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Spongebob vs. Rugrats

Which one really was better? Rugrats fans claim that Spongebob can never go as long as them, but we can. I think Spongebob is better.

Did the Wii Really Bring New Gamers to the World of Games?

The answer is yes. New gamers are coming to buy a Wii and have a good time. I myself choose to get the 360, but I digress. Anyway, the Wii has a secret weapon when it comes to keeping some of the newer members of the gaming world hooked on the Wii: Wii Sports. It actually looks like fun to me, but reallly, I think that most of the older gamers like me would rather play games like Guitar Hero, but that is still what newbies (in a good way), really like to play. See, games like say, GTA are not that fun because they usually are too hard, and the newer gamers really have to stick to Wii sports for a while. I don't know what Nintendo was thinking when they made such an easy (from what I have heard) game. For some reason I think that if GTA was the game packed in, the Wii would suffer. Even though it is a good game, it cannot really be good for any of the newer gamers. I have been mostly a DS gamer for the last few months, hooked on Pokemon Diamond, weird. Anyway, I really think that games like GTA 4 really aren't for the newer gamers. Also, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 really are for the gamers taht like violence or racing, with the graphics in mind. Wii gamers like to have fun as the #1 priority. I am not saying that Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers hate fun, or that Wii gamers hate graphics I am just making a general idea in you're minds that this is what they like the most. That is the end of the article, and I hope that you all give you're opinions on the matter.