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Super Paper Mario review!

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Hands down the most fun game to come to the wii yet! Super Paper Mario has instantly become my favorite game for the wii. I love the look of the game, its silly cartoon graphics are great! I love the control of the too. Using the wiimote sideways like an nes controller has a real nice feel to it. The game play itself is pretty simple and easy, but it has its challenging moments. Another great aspect of the game is the use of the multiple recognized characters, and especially having Bowser on your side, which is a new twist in Mario history. The ability to switch from 2-D to 3-D where you can find hidden objects, bad guys, and paths, really makes the game exciting and more involved. I do miss the stage fighting RPG like battles of the old paper mario games, but this way the game moves faster and more smoothly, and you feel more inclined to attack bad guys knowing you'll be moving on instantly. All in all this game is a great next step in the life line of paper mario games.

All in all I give a 9.4! :D