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I have realized that I havent played games that much as I wanted. I need to get back in my mojo of gameplaying, cause I have games that I also in the end of or just in the middle. But I have beated star oneacn 2 like 20 times lol i wanted to see the 80 endings. Also I love playing xenosage 1 and havry rain. I can't wait to play the games evern more as Im writing.

The games I like and E3

I can't wait for E3 so i can make some list i can buy some of the games. I can't wait for gravty rush to come out it's going to cool game to have. I have like 230 games and beaten 75% and almost done with the rest. ALOT of man hrs get them and tears as well lol. Max panye 3 well great as well, I hope Rock Star well come out with another LA Nore game. I love playing that game.