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Rank The Franchise - Halloween

10. Season of the Witch

The only film without Michael Myers, for some odd reason, and easily the worst of the franchise. Makes absolutely zero sense what so ever.

9. Halloween 2 remake

Started off good but goes downhill from that. Also broke the one golden rule of the Halloween series - Michael spoke. That is a big no no bound to irk many die hard fans including myself.

8. Resurrection

This film features a cast starting Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks (neither of them can act). Trust me, You are not the only one dumbfounded by the decisions to cast them either. Very disappointing film.

7. H20

Not that it was bad but it just wasn't good either. A bit slow and very predictable, Killed all the suspense in it. Really took away from the film as a whole.

6. Curse of Michael Myers

The most original plot wise because it tries to explain Michael's madness and his ability to survive massive damage through out the years. Certainly interesting but I feel the plot was sort of half-done and was far more confusing than informative.

5. Revenge of Michael Myers

I thought it was a pretty ok film but the plot was painfully stupid. I mean having Michael's niece Jamie being able to see her uncle's actions through her dreams/visions was just stupid and so needless to have. Would have been much better without it.

4. Return of Michael Myers

From start to finish, This film was entertaining and action packed. Really hard not to like it.

3. Halloween remake

Proves that Rob Zombie is a very capable horror movie director by giving us a surprisingly good remake. I love the re-imagined Michael and the build in prequel that explains his back-story far deeper than the rest of the films in the series did combined.

2. Halloween 2

A sequel that surprisingly lives up to the original film. Love how great of a job they did restricting the film to a singular area (the hospital) and yet still keep it entertaining to watch.

1. Halloween

As the old saying goes - Nothing beats the original.