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FYI - Posted 2 months ago. Gonna post a new full mock today if interested in that.

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1. Newton has been a pretty solid quarterback for the Panthers. Holds many NFL/Franchise records. And mind you he is dealing with a team with one of the worst receiving corps in the NFL and a poor run game. Imagine how great he'd be with receivers like Jackson and Evans or a running back like Martin. Mariota could easily amount to what he is and then some.

2. After the combine, I'd agree that Winston will more than likely be the first to go considering how well he performed. Mind you this was a mock posted 3 weeks ago. I still prefer Mariota over him though.

3. Again first mock, He fit with what I was doing at the time and things change. I'm currently working on a post combine draft so of course there are gonna be a lot of changes.

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Jordan, to me at least, is the GOAT because he had it all. The style, the flair, and was without a doubt the most feared player to go up against during his run in the NBA. He was and still is untouchable. He was the guy you could rely on from start to finish. To nail that game winner when you had only a fraction of a second left on the clock. How many other players can claim that? A very, very select few.

Still, You gotta give credit where credit is due. LBJ had dealt with a lot of crap early in his career with the Cavs, He was the reason they were successful and him leaving only proved that even more. It's rare for a player to make or break a team and he was one of those players. He went to Miami to win a few easy titles and he did just that. Now he has nothing left to prove so why not return to where it all started to see if you can bring a title home. However, if I had to pick a current player to lead my team, It wouldn't be LBJ, It'd be Kobe. Kobe, much like Jordan, is untouchable. He's the face of the Lakers franchise for a reason. He's everything MJ was when he played.

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I really would not be surprised to see Manziel go to the Texans. He is a fantastic quarterback and considering the talent that the Texans' offense has, He should be able to do wonders for them.

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The moment I get new characters, I put them in my team and try them out. It's not just stats that I look at but special abilities as well. If the character has a poor special ability and low stats, I'll never use them when it comes to advancing in the game but if I need to grind out for levels or a character, I'll pop one or two into my team. I'll end up posting another blog soon with character breakdowns too.

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1. Enjoy that dream of Clowney dropping that far lmao.

2. I think their defense is a far bigger issue than their offense so I think they fix their secondary with their first round pick and go after a receiver in the second.

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1. Bortles is overrated. It's tough to see Manziel going first, even though he is my top QB pick, because he isn't that tall and could be open to big hits. Bridgewater seems to be, despite me agreeing he is overrated, the consensus number 1 and a lot of teams want him so what can you do.

2. I think Clowney would almost be too good to pass up. I don't think the Rams would stay put though, They'd probably trade down a few spots because there are plenty of good offensive lineman available.

3. My bad, Will have to edit because I did it off ESPN rankings, Not NFL.

4. If Bridgewater or Manziel goes first, I think they'd trade up to get the other.

5. It's a South Park reference from the Human-Cent-Ipad episode.

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He has improved his passing/pocket presence quite a bit this season but keep in mind he has only been playing for 2 years and despite that he has already achieved a lot. I feel he would have won it again this season if Texas A&M's defense didn't suck so much.

That being said, He is far more deserving of the top pick over Bridgewater. I mean let's face it, Bridgewater faced unranked teams all year with a rather good overall team. Wanna know who Manziel lost to this season? Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Missouri and the only team to really shut him down was LSU. Everyone else was a close match-up and in the end, The defense cost them the game and not Manziel. He put up similar stats to Bridgewater as well.

So tell me, How can you (not you personally, just people in generally) give Bridgewater the top spot over Manziel when Manziel has faced and has beaten the best college football has to offer while Bridgewater is facing chumps and padding his stats?

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NVM, Finally got it fixed.

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I am playing Uncharted 2 (Xbox fan boy who finally decided to get a PS3) and I am just at the start of chapter 2 in the tunnels. It's tell me to press the D-pad and whenever I do, Nothing happens. Camera angels suck in this game and I have no idea how to look up/around. Anyone mind helping me here?

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