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Mass Effect (2007, Xbox - 2008, PC)

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Here I am, once again, writing only to my future self. This time it was Mass Effect, of course we started playing back on the ol'360 but never finished, Fast forward to a 2013 Origin sale and finally we have finished this gem,It truly is a great game, now the game play and the graphics did an ok job of holding up since we first started playing on the Xbox, but men, the story!

The last five hours of the game are indeed worth the other 60 we spent getting to them. Not that we did not have fun getting to the final stretch, but any way. this is a great game, glad we came back around to play it again and finish it. Can't wait to get to Mass Effect 2... whenever that happens, good thing we already bought it for whenever we get around to it.

Streets of Rage 2 (2011, PS3)

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It's been almost 20 years since Streets of Rage 2 was first released, back in 1992 for the Sega Genesis. Back then the graphics, game play and music were superb, but, for today's standard it's just not appealing enough to make me purchase this game.

As of this blog post the game is free for PSN +subscribers. PSN+ is free for a month as part of the welcome back program from Sony, so basically I had plenty of time to revisit this great game for free.

Final Fantasy 13 (2010 PS3)

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Its been a while since writing one of this little reminders to my future self about the games I have played and finished. This time around its Final Fantasy 13's turn in the spotlight. This game is really good, too bad a lot of people have been put off by the bad rep it got from most of the western reviewers. I started the game already with a preconceived notion that the game was a huge departure from what a final fantasy game should be like. Now in all fairness the review sites were dead on... you are on rails pretty much all through the game and the new battle system feels awkward at the beginning. But don't be fooled even if it is different it does not necessarily mean its a bad change. I am glad I decided to get this game and play it all the way through, not a lot of people will give FF13 this chance except maybe those of us that have played final fantasy games since the beginning.


Civilization III (2001 Pc)

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#27. Pc#3

I been interested in the Civ III series for quiet a log time before I ever managed to get my hands on one of it's games. At first I got the game from a coworker, and after playing with it a few days I decided it was good enough to get me a copy. After I had played or a while the game amazed me so much that I decided to go out and get me Civ III complete. By this time Civ IV was already out, but since my pc is not able to run it I am gonna be playing Civ III complete until I get bored or get a new computer. In the mean time I was able to achieve a space race victory in regent for the first time.

Pro Wrestling (1987, nes)

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# 26. nes#9

Now this is truly a great game, back then I could play it for hours, alone or with a friend. Now a day's It's still a great game that has all the fundamentals, plus it fills u up with good old nostalgia. The game has great game play, it manages to give u a decent amount of moves with the limited buttons in the nes controller. All and all I think I still prefer WWF Wrestlemania over Pro Wrestling, but we got to remember that Pro Wrestling is a bit older.

Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness (2003, Pc)

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# 25

The worst thing about this game is how Lara moves, It's awful, she moves like a 5 ton truck on sand. Besides this, the game is not bad at all. The story gets is a bit entertaining, and the game in it self is good. At the beginning I was really discouraged because of how lara moved and got frustrated with those load times, but as you progress through the game you manage to forget about these issues. All in all, playing TRAOD awoke an interest for those old TR games, and of course for TR: legend also.

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade (2005, psp)

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# 24

I was really looking forward to this game, read the GS review and some user reviews before buying it, despite a not so good review by GS and some Ok reviews by the users I went out and got It. This game is good but it could have been so much better, the story is ok, but in the end it didn't deliver, the gameplay is good although the customization of the characters is some what limited. Starts out good but by the end you just want to move on to another game, this is the general feeling I get when I remember my gaming experience with this game.

Dragon Ball Z: Sagas (2005, ps2)

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# 23

I can honestly say this isn't the worst DBZ game I've played, I gave DBZ Taiketsu for the GBA my lowest score to date, 3.8. This game isn't a good one, I'm not gonna argue with that, but I enjoyed it. The graphics aren't the best, the gamplay is repetitive and over all not good. I think of this game as a kids game, short (really short) and really easy, atari could have had a mutch better game with a little more effort. What I did like was the sound effects (the kame hame ha's owened) and the graphics for the explosion were quite good.

# 2 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (2003, ps2) Finished 05-24-05

The Legend Of Zelda (1987, nes)

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The day for Zelda came, As it did with a few other titles that I was suposed to finish 15 years ago.What can I say about TLOZ, it has it all. The game is a master piece, it trully is a superb game. This game gives me mixed feelings when I remember it, from the very start when that intriguing and aluring music (Koji Kondo) starts, you know you are in a different world, then you play it and immediatly you find yourself immerse in this world where you are bound to experiance joy and frustration. That level nine was just a killer, although the Ganon wasn't to difficult the game is. This must be by far the game I've started playing and never finished the most, that dang battery! I must have lost my progress at least 10 to 15 times, on different cartridges. I'm just glad I finished it, this ceirtanly is a game anybody, old school or noob can play and enjoy.

Jak II (2003,ps2)

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This is a really good game, its a lot harder than the first game (which can be very frustrating) and the gameplay changed a lot also. I had mixed feelings at first with the new gamplay, but after a while I enjoyed it a lot more, the graphics improved and the story is still good. The only complaint is the camera, In tight spaces you cant rotate it as well. Over all this game is almost great and I am lookong forward to playing Jak 3.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001, ps2) Finished 06-13-05

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