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the BATTLEFIELD 3 VS CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 3...erm war, in my perspective

Well this holiday season (2011), we gamers had our own version of the whole "twilight the wolf dude vs the vampire dude" BS that quite frankly i think is stupid (I'll explain why later). It was between Battlefield 3 and COD Modern Warfare 3. but the the whole BF3vsMW3 thing, quite frankly put, is pretty much like saying GTA vs saints row in my opinion both are VERY similar but yet both have thing within them to be VERY different at the same time. like story, or gameplay, and even multiplayer in both are different, but just like twilight though you know who is gonna win the girl (most the people i KNOW didn't read the books... just sayin), or in this case the most buyers, except this is predicted differently...obviously (twilights winner was predicted easily by reading ahead of the movies... duh :P) it was predicted by how popular the winner (based on sales i mean) is. and in this case BF3 had sold about 3 million copies the first day where as CODMW3 sold basically double that on its first day. now I don't own either of these games BUT my own personal choice is already decided based on what i have played previously...not by sales OR reviews (is also gonna be explained)I would buy Battlefield 3 (btw i am getting cod latter too). WHY? you may ask. well first of all i have played almost all the battlefield games to date, aside from Bad Company 2, the 360 version of 2 Modern Combat (yes i did play BF2 but dont own it yet), and 2142, heck i have played the "spin off/lisenced" games Star Wars battlefront 1 and 2 (wishin for a 3) but not the LOtR one (...i should though :P). as far as the COD series my only experience is the first call of duty, a demo of 2, and black ops, and the ps2 game "Finest Hour" (yeah thats it). so in conclusion my opinion, and choice is based on experience with a series i like and not based on popularity and reviews like i noticed most people do it... THAT is reason number 2 why I LOVE DUKE NUKEM FOREVER :D lol sorry getting of subject :P... anywho my whole experience with the battlefield series and inexperience with the Call of Duty series is what made this decision for me in the end.

I would like to hear which of the 2 other people would choose or have chosen so dont be afraid to leave a comment saying which you did and why. have a great day ;)

the_r0n1n_named_47 aka 7th_samurai aka DatGi47 (hmmm maybe i have too many names :P lol)

GEARBOX'S Duke Nukem game

Okay people I understand you didn't like DNF. Even if I absolutely LOVED the heck out of it, I did feel it wasn't Gearbox's game...heck it even felt like a port/remake of an old school FPS... well I know one thing iss for sure, Gearbox will bring duke back, with a vengence, and this time THEY are MAKING the game, as opposed to porting an older one someone else made. I am sure it will have sceptisism at first, but when all is said and done, it will be their baby and will be of their usual quality as far as gameplay... I am all for it myself, as long as they dont take as log as DNF AND they keep Duke...well Duke.