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Video Marketplace

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finally, the video marketplace is coming to europe, but more importantly to me, canada. i live in canada, and i've been wanting the video marketplace for a while, but there's only 1 downside. microsoft hasn't said anything abouttv shows, and that's mainly the reason i wanted it, to download south park, chappelle's show, and junk like that. i really don't care about renting crappy movies. but hey, maybe there will be tv shows, who knows.

fall dashboard update

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finally the dashboard update hits next week on tuesday, and im excited. now, most of the features that microsoft has announced are cool features that will make my 360 experience better. and i have heard on other podcasts and sites and stuff that they really aren't excited, but i do like these features. like, the xbox originals, i never had an original xbox, i had a ps2, so i never played halo, or fable, for example, so this will be great for me. the only problem is hard drive space, i have a 20 gig drive, and i think it will be big enough, i'll probably only download2-3 games, so that's good, but i might be downloading more (that's if a 120 gig drive is under the christmas tree this year!), but maybe not cuz it's still a last gen experience, but definitely fable andhalo areon my list. now, the 2nd reeason im happy for this update, MORE VIDEO CODEC SUPPORT! finally, microsfot will allow you to plaympeg-4 andthat other crap straight from your pc, this is awesome for me, i hated when i tried to stream my vids from my pc to my 360 and they either wouldn't show up, or would show up, but weren't playable. so thanks microsoft, you kind oflistened to the community and what they wanted, so this is being downloaded first thing in the morning on the 4th!

Call of Duty 4 MP Beta... Still playin' it, still lovin' it

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ya, i've been playing the COD4 mp beta like crazy, i just love the game! i have reached the level cap of 16, and look forward to this fridays cap increase to 25, which is luck for me because i've got the day off here, soo lucky, so i'll be cramming on that until i get to 25, because they're closing the beta on the 31st, i believe. i wish the beta would stay around til the game comes out, it's just intense and fun. and i'll be going off topic here a little, but, the 360 has changed my gaming life, for example, or for a couple examples, stranglehold demo, i'm going to get that game, i didn't really know about it too much before the demo, but that game rocks. timeshoft demo, didnt know too much about it either, i'll probly get it, because of the demo. and of course, the COD4 MP BETA, i was wondering what alllll the hype about this game was, i saw some screens and vids of the game and went "ya, that looks cool, i guess", but know playing it up close and personal, the game is, well, probly my most wanted game, or maybe tied for first with mass effect and halo 3 for my most wanted game of '07, but my most wanted game not just for this year, or next year, or '09, but my most anticipated and wanted game OF ALL-TIME IS... GTA IV. can't wait for that freaking game, i almost cried when i heard the annoucement that it was delayed, i heard it on "On the Spot", and i seriously thought they were joking. and just to think of it, i could be playing gta IV in a couple weeks, but now not until 08. and all the stuff coming in 08, like gta 4, ninja gaiden 2 (why is everyone so hyped on that damn game? already saying it's game of the year for '08, remember, gta iv!) halo wars, maybe a gears of war 2 (i hope!), and more great stuff, i think next year could be better than this year, and gta 4 just makes that happen for me. you could have, say, a year (in the future) with halo 4, mass effect 2, gears of war 2, rock band 2, guitar hero 4, etc... but that year wouldn't be as big for me as the next year if gta 5 came out, that is how big gta is for me, the best franchise, way better, and i mean wayyyy better than halo and mario and zelda combined for me, have your own opinion, but i just love gta, nothing will ever come along that i will like better than gta. Whoa, i started talking about the cod beta, and now i'm ranting about how much i love gta?!?!?! that was a crazy blog entry huh?

call of duty 4 multiplayer beta first impressions

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you probably don't know this, but i play alot of gears of war online. but i think call of duty 4 online multiplayer deathmatch might be pulling me away from gears online this holiday. in other words, the cod 4 beta is awesome! if you dont have a beta key yet, dont go to work or school tomorrow, and just stay on gamespot to try and get a key. it's just very, very fun. there's only 3 maps, and if you haven't played the beta yet, you basically can level up, the level cap for the beta has been raised to 16, so far, a few days into it, im at level 8, almost at 9, i might play after this "blog". but anyways, the gameplay is just fun, but after all it's still a beta and there's still some lag, some games i've played have been, is jeff gerstmann's words, "JACKED!" but mostly been stable and clean. but also in some cases the match starts off real, real laggy, but then levels itself30 seconds or so into the game. but what i like about the beta so far is just the weapons and the satisfaction you get when you snipe somebody, blow them up with a frag, smash their head in with a melee attack, and the cool way all of it comes together. i especially like the fact that depending on the map, the players will be wearing something to reflect the way the map is. for example, there's a map called "overgrown" which it is like a war torn farm basically, their is blown up barns, torn up buildings, lots of hay, fuel tanks, etc. but also there is alot of overgrown grass and bushes, and the players gear reflects that and some will be wearing a camo outfit that has grass and things to blend in with the enviroment. so you can imagine how fun it is to crawl in the grass, hidden, and snipe somebody in the face and they dont even see it coming. so ya, that about does it for my first impressions, expect more this weekend or early next week. i am also thinking of doing some kind of final thoughts after each hotspot podcast, and on the spot episode, but im not sure i will yet. if you have any suggestions on what features i should have, leave a message or a commment. so ya, i think i might put up the funny jeff gerstmann video from youtube untitled "cribbing" which takes you into the home of jeff gerstmann and his game collection in a comical, fun way! aww shut up.

COD 4 Beta

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hey, my first blog post, i just got the cod 4 beta key, its downloading (slowly) and i'll have my first impressions tomorrow or wednesday.