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hi again ^^

still not working....i unistalled the game and i ve tried to play it without patches, but its still not working

anyway i dont have any save files cos since i bought it, i have not been able to play.

the font its still corrupted and the game freezes at the load screen.

sniff, thnx anyway

someone has an idea????


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still not working...

maybe the game itself its corrupted

i tried the old "uninstall-install" trick...but its the same....not working

any help???


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ithe thing is that i have a problem. i cant play vampire bloodlines 'cos the fonts are all corrupted (it only shows me squares at the main menu)

also when i start a new game i freazes.

any body knows what to do?

i have the game patched with 5.4 unnoficial patch over the 1.2 official.

i have windows vista home basic.

please im losing my mind here!!!!

thank u very much