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    WOW this game is receiving SOOOO much hate!! I really really enjoyed it. I rate it 3rd in the series, but when you consider that the other 2 are amazing it's not a bad thing at all!!The one thing tha...

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    Am I the only one who loves seeing how good games look in comparison to previous years!! #nerdgasm
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    @freedomfreak said:Is there a point to No Man's Sky, or do you just go to planets, look at stuff, try to survive, and leave?That's what I think, I get that people are excited to explore the worlds an...

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    The 1st current-gen games look INCREDIBLE, can't even imagine how good the games in year 4/5 will look seeing as how good the PS3/...
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    Sa apparently ubisoft can't have a female lead in Assassin's Creed, because it's too expensive to do the motion capture, you'd hav...
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    CD Projekt!

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    All they had to do was keep fuse the way it was....but nooooooo
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    That awkward moment when you finally find the Gamespot Fuse replacement!! AwESOME