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Home from the 2009 MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby...

Saw a Lot of great players and great people...Went to the MLB Fan-Fest last saturday, and won some PS Stuff. Wish I had a Camera to show it off though :( I won a PS Shirt, Bag, Hat, and bottle for throwing 98 MPH with Tim Lincecum in MLB 09 The Show, and got several autographs of athletes at the Fan-Fest. So yes Home Sweet Home -417alum

Picked Up Fight Night Round 4 Today...

I traded in Call of Duty 4, Hot Shots:Out of Bounds, and 007 Quantum of Solace and took advantage of the Gamestop deal. I'm sure you're all wondering 3 GAMES for 1!!!??? Here's why....1) I'm 6th prestige on COD4 and haven't touched it since March 2009. 2)Hot Shots Golf is too kiddy for me with the colors and etc. 3) Quantum of Solace is garbage... Impressions of Fight Night Round 4 So far...  1) Great Graphics and Gameplay 2)Love the Commentators... they give you a true sense of history in boxing 3)Download a Boxer feature...Who doesn't want to Box with Borat or Mike Ditka?! 4)LOTS of Boxers 5)Lot's of future replay value 6)I still love Boxing. 7) Mike Tyson is still a BEAST! 8 )YOU CAN USE PS EYE FOR THIS GAME AND IT WORKS!!! 9)I like Ring GIRLS!!! 10)I LOVE THIS GAME SO FAR!

Bought the New iPhone

I got the new 3GS, and I got a 16gb Black Version. So far I have bought real soccer 2009 which is a great game, and other apps. I just need feedback for good apps any help?

Finally Beat Fallout 3

After 64 Hours and 27% of the Trophies i beat it Very Corny Ending All in All Great Game I was very evil karma btw I killed 675 Creatures and People Combined

MGS5 and MGS thoughts(Spoilers!)

After defeating MGS4 24 times (Yes u read that right) i have come to the conclusion that Johnny not Raiden will be the main character in MGS5. This may upset some of you, but using foreshadowing and other things i have found this. I believe Johnny has become a very important player in the MGS saga with him being married now to Meryl. I think Raiden will live a normal life, and as will Snake and Otacon. My question is what about Sunny, she was such an important character in MGS4, and so young. In a related topic i would like to rank my MGS favs in order 1.MGS4 2.MGS3 3.MGS1 4.MGS2