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ssbb 10

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THE WINNER OF THE LAST WAS...ZELDA Well the next fight is Lucas vs. Ice Climbers!!plz vote:D


Ice Climbers

ssbb 9!!

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THE WINNER OF THE LAST MATCH WAS... WHAT IT WAS A TIE!!!!!!WOW IT WAS ARE FIRST TIE!!Well they will both move on to the finals!!the next match is..Zelda vs. King Dedede!!plz vote:D


King Dedede

ssbb 8

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THE WINNER OF THE LAST MATCH WAS...META KNIGHT!!!!!!Well the next match is Yoshi vs. Diddy Kong!!!!plz vote:D

ssbb diddy kong


ssbb 7!!

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THE WINNER OF THE LAST MATCH WAS....SAMUS!!Well the next match is Captain Olimar vs. Meta Knight!plz vote:D

Captain Olimar SSBB

ssbb meta knight

I'm back and ssbb 6

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I'm back from my suspenchen as some of you may heard!well back to ssbb the win was....SNAKE!!!The next fight is Samus vs. pokemon trainer!!plz vote:D



ssbb 5

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THE WINNER OF THE LAST MATCH WAS....KIRBY!!!!Well the next match is snake vs. pikachu!!plz vote:D


Solid Snake

ssbb 4 + do you know the awnser

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The last fight FOX WON!!!!!!! well the next match is Wario vs. Kirby! who do you think will win:D plz vote!



NOW!! DO YOU KNOW THE AWNSER TO THIS RIDDLE:there is a man in jail and someone visits him. So the guard asks the man " who was that who visited you?" So the man in jail replies, " Brothers and sisters i have none but that mans father is my fathers son." who was the the person who visited him?

ssbb 3!

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The winner of the last fight was......LINK!!!well the next match is Mario vs. Fox!plz vote :D



ssbb 2!

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I will post the fights every day(if I can post them) so anyways the fighters for today is Link vs. Donkey Kong(DK)! plz vote:) AND SONIC WON THE LAST FIGHT! SORRY PIT FANS




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I will pick 2 people from ssbb and you will vote for who will win in the fight and so on and so on and the winner will be the ssbb voting champ!Every 3 days I will pick the fighters so todays match is Sonic vs. Pit . plz vote:D



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