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Rank The Franchise - Friday The 13th

12. Jason goes to Hell

Easily the worst film of the series. Jason is in it for like 5-10 minutes if that, The rest of the film involves his spirit possessing people. Yes it is that bad.

11. The Final Chapter

For the supposed "final chapter", It really sucked. I absolutely hated Feldman as Tommy Jarvis and thought the ending was not only stupid but made no sense. Just a really poor movie and was nearly as bad as number 12.

10. The New Blood

The acting was poor, The characters generic, but what really killed it for me was that the female lead (and main character) had telekinesis. This is what happens when you try to needlessly go out of the box on a slasher flick. Really brought down the film in my opinion.

9. Jason Lives

First off, Didn't care for the actor who replaced the original actor who played the adult version of Tommy in New Beginning. The movie suffers from a bit of over-acting and what is up with that ending? You really expect me to believe Jason will just let a guy wrap a chain around his neck and get dragged to the bottom of the lake. How can someone so strong not be able to break out of that? Talk about having a poorly written ending.

8. Freddy vs Jason

I wouldn't say it's awful, It's certainly watchable, but it's very disappointing. 2 epic slasher killers in a once in a lifetime match up and how do they handle it? By having it directed by Ronny Yu, Whose only horror movie directing experience is Bride of Chucky, and by bringing back Sean Cunningham, Who brought up the worst film in the series - Jason goes to Hell. Those terrible decisions really brought down what could have been one of the greatest slasher films of all time.

7. Part 2

Yes it's the first film to feature Jason but let's be honest, It was a so-so film at best. Started off interesting and quickly went downhill from there. And once again, The ending was rather stupid. Also did not care how the film explained pretty much nothing about Jason and left the ending with a ton of unanswered questions as well (where Jason goes and what happened to Paul).

6. Part 3

Sort of an average movie. Your typical slasher and it's not really a bad movie but what hurt it was the unoriginal and boring kills.

5. Jason takes Manhattan

Was actually pretty enjoyable through out with original kills that really helped keep you interested through out. Yet again, The poor ending really puts a damper on things.

4. 2009 Remake

The remake was not only loyal to the series but it was also quite good. It combined the first 3 films into one with Jason as the villain through out. I like the revamped version of Jason, He is more Rambo like and that made the film far more scarier than if Jason was just his regular self. Can't wait for the sequel, which is now in development.

3. New Beginning

The adult version of Tommy was sort of bad-ass but what I really liked was the twist ending. While it seemed that Jason was the killer, It really was not. See earlier in the film this guy was killed by another guy with an axe and the killer was the victim's father who went insane and took up the Jason persona to avenge his son's death.

2. The original

The very first Friday The 13th will always remain one of the greatest horror films of all time for a reason. It's a flat out classic, Need I say more?

1. Jason X

What I love about this film, and why I have it ranked one, is that it's so freaking entertaining and enjoyable. I've watched it nearly a dozen times and have yet to get sick of it. Jason in space and actually using that to his advantage is really cool. Plus they gave us Uber Jason...that's right...Uber Jason.