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I had sex dreams before I watched or had sex.

The human mind is a complex thing, but Heaven isn't real. It's an imaginary place invented by people to provide themselves with comfort on the realization that life in a universe that doesn't give two shits about who you are or what you do makes them feel unwanted and unloved.

Personally, I find great empowerment in that feeling of being practically nothing on a grand scale (screw the universal scale, the planetary scale of 7+ billion people is enough), it makes me appreciate what life I do get substantially more than if I were just going to get to go to a exponentially better place when I die (oh yes, and only if I was born in the right country, during the right period of time, and intellectually assented to the myth that a man who was actually God rose from the dead, assuming we are talking of the Christian Heaven here).

Dreams like yours is exactly why people created organized religions around those concepts to begin with. They assumed what they saw was real, rather than (knowing what we do now) think of it merely as a hope of the subconscious mind.

Our thoughts don't make things real or unreal, therefore heaven either does or does not exist regardless of what anyone thinks. Science never ruled out anything because it could not be proven or may never be proven; that's all human bias.

I've been a believer, atheist, agnostic, and back. Every time I've ever held a mindset of being practically nothing, I thought I was empowering myself, but I was actually just masking some kind of turmoil inside. I realized eventually that I was surrendering my sense of consequence, morality, pain, triumph, control, and purpose. This was the easy choice---not dealing with any of it---and a limiting choice.

Often, people turn away from any sense of spirituality due to being exposed to human ideas of religion, heaven, and god. They logically and even subconsciously know that much of it doesn't reflect reality. Universal truth is in and all around us, but the things that come with structured religion are almost all confined to this point in space and time.

You specified Christian Heaven, but what really is Christian Heaven? It was centuries after the crucifixion that the church decided that reincarnation was not a valid concept, and this is our only life, our only chance. Again, can't be proven or disproven, but it's not hard to see that this was an attempt to control people through fear. We've also had 2,000 years to water down any of the original insights from the founder of Christianity, himself, so in a contest, today's Christianity is going to be a stick figure drawing going against the Sistine chapel.

For what it's worth, OP, I don't believe in eternal suffering or random blips of existence and non-existence.

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This happens when the game runs out of RAM. It cuts instantly to the desktop, no warning, no error message, just...nothing.

And yes, it can be made worse with mods. It's also possible the character save is old and full of clutter. How many hours does it have on it?

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I graduated HS just two years ago and my school never once mentioned selective service to anyone (over 2000 students, so it wasn't a tiny school in the middle of nowhere). Luckily my parents reminded me while I was 18, and I reminded my friend, too. Took 3 minutes to do online.

Like ad1x2 mentioned, it's very easy to be considered ineligible/exempt from service. I think having taken antidepressants (very common) is one reason.

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It would have been nice if they ported the remake that was made for 360.

Even over a LAN network I've seen rubber banding in vehicles.


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@horgen said:

And how hot will this thing run?

both 390x & 380x are going to be at 20nm.

TSMC 20nm is designed for low power chips, and the transistors cost just as much as 28nm, meaning it's not good for graphics or wallets. Hopefully they'll wait for "16nm" finfet which is really just improved 20nm.

@jer_1 said:

Man, I'm pretty curious how well that 390X will hash, sounds like a pretty beastly card.

im more interested in script asics or simply buying coins....very few make anything mining.

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I saw this episode. At the end, Dr Phil said the local DA where that kid lives was contacted, and they did a 'thorough' review of it all. They found no evidence whatsoever that what he said was true. I think the kid was delusional and living in a fantasy world. I don't think the family's reaction wasn't believable, either.

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There is no reality without perception.

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Stand up straight.

Wear shoes specifically meant to add height.

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Would that be this:


Seems like you could just go for a run with extra weight attached to your body. On my elliptical ive been going full resistance and incline, which seems very effective.

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Even attractive people can be crazy.

Especially attractive people.