the origins of Wind Waker's new Tribes. We should find out how the Koroks and the Ritos came to be. Cool.
  • There will be trains (as in Spirit Tracks; it is likely a prequel to that game too), and gun powder, which means canons and muskets. So this new character might have a gun?? Will this game be rated M? O.o

So that's all I'm aware of so far. Many who believe it is real are quite upset. But if this is being made, then it will tie up some gaps in the storyline of Hyrule and our favorite Hero, Link. Personally I hope Nintendo will make some kind of game to explain the huge gap between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I'll wait forever to figure that out.

If this rumor is not true, then I will wait as I said. There has been evidence for it, other then word of mouth. A video on Youtube claims to have official concept art. Some people argue that some of the work was taken from Magic the Gathering. That is yet to be confirmed.

If you guys want to watch it, go onto Youtube and Type in:

Legend of Zelda Valley of the Flood, or Project Deluge.

You guys should watch it and decide for yourselves if you think this game is really in the works. I'm a little skeptical about it. But it would be nice to have a Zelda game that follows Twilight Princess and the Legend in the Wind Waker. I want the whole story of Hyrule. :)

My first Walkthrough

Hey all!! I'm extremely happy right now. I have decided to start working on my first walkthrough! I will be playing LAIR by Factor 5. The whole walkthrough will be on youtube hopefully by the end of April. Its hard for me to get good filming days in my house. Since I don't have a gamebridge yet either, I can't record it directly onto my computer.

The walkthrough will be nothing fancy. I won't be winning gold medals every level (I just won my first gold medal today actually), it will be for reference only and no more. I don't know the fastest ways to beat levels. The main point is to get the objectives done.

Hopefully it will turn out alright. Wish me luck!! :D

The War Between Xbox 360 and PS3 - Comparison

So let me just state that I do not own an Xbox 360, therefore the information about it is from other websites, not from me.

Okay, now that I made that statement, lets begin.

Ever since the initial release of the Xbox 360 and PS3 Systems, there has been a constant struggle for supremacy between them. Arguments break out on blogs, group discussions and even in general face to face conversations. We have all seen this at least once, or have been apart of the arguement. To me, I believe the PS3 is superior. I'm not saying the Xbox 360 is not a marvelous system. It was a great victory for microsoft and a wonderful step up from Xbox. The PS3 is just far more advanced and has a lot less problems than the Xbox 360.

To start off in this blog, lets look at models and prices.

The Xbox 360 originally came out with 4 models:

  • Elite,
  • Pro,
  • Arcade and
  • Core

The CORE model was discontinued quickly after sales began and was replaced with the ARCADE version. The ARCADE version of the Xbox is available for $199.99. It includes a wireless controller, a STANDARD AV cable and a Silver membership for online play. It does not include a headset, Network cable or HDMI output unlike the models below. It also cannot play any Xbox games. Storage is 256 MB.

The PRO version of the Xbox 360 sold for $299.99. With this version you can play 300 Xbox games and all Xbox 360 games. it includes a wireless controller and all the cables except for an HDMI OUTPUT. A silver membership for online play is also included. Storage is 60GB. The AV cable is STANDARD/HD.

The ELITE model Of the Xbox 360 is sold for $399.99. This model has the ability to play ALL Xbox games and Xbox 360 games. Again it includes everything you need for it, except an HDMI output. You get a silver membership for online play. Storage is 120GB. The AV cable is STANDARD/HD.

PRO and Elite models are reccomended to buy.

For the PS3 there are (or were) 5 different models that are based on storage space.

  • 20 GB
  • 40 GB
  • 60GB
  • 80GB
  • 160GB

All models include 1 or 2 controllers: either SIXAXIS and/or DUALSHOCK 3; this started in JUNE 2008, built in WI-FI, can play Blu-Ray Movies along with DVDs and CDs, 2 USB ports and a cell broadband engine advanced microprocessor. An HDMI cable was sold seperately.

Today, only 2 of the original systems are available for purchase: the 80 GB and 160 GB (this according to The price for the 80GB model is sold for $399.99 either on its own or as a bundle with MotorStorm. The 160GB model is sold for $499.99 as a bundle with Uncharted Drakes fortune. PS2 game combatability was discontinued along with the 20, 40, and 60GB models. If you own an 80GB, then they should be compatible. Sony cancelled PS2 compatability after complaints of freezing and game glitches. Sofware can be added from online to improve the backward compatibitity of PS2 games.

When both systems were released, many people who were going to try and upgrade their Xbox or PS2 systems were disappointed by the prices. Even though Xbox 360 was cheaper than a PS3, there were still complaints about it costing too much.

Now lets go to system PROs and CONs.

XBOX 360


  • Better Controller
  • Downloadable Movies and TV shows
  • More Demos
  • Less Online Errors and/or Problems (Supposedly)
  • Cheaper
  • Better Graphics (this is debateable)


  • Overheating/ Crashing
  • Have to buy Wireless adapter if you want Wireless
  • RRoD (Supposed to be gone on newer models)
  • Smaller Hard Drive
  • You MUST pay for online play.
  • Very loud when in use
  • For those not into Hardcore games, there is not much selection for new games
  • Price. Even though it is cheaper than PS3, it is still too much for those that are on a budget.
  • Major Money Grab; a lot of extra items must be bought in order to do different things with the system
  • The power source is ugly and heavy; it is also a fire hazard when it gets hot



  • Wireless Included
  • Playstation Network (PSN) is Free to Use
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Nice Upconverting DVD player
  • New PSStore has nice new interface
  • Costant Upgrades and Patches are available for the system
  • Better Graphics (this is up for debate)
  • Rarely Overheats (this is based on an incident in my home when my PS3 was left on for 16 hours!! There were no issues afterward also)


  • A lot of developers have trouble with the netcode for PSN
  • No rumble controller is available for purchase (there is a rumor about a patch; if someone could clarify that would be great)
  • Sixaxis controller (with the motion censor) sucks
  • Expensive; hopefully prices will lower soon.
  • Games are expensive; even when used or unpopular

I am not going to choose or tell you which system is better. That choice is for you, the player, to decide. This is just some facts to help you decide which you like. Happy Gaming to you all!!