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Rank The Franchise - Scream/Child's Play

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4. Scream 3

Easily the worst film of the series witha terrible plot and a poor wrap up of the original trilogy.

3. Scream 4

A remake in it's purest form of the original Scream. When stuff actually starts to go down (in the last 30 mins or so), It's good. Everything before that is trash.

2. Scream 2

Tough to follow up a cult classic but Scream 2 was a rather satisfying follow up.

1. Scream

Scream 2 was solid but it was no where near as good as the original.

6. Seed of Chucky

Such a stupid movie and a real insult to the franchise as well as it's dedicated followers.

5. Child's Play 3

The plot was pretty poor and as a whole, It was a rather unsatisfying fill and a disappointing end to the original trilogy.

4. Bride of Chucky

A bit slow at times but as a whole, I actually really liked this movie.

3. Child's Play

Yes the original is only ranked third. It's not that I hated it but I much prefer the top 2 on this list over the original.

2. Child's Play 2

It was darker and gorier than the first film and a rare exception where a sequel is better than the original.

1. Curse of Chucky

A straight to video release that was not only extremely well received by critics and fans but it also helped reignite a dying franchise. It's hard not to give the nod to this film.