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Saturday is Yard Sale Day!!

06 / 25 / 2005

Well, I still can't spend large amounts of cash on anything just yet, but I did manage to get down to my cousin's yard sale he was having. He is only 14 years old, and is trying to save up for a camcorder so I decided to help out his fund raising by buying a few things from him. I overpaid dearly, but it was for a good cause. The whole lot cost me $15

Triple Play 2000, for N64
Turok the Dinosaur Hunter, for N64 *already in my collection, now a double*
an N64 Transfer Pak for the Pokemon Stadium games *I already had 2 of these*

Wario Land 3, for Game Boy Color
A Nyko Shock 'N' Rock accessory for the Game Boy Color
A *Pelican Brand* Power Grip Rechargable Battery for the Game Boy Color

Sim Ant, for PC

Finding Nemo, for Game Boy Advance

This added 4 new games to my collection, and the money spent went to a good cause. 8)

The 2,500 Game Barrier Has Been Broken!!

06 / 22 / 2005

I decided to go down to EB today for the sole purpose of getting over 2,500 games in my collection. I only needed 3 but I came home with 8 new games. Funny how that happens. 8) This now puts me at 2,505 games on my collection page.

Boxxle, for Game Boy, $5.99
Info Genius Personal Organizer, for Game Boy, $3.99
Kwirk, for Game Boy, $5.99

Shamus, for Game Boy Color, $4.99

Automobili Lamborghini, for N64, $2.99

Lode Runner, for PS1, $1.99
Power Play Sports Trivia, for PS1, $1.49
Family Card Games Fun Pack, For PS1, $2.99

Subtract $3.05 for my 10% discount and I spent a grand total of $27.37

I Almost Have 2,500 Games!!

06 / 19 / 2005

Picked up 4 new games for my collection today, at the local flea market. All Cost $1.00 each

Gran Turismo, for PS1
Grand Theft Auto, for PS1
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit, for PS1
Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue, for PS1

These couple games get me to 2,497--------- Just 3 games away from the 2,500 mark. :D

Games Still Flowing in Slowly

Well, I really love my grandmother. She did it again.... She was out hitting the yard sales again and bought me another game.

06 / 12 / 2005

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, for PS2

More Free Games, and Then Some Sad News!!

Well, everyone knows I collect games, even my grandmother. When she was out hitting a few yard sales last weekend she bought some games for me. She just got them to me now but they were purchased last Saturday ( 05 / 04 / 2005 ). I believe she paid $1 each for them.

05 / 06 / 2005

Blasto, for PS1
Stuntman, for PS2
Legends of Wrestling, for XBOX
Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon, for XBOX

Now on to the sad news, due to some recent money troubles I will be cutting back on game buying for the next few weeks. I just need to get back on track financially and buying multitudes of games was really cutting into my buget. To all my loyal journal fans: The journal won't be updated as much since I won't be buying anything, but I promise things won't stay this way forever, but for now I can't afford to buy anything. :cry:

Games at Bull Moose Music

I have found a new spot to buy used games.... Bull Moose Music has used, Sega, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, PS1, and all the next gen consoles games for sale. I didn't think to check in there until I saw a sign on the window that said they had used games. Its right on my way to YCT so now I might make it a place I frequent often. They are a little high priced but the selection is quite good. I walked away with only 2 new games for the collection as I need to save up a bit of money for a trip I'm going on.

05 / 31 / 2005

Alundra 2, for PS1, $5.97

Grandia II, for Dreamcast, $11.97

add in $.90 for tax and I spent $18.84 total. :D

A Gift from the Neighbor?

One of my next door neighbors knows that I collect games and she happened to have a few she didn't want anymore and amazingly they happened to be ones I didn't have. So she gave me 7 PS1 games and 4 memory cards for nothing. As you will see by the titles, they are games a girl would buy, but none of that matters to me. Free stuff, I'll take it!!

05 / 30 / 2005

Barbie Race and Ride
Casper: Friends Around the World
Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise
Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit
Rayman Brain Games
Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A Twitch in Time
4 Memory Cards (15 blocks each w/ a performance jewel case)

Yard Sale Finds!! Saturday is a Good Day!!!

Today was a very good day for yard sales. The past few Saturdays had been rainy and dreary, but this time the sun was shining and more people were out. I'm doing something different this time around... I'll break down my finds by yard sale and quote the total price spent at each one. Today added 29 new games to my collection!

05 / 28 / 2005

Yard Sale #1 (Total Spent $.50)

Worms Armageddon, for Game Boy Color
Rampart, for Game Boy Color
(already in collection, now an extra) Pokemon Blue Version, for Game Boy

Yard Sale #2 (Total Spent $8.00)

Cruis'n USA, for N64
Cruis'n World, for N64
South Park, for N64

Yard Sale #3 (Total Spent $7.00)

Fishing Fever!, for PC
Big Mutha Truckers, for PC
Fade to Black, for PC
Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh Trail, for PC
Duke Nukem the Manhattan Project, for PC
Elite Forces: Navy Seals, for PC
Conflict: Desert Storm, for PC

Yard Sale #4 (Total Spent $1.00)

Namco Guncon 1

Yard Sale #5 (Total Spent $36.00)

(already in collection, now an extra) Madden '97, for PS1
(already in collection, now an extra) Tony Hawks Pro Skater, for PS1
(already in collection, now an extra) Fighting Force, for PS1
(already had the longbox version, but this is the regular version) Triple Play '97, for PS1
WCW NWO Thunder, for PS1
WCW vs. the World, for PS1
PGA Tour '97, for PS1

Contra Shattered Soldier, for PS2
NBA 2K3, for PS2
NHL 2003, for PS2
ESPN NBA Basketball, for PS2
MVP Baseball 2004, for PS2

Menacer Light Gun, for Sega Genesis (with box, and the Menacer 6 Pak game which is complete)

Yard Sale #6 (Total Spent $1.00)

Official Nintendo Game Boy Advance Carrying Case (unused)

Yard Sale #7 (Total Spent $5.00)

Warlords: Battlecry II, for PC

Yard Sale #8 (Total Spent $10.00)

Devil May Cry 2, for PS2

Flea Market (Total Spent $12.00)

Real Pool, for PC
Sim Earth, for PC
F-22 Lightning 3, for PC
Viper Racing, for PC
Big Biz Tycoon 2 (boxed), for PC
Robot Arena: Design and Destroy (boxed), for PC
Apache AH64 Air Assault (boxed), for PC

Total Spent At All Sales was $80.50!! :D

I Have Updated My Journal 2 Times in One Day!!

Yes, that means more games. I just got back from Blockbuster (I'm still trying to clear out all their N64 stuff for them) and bought a few more games. 1 new GBA game and 5 new N64 games is the tally for this trip. That adds 6 more games to my collection page.

05 / 26 / 2005

Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl (complete), for Game Boy Advance, $5.00

NHL Blades of Steel '99 (w/box), for N64, $5.00
FIFA '99 (complete), for N64, $5.00
NFL Blitz 2001 (w/box), for N64, $5.00
Indy Racing 2000 (complete), for N64, $5.00
Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball (w/box), for N64, $5.00

New Day, New Games!!!

I can' t stop myself.... Is there medication for this sort of thing? Yeah, you guessed it..... I bought more games!! I stopped in to the Sanford Goodwill and then went down to York County Trading. As usual I found some stuff that I needed. An even split today between PC and N64 games. Adding 4 new games to my collection page!! 8)

05 / 26 / 2005

Trophy Rivers, for PC, from Goodwill, $1.95
Ecco the Dolphin, for PC, from Goodwill, $1.95

World Cup '98, for N64, from YCT, $4.00
Battletanx, for N64, from YCT, $6.00