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Could be top 5 or whatever, just wnat to know

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Thats a good idea because now I think everything is catered to the younger audience so they take out all the hardcore stuff

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Anyone feel like they need to refresh the storylines? Cm Punk vs Cena is getting old, Ryback is a Goldberg type clone who doesn't say much and his matches last no more than 2 minutes. The tag team champs is a joke, They're messing up Kane. They should push O'Neal and Young. Divas champ has been a joke since Beth Phoenix title reign. WWE should've gave Alicia Fox a push. But overall they need to push people or get new people who have good mic skills and big presence. Smackdown has good stuff going.

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I wish you can create the way your CAW can come out. As in contolling what they do and how they move. They're alot of no good entrance sets. Next game should improve on that and bad A.I

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What are favorite or what are the best maps in this game?


I only like Nuketown, Raid and Standoff.(Standoff reminds me of the old COD)

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Standoff reminds me of the old COD maps. Only like Hijacked, Slums and Nuketown

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Its annoyng when your playing and someone always points to the KD ratio to say their the better player. But as long as mine is on the plus side, I don't care for it

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I know 2004,2005 had great soundtracks, but don't know rest of games. I want an order from each game

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John Cena's finisher is so cheap. If someone did the attitude adjustment to me in a ring, I would not be dead on the mat.


Kane- Chokeslam

Kevin Nash-Jacknife

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What are your favorite finishers of all time? Mines is the Last Ride by the Undertaker