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PC gaming and how inexpensive it really is.

First, most house holds own a computer. This computer on average probably cost $500. When Xbox 360 came out it cost $400. Now if you bought both of these items you spent $900. Why not put that $400 into that PC and now you have a $900 gaming PC. $900 will get you a great gaming PC. Maybe not the greatest but something that will play everything out there currently and to come.

Xbox Live costs money, Windows Live Free!

Xbox games $60. PC games $50. PC games also drop in price way before Xbox games. You will be able to buy your games for $20 while they are still for $40 on xbox.

You won't need to buy 3 additional controllers for your friends. You can buy a xbox controller for your PC and joysticks if you are a flying junkie.

Xbox can't play xbox360 games. They force you to go spend another $400+ on a completely new system in order to play the new games. PC DOES NOT. You may need to set the graphics from High to Medium. But you can play the game untill you have $180 to upgrade your graphics card, CPU or Ram.

The PC can play on your HDTV or computer monitor. You can use mouse and keyboard or xbox controller. Its tailored to how you like to play.

Basically what i'm saying is PC gaming is not has expensive as people may think it is. If you stay moderate in your purchases and get something that is great today and good for tomorrow you will probably save money going this route to your gaming.

Why not jump start the DSi with Wave Race DSi

Nintendo DSi has been out since April of 2009 and we have not seen one exclusive title for this system. Why is this? Why do they continue to make DS games and not DSi games? I own a DS and until i see an exclusive DSi title i see no reason to buy it. Nintendo did a great job making portable versions of Mario Kart DS, Metriod Hunters, and Mario 64 DS. They are the best games the DS has. Nintendo really knows how to take the strengths of their system and make great games. The DSi is a more powerful system, and can produce better graphics than the DS, but we have yet to see it. Well lets see it Nintendo and lets see it with Wave Race DSi. Wave Race is to good of a title to let it fall to the way side. We haven't see it since Blue Storm. The DSi would easily be able to run Wave Race 64 and better!!

Capcom make RE5 episodes for the PC too!!

So i have been playing RE5 since it came out. I love the game! It has great gameplay and lots to do to keep me coming back for more. I was looking forward to see RE6 or the next installment would bring to the series. When i heard they were doing more episodes i was intrigued but kinda let down. I want something new and fresh. But i guess expansions are becoming more popular instead of making an entire new game. however, I come to find out they haven't made one mention about the new RE5 episodes coming to PC!?! Why make a game for each platform and an excellent port to PC and not continue to support it with new episodes. PC games were the originators of expansions to exsisting games. Take a look at Diablo for some history on the matter. And now we are the ones getting the shaft on new RE episodes! I don't see why they would release new episodes for the other versions and not PC.. Stupid marketing on their part.