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PlayStation Memory (WordPress)


Regarding Sony's PlayStation briefing tonight (or Feb 20), I discuss my own history with the brand.

Re: See Ya, GameSpot.

First of all, this isn't a "I'm coming back to blog on GS again" blog but more of an extended edition of the near three-month old blog I posted. (To anyone who spotted the reference from the previous sentence wins a cookie or something, I don't know.)

To clarify (for those unaware), I didn't leave because of the current comment system or the other glitches in particular (believe me, I lived with them since 2006). It's more to do with moving on to other things since then. In fact, I'm about to (finally!) fulfill one of them.

It's also gotten me thinking too. I still read the tracked blogs whenever the chance though I was a bit careless breaking off communication altogether. With that, if I have anything to contribute to said followed blogs, I'll keep in touch when possible.

And again, for those interested in my ongoing blogging shenanigans and tweeting misadventures and what have you, refer to the previous post for the direct links.


See Ya, GameSpot.

Decisions like these have never been meant to be easy. Given of the countless bugs and other issues, not to mention my lack in activity in the past several months (my apologies to those whom I was unable to read said blogs due to this), I've planned to part ways from GameSpot since last fall. And today is that day, unfortunately.

I began using GS back in July 2006 under my previous account Aashkii (couldn't come up with a "cool" username back then). It wasn't until October that year that I found the handle I wanted to define myself by and in September 2007 (and since then) I relied on the "successor" account some of you stood by since then. However, the problems with the blog editor, the constant bugs, and most notably the new comments system has affected the fundamentals I once had, well most notably my heydays on the site.

In the past year I used other means of communication and a handful of my GS friends have used those other means due to their own difficulties here. Don't get me wrong, the GS community is still great. It's just that the constant "patch jobs" and technical issues have hindered the experience, slowly drifting my interest further and further down the road.

Today indeed marks an end of an era for me on here. After over five years of blogging, discussions, making new acquaintances, laughs, sighs, and above all else memories: I bid au revoir. However, if you still want to be in touch, I'm more than welcome for you to do so:

WordPress - My current blog site where I discuss whatever comes to mind. Gaming, comics, coffee, and other stuff. Self-explanatory if you think about it.

Twitter - I'm active on here and I tweet things and other stuff. (If my username ever changes, you can always access the Twitter link on my WordPress blog.)

deviantART - For those of you into art or anything of that sort.

Backloggery - If you want to know what games I'm currently playing (and of course keeping in touch), there you go.


If the above links are broken at any time, copy/paste the below:


(A direct link to my Twitter is here as well, in case I ever change my username.)



If you want to add me on PSN, 3DS, Steam, iOS GameCenter, and Skype: Send me a PM on Backloggery or a DM on Twitter (if you want).


And that's pretty much it. So with that, See Ya.

And Thank You.



I graduated from college. See WP post for more on the previous sentence I made, etc.

New deviantART Too! (The first 5 at least):




The College Backloggery: 99% Complete



Brief Summary:

I ramble on about things that happened on my last day in college and what's to come afterward or something.



New Games: Colors 3D, Prey (MAC), Angry Birds Space (commuting), Moon (DS).

Games Playing: Dark Souls, Colors 3D (eShop), Temple Run, etc.



The future of MY gaming + Updates


Quick Summary: I basically explain how I'll be planning my gaming ventures during the upcoming eighth generation of the video game medium. Be warned: it's a long read :P



New DeviantART



What I'm currently playing



If you want to add me on 3DS, send me a PM. At the moment I don't have any online-enabled games but I've been using the SwapNote application on the handheld. Be sure to confirm who you are when doing so.


Other than that, See Ya!