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Buy it. You will love it.  I have been playing since launch.  I am a casual player and love i dont need to invest my life into it to see rewards.  There is depth to the game and questing is the best i have seen in a mmo.  My only complaint is the living story.  If yoj dont play during it you miss out on it.  You will understand jf you buy it.  Basically coming into the game a year after launch there is a lot of content that has come and gone because the game is a "living" world.  But dont let that discourage you from buying it.  This game is awesome!!

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Guild Wars 2 is a completely different game from Guild Wars 1.  I loved a lot of things about Guild Wars 1 but it never had that open world feeling.  Guild Wars 2 does and basically takes all the great things about MMO's and elimates all the crap.  Its a great game!!

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This a great game!

If you want a template for cheap pc builds here are some articles.  From scratch around $500.



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I fail to see the dilemma..

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I play a ranger and this is very useful.

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That is super lame.  I preordered BF3 and got it day one.  I also bought Premium day one.  That was $60+$50=$110.  When i read your post i was like theres no way they are selling the game and premium membership for one low price of $60!?  I went to bestbuy.com and saw a PS3 version for $60 w/ premium.  I mean what a deal!!  If they are doing that they should reduce the price for premium to $10 for those who already have the game.  Or don't bundle them like that at such a low price..  Either way i guess i payed full price for being a loyal BF player.

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If GW2 is like GW1 they will do Halloween and Christmas events.  This actually, believe it or not, does go with the lore of the game.  If you playd GW1 than you will know that they didn't celebrate these holidays on Cantha but had their own Dragon festival and Canthan new year festival.  And the dragon festival and canthan new year was not celebrated in Tyria or Elona.  This really made the world ArenaNet created feel real and fun!! 

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I get around 30fps on high settings.  See my sig for PC specs.  My card is $170.  Great card for the price.  Plays BF3 on high too.

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They did the same business model with GW1 and it is still up and running.  I'm not worried about GW2 going down anytime soon.  Even if it did go down in 6 months from now I got more out of the $60 i payed for this game then 99% of the games out there.

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Smart move.  BF3 for PC is the best!!  If you are playing bf3 on ultra you can pretty much play anything out there.  Newegg is always my best friend in buying parts.  You should be able to build yourself a new PC for under $1000 that will play BF3 on high or ultra.  AMD processors seem to be on the cheaper side.  Also I would recommend going with at least 6 gigs of ram for BF3.  To give you an idea of what my PC runs it at, see signature, I can run on high with 2x AA.  30+ frames per second.  My CPU, motherboard, and ram is about 3 years old.

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